Things I wish products would do

Yes, I know, I need to fix up the format, etc, etc for this blog, but I decided I’d waited too long for that.

Anyway, I was reading an excellent book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion the other day, and I ran across some particularly interesting paragraphs which I wanted to share. Fortunately, the Kindle has a feature for creating notes / snippets from what I’m reading. That was a great start. Now, I’d like to share them.


Can I Tweet/IM/Email my friends and point them to the snippets?

Can I easily tell Twitter/IM/Email “This is the title of a book you might like, click on it’s title and buy it”.

True enough, I know how to shorten the URL and put it in a tweet (and even get money for it, la la la), but the process is lame, at best.

Why don’t all you “soshul network” people get together and agree on a common way for me to note Books, Music, Newspaper Articles, etc in my communications so other people can easily get to them? I’m not even asking you to do that on your Kindle or E-Readers (yet).

That is my request for the day. Please report back in one week on your progress.

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