You just might like this site.

Need to find a lost cat? Help with Blockbuster fees?

Look no further than here. I could just be sick, but some of these reduce me to tears.

P.S. This one line reminds me of my favorite upcoming virtual world ( “…You just crossed the line. You have no idea about the potential this project has…” ).

  1. #1 by Syntech on 2010.08.05 - 1:55 pm

    Ok about! I know there is closed! But I know you and the staff did not want to close it but you had to because of the money problems! But what if you made a game close to but different! I know its a lot of work and a lot of money but it could be easier to run and cheaper just have everyone pay a monthly fee and to be able to buy Virtual dollars! I mean for there is still other ways I am sure! Like what if you Made There bucks cost more! Or higher the rent… Or even try to get on TV so you can get more players and sponsors! A lot of people never knew about! But if it was on tv and you had a increase of people paying for a monthly membership and buying there bucks! There was a very fun game and I am sure you could get lots of others to play! You just gotta think of ways to get it out there! Even if you had to create different servers or get rid of space or islands it still would be fun!

  2. #2 by BABS on 2010.07.26 - 1:12 pm

    I really needed that funny shit today. ‘tu

    Ahhh, and on the “upcoming virtual world”, I’d like another dimension I could log in and out of 😛 Does it have that much potential? I’d believe it today. Today is a hellava day for a new world. Oh, yes it is.

  3. #3 by Matt on 2010.07.26 - 12:50 pm

    LOL If it is the one I think it is, then it’s a joke… A team full of clowns (1 programmer and 1 graphic artist who’s artwork is amateurish and supposedly worth $40,000 per piece), supposedly specialized in producing TV shows for 25+ years are going to pull off a world with all these features and ideas that have never been done before in less than a year…

    Haha… Top game developers with tons of programmers, engineers, and designers with 30+ years of experience can’t even create a game with less features in 5 years, let alone this 1 man team making that world in less than a year.. What a joke.

    Just got myself banned from their forums for exposing the truth…

    Ehh, that company is so high tech that they had to use this Virtual Mechanic SiteSpinner, a dreamweaver-like $50 program to create a site that looks like its from the 90s and made by a 3rd grader in 10 minutes… Oh, and so high tech that they had to use the free activeboard service for their forums! And a residential duplex for the company HQ… Dude, that’s totally high tech!!

    That’s right folks!!

    Exposing the latest fraud, that is .com

    P.S. MW, I am disappointed.. Why didn’t you use a dreamweaver program to make the site, or use the activeboard service for making the There forums? Even better, you should have had your company office operate out of a duplex in a residential area… I’m totally disappointed MW.. You weren’t high tech enough!

    lol… On a side note, while that guy can keep convincing himself and his herd of brainwashed sheep that, SL, and Facebook are epic failures, I will continue to convince myself that he clearly doesn’t know what failure is. My take on it, was successful… More successful than he ever will be.. It will all blow over soon… He just has to have some way of making himself look cool.. “HEY, IM THE CEO OF A VIRTUAL WORLD.. ITS GOOD BECAUSE WELL, THE OTHERS ALL FAILED! I DONT HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THIS FIELD BUT I WILL SAY WE ARE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY AND ARE HIGH TECH MAN!! ROCK ON!”

  4. #4 by Dragos on 2010.07.26 - 10:57 am

    ‘hmmm 😕

  5. #5 by jimony on 2010.07.25 - 7:41 am

    Any takers willing to bet against it being the one proclaimed new site which has dissed There, MW, and all Therians and promised they were going to use the Olive platform, then decided not to without a word to those outside the Circle of Most Trusted?
    (The one which said it was going to use the Olive platform, that they were told the Olive owners told them they would not be the reason for the deal with them and the new world to fall through, and then the deal fell through?)

  6. #6 by Jonathan on 2010.07.23 - 5:15 am

    Can i haz plz.

    • #7 by DrChisel on 2010.08.04 - 12:35 pm

      lol neato

  7. #8 by xxBethanyxx on 2010.07.22 - 9:42 am

    I’d like to know what that is, too 😉

  8. #9 by Meret on 2010.07.21 - 10:46 pm

    I have to suspect it’s our friends that are preparing the next “There” from the Olive platform :). I really liked when they stated they had a lot of big money backers, then asked for anyone wishing to donate towards the $2,500 costs to incorporate the business. I bought lottery tickets instead. Better chance of a payoff 🙂

  9. #10 by DrChisel on 2010.07.20 - 1:28 pm

    It like hes showing the corner of a candy wrapper and i am eager to see what kind it is?!?!

  10. #11 by Simon on 2010.07.20 - 4:40 am

    “This one line reminds me of my favorite upcoming virtual world”

    So what’s this virtual world you keep going on about?

    • #12 by Dogyday725 on 2010.07.20 - 12:23 pm

      thats what im wondering too.

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