Did There win an Emmy award?

I just wanted to set the record straight here.

There are some people (search for the word “Emmy”) who claim that There.com “won an Emmy award” (and they were somehow responsible for it).

Unfortunately, it’s not quite true that There won an Emmy.

It was MTV’s Virtual Laguna Beach (a.k.a. VMTV) which won an Emmy award, not There.com. By the way, Second Life and Electric Sheep also won an Emmy (though I’m not sure which it was).

That was nice for Makena, who worked with MTV, Imaginary Forces, Electric Sheep, and others, to build Virtual Laguna Beach, but it turns out no one actually got that “National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for Creation of Nontraditional Programs or Platforms.”.

It turned out there was a little legal spat about who could actually award Emmy Awards. I’m not sure how it turned out, but I don’t know anyone who got a little statue.

So that’s the real story behind that. Not the ending we would have wanted, but there you go. It was nice while it lasted though – someone evidently though enough of the folks that made VMTV to make the award.

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