Tornado NameError: global name ‘modules’ is not defined

Very Geeky Post ahead.

If you’re using Tornado and playing with UI Modules, you might see the message above. Haveing spent a couple of hours on this, I thought it would be worthwhile to pass on what I learned:

Here’s what I was doing:

template = config.templateLoader.load('upload_model.html')
self.write(template.generate(avatar=memberName, errorMessage=None, createUrl=createUrl, cmn=cmn))

Where “config.templateLoader” is the Tornado template loader.

The problem is that template.generate doesn’t pass the list of UI Modules to the template, which gives you the error.

Here’s the solution, recode as follows:

self.render('lupload_model.html', memberName=memberName, errorMessage=None, createUrl=createUrl, cmn=cmn)

Oh, one other nice thing, it you include “debug=”yes” in the Tornado HTTPServer settings, it will automatically reload templates and handlers for each request.

And that’s it for my tornado tips for today.

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