Evaporative Cooling

Someone just sent me this amazing blog post on “Evaporative Cooling” in Social Environments. I think a lot of this applied to There. I’ll be thinking about this, but meanwhile you can read it too.

  1. #1 by Austin on 2010.10.14 - 5:36 pm

    Very philosophical. Can you go further in describing how it applied to There? Are you just mentioning this in a general context, or more specifically, the fall of There.

    Personally, one side of me agrees with the fact that this could have attributed to There’s decline. With the economy failing, less people were buying Tbucks (presumably), which led to less people buying goods from developers. Therefore, the developers quit, and the cycle (described in the article) began.

    On the other side of the argument, the uniqueness of There would have drawn people. Many developers did it for more than money; it was a form of expression, as well as the designing for personal needs.

    Overall, according to my knowlege, no Galt’s Gulch of Thereian Developer’s ever formed. Perhaps lowering developer costs and restrictions could have kept everyone pleased…? (Cheaper wholesale/sub fees trickle-down to the buyers, who get their items for less, and are urged to buy Tbucks.) But this was suggested constantly throughout There.com’s creation. Why wasn’t it integrated?

    Other things which could have been done:
    -Create groups of houses which are only purchase-able though personal invite from staff. You want to see elite: this is it – a whole community of them.
    -Allow for players to purchase (with real money only) vehicles which go faster than those which can be bought with Therebucks. Only a small fraction of the community would pay 50 USD for a buggy which goes 2x as fast as the classic one, and that would show class distinction.
    -Create “deals” for common developers. 100 vehicle submissions for X dollars would be useful.
    -Not give stars to island guides…it became a status symbol over an actual useful tool. Rewarding mediocrity is a potent poison to the attempts to prevent “Evaporative Cooling…!”

    The list goes on and on. If this is the reason for There.com’s decline, why weren’t some of these integrated? I just pulled these ideas off the top of my head while writing this. I’m sure a team of bussinessmen could come up with more than this 16 year old.
    Since I already took the time to make this post, here are a couple other things which I -to this day- dont know why they weren’t (or were) integrated:

    –>Direct purchase of exclusive items (cash to item; leaves out the ability for players to run off of recycled tbucks).
    –>Cancel auction fees. Your a libertarian, so why would you ever come up with the idea that charging auction fees would help the economy- at all?
    –>Give rewards for refering friends. Not rewards to the friends (10,10,10). If I log on to hello kitty island, and I get 50000 kittybucks, I could care less. I have no idea what value that is in USD, and it isn’t going to get me to buy premium. I never really did understand the 10,10,10 promotion, other than the fact that more people could abuse the system.
    –>More vehicles: a land rover which held 6 people would have been pretty neat.
    –>More single player activites: give us some things to do while we are bored! – skydiving would have been neat, I must say. There are tons more…
    –>New member encouragement: A first visit in world is as laggy as second life on dial-up. Give new members something to look farward to coming back.
    –>NEVER “baby” new members. All this does is create the generation that expects more than they will get. Plus, it is honestly fun to be trapped, and trap others. 😉

    I could go on but I think I got the general point across…

    Thanks for your time, and looking forward to a responce,


    P.S. Looking forward to “The Myth’s of There.”

  2. #2 by CarCus on 2010.10.14 - 3:43 pm

    Liked the blog article and it definitely has good points. There is only one small number of people that I feel he left out but in the overall context I guess they don’t matter. I am btw still wondering what your thoughts where on the subject MW.

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