Survey Results as of 2011.05.02

As of 09:17 AM MDT:

Minimum monthly revenue @ $10/month: $41,600.00
Minimum monthly revenue @ $15/month: $62,400.00

As of today, we’ve emailed everyone who has spent > 7200 seconds in world (since GameTime was introduced), but a significant # of them were kicked back as SPAM by Comcast and filtered into SPAM folders by Yahoo. We’ve got lots more members to mail, but we don’t want to be marked as SPAMMERS, and we don’t have to pay a fortune for mailing services. So, we’re still at it.

  1. #1 by Justine on 2011.07.13 - 11:42 pm

    Hello, I didn’t have a chance to participate in the survey but I just wanted to say that I would be a paying customer. I have been on since its beta days, and I didn’t receive the email from you guys regarding the survey. (I also wasn’t able to log on to in the time frame you mentioned). Does that mean my account has been deleted?


  2. #2 by CpnBob on 2011.06.11 - 8:26 pm

    I would have no problem paying either 3 mos, 6 mos, or 1 year at $10/mo provided there’s a discount for our trust, even if its in tbux.

  3. #3 by CpnBob on 2011.06.11 - 5:09 pm

    I’m very thankful that the survey passed muster, especially since the email to all 3 of my There Avies contained the WRONG LINK. The link on the email got me to the page AFTER the survey, thus it took some doing and contacting someone else to get the right link. Therefore, there are probably a lot of Therians who couldn’t take the survey. Thanks!

  4. #4 by Bob Deckard on 2011.06.11 - 4:57 pm

    I’m very thankful that the survey passed muster, especially since the email all 3 of my There Avies contained the WRONG LINK. The link on the email got me to the page AFTER the survey, thus it took some doing and contac ting someone else to get the right link. Therefore, there are probably a lot of Therians who couldn’t take the survey.

  5. #5 by Nancy on 2011.05.13 - 11:03 am

    Hey,I have played since 2006.My name was Nancy769 and I used the UlitmateGameCard all the time. I have a question,will you have UltimateGameCards to pay for membership and therebucks for this?

    Thankies for taking your time to read this. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  6. #6 by John Danielson on 2011.05.11 - 11:23 am

    Happened to have this tab open still when I ran Firefox (been using mostly Chrome for a few weeks) and I thought I’d peek at the blog to see if new numbers had been put up. I looked over the trends again, and got an idea…

    Instead of a recurring monthly fee that comes with Therebucks, why not make a flat rate for Therebucks (no discount for larger purchases) and include days of subscription time with Therebuck purchases. Anything below some minimum would add no days, then it would start going up from there – 15 days for $5 USD, 30 days for $10 USD, 65 days for $20 USD, etc, and give bonus days rather than bonus Therebucks for larger purchases. The pricing model would work out basically the same no matter what actual numbers you assign to it, but people might be more willing to top off their account when they try to log on after it had run out of days, and anyone who was going to continuously buy Therebucks because they churn through them quickly would never run out of days, and would have been subscribed anyway.

    • #7 by John Danielson on 2011.05.11 - 11:26 am

      Ooh ooh, better yet – give people the option of bonus days or bonus Therebucks for large purchases, whichever is better for them for their purchasing pattern. Make people more free to spend money in a way they will like, and they will. (Well, it’s a nice sounding theory, anyway.)

  7. #8 by ABO3ZOZ on 2011.05.10 - 7:12 am

    Yea i spent like over 3K of dollars on and i dont care as long as thats my choice! Money is a peacie of paper they just come n go!.Live your life and pick your choices
    not other people choices.And i still spend money on other games!.Heck everything costs now.Lets just hope that toilets wont cost in the future ROFL.If you got enough money
    spend it on anything you like dont save them for nothing.I just wish comes back i can pay 10 dollars or even 15 dollars a month its cheaper than other huge online games.
    10 dollars wont hurt and by the way i spend more than 10 dollars each day!.So 10 dollars is good price even 15 dollars.I had many great friends from and i still talk with them
    even some of them ive seen them. anyways hey mimi πŸ˜› how are you?

  8. #9 by mimi06 on 2011.05.09 - 2:44 pm

    imagine that…….I spent tons of money at the drive_in theaters, to watch a movie.. was a bargain when you filled your OLD station wagon up with kids, pfft for a crummy 2 hours, who do I write to to get my money back? the drive-in is now a shopping mall. I feel cheated.. rofl.. just kidding..I would, I will and I CAN spend what I want on anything I want. $9.00 to rent a movie? click a button here and rent it for $1.99 …….So happy we ALL have a choice πŸ™‚

    now there’s a friendly face πŸ™‚ waves to Jinxed πŸ™‚

  9. #10 by Unkown on 2011.05.09 - 9:57 am

    I pay $50+ for cable a month. Last time I went to a movie, I paid $15. It lasted just over two hours.?
    well paying 50 dollars for a cable and watching a movie is much more useful than a thing that doesnt do you any good.And where i live i dont pay for my cable
    and it costs me 9 dollars to watch a movie.Sorry but 60 dollars every 6 months you could do alot with 60 dollars!
    And about what i said i was clearly talking about my self i didnt say GUYS DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS THING!?
    And ofcourse i know that they werent gona go in my real life thats the point!.I was fool enough to trust someone i didnt think that the shut down will happen!.
    Just like everybody.Just open your eyes and look what happend.Going out with friends is more fun than sitting on a chair!.
    good luck with re opening Think twice jinxed i dont wanna spend more time on a silly fake 3d life.

    • #11 by Jinxed_Karma on 2011.05.10 - 5:20 pm

      Don’t get me wrong ‘person who won’t say their name’. I agree; “There” isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea”. As always, to each is own. My response was intended to address your first sentence, which was the overall sentiment of your post. I will try and clarify my point in response to your second post, regardless of however futile such a task may be. πŸ˜‰

      “paying 50 dollars for a cable and watching a movie is much more useful than a thing that doesnt do you any good.”

      You are, of course referring to There as “a thing that doesnt do you any good.” How so? Please elaborate. I’m having trouble differentiating how the series finale of “Scrubs” (just as an example) changed your life for the better, yet There is just a total waste of money for anyone and everyone (that isn’t you). It’s called “entertainment”, and it comes in many forms. I can give you countless examples of why There was good for me. I know without question, I’m not the only one.

      “Just dont simply waste alot of money for a person who you cant trust.”

      I’m sorry, but I can not see how this “was clearly talking about my self”… Seems far from “clear” to me. Besides, I trust MW. He has explained what happened with There repeatedly. You’ve found the site… all you have to do is read.

      “Think twice jinxed i dont wanna spend more time on a silly fake 3d life”

      It’s hard to argue with this. I see you do not want to spend more time with a “silly fake 3d life”. Like I said, to each is own. If you don’t get the same enjoyment out of There as some of us have, then I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay for it. No one is asking or expecting you to, but don’t expect everyone to see everything as you see it. Some people like watching golf, some like playing baseball. Some like cinema, some prefer TV, radio, or literature. Some like seafood, some like steak, some like vegetables and fruit. Everyone is different. Personally, unkown, I like my “cup of tea”, and I plan on paying for it.

      P.S. If you plan on being taken seriously, at least spell your name … “Unknown” correctly :p

  10. #12 by Unkown on 2011.05.09 - 4:41 am

    First of all i wanna say something.
    You guys are losing alot of money on something that you cant use or even touch in real life?.Plus the money that you work hard to get goes away for a game?.Man i played for 4 years and i have spent alot of money but after the massive shut down,No thanks M.W. i dont wanna spend money on a stupid makena that wont help me in my future.And i cant keep trust for what happend again.ill spend my money for good and things that will help me and my family.Its just a game go live your life there are billion other games that have been made why I know that we loved so much but after i found out all the money i spent was gone for nothing!?.look now where are my avatars? where is my clothes buggys in real life.? Just think about it.
    P.S Just dont simply waste alot of money for a person who you cant trust.

    • #13 by Jinxed_Karma on 2011.05.09 - 9:09 am

      I pay $50+ for cable a month. Last time I went to a movie, I paid $15. It lasted just over two hours. What do you suppose the point of that was?
      When you bought clothes and a buggy in There, did you expect them to carry over into your real life? Well, that’s just plain delusional.
      PS… Don’t tell people how to spend their money.

  11. #14 by Jamez111 on 2011.05.08 - 6:55 am

    Why don’t make the therebucks more expensive?

  12. #15 by SnakeHawks on 2011.05.07 - 7:05 am

    Per Michael Wilson: The numbers don’t look impressive at all. But if we were to add the ones who are willing to pay $15 and $20 to the $10 customers, it would still show that the majority is willing to pay. Right…? Or would that count as cheating?

    Per SnakeHawks questions: If you planning to charge us approx 15.00 to 20.00 a monthly plus rent land? How much will you charge for Frontie Zone land? What if I don’t have enough money to pay for memebership and I will lost rent due too.

  13. #16 by nomad55 on 2011.05.06 - 11:52 pm

    I don’t know if anyone remembers me(nomad55) but i was away from there for over 3 years because of unforeseen circumstances when i got back on the net i missed the last day of there by a month i invested a lot of money and time to make things for my self and friends and for the people of there. The one thing that drew me to there was being able to create things that i liked and getting my art work out for people to see. and the creative people that was on there.but if the trial period was like people where suggesting i wouldn’t have ever become a (lifetime) member. it would have turned me away from there and i would have never been able to meet the great people i met there. I would be willing to pay $10 a month. cause i loved there. I miss hanging out with my friends.and also I don’t know if this has been covered or not but if i was to come back to there2 would my items from there be in my inventory or will i be out over $1000 worth of items.(I’m just not understanding everything I’m writing this while I’m half asleep) I’m sure you can tell.

  14. #17 by Danielle on 2011.05.06 - 12:21 pm

    I honestly think a large number of people who probably took the survey were under 18 thus can’t pay for an account via credit card. I don’t think the numbers can be correctly taken. However more people would be willing to pay if pre-paid cards bought in stores were available. I personally am willing to pay whatever I have to to get there back again. I never received any notice about the survey.. and I wish I had! I made sure to tell everyone else I know who played there that if they too didn’t know about it to take it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! πŸ™‚

  15. #18 by subonline on 2011.05.06 - 4:04 am

    well maybe its my turn to post trying to watch the game out financially and would like an answer from big boss πŸ˜› ……

    If we consider what it was and what it should be the game now its not surprising to ask ourselves :

    1) The game existed and so was more or less sustainable for 7 or more years I think, with Greeters program, 13 PG, servers and all staff around it, ppl purchasing therebucks … but it was not profitable … so i dont think its enough to check the survey and say ok thats the income Makena will have ( this is a plus !!! ) . To this plus there will be the reduction of IG costs, number of servers for less ppl playing, redustion legal costs and customer care moving it from 13 Pg to 18 PG, …

    this way the K factor should be much higer than what we talk here and moreover this …

    2) technology and network have improved in the last 2 years so the structure should be considered a bit slimmer on costs than before without compromise the quality of the game and playability

    3) Its up to makena to find out advertising companies in the world that would give extra income ( i dont think Coca cola, Scion , … were there for free ) and if yes that was a mistake [ i know the comparison is out of the lines but makes think at least that a structure like facebook stays up with all for free ]

    4) Its Makena job to exit from menthal definition of the game and find a way to develop something “new” … not for me to say but why not to use the structure to develop side hidden worlds to resell to specific companies and for specific porpouses : company meetings, online university courses, any general survey company, contract with radios for the music played in special public areas, organize merchandising events where we get 1k therebucks if we attend for more than 30 mins and u sell this space to companies to promote their products …

    5) Its true the survey gives some numbers but we never have to forget that these are the older users and that noone has such a wonderful 3D world like ( personally i didnt find any comparable so i stopped playing on 3d worlds ) so we can expect new members coming and new profits coming in too … not easy but ppl in Makena willl have to work for this wage or not? ( i will post something more about this on the game section )


    here we go a few comments about the game … first of all WE NEED NEW AVATARS TO KEEP THE GAME ALIVE AND GROWING; AND IF U DONT LET THEM TRY THEY WONT PAY BEFORE LOGGING IN … so how to solve this ?

    1) anyhow u will decide to start u will have a customer care structure and a sort of legal structure to support you … well at the beginning they could help in a way like this : make this side “entrance world” with timer expiry, it will be over 18 again, only new users and “controllers” will be allowed in, suspend some functions like interactions that comprehend an invasion of private space ( private IM – leave only bubbles ; emotes like kiss and hug ; … ) and give full advice on the controllers power ( they will be free to act bec its a 18+ game now ) …. at this point simply identify one person ( so total of 3 during the working day to cover the 24 hrs ) that will work on the customer care ( avoid online one and leave only offline one ) and at the same time will be present at the welcome island with power to ban istantly one name or ip from the game ( they will have full vision of what is beeing said because of the bubbles and so they can easily make report to u on what happened too ) … sounds dictatorial but at least let ppl experience under strict bases

    2) as per its not a news , i had, as many others, multiple premium accounts with loads of staff in each of them … i can understand that u want us to pay to play but at least give us the opportunity to retrieve our things and send them to one single or two ( i will personally retrieve two of my avatars for sure ) … i dont think its a big deal to make a double option for the first month like : access like premium , access for retrieving – where on the second one u verify that i have username and password and simply let me input where to send all things and therebucks owned from this avatar

    3) its not for me to say but …. ” come on , if u think out of the schemes its possible to do it , lets put this world live !!!!”

    good day u all

  16. #19 by Escape on 2011.05.06 - 2:41 am

    All I want to say is, “Where Do I Send The Check”?

    • #20 by Danielle on 2011.05.06 - 12:22 pm

      I concur!

  17. #21 by Spyrochaete on 2011.05.05 - 4:45 pm

    I love you, Makena. I’ve already got a lifetime beta account but I’d buy some Therebucks here and there to show you my continued support for the game. I wouldn’t be willing to pay a subscription, though.

    Just when I thought I’d said goodbye to There for ever, here you are again to tug at my heart. How I’d love to hoverboard over the ocean again. Please do come back. I’ll be there on opening day.

    • #22 by Esky on 2011.05.05 - 7:48 pm

      Join the queue… Hey, no pushing!

      ROFL!! I think there’ll be a few people there on opening day…

  18. #23 by ThereFan on 2011.05.04 - 8:29 pm

    I forgot to mention, would it be possible to bring back the Quest Kits?

  19. #24 by ThereFan on 2011.05.04 - 5:39 pm

    I understand why it’s hard to add trials in-world because our society doesn’t know how to be mature. What a shame, but you can’t stop having trials because of people who can’t respect the rules. Here are some suggestions as to how the trials could work.
    1. Have them come limit time. For example. In order for members to come to the trial area, there must be a staff member there to keep the area in control. If no staff member there, than that area is closed. It would be tracked by there mac-address.
    2. Limit time. You only may be at the trial zone for a week. If you don’t purchase a monthly membership, your account gets destroyed.

    I know it’s not much, but it’s something that might be able to look into. For my understanding, aren’t there any laws that prevents people from abusing the game. If necessary, couldn’t you contact the law enforcements to stop them from greifing the game? I am not too familiar with the laws.

    I do hope There does return. I know how hard you and your staff put in this virtual world. You all deserve a pat on your back for making the world a better place for us. Thank you again for the consideration in bringing There back. I know it must be difficult, but I have a strong feeling that you can make it better for us.

  20. #25 by ltbigdog on 2011.05.04 - 5:00 pm

    Back to the topic of people gaming the survey, ill admit I voted twice for the 2-3 avies that I would be paying for.

  21. #26 by Funky on 2011.05.04 - 9:56 am

    To Pay or not to Pay…Whether to be e-noobalized on a tiny island ..forced to paintball with crumby mtv music blaring just so you can do buggy bash…or Pay for the right to be stuck on a tiny island and be e-noobalized ,playing paintball with crumby mtv music blaring just so you can do buggy bash……THAT my the Question. or….stick to other formats that are free and open to creative content. hmmmmmm?

  22. #27 by NoBioN on 2011.05.04 - 6:32 am

    you could go to the extremes of making it a requirement to enter real life info when you signup, that needs approval,

    Since its very forbidden to sign up using other people’s info, People who are not welcome by makena could possible risk lawsuit if they keep making new trial accounts in different people’s real life names.

    But the issue of course is: Troublesome to join, Some might not bother. Staff to approve sign ups, Which would have to be fairly fast, And staff is costly.

    First off, I’d go the already planned way, To only give acces to people who are ready to pay for their first month. When things are stable, a way to make some kind of trial can be explored, as long as its not making bigger impact to the economy and well being of the game of course..

  23. #28 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.04 - 5:43 am

    While I share your concerns about banned members griefing, is there really any way you can keep them out?
    You couldn’t keep them out of the “old” There, what makes you think you can in There2? Has the technology really changed that much in a little over a year?
    I still think a “trial” island where no one but noobs, and a couple of IG’s are allowed, would be the best answer. Give them access to Trial Paintball in one selected area, with forcefields optional. Forcefields on, on the rest of the island.
    Give the noobs a taste of what There has to offer and then ban that avie name after a certain period of time, a few days to a week.. At least that method should keep them from coming back using that particular avie name.
    In order for There2 to grow beyond the original Premium member base, people need to get the “feel” of what they are buying into.

  24. #29 by Drakez on 2011.05.04 - 5:24 am

    I understand but I’m talking about a trial area mostly automated like the first part of the Welcome Walkway, and at the end is a socialization zone, which even if they did get griefed, they would still be more likely to pay for it, and the Island Guides would be there to soften the blow, even if they can’t rid the place of the griefers, they can ignore them as can everyone else. I mean would you rather join a game, learn what it’s like and talk to some nice people talking you into buying it, meanwhile you have to ignore the loser cursing at you. Or buy some random game and pay monthly even though you have no clue what it’s like? Grief exists regardless, even paying members will sometimes grief, but that really didn’t change my enjoyment of There.

  25. #30 by Drakez on 2011.05.04 - 5:09 am

    Why not make a ‘trial zone’ much like the Welcome Walkway only they can’t leave until they buy a monthly subscription? That eliminates griefing (at least for paying members), and you can have the Island Guides there talking to new members.

    • #31 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.04 - 5:13 am

      Rename “Trial Zone” to “Zone for freshly banned people to harass new customers” and you see what I mean.

      • #32 by NathanAvis on 2011.05.04 - 5:31 am

        All the kids would just make forged accounts and hang in the trial zone.
        All the banned people would just go to the trial zone. All their friends who should’ve been banned will meet them there. All the people who don’t deserve bans but are parasitic and love negative happenings in Home will also go there.

        So you see, such a place is not a good idea.

      • #33 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.04 - 5:33 am

        Kind of like “Redemption Island”, but, uh, different.

      • #34 by Jane Meyers on 2011.05.04 - 6:49 am

        hahaha Michael you crack me up xD

  26. #35 by Barbie Doll on 2011.05.04 - 4:13 am

    Sorry if this has been asked already, If you took the survey already do you just ignore the email?

    • #36 by Winston on 2011.05.04 - 12:07 pm

      LOL – What’s the alternative then? Re-take the survey? You may in fact be the FIRST person to ask that question πŸ˜€

  27. #37 by Jane Meyers on 2011.05.04 - 4:04 am

    Dear MW….
    I believe that not allowing any free trials at all wouldn’t be a very smart move for profits…. To improve There, it will need more income… which means that obviously There will need new players that will pay. Personally, I know that if I was looking for a virtual world, I would want to try it out first. Nobody wants to pay $10 for a month of membership just to find out that they don’t like the game.. Perhaps allowing “trial” accounts for 24 hours, then ban that IP from making any more free trials… Also, I think that if you do decide to make 24 hours free trial accounts, they should be able to have the WHOLE experience. On the old, “noobs” would log on and not get the full experience of…. Without voice chat, teleporting, and further premium benefits, There isn’t nearly as fun. If a new member decides to try, they’re going to want to know what it is like if they pay $10 a month for premium. Also, logging into world for the first time and being called a “noob”, is a major turn off for new members, and they may decide that they don’t like the game simply because they don’t have all the priveledges that premium members do…. Thank you for listening, Michael. πŸ™‚

    • #38 by NathanAvis on 2011.05.04 - 5:29 am

      It’s not like they would keep spending $10 a month. They’d only pay for that month, and if they didn’t like it just leave. They’ll have a whole month to figure that out for themselves.

    • #39 by Phoenix on 2011.05.04 - 5:37 am

      I agree with the time-limited free account idea but with better verification, IP address linked accounts are a bit vulnerable to abuse. Automated SMS verification is the simplest, text a code to the users phone and they verify it on the site while signing up. Not perfect but enough of a barrier to stop most of the abuse/griefing.

      I think at the moment he’s not really thinking about that anyway, he just wants to know if it’s viable to open up and the numbers involved. Really I think he’s just missing that God-like feeling ….. but he should be getting a little taste of it from this bog πŸ˜‰

  28. #40 by NathanAvis on 2011.05.04 - 3:23 am

    For those who would probably play 8hrs a day (due to real life limitations like work, studies, friends, family etc.) but feel $10 isn’t worth it…
    Say you play all month (avg. 30 days) – that’s 8 x 30 = 240 hours.
    Divide that by the monthly subscription fee of $10 or $15…. – that’s 24 solid hours of play per dollar or 16 respectively. Even if you only played on average half those hours still 12 and 8 per dollar. It’s a very generous bracet for subscription fees, which are identical to WoW or DCUO. I have a hard time believe the “not worth it” comments are sincere unless they are born out of ignorance to the market.

  29. #41 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.05.04 - 1:13 am

    Cant Wait πŸ˜€

  30. #42 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.05.04 - 1:06 am

    Well If it re’opens i sure can’t wait to go home to my Villa and go driving πŸ™‚ I remember doing a two hour drive to comet island I left Zona Beach at 4:00PM UK GMT and arrived by Driving at 6:00PM UK GMT, I hope it opens πŸ™‚ Plus i wont be on much if i land this job tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • #43 by Winston on 2011.05.04 - 12:05 pm

      Not that I don’t want you to be on much but; good Luck on the job!

  31. #44 by NoBioN on 2011.05.03 - 10:11 pm

    With the directx 9, will there be reflective surfaces and such? Or what kinds of graphical improvements will we see :)?

  32. #46 by Mimi06 on 2011.05.03 - 6:17 pm

    I know its not a forum.. sorry 😦 wont happen again.. I just look forward to seeing all the people write and your replies..

  33. #47 by Cwby4ever on 2011.05.03 - 6:15 pm

    Just reading everyday waiting for a yay or a nay, fingers crossed for a yay!! “Happy Trails Till We Meet Again!!!

  34. #48 by Mimi06 on 2011.05.03 - 6:12 pm

    MW, did you ever wonder where everyone went after THERE? I couldnt help ask this because I’m staring at my FB acct.. and seeing all the people with the THERE emblem in there names, OR tons of photo’s, video’s ect. they kepy THERE alive all this time.. you would simply be amazed at the dedication and friendships still in tact after all this time.. just saying

  35. #49 by Mimi06 on 2011.05.03 - 6:04 pm

    its to quiet on here… ? wakey wakey

    • #50 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.03 - 6:12 pm

      Uh, you know this isn’t a forum right?

      • #51 by Orielle on 2011.05.03 - 6:25 pm

        Wait, this isn’t a forum? Everyone keeps calling it one. Well okay maybe not everyone, but some are. πŸ˜›

        No Mimi, I’m not gonna wakey wakey. I’m off to bed. Night all… πŸ˜›

  36. #52 by LossAngeles on 2011.05.03 - 5:18 pm

    BTW, for email host management try

    Very affordable and effective =)

  37. #53 by Corycom12 on 2011.05.03 - 4:54 pm

    So what i get from what Michael Wilson is he reopens he wants to make sure there is a good enough foundation of paying accounts to keep the servers up before he adds new people. (makes sence, wouldn’t put wall paper on a house if the frame isn’t built yet…)

    Few ideas I had if there were to open.
    1. Area ban- let’s say 2 Avis get banned for fighting or whatever, you have it so they can’t get into the same area as the other.
    2. referral program- so if you someone becomes a premium member, there Is a spot for someone who referred them when they become a premium member, and the person who referred them get some t bucks
    3. Volunteer tech support- I don’t if this will work that well, but have a job at there and be tech support. Give like tbucks for every email they answer. Ofcourse they should be interviewed and legit.
    4. There lite- a version for android/iPhone that accesses your mail, check your submissions for designers, shop, possibly even instant message. Probably won’t happen, just an idea

    I have more ideas, just don’t wana flood the forum. I know these probably won’t happen but just ideas to get you thinking if there reopens…

  38. #55 by LossAngeles on 2011.05.03 - 4:47 pm

    My simplified math turned up results close to yours, 3500 users at $120 a year . $420K/year assuming zero growth and excluding things like dev’s market place . Any cost figure estimates you’d like to cloud share with us? =)

    • #56 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.03 - 5:56 pm

      I will hopefully have a set of costs to share next week.

      P.S. Everyone who bugs me about said costs will have their Avatar fed to the Rankor on opening day, if we open.

      • #57 by Skyefire on 2011.05.03 - 6:18 pm

        Which do you expect will be more fun, ingestion by Rankor or incarceration in Carbonite?

        Or maybe incarceration in a carbonated Rankor?

      • #58 by Marianne (JoyofLife) on 2011.05.04 - 12:14 pm

        MW at least your “if” is lower case, which I will take as progress toward maybe … since in previous posts you’ve said “IF”. ;0)

  39. #59 by moondustmadness on 2011.05.03 - 4:39 pm

    I wish the embittered players of would go back to their new home wherever it might be and let the tried and true Therians do what they can to bring back their beloved world. Get over the the fact that it is going to be a paid site. If you love as much as me and many other people then $10 a month is worth it. Let’s face it…while we fly around on our hoverboards, play paintball and decorate our paz…Michael and any of the other people who are working behind the scenes have to figure out how to make it viable to stay open. It takes money to run any business…which is exactly what was and will be if it is reopened. So you naysayers need to be realistic. If $10 a month is too expensive for you then perhaps you need to find a VW that better suits your needs. I always felt that should have been made into a pay site anyway. It would have cut down on some of the headaches.

  40. #60 by Brije on 2011.05.03 - 2:16 pm

    ohhh please be sure to email I want back on!!

    • #61 by pHluid13 on 2011.05.03 - 4:57 pm

      Since you already know about the survey, there really isn’t a need to email you now. LOL

  41. #62 by Mike-the-Dog on 2011.05.03 - 1:11 pm

    One thing I’d really like to see brought back if There re-opens… stick figure ignores! Put someone on “Ignore” and their avi turns into a white stick figure. It was awesome.

  42. #63 by Tracy on 2011.05.03 - 10:37 am

    I found the survey in my spam folder, glad I checked it before I just deleted it. Anyway forwarded to my friends from THERE via Facebook and will ask them to send it to other Therians!

  43. #64 by hugsalot on 2011.05.03 - 9:01 am

    I really can’t see how this is going to work out in the long run with out some volunteer help.

    Let’s assume There2 comes online, but on a very limited basis. Lesser so than was before. No incentive for new users to sign up with out a try-out period. Limited or NO technical support. No updates or bug fixes that’s existed since BETA in 2004. Slower approvals for developer submissions (assuming anyone wants to bother).

    The only reason why it seems There can come back is the cheaper cost of server co-locations due to faster and better hardware now available (even compared to a year ago).

    But i cant see how this can continue with the small handful of users who are left (about 3000?) with about half of them not willing to pay even $10 a month for it.

    What I do like about this is the fact that our old avatars will start off fresh and clean (almost like a newbie) with initially an empty inventory. This will HOPEFULLY rid of those annoying Quest Kits that were merely “hidden” in my inventory, and never properly “removed” due to some idiotic way the asset server works. There are probably other items that are like this. Think of it of a defraging of your inventory, removing lost clusters of BS you don’t need.

    Would it be possible for volunteers to help out? Coders, customer support, perhaps even co-location donations (im sure some out there own a co-location) at least to help get There2 get off the ground, and maybe.. just maybe start earning some revenue, maybe even a profit eventually.

    • #65 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.03 - 9:25 am

      “IF repoens it just going to be the same shit all over again.. and probably worse performace. If anyone is serious about this they really should scrap everything and just start over and LEARN from the mistakes of the past 8 years. Starting up a service that never made a profit since it started 10 years ago is just going to repeat.

      With other online services offer free trials and cheap memberships, i don;t see how anyone would want to bother using if they weren’t already invested into it.”

      • #66 by Phoenix on 2011.05.03 - 9:51 am

        Hi Michael.
        So is the plan just to start There2 for [existing] members and not to try to get new members in? Considering some of us feel a bit burnt from the last closure I think that if that’s the case then it may well put people off.
        I loved There (most of the time) and it would be good to see it back again but this gives me more doubts.

        ps. I saw the new South Park last night and I’ll be reading TOS’s more vigorously from now on!!
        also, Osama Bin Ladens compound on Google Maps …… the reviews are worth a read! πŸ˜‰
        OBL on Google Maps

      • #67 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.03 - 9:57 am

        I think the problem we must solve before we allow for new, free accounts (which many people have provided suggestions for, thanks) is how to prevent griefers from using it as a way to get around Bans (or, in many cases, re-Bans). Putting up a barrier of a monthly subscription will help, but if we close that door and open with free trials, we’ll be in the same position.

        I’m sure we’re find a way once we re-open to provide some sort of trial, but we’re not going to focus on that initially.


      • #68 by Phoenix on 2011.05.03 - 9:58 am

        Even now I think There has enough Unique Selling Points to appeal to new members. The reason most old users want it back is because we’ve tried other worlds but There was home πŸ™‚
        The other worlds still don’t even come close. Realistic graphics aren’t a priority for me.
        I still think the low resource use of the There engine would be ideal for mobiles.

      • #69 by Phoenix on 2011.05.03 - 10:13 am

        sorry, I posted my last message before I saw your reply.
        I’ve suggested SMS verification before to limit abuse, it’s got to me the simplest way to verify users on a free account as having a mobile now is pretty much normal. This still can be abused but people will have a limited amount of phone numbers that they can use to verify an account. Put a 7 day limit on it and it should take care of itself. The effort of getting new numbers will be a barrier and make griefing much harder work.
        CC & verified paypal validation will be more secure.

        I know it’s not your priority right now but knowing some longer term plans will help us to make shorter-term decisions.
        Thanks Michael, I appreciate all that you’re doing and wish you all the best.

      • #70 by adrian witt on 2011.05.03 - 1:18 pm


      • #71 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.03 - 2:01 pm

        Secrets of Vonira is confident that requiring users to validate their email they use during registration, it would cut back a lot of this Michael. No griefer in their right mind is going to waste a few minutes to create a new email account on yoohoo or hootmail and then another few minutes to create a new avatar, then check their email for validation. I would also suggest hardware bans if you don’t already do this. How about requiring photo government id (driver license, state id or something) for those wanting to try it free? Then if they get banned for griefing, they won’t be able to get around it with a new trial since you already have their identification on file. This would be perfectly legal as most services require government issued photo id for more access (webhosts, for example, require it for SSH access). This could also ensure you have details if they commit fraudulent activities. Start using that intelligence that I see in you Michael!

      • #72 by Phoenix on 2011.05.03 - 3:56 pm

        Michael, you should’ve made it clear that your post #88 was a quote from hugsalot’s blog. I thought it was a bit strange to be coming from you.

      • #73 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.03 - 4:03 pm

        It was a test. You passed. Your avatar will not be fed to the Rankor on opening day.


        P.S. You’re right of course πŸ™‚

      • #74 by Phoenix on 2011.05.03 - 4:10 pm

        I almost asked if you’d been drinking until I saw that you posted it at 9.25am!
        phew … I’m spared πŸ˜€

  44. #75 by Tumble_Weed on 2011.05.03 - 4:51 am

    I got the email it went into my junk mail and i accidently deleted it :o(

  45. #76 by Brido on 2011.05.03 - 3:46 am

    MW..Just a thought..

    Since has always been about arrow keys for movement.. would it be difficult to change it to like most games such as “ASWD” Even if was to make it an optional thing would it be much hassle? For myself ASWD is more do you enjoy using either for better gaming experience?

    • #77 by there_forever on 2011.05.03 - 7:19 am

      If you change it to ASWD how will you chat?

      • #78 by Jessica_Dindal on 2011.05.03 - 10:04 am

        Maybe you could press enter to start a new chat bubble?

        ASWD is a good idea, I’m used to that since another game I play uses it.

      • #79 by RockmanD on 2011.05.03 - 12:44 pm

        Being left handed the arrow keys suit me perfectly. If the controls were moved to ASWD I’m sure Ned Flanders would have something to say!

      • #80 by Wendy Stoll on 2011.05.03 - 1:23 pm

        I hate ASWD, lol

    • #81 by jimony on 2011.05.03 - 12:51 pm

      I wouldn’t be against adding ASWD as a separate feature for those who want it (of course added features are probably WAY down the line past the point of reopening) but it would have to be activated in order to use it as it would interfere with the perfect way chat bubbles work. The ease of the chat bubbles to type and talk is one of the best features of There. I am hoping RLP does this also.
      I actually like using the arrows because I can feel where I am on the keyboard. With ASWD I can’t. I map the arrow keys to my mouse anyway, so I can use my mouse to do everything I commonly do (even talk with page down) except type chat. Boy I sure miss that. Can’t wait for There back.

  46. #82 by jaybee on 2011.05.02 - 7:16 pm

    lol @the person that said yownow would be free. If you’ve read the forums , you’d know thats not true. It costs money. Don’t try advertising yownow here, none of us are buying it πŸ™‚ FTW πŸ˜€

    • #83 by there_forever on 2011.05.03 - 7:19 am

      Maybe he didnt have time to read the forums cuz he might have gotten banned as soon as he became a member!!!

  47. #84 by anonymous on 2011.05.02 - 5:20 pm

    This is great news! However, there is something that I think would be nice to see. I, like many, had multiple accounts; and these accounts had multiple items each on them. If I had a chance to migrate all items under my accounts to one account, and preferably to a NEW account that I would use full time, then I would be all for a monthly subscription.
    Possibly a very short term trial period( a day or two with VERY limited access to the world and communication) for a chance to move these items. Or maybe an off site (out of world) storage/transfer method to move these items.

    • #85 by Winston on 2011.05.02 - 7:04 pm

      Gotta get the lights turned on first. Details later.

    • #86 by Marianne (JoyofLife) on 2011.05.03 - 3:32 am

      My take on multiple avies/inventory is different. I’ll pay for all the avatars for the month I need them to transfer inventory. At let’s say $10/month thats $30 to get back $1000s or $100s of inventory that was *poof* and now restored… well worth it. Again, we WANT to help support the owners of THERE financially. If you think about it, at gas prices today… $10/month could be saved by just not taking one trip into the city! Trip into THERE instead!

  48. #87 by Steven on 2011.05.02 - 4:25 pm

    Henry Gary who is CEO of YowNow. It will open mid of September, 2011. Henry Gary said Membership will be free from ages 13+ to Adult. It will be wide and open.

    • #88 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 4:36 pm

      Excellent! Free and available to everyone! Who could possibly resist?

      Oh, By The Way, someone sent me a tip that YowNow will have MaryAnn, of Gilligan fame, as one of it’s opening acts. Personally, I don’t believe it, as the evidence is rather thin. But heck, if it’s free, I’m sure everyone will come!

      • #89 by lizzytizzy on 2011.05.02 - 5:04 pm

        hahaha! Dawn Wells/Maryann who got busted for POT in 2008? Not in YowNever, I heard they won’t even allow tie dye clothing LOL!! Looks like another bust for Henry, like how they had Debbie Gibson lined up, but then he discovered she uncovered for Playboy and gave her the boot! :)) Ya’d think if they were gonna make up celebrity stories, they’d pick a little more relevant celebrities!

      • #90 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 6:14 pm

        There’s no real evidence that’s going to happen. I just thought it was funny that the person was an actor, was doing something super big and secret for YoyNow, and was chatting with MaryAnn at the same time. These could all be completely coincidental, or just made up. You draw your own conclusions.

      • #91 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.02 - 5:14 pm

        I’m not to sure about that. It May NOT be available for everyone. There is a group banned from YowNow Forums. Wonder if that means we’re banned from the download too? *sigh* as I was saying.. Boy I can’t wait to put on my Island Guide outfit and pompoms and cheer with all my old freinds! HOORAY

      • #92 by Winston on 2011.05.02 - 7:03 pm

        Hey it wasn’t her pot πŸ™‚ Someone else took the fall for that.

      • #93 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.03 - 4:28 am

        SaltySilver, they are barely just learning to how to properly ban people from their forums. Banning people from website access is far over their heads at the moment. Give them about 20 years before they figure out how. πŸ˜‰

    • #94 by Mimi06 on 2011.05.02 - 4:54 pm

      FREE? rofl… even Club penguin isnt free..

    • #95 by ried on 2011.05.02 - 4:55 pm

      will yownow have a developer program?

      • #96 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 5:00 pm

        You’re asking in the wrong place. Please visit their site and find out.

      • #97 by There Lover on 2011.05.03 - 4:23 am

        As MW said your asking in the wrong place.. but.. no they wont.. Unless your staff you don’t get to make a single thing. :)All they want is for you to go broke and having fun while at it. I guess?

      • #98 by Jonathan on 2011.05.03 - 6:26 am

        THEY don’t even know how to develop…

      • #99 by Joeydantonio on 2011.05.03 - 7:32 am

        no! don’t ask at the “right place” either… you might get banned or something. no questions allowed and if we sense you are generally happy on the other side of your screen, you are being banned too. Just know we exist and that is all you are good for, you are not on the level of our pixel people, peasant.


      • #100 by Joeydantonio on 2011.05.03 - 7:33 am

        o’doyle yownow rules!

    • #101 by SassyBeMe on 2011.05.02 - 5:28 pm

      Why would any one believe any thing from a man who changes his name more then I do my socks? Feel sad for those who do. 😦

      • #102 by Cellophane on 2011.05.03 - 12:07 pm

        I would pay $25 per month + Hood rent + buckaroos for artwork and stuff for my Hood in There. I have been looking forward to There re-opening since the days before it went to sleep for awhile. I long to roam the world again! πŸ™‚ And I’m with you Sassy. YowNow if it evah opens will be a poor man’s There. Nothing is like There.

        I Facebooked a sentence that said if reopened I’d cry. And I don’t cry often or easily!

  49. #103 by Demmetri on 2011.05.02 - 3:55 pm

    OMG, what we really need is vMTV. I have been longing for that game for the longest. I wonder how I would be able to contact the developers. *Cough* *Cough* wooh. That thang was my life, nawt but vMTV had the perfect tag-line and my type of people. Electric Sheep Company where are you @? Wheres Makena? Sorry when I become a billionaire I will force them to recreate vMTV. πŸ™‚ Aaahhh. On my free time I go to Google Images strolling through all the pics and etc. I think about where did everything go wrong. ahhh. vMTV& πŸ™‚

    • #104 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 4:36 pm

      Hmm. Well while Electric Sheep did a lot of the Event production and some of the 2D for VMTV, VMTV was built by MTV, Imaginary Forces, Makena, and many other companies. In any case, I’m not sure MTV wil be bringing it back, but that’s there call. Kind of off-topic here.

  50. #105 by CubanCarlos on 2011.05.02 - 3:46 pm

    Indeed, my e-mail was received through the SPAM folder, which is why I did not get to see it until today.

    Lucky for me, I was one of the very first to fill out the survey, only possible since I have been following your blog ever since closed. πŸ™‚

  51. #106 by Lianne23 on 2011.05.02 - 3:19 pm

    Could you please inform us all when you will reach a decision? A date in particular?

  52. #107 by Vanessa on 2011.05.02 - 1:32 pm

    `hole everyone is doing it

    I hope Spiritus will still be There if it comes back. He was very helpful and a lot of fun.

    • #108 by Innie on 2011.05.02 - 7:13 pm

      Oh, me too. However, I doubt he will be. He has a new job doing other stuff. ‘sigh

  53. #109 by There Lover on 2011.05.02 - 1:11 pm

    Now those minimum numbers are only for the monthly fee… no if you figure that and plus how ever much a person is going to spend to buy TBuxs and Neighborhoods, and FunZones.. Is that possible for to make the money it needs?

    (And lets not forget the people that are going to pay for their alt as of now. )

    Whats bad is we have no idea how much each person would pay for those.. But with a approximate number or even just this number can you break even at least with the cost of no customer service?

    P.s. Thanks for keeping us updated constantly..

  54. #110 by MoondustMadness on 2011.05.02 - 12:30 pm

    One more thing…if There reopens I would love to be a beta tester. :0)

    • #111 by mmmm22222222 on 2011.05.02 - 1:07 pm

      a beta tester for what? There 1 was allready past its alpha and beta stages.. There 2 is just the same but with a few different rules.

      • #112 by MoondustMadness on 2011.05.02 - 2:42 pm

        Well…alrighty then

      • #113 by jimony on 2011.05.02 - 11:39 pm

        I’m with Moondust; I wanna be a beta tester too! In fact, I would pay to beta test!
        We don’t know that something hasn’t changed just enough to need testing first, and it never hurts to ask, right?
        I mean as long as your not at YowNow; you never know what not to say there.

      • #114 by MoondustMadness on 2011.05.03 - 3:35 pm

        My thoughts exactly Jimony and I would also pay to beta test if testing were needed.

  55. #115 by MoondustMadness on 2011.05.02 - 12:20 pm

    I am keeping the faith. Michael heard our pleas to reopen There and is giving us the opportunity to show him what we are willing to do to get it reopened. I will pay for a monthly subscription and Im willing to pay six months in advance. I hope we can all pull together and prove to Michael how sincere we are in this. I miss everything about There including my friend Nobion. Here is praying for the best. :0)

  56. #116 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.02 - 11:45 am

    True… but with out you, none of this would be possible.

  57. #117 by mimi06 on 2011.05.02 - 11:29 am

    ;( looks depressing to me.. and thanks for the forward (THERE) email (you know who you are)

  58. #118 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.02 - 11:23 am

    Right now your between $500,000 and $750,000 a year. That’s gotta be getting close.
    Those numbers don’t include any other sales like TBucks, clothing, vehicles etc, etc.
    I can’t speak for anyone else but I am more than willing to buy a 6 month or even a year subscription, at $15 or $20 a month, to help you kick start There until old members find out.
    Even those who were banned are more than likely to subscribe, just to get back in world. AND, you just know there will be a lot under 18 that will not be able to stay away.
    Probably 25% of those who weren’t gaming the survey will be willing to pay at least $10 a month.
    That HAS to get you over $1,000,000 a year. Maybe not quite profitable, but enough to convince you to take the plunge.
    You probably wont get quite as big a celebration as last nights announcement by President Obama but it will be a big one!!!!
    Like Clint said, Make my day!!

  59. #119 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.02 - 9:41 am

    Mr. Wilson, Thank you. ‘bow

    • #120 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 9:42 am

      Well, don’t thank me. I didn’t vote :-).

      • #121 by NoBioN on 2011.05.02 - 9:54 am

        But you made it possible πŸ™‚

      • #122 by EvenStupider on 2011.05.02 - 10:15 am


      • #123 by Ant1977 on 2011.05.02 - 10:22 am

        I did!

      • #124 by Malingo on 2011.05.02 - 10:55 am

        Hmm, maybe T2 should have a ‘vote emote

      • #125 by Michelle on 2011.05.02 - 11:52 am

        You didn’t vote…? *cracks up* Can’t a CEO participate in his own events too??? O.o

      • #126 by MmeOdileS AKA OdileS on 2011.05.05 - 5:33 am

        Now wait a minute MW…Even the President of our Country votes…maybe you should vote!!! πŸ˜‰ Don’t you have an avatar??? All avatars should vote..
        >>>>>>>>>> shakes head in wonder 0-0

      • #127 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.05 - 7:11 am

        I voted every month for the last 10 years with small rectangular pieces of paper with lots of 0’s on them. :-).

  60. #128 by Rick on 2011.05.02 - 8:51 am

    Pretty sure the people that chose , i would not pay for a membership are eithers 18- or just the same people gaming it.

  61. #129 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.02 - 8:41 am

    Since, money is tight with There, have you thought of contracting with Metaverse Mod Squad, to handle to Customer Support and Technical Support as well? Or would it be cheaper if you had individuals working for There directly? Here is their link of who they work with:

  62. #130 by colin25 on 2011.05.02 - 8:22 am

    Dug my survey out of the junk mail folder and filled it out just now. ‘Tu.

    • #131 by missnewyork001 on 2011.05.03 - 5:07 am

      No the real ‘tu goes to you for using in game commands out of game. I am NOT being facetious I promise. ‘hug

  63. #132 by Jonathan (Jonty) on 2011.05.02 - 7:41 am

    Well, i think we can all safely say, the ‘I would not pay for membership’ section is a joke, yes, there is bound to be a few in that section, but not 40% +! It’s completely stupid the people who are set-out to ‘game the system’. It’s ruining it for the rest of us.

    • #133 by NoBioN on 2011.05.02 - 7:56 am

      Well. As long as we all know they arent “real” votes. Let them waste their time. and we focus on the REAL votes instead hehe =)

    • #134 by Lexi on 2011.05.02 - 8:15 am

      i choose that one.

    • #135 by Colten on 2011.05.02 - 9:36 am

      Yeah umm if you game the survey and expect to play THERE without having to pay, those people are retarded.

      • #136 by Michelle on 2011.05.02 - 11:51 am

        If 100% of people say that they are willing to pay (even though in reality, only 50% would ACTUALLY pay) then telling Michael that someone would pay even if they don’t mean it could ruin it for others as well!

        He sent this survey to former Therians, which means most of them are either not fully commited members, or members who have been banned so there is no point for them to pay to a game that refuses to take them back.
        Nobody expected to play There for free. If they did, then wouldn’t you see more comments like “HEY! Why should I pay 10$ for a GAME? Shouldn’t these things be free? Pfft. what a rip off” Now that would be pure ignorance (Unfortunately, there are people who think the same way about music and games, that they are all supposed to be ‘free’).

      • #137 by Winston on 2011.05.02 - 1:00 pm

        “If they did, then wouldn’t you see more comments like β€œHEY! Why should I pay 10$ for a GAME?”

        Actually Michelle, yes I would. IF the dramatic numbers of people apparently willing to take the survey and answer in the negative are to be believed, I would expect at least a portion of those people to leave comments saying just that. The numbers of people unwilling to pay to play do not correspond with the numbers willing to at least leave a message as to why they feel that way. Since the negative responses began to surge well before any emails were sent, I think it’s safe to say the majority of these “won’t pay” responses are completely bogus.

  64. #138 by Colten on 2011.05.02 - 7:28 am

    For those who are unwilling to pay and are gaming the survey I have to scream. RETARD. And that really is more of a statement of fact than opinion.

    • #139 by Lexi on 2011.05.02 - 8:15 am

      we are not the retards.

    • #140 by Michelle on 2011.05.02 - 11:47 am

      That is an offensive statement. I hope you could rephrase your feelings about those who are unwilling to pay in a more ‘kinder’ way.
      Maybe some people who don’t want to pay for this game think the same thing about you?
      By the way, many of us aren’t financially fit to spend money on lesiure time. But we don’t need to explain you that, since you appear to be so-very-intelligent, right?

      • #141 by pHluid13 on 2011.05.02 - 12:55 pm

        Offensive to whom? The people who are “unwilling to pay AND are gaming the survey”? I probably wouldn’t use the same word to describe them because this word was vernacularly overused during the 1980s and we’re so passed that now. I would however agree with the poster that those individuals who are deciding to GAME the survey just because they can’t pay are hitting a low mark here. Not that it really matters considering those who won’t be paying aren’t being factored into the revenue. I think the bigger problem here are the individuals gaming the survey the other direction. Those who are making it seem like there are more people willing to pay for the service are only doing the process a severe injustice. And we all know why, it’s been discussed numerous time before.

      • #142 by Colten on 2011.05.02 - 7:21 pm

        Why are you getting snarky at me? You read y comment wrong Michelle. I don’t recall saying anything out of line. Why bring my intelligence into this? I’m sure I’m no more or no less intelligent than anyone one else here. Still it takes a certain level of stupidity if people game the survey just for the reason that they are unwilling to pay and want to ruin the survey for people. YES those people are retarded for their actions to screw the survey.

        Of course you don’t have to tell me about not being well off financially, I’m one of those people, so I’m not insulting them. If you don’t want to pay fine, just don’t game the survey over it.

      • #143 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 7:23 pm


      • #144 by missnewyork001 on 2011.05.03 - 5:02 am

        Hahaha Micheal…

      • #145 by Skyefire on 2011.05.03 - 11:30 am

        I wanna go home (wherein There=home)!

    • #146 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.02 - 3:18 pm

      “For those who are unwilling to pay and are gaming the survey I have to scream. RETARD.”
      Hmmm, I read it as those WHO are unwilling to pay AND are gaming the survey. Meaning that because you are unwilling to pay, you will resort to gaming the survey. If this is what is happening, I agree with Coiltin. If not, I doubt it was aimed at those of you who are unable to pay the subscription fee.. Hopefully all of us have compassion for those of you who are going through tough times.

      • #147 by Colten on 2011.05.02 - 7:27 pm

        Yes Michael…-lowers head in shame and just stares out the window at the passing countryside-

      • #148 by Michele on 2011.05.09 - 1:14 pm

        I must’ve mis-read it. I’m aware that “Unwilling” and “cannot” are two different things.
        I still found that statement offensive, since retarded is actually a very offensive word, and I’ve watched/read many videos/stories where there is an escape for people who are challenged, and if they read this (even if it’s obviously not aimed at them) they could get very hurt.
        To think a “therian” can use such a word without thinking twice.

  65. #149 by there_forever on 2011.05.02 - 7:25 am

    It seems the gamers are getting more and more aggresive! Between the last three updates the ‘I would not pay’ votes average has risen for 165 votes/day to 225.
    Maybe we should give them the Oscar, Emmy, MTV award, Gold medal, World cup, WWE championship, WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, give them the NBA title, Champions League and even add them to the Guinness Book of Records.
    Maybe then they might feel satisfied and stop wasting their time gaming a survey.
    I’m also very curious (just like everybody else) about how close we are to the numbers needed for reopening. I’m sure things are going pretty well. Aren’t they?

    • #150 by Winston on 2011.05.02 - 10:30 am

      Mr. Wilson should do some ad-sense and make some money of these jokers. 225 hits a day can mean money in the kit for There πŸ™‚ Hard to believe it’s probably only two to five people doing it. They should put this kind of energy into building their own 3DVirtWorld πŸ™‚

      • #151 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 11:55 am

        Actually, the people that vote “No” are also clicking “Agree” to the iTunes License Agreement.

        (If you watch South Park, you will get the joke. If you don’t, just ignore me.)

      • #152 by Lorenda on 2011.05.02 - 1:44 pm

        What has the world gone to? Are there anymore civilized adults?

      • #153 by Skyefire on 2011.05.02 - 3:48 pm

        Most disturbing South Park EVER. I am traumatized.

        I don’t remember reading that clicking “no” agreed to anything o.0 Should I be worried? (yes I got the joke)

      • #154 by Mr_Donenzone on 2011.05.02 - 4:17 pm

        I agree

      • #155 by Marianne (JoyofLife) on 2011.05.02 - 5:12 pm

        Dang that episode made me cringe and crackup at the same time…. humancentipod EEPS… ohoh here comes the squid & asparagus!

      • #156 by Mr_Donenzone on 2011.05.04 - 2:58 am

        IM SORRY KYLE!

  66. #157 by Michelle on 2011.05.02 - 7:19 am

    “Spammers”? I never really did understand how the system works with those email-service-providers. I tried sending a link to my parents and friends and they automatically tossed my email into the Junk mail folder too! Can any of the users here kindly take their time and briefly explain to me how does this work?

  67. #158 by Michelle on 2011.05.02 - 7:14 am

    The numbers don’t look impressive at all. But if we were to add the ones who are willing to pay $15 and $20 to the $10 customers, it would still show that the majority is willing to pay. Right…? Or would that count as cheating?

    • #159 by Alexandria3178 on 2011.05.02 - 2:46 pm

      Remember that with all surveys, the numbers shown are actually only a small percentage of people who would actually come back and pay.

      This is a matter of statistics. How else do the polsters tell how the country is feeling by asking only 5000 people or fewer? 1% sampling of all members will be a statistically sound representation of how all people would respond.

      • #160 by Michele on 2011.05.03 - 6:40 pm

        You’re right. And it’s not like this is an ‘updated’ version of the over all… it’s just a group of people…

    • #161 by Joeydantonio on 2011.05.03 - 7:37 am

      don’t look impressive at all?….. more people have said they are willing to pay within the past few weeks than most small city populations worldwide. don’t be a debbie downer, be a perky pixel.

      • #162 by Michele on 2011.05.03 - 6:39 pm

        No. I meant the current numbers.
        Over all im pretty anxious about the overall results XD I have this thing which makes me worry about weakpoints, over-worry. So if I say one bad result, I’m horrified!

  68. #163 by mmmm22222222 on 2011.05.02 - 7:10 am

    Well this is rather concerning, the “I would not pay for membership” has taken over the lead of 10$ a month, I assume a lot of those votes are people voting more than once, I forgot what you call them now? If you can exclude those numbers like you say is it still looking okay? or is this survey beginning to look bad? As for the monthly amount of revenue, how much ROUGHLY (Don’t need exact figures as I know you are not allowed to release them) would you need per month to make sure There2 servers can be maintained?

    • #164 by Winston on 2011.05.02 - 10:22 am

      The “won’t pay” numbers are irrelevant.

  69. #165 by NoBioN on 2011.05.02 - 6:31 am

    Not sure what you meen with the minium revenue numbers above.

    But how far are we from reasonable enough numbers for re opening? Would you mind sharing your thoughts on what you think you can expect from the average adult subscribing member in total monthly (subscription ingame tbux purchases)

    • #166 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.02 - 6:33 am

      Those numbers were taken by adding up the total number of people who would pay, and multiplying by $10 and $15, respectively.

      • #167 by NoBioN on 2011.05.02 - 7:02 am

        Okay :).

        Can you give some estimates on what numbers you need to fire up our beloved world again?. How scalable is this cloud server structure. And now that it is possible to adjust ressources and staff more according to the needs. Is a playerbase of lets say… 10.000 subscribers enough to run the service properly?

  1. Umfragestand vom 2.5.2011 « There DE

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