Girl Archetype V0.2

  1. #1 by SassyBeMe on 2010.08.23 - 5:35 am

    I find those images kind of scary. As separate pieces ok. I have not liked other worlds making avatars with awesome faces with crappy hair. Or awesome hair with paper doll cutout faces.

    A pretty face with 1 pixel hair just don’t cut it. 🙂

  2. #2 by AquaFresh on 2010.08.09 - 9:17 am

    Hi MW,
    its really great to see you work on the world/client that once was my and many other members daily hang out.

    I really hope you took a different approach to the redesigning of the avies and make a “real” face and not just a “mask” like the vMTV faces that worked very odd, especially with the ‘blush emote.

    What wonders me though is when I used There I hardly got so close to any avatar that I needed to see such nice detail on the face.
    Most of the times when it happend was when someone was trying to be as annoying as possible in chat and did ‘smile or any other emote that triggered the full face screen.

    What makes me all ecstatic is that since your team is hard working on the client, this must really be the finalizing polish on details before opening up a new world.

    All the other scalability issues witch used the 1000’s+ servers and bugs in various systems must be all ironed out now.

    I am right, right? right? right?

    I hope I am, because I know you know Mr. Wilson, that you have the best platform on the virtual market, no one can beat you on all those levels where There was, is, perfect.

    You just need the right business plan, and make some for those easy bored, like you had sparkles. You just need it to be points to exclusive and nice items, not ingame money that gets reduced to trinkets.

    I bet you closely follow your competition, because they do 1 or 2 things right where There failed bad.

    I loved beeing a mentor in the erley days, and later an Island guide, and help new people get to know the wast and wonderfull world There was.
    I made most of my best friends that way, and for that I truely thank you Mr. Wilson. I had 7 great years in There and would have loved it, to continue.

    Well I wish you and your team all the best Mr. Wilson.
    I keep looking out for that news on the net that Makena Technologies is opening up a new world to the public, and not just some private closed world.


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