Warren Miller

Last week, I had what turned out to the honor of having a visit with Warren Miller. Up until then, all I really knew about him was that he had a lodge named after him, and had been making photos and movies of skiing for years. When you consider that he was shooting film (not that digital stuff) in freezing temperatures with manual focus, and manual exposure control, it’s even more impressive.

At over 80, he still skis, which is impressive as it is.

But what struck me was that when I shook his hand, it was like shaking hands with the Terminator (the original one, not those sissy liquid metal ones). I swear the guy’s hand muscles had been replaced with carbon fiber, or something similar. I guess 80 years of skiing and snowboarding does that to you.

Anyway, you should definitely visit the Warren Miller Entertainment site and check out some of the clips, or some of his movies. Amazing stuff!

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