Therebucks buybacks complete!

I signed the last Therebuck buyback checks today. While I was very sad about the circumstances, I was glad we were able to pay so many designers in real US dollars for what they contributed to There over the years. All in all, we sent out thousands of dollars in buybacks which we converted straight across at 1800 Therebucks to 1 US dollar — the same rate at which we sold Therebucks while There was open. While it was a small gesture, There was in no way obligated to convert those Therebucks, but we were glad and proud we did it.

If there’s a next time, we’d open There with a currency arbitrage system in place from the get-go so designers and other contributors can benefit from the beginning in real US currency in a secure and safe fashion.

Lots of people have asked why they couldn’t get the money they spent in There back (money they spent more than a month before we closed). The answer to that is simple: That money went to pay for office space, salaries, power, cooling, software licenses, health benefits, etc, etc. As much as we would have liked to be able to go back to PG&E and said “Can we have the money we paid you for electricity back?”, or to the employees and said “Can we have your salaries back?” I’m pretty sure they would have said “No”, along with everyone else.

That’s why it wasn’t possible to refund everyone everything they’d spent in There.

  1. #1 by SueZ on 2010.04.30 - 5:28 pm

    Thank you Michael for doing that, and for refunding money put in the last month, the refund was promptly put back on my card; all was handled very smoothly, though I’d gladly give it back plus more to be able to log into There and reset up my neighborhoods (I had 3), hop in a buggy, and play a hearty round of paintball. I’m a designer too of lesser note, can’t say it was profitable for me, however that wasn’t the point, it was being able to contribute to the community I was proud to be a part of for 7 years, and perhaps the money invested for designer fees helped keep things going just a bit longer.

    Ok, we’ve tried all the other virtual worlds and found none like There. I believe I can speak for all my friends that we are very, very homesick by now, so let us hope there is a next time.

    Thanks again for all you did for us in ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. #2 by Explorer_One on 2010.04.27 - 10:34 pm

    I figured as much.

    After thinking about it for a while(after the somewhat silly anger & disappointment had subsidded), I was happy to have given There the 100 plus in Therebucks I purchased long before the shutdown happened as it may have allowed There to last just one more week longer at the end.

    We know you did not have to, but thank you for explaining. And I hope to see the There designers in some future game from you or someone else.

  3. #3 by Christi on 2010.04.27 - 6:44 pm

    Ooh nice.. I was beginning to wonder when I would get a check.. a friend received his about a month ago… been watching my mailbox since lol

  4. #4 by reenren on 2010.04.27 - 5:50 pm

    I spent tbuks like THERE was no tomorrow, enjoying every last minute, better & cheaper than popcorn n a movie, right up and to that very last minute. Why ask for a refund on a lovely time in a fabulous vacation theme park which THERE clearly was!?!?!?! ”wow!! oh & definitely ”’doh!!!

    All I’d like back is that very last minute when we began to steel ourselves for the countdown, but before we could even sync our clocks, suddenly, the lights went out!

    Yet we’ll gladly take that THERE minute tomorrow, from that small piece of yesterday…

  5. #5 by Thereian Fan on 2010.04.27 - 1:12 pm

    Congratulation in finishing your last and final check. I bet your hand hurts from writing all those checks. lol.

  6. #6 by Christian on 2010.04.27 - 11:43 am

    Regarding people not getting their money back for more than 1 month.

    If there was to be a reopening, Hopefully it would be restored with everything there was, Hopefully people could be reunited with their avatars and the possesions they had. If that happened, the money will later turn out to not have been lost. And it would also grant you a big customer base to automaticly return.

    The best would be to start up the client, Put in the login info’s and see everything you had being back again :).

    Maybe that day will come, Maybe not. I still hope it ๐Ÿ™‚

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