“Next Week” didn’t mean Monday


I know a few people felt that “next week” meant “Monday”, but I’m sorry, it didn’t. We have some key folks out till Wednesday, and we don’t want to make the call before then. Sorry.

Oh, by the way, there is NO TRUTH to the rumor we’re going to wait until Saturday to make a decision. Why would we make it on Saturday? Well, it’s the Rapture, of course.

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  2. #2 by WildPinkRose on 2011.07.01 - 12:07 pm

    Damn and i sold all my There stuff, that sucks, oh well, i can get it all back in time, i cant wait for There to open back up, they have my everything on that one, i will def. be buying all kinds of stuff. YAY!

  3. #3 by Ashly Allyn on 2011.06.10 - 7:06 pm

    i cant wait untill there opens im dying omg im so happy ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. #4 by Joe on 2011.05.24 - 1:58 pm

    Okay so before There closed I figured I’d spend all my T-Bucks so I paid the rent on my 2 Portazones. I think I was good for 185 days or something. Is that info still in the system? When I log back in, will my rents be paid up for awhile? Also, I forgot my main Avatar’s name. I had a few that had variations of the main name. I don’t want to re-join under an Avatar account that has no inventory. Will I get an email indicating that There is re-opening and ask if I’d like to re-join under (main Avatar account name)?

  5. #5 by D on 2011.05.19 - 11:48 pm

    Hey people.. Is There.com goin to open again? I like the idea. was alot of fun in There beside the drama people! But hopefully it will be a good reset. Cheers

  6. #6 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.05.18 - 11:17 am

    @scrapbug… YEP!

    @MrScrooge: reading material suggestions

    1) Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing
    2) Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment
    3) Spiritual Warfare
    4) Jed McKenna’s Notebook The Enlightenment Trilogy Bonus Content (books 1 – 4 all by Jed McKenna)
    5) Mysticism And The New Physics by Michael Talbot

    …and yes I am a nutter into the not so traditional way of thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. #7 by IMAKOS on 2011.05.18 - 10:13 am


  8. #8 by MmeOdileS AKA OdileS on 2011.05.18 - 10:02 am

    So Michael, where you going to hang out IF ‘There’ opens, and, can we get your pixalated autograph if we do find you hanging in your own little world somewhere on the land? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. #9 by MrScrooge on 2011.05.18 - 8:47 am

    So Michael, read any good books lately? What did you think about Under the Dome? I’m currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Hoping to finish soon so I can finally read Infinite Jest by Wallace.

    • #10 by Winston on 2011.05.18 - 10:11 am

      Can anyone join in this discussion ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just started “Queen of Kings” by Maria Dahvana Headley. So far quite a nice read even though I don’t usually read “Historical Fiction.”

  10. #11 by scrapbug on 2011.05.18 - 8:27 am

    Anyone else keeping this page open and refreshing it constantly? ROFL
    Seems like I might find better uses for my time, but can’t help but ask….”Are we THERE yet?” ROFL

  11. #12 by Cassi on 2011.05.18 - 7:08 am

    Oh how I hope There.com comes back to us! I don’t think my poor iphone can take anymore of my abuse, lol. I need something else to waste my time on rofl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Got my fingers and toes crossed! I’m hoping to wake up out of the haze of anesthetic to hear we are getting There.com back! Atleast if it’s a no, I’ll just ask for more pain meds, go back to sleep and dream of what could of been! It’s been an exciting week! Hope it ends on a high note!

    • #13 by alexandria3178 on 2011.05.18 - 11:50 am

      Hmmm,…. THERE is a great idea (pun intended) If we get a re-opening… an iPhone/iPad app to run THERE all the time!!!! Then I would just need to get either an iPhone or iPad.

  12. #14 by mimi06 on 2011.05.18 - 6:15 am

    MW, what was for dinner? rofl..

    • #15 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.05.18 - 7:10 am

      hopefully the “Competition” mimi

      …not THERE yet but alomst! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • #16 by mimi06 on 2011.05.18 - 8:08 am

        @whitefeather… you read my mind rofl.. Gona just go hybernate.. someone wake me up when we know..

    • #17 by MmeOdileS AKA OdileS on 2011.05.18 - 9:58 am

      >>>>>>> ponders dinner, while holding one of those Therian plate dinners in my wee avatar hand, and while drinking a volcano drink ๐Ÿ˜‰ good times, good times !!!!

  13. #18 by Jakejackson on 2011.05.18 - 6:02 am

    Will everybody just shut up and chill as Mr. Wilson asked of you? For the the Thereians such as myself cross your fingers, leggs and eyeballs that MW can make it happen. I believe that MW is a good man just to respond to these endless and monotonous questions seeing as it is he alone answering them. Most people simply would tell you to go screw yourself. Its my money and I will spend it anyway I like and damn you all. But, did he? NOOOOO!!! He takes time out of his very busy day to do this as busy as he is. I was once the bodyguard of a corporate president and his schedule was so tight you couldn’t squeeze water through it so I know what I am talking about. Some of you sound likes brats, “you should have never closed There” blah, blah, blah. I don’t see anyone turning over large sums of cash to help him just crying over the small amount he is thinking of charging. If it were anyone else they would probably not tell you anything and go with a new GROUP of players.

    Mr. Wilson in my opinion is the Genuine Article when it comes to tolerance and respect for his customers or how else could you explain him trying to keep you informed and up to date with his plans. Does he have too keep us in the loop? NOOOOO!!! You won’t find many people like him anymore now as someone put it earlier shut up and let the man work. If you are a negative person then find something else to do you are interested in and leave the rest of us Thereians alone. But that is just my thinking. I am not making this statement to get in first or suck up. The truth is the truth regardless of what anyone thinks and you see it for yourself. For those of you not seeing between the lines I thought I would clarify it for you.

    • #19 by WikkedBliss on 2011.05.18 - 6:31 am

      BRAVO JAKE : P

    • #20 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.18 - 1:11 pm

      Amen to that. There for awhile I attempted to answer a few questions here and there. But as the comments poured in so fast (300+), it got difficult to keep up and read them and causing browser freezing and crashing trying to open the comments page.

      What do you say to a volunteer customer tech support job Michael Wilson?

  14. #21 by Rick on 2011.05.18 - 5:45 am

    i dont understand how , theres companies like sony that run free realms for free and Playstation network dont have interest for there.com or any other virtual worlds , maybe they just never heard about it? imo if they were running there.com theyd have no problem keeping it open even without monthly fees . not saying i want that to happen im happy were close to having it reopen by the same people , problem is that i wouldnt want it closed again after investing more money but lets hope for the best ๐Ÿ˜€

    • #22 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.18 - 6:20 am

      Companies like Sony have other sources of income supporting their worlds/realms etc.

    • #23 by ARTIE on 2011.05.18 - 7:44 am

      Gezzz, as one who has been playing in FreeRealms for the past year after almost 7 years in THERE, there is just no comparison to the two worlds. The land of FreeRealms is less than half the size of the main Caldera island on THERE. THERE had much more to do and allowed much more creativity. FR is extremely limiting. If you like it then stay in FR for the limited abount of fun that you can have for free. I paid for 3 lifetime memberships in FR and leveled all my Avies up to 20 Levels and now it is just the same ole same ole with limited activities. I cannot wait to drive my buggies, change the ramp jumps every day and play stades, hearts, uno and many other creative activies with adult friends and not having to worry about kids asking how old I am that calling me a pervert for playing in a kiddie game. The kids in the Old there had a bad habbit or reporting everyone they found over 20, so I am personally glad they will be banned from the new THERE.

      Anyone arguing for free accounts is just outing themselves as a griefer or troublemaker. I will be glad to have a safe place to play and relax whithout having wo worring about SL crap or the kiddie crap you see in other worlds. So fork up the money and play nice or stay in the free games that offer limited creativity!!!!!!!!

    • #24 by Winston on 2011.05.18 - 10:19 am

      You really can’t compare FreeRealms to There. First off, FreeRealms isn’t free, it’s “freemium.” Secondly it’s more or less a kid’s game with limited interaction and zero customization. Thirdly, as Michael Wilson said, Sony has so many other avenues of income streams that unless the game is losing millions (it isn’t) then they don’t care if it make one thin cent. It mostly serves to introduce kids to the Sony brand so later they are more willing to purchase Sony products. Studies show that if you hook ’em early, people can become quite brand loyal. See McDonald’s vs. Burger King for an example. Burger King beats McD’s in taste tests everywhere but who makes more money? The one who came up with the “Happy Meal.”

    • #25 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.18 - 1:05 pm

      As Michael Wilson said, Sony has enough income from movies (Sony Pictures), electronic sales (Playstation, PSN, computers, televisions, headphones, etc) and other games like EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies which are generally sold in stores and have a monthly membership fee as well. This allows for them to run a world or two for free by pooling the profit from these other products and putting it towards Free Realms. Sadly Makena Technologies has only one product which is There.com, so they don’t have the opportunity to generate an income from any other products.

      And as it is in this day and age, regardless of a company’s wealth, companies are not willing to invest money into small audiences like There.com. We’re talking these companies want to see a few hundred thousand users before they would be willing to invest money into a product that isn’t theirs. Products and websites with that many users are very rare though, which is why we continue to see more and more “Your Ad Here” banners popping up. Advertisers are beginning to discontinue paying for ads in places with small audiences.

  15. #26 by Richard Hallock on 2011.05.18 - 5:40 am

    Of course maybe the link did not work… http://www.snowcrest.net/fox/there/almost.jpg

    • #27 by mimi06 on 2011.05.18 - 8:06 am

      richard, I saw this picture somewhere else.. are you THE richard?? rofl.. I dont know this name only the other.. and I have that photo on my desk top.. thanks again for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      • #28 by Heavendreamer on 2011.05.20 - 4:26 pm

        That’s Awesome! lol

  16. #29 by Richard Hallock on 2011.05.18 - 5:39 am

    I was traveling last weekend, driving past billboards with Saturday’s date one them. Then all of a sudden, I saw ‘the sign’ and I was so moved I had to take a picture of it!

  17. #30 by There Lover on 2011.05.18 - 5:34 am

    I have a quick question that I haven’t seen so far. Will patches like nametags, compass’s ect. need to be updated to run on the new There Client? since it will be on DX9 and Mac OSX ?

  18. #32 by SSBPD on 2011.05.18 - 4:36 am

    M.W, Will it be this week? or this weekend? Will you announce when it will open or if it is or not?

    • #33 by SSBPD on 2011.05.18 - 4:40 am

      disregard this, I read the other comments/

  19. #34 by erick758 on 2011.05.18 - 2:14 am

    ๐Ÿ˜€ im excited1

    • #35 by v on 2011.05.18 - 5:38 am

      bwahaahahaha – now i have to get a towel and clean up a split drink

  20. #36 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.18 - 12:03 am

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Carlos Slim, Larry Ellison, Google’s Co Founder Larry Page, George Soros and the Waltons of Walmart in a joint effort recently contacted me with interest in purchasing There.com. Where should I direct them to?

    • #37 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.18 - 5:09 am

      I had dinner with them last night, and they decided they’d all be broke after buying SecretsOfVonira.

      • #38 by v on 2011.05.18 - 5:39 am

        bwahahahaha – off to get a towel to clean up a spill

      • #39 by pHluid13 on 2011.05.18 - 7:44 am

        And Donald trump doesn’t need it to boost his campaign anymore.

      • #40 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.18 - 12:31 pm

        Hah. The problem with that is that we argued with them over a 7 hour lunch Friday that we weren’t interested in selling. That is why they decided to try There.com.

    • #41 by There Lover on 2011.05.18 - 5:32 am

      … Ok is it just me or is this confusing to you guys?

      • #42 by Secrets of Vonira on 2011.05.18 - 12:45 pm

        There Lover, what is so confusing about it? It was just a joke referring to some of the richest people in the world teaming up and wanting to purchase There. Maybe not all the richest, just Carlos Slim and Bill Gates are top 2 but the rest are pretty high up there with multi billions worth of assets. You probably know Bill Gates was CEO & Co-Founder of Microsoft, current chairman. You have to know of Warren Buffet and Donald Trump! Carlos Slim is Mexican but can’t remember what he does or did to get rich (hes currently listed #1 richest man in the world). Larry Ellison is CEO of Oracle.com while Larry Page is Co Founder of Google. And lastly we have Walmart owners, the Waltons.

        Of course it is all a joke and not true. But it sure would be heavenly if they’d each toss a few billion dollars (or a few million even) towards There.com as a sponsorship though, right Michael Wilson? *hint* We’re quite sure they won’t ever spend more than a million dollars in the remainder of their old age lives. What would it hurt?

  21. #43 by adk1 on 2011.05.17 - 6:54 pm

    hey ..wilson ..just remember be cost ready ..you don’t have to be open 24/7 start small and build like the rest of us ..if you can afford to be open via cost effect then so be it people will come….somtimes its better to have the lights out somtimes rather then never have them on …..back to the basics ..dam i hope you open again ..

    • #44 by Esky on 2011.05.17 - 8:20 pm

      Interesting idea… Which countries do you suggest he inconvenience by shutting down for part of the day?

      Interesting idea… just not a very good idea.

    • #45 by Tomixcomics on 2011.05.18 - 1:09 am

      Oy… THERE was never open 24/7 to begin with, but if you’re suggesting it would be open even less than it already was, then I ave to object strongly. I live in a timezone opposite to that of the US, as do may other people, THERE would normally be down for maintenance right in the middle of the day for me, and if I wanted to be on it when mny other people are I’d have to wait until nighttime. With less members being in-world due to age limit and monthly charges, adding shorter operating hours to the lsit will make it so people on this side of the globe really have no reason to sign up in the firstplace because the owrld will always be either closed or empty.

    • #46 by SSBPD on 2011.05.18 - 4:42 am

      good idea, probably use another server though, but i hope he reads this one.

    • #47 by Winston on 2011.05.18 - 5:07 am

      Iceland…or Liechtenstein ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #48 by Okalnix on 2011.05.18 - 9:53 am

      A lott people were also online of UK. -0 hour
      I am from the Netherlands +1 in hour
      Also know some people of germany +1 /+2 hour were on there to in that time.
      So the 23/7 hours are still better for all people and the game online to.
      The 1 hour were for maintance normaly.

  22. #49 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.17 - 5:44 pm

    Patience , PATIENCE!,

    The man said everything we need to know.

    In case you missed it:

    “I sincerely believe the debate will be finished before the Rapture, or Saturday, as the case may be. Weโ€™ve been talking about it all through this, and, as I said somewhere else, thereโ€™s been a lot of work in progress just in case.”

    The “just in case” is coming up shortly, definitely before Saturday. I have a feeling there will be a lot of smiles tomorrow. After over 400 days, what the hell is a day or two more?

    Scrooge, can I help you with those two individuals? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. #50 by MrScrooge on 2011.05.17 - 3:52 pm

    I was hoping in the very least to see Sheri72 or Phill41 weigh in but it looks like they are still M.I.A.

  24. #51 by DUSTIN4040 on 2011.05.17 - 3:05 pm

    Is it me or does it seem funny that the rapture thing is going on and there 2 might open!!! idk im jus saying! But i REALLY REALLY hope there 2 will open!

  25. #52 by MalikaManning on 2011.05.17 - 3:02 pm

    The Storys About saturday’s Event Keeps Changing

  26. #53 by mimi06 on 2011.05.17 - 2:38 pm

    It’s sad reading the comments over on FB.. so many saying heartfelt words, about THERE, and what they have missed the most this past year and half.. and so many toes and fingers crossed we may end up a twisted mess rofl.. so… Ques Sera Sera! I don’t believe in LUCK.. never have.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. #54 by poxr on 2011.05.17 - 2:08 pm

    Can’t wait. And I hope there.com be back

  28. #55 by alexandria3178 on 2011.05.17 - 1:00 pm

    Mr. Wilson.

    IF (and I repeat) IF there re-opens, in an effort to draw back former active members who might be otherwise undecided, why not present during the first week, or first month, a special re-opening gift to returning and new members. Lets say NOT a foam finger prop, but something like a specially painted buggy or Hoverboat or Hoverboard?

    Just an idea in the event that There does reopen

    • #56 by WikkedBliss on 2011.05.17 - 1:41 pm

      Like a Rapture cocktail?? Giggles*

    • #57 by Sleestak on 2011.05.17 - 2:20 pm

      oh yeah, a special welcome back buggy with a unique design. AND a cool design to replace the coke buggy you say we might not have because of copywrite issues

      • #58 by jimony on 2011.05.18 - 12:14 am

        We should still have our existing Coke stuff. If they agreed to sell them, they can’t take them back. There may no longer have the right to sell new ones, but Coke doesn’t have the right to take away the existing ones.

    • #59 by 1969Craven on 2011.05.17 - 3:20 pm

      and I can make such a buggy.. like I did for waiting for wyatt.. on vmtv.. they passed them out.. for free.. and the band liked it..oh btw Mw is there any way since your bringing there.com back ( and you will ) can we get out VMTV stuff?

      any dumb ass can tell $10 per month is 12X greater then 9.95 for life membership lets see 12x the money , (simple 3000 members = 360,000 per year) half the operating cost.. looks as good on paper as giving out loans to people that cant afford it..(they could afford it at the time.).. but the one thing that is not being discussed. I was 3 years on vmtv .. it failed.. 3 years on there, it failed.. are you gonna give some entrepreneurs some capability to make some money and sell there.com if it fails this time.. ? because I can think of 3000 investors that would sign up to partner with me, ( the results from your survey ) because some of the ideas .. 18+ only but no 18+ content..**** you cant make money without spending a little .. thats what america has forgot…..opening it as it was but no new people to buy our products.. sounds like you want an island for those of us that were committed ..to collect your check every month, but we were committed to making a good life on there.. and without the new blood and economic structure .. this is a losing proposition. (and I say 3000 people because even tho your survey says 9000+ I am certain that 3000 is a closer number) and no I am not against there.com reopening.. I have been checking every day to see when we will be back on. but all I gotta say is put your money where your mouth is.. if you fail.. let us buy….because with 3000 therians on my side .. and give them the power to make it there own.. there is no way it would fail.. SO POST A PRICE BEFORE YOU REOPEN.. if you got the nads,

      • #60 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.17 - 4:25 pm

        There’s no way we could get MTV’s stuff. It’s property of MTV.

        I’m not going to comment on the rest. My record of investment in There is well known.

      • #61 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.18 - 6:33 am

        Apparently you have not read Michales posts here for the last 6 months.
        If what he says is true and I personally believe it is, then he HAS been putting his money where his mouth is.
        He has been talking continually about continued development of the game SINCE March 9th, 2010.
        Just yesterday, he confirmed there has been work on the potential release of There. His words to describe it was “ongoing for some time”
        Cut him some slack man. I honestly think he is very emotionally tied to this game.
        Nine years of non profitability would send most entrepreneurs running for shelter but he never lost sight of the goal.
        If you didn’t like There, just leave but if you did, just be patient. We will all know by Friday.
        Except for those banned and those under 18, we will all be doing Snoopy’s happy dance!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. #62 by Rick on 2011.05.17 - 11:19 am

    tomorrows wednesday , hopefully wel have an answer ) , anyways are you the one that makes the ultimate and final decisions mr wilson? or is there someone above you?

  30. #63 by MalikaManning on 2011.05.17 - 10:48 am

    Wensday is Coming Up shortly Folks Calm Down

    • #64 by alexandria3178 on 2011.05.17 - 12:55 pm

      Seems to me that Mr Wilson (the one not sucking on those salty chocolate balls) Never said the decision was going to be made on Wednesday. I seem to remembre reading (in fact at the top of this page) that certain “key folks” were going to be out until Wednesday and they could not make a decision before then. It would be nice if they took a show of hands on wednesday and everyone said yes to re-opening, but I am expecting at least a long debate over the +’s and -‘s. Then if they say yes, I am certain that there will be some serious start-up time restoring the backups, testing the servers, testing in world, all before opening back up to the public. I would not expect to be able to log in any earlier than mid June or early July. Just in time to set-up and organize There Summer Games 2011

      • #65 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.17 - 1:05 pm

        I sincerely believe the debate will be finished before the Rapture, or Saturday, as the case may be. We’ve been talking about it all through this, and, as I said somewhere else, there’s been a lot of work in progress just in case.

  31. #66 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.05.17 - 10:47 am

    Hey Michael,

    I hope you do have a positive answer for opening there.com. If you re-open this will be certainly good news for us all, I am bored with out it ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. #67 by there_forever on 2011.05.17 - 9:26 am

    Patience everybody. We all want to hear the good news but we need to be patient. I’m sure even MW himself is trying to be patient as possible till his people are back on Wednesday so they can make a decision.
    Remember its gonna be a YES or a NO and IF it’s a YES (which we all hope), they might even tell us how much the monthly fee will be.
    There probably won’t be an opening date yet, since they will need to upload the world on the cloud, test it first and solve any problems that might show up.
    A lot of work still has to be done.
    What matters for now is the Yes or the No that will be announced this week. Hopefully no more ‘IF’. That word is my worst of all right now! lol

  33. #68 by VVVVVV on 2011.05.17 - 9:10 am

    Little kid on Christmas eve..Keeps checking and checking and checking to see if Santa opened There yet,lol.

  34. #69 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.17 - 8:42 am

    Hello Mr. Wilson,

    I was looking at other virtual worlds to see how their pricing and a lot of them are making the membership either 9.95 a month or 10 dollars. Than they would add another membership for adult access and it would only be a one-time fee. Would it be possible if that could happen having a adult access pass? I know it’s too early to tell, but I see a lot of virtual worlds are doing it and I thought maybe it’s possible for There could it.

    • #70 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.17 - 9:21 am

      Probably not. There has always been about not having “Adult” materials, and I don’t see that changing.

      • #71 by there_forever on 2011.05.17 - 9:33 am

        Hope that never changes!!!!
        I think there is a large percentage of adults that would want an adult world without all them ‘special extras’ should I call them?

      • #72 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.17 - 10:02 am

        I see where your coming from Mr. Wilson. I don’t mean actually mean having adult materials in There I wouldn’t think that would be a great idea as well, but I mean what could be possible, but no guarantees if you do make an adult access pass you could make you could create some neighborhoods that are only for adults, but you would still follow the PG-13 TOS. Also, if you have a access pass you could create your own 18+ events. Could that work out? If possible…

      • #73 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.17 - 11:40 am

        I have NEVER been on Second life and refuse to download it on my PC because of that reason…. I will never support a place with Adult materials in game. That is why I chose to try There.com in the first place.
        There are plenty of those places on the web. I love our clean There.

      • #74 by jimony on 2011.05.17 - 1:38 pm

        This sounds like a not very well disguised argument for letting below 18 year olds in. Not a very good argument, either, as it doesn’t explain how to cover the cost of providing protection for those under 18.

      • #75 by Orielle on 2011.05.17 - 1:53 pm

        I fail to see the benefits of making members pay extra for access to 18+ areas when the whole world would be 18+ if There reopens. Why would I want to pay extra to access another part of the world that would be the same as the rest, same rules, etc? If they add Carbonite Valley perhaps he could charge us extra to access that area to paintball and run over those he had condemned to be there…

      • #76 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.17 - 2:40 pm

        I agree with you salty. When I asked the question, i don’t mean actually have adult material. I thought it would be nice if you only want adults in your neighborhood you could have it set to adults only and inorder for adults can go in your neighborhood you have to have adult access pass. I wouldn’t want to see any adult contents as well. Thought of it as a separate place to keep adults and minors separated, but still follow the tos.

      • #77 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.17 - 4:48 pm

        oh I see, Theres Fan…. I got ya…. But like Orielle said, no need if it is 18+ already… right? ๐Ÿ˜€
        Why would “we” want kids to play for free and adults pay? hmmmm.?
        Free greifing rights for under 18 and 18+ pays to get away from such nonsense?
        I think that its better 18+ pg 13 style game… tho I hope we get to have blood and guts on t-shirts and wheel wells now. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • #78 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.17 - 7:17 pm

        @Jimony, Just become some teenagers made the world horrible doesn’t mean we should punish all who haven’t that obey the rules. Why punish those who want to help. Even though, I am above the age and able to go on There (IF) does return doesn’t mean I shouldn’t help those who are under 18. I know it’s a lot of money to run a virtual world with minors, as someone stated in a previous blog, you have COPPA and other laws and need special people trained while there are minors in world. I thought, sometime in the future possibility it could happen.

        @Orielle, I never said Michael Wilson should make another virtual world. Why make another one? You can still be in the same world. As I was stating above, some adults want to be away from children which is understandable and I understand why. What I am explaining in my original statement, when you purchase the Adult Pass, you can purchase a neighborhood that would only be access to 18+ only, and you will be able to create events just those with Adult Pass as well as attending them. Rules would still be the same it just gives you another way to be away from younger children.


        I am not saying Adults should pay and children get free ride. They have to pay like everyone else inorder to have access. When they want to go to the movies, they have to pay just like the adults (although they like to over charge everyone lol) okay going off topic for there. Griefers will be griefers no matter what age they are. They can be 13, 19, 30, 40 yr old. There are minors that I know of who are young mature adults that are respectables to their elders. It’s the matter how well they were taught from their parents. Anyways, it’s just a suggestion. Not saying it should happen, just thought it might help. Seeing how other virtual worlds like Twinity, and IMVU are doing it.

      • #79 by Orielle on 2011.05.17 - 7:52 pm

        Thereian fan, read what I wrote again. I never once said that you had said that another virtual world should be made, just that why should there be an 18+ AREA (not world) when the WHOLE world will be 18+. All of There will be 18+, so it’s rather pointless in having members pay extra for access to areas labeled as 18+ when all of There will be 18+.

        Jimony didn’t say one negative thing of the teens that were in There. Some were great, some were annoying, and some were a major pain, just like with adults; some were great, some were annoying and some are a major pain…

        No offense but you really need to work on your reading comprehension skills…

        So once again… why would There make us pay extra for access to so called 18+ areas within the There virtual world when ALL of the There virtual world will be 18+? MW has made it very clear that There will be 18+.

      • #80 by Therians Fan on 2011.05.18 - 6:51 am


        Yes, i know There will be 18+ world, but what I was stating for a future reference if Michael Wilson chooses to bring back under 18.

  35. #81 by Namron on 2011.05.17 - 8:32 am

    It looks as though everyone is having a hard time waiting for Mr. Wilson’s decision.

    For your entertainment, here are some lyrics written for There to the tune of Willie Nelson’s “On the Road” again. I hope you like them.

    On There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is making music with my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Goin’ places that have never been
    Seein’ places that I’ll never see again
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Like a band of gypsies on the info highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world should render our way and our way

    Is on There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is sending emotes to my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Like a band of gypsies on the info highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world should render our way and our way

    On There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is riding buggies with my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    • #82 by jimony on 2011.05.17 - 1:32 pm

      Hi, Nam! Glad to see you! Hope you can sing at my hood soon. Thanks for the lyrics, I missed this song, among many more of yours. This song is even more fitting now, than when you used to sing it in There.

  36. #83 by Namron on 2011.05.17 - 8:13 am

    It sounds as though everyone is having a tough time waiting while Mr Wilson makes his decision “open, open, open!” :))

    Here are some lyrics I wrote while on There.com to the Willie Nelson tune “On The Road Again”. Hope you like it:

    On There Again

    On There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is making music with my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Goin’ places that have never been
    Seein’ places that I’ll never see again
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Like a band of gypsies on the info highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world should render our way and our way, and our way

    Is on There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is sending emotes to my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

    On There again
    Like a band of gypsies on the info highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world should render our way, and our way

    On There again
    I just can’t wait to get on There again
    The life I love is riding buggies with my friends
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again
    And I just can’t wait to get on There again

  37. #84 by Ray on 2011.05.17 - 8:04 am

    hello hope this really happens and there opens i been in there sence april 23rd 2003 and have had a blast so cant wait for the place to open up again to see all my friends again been a very long year without there

  38. #85 by pHluid13 on 2011.05.17 - 6:22 am

    I’m beginning to understand why most people use voice in there and don’t type.

    • #86 by MrWhales on 2011.05.17 - 1:55 pm

      It’s very sad….. but true… Oh well, i still love all of them, except that guy.

  39. #87 by moondustmadness on 2011.05.17 - 1:32 am

    There blogging to Rapture blogging. WOW! LOL!

  40. #88 by tomixcomics on 2011.05.16 - 9:03 pm

    wow, more rapture comments than there comments! Off topic derail mess or clever ploy by MW to stop us hounding him? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    are we there yet?

  41. #89 by SassyBeMe on 2011.05.16 - 7:03 pm

    Whats confusing about poo? If you set it to flame is it still not just poo? Poo is .. well just poo. :d

    I’m not sure which post is more waste of blog space. And you let it post?? he he You know they have toffee balls out that are pretty yummy. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Now I’ll go wait till THERE reopens. Next week is good for me, good choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. #90 by MR WILSON on 2011.05.16 - 5:03 pm


    • #91 by Cory on 2011.05.16 - 5:40 pm

      ‘looks at your posting name’ Why would you say that you , yourself , suck balls?

    • #92 by David H on 2011.05.16 - 8:19 pm

      I don’t think that there is passive aggressive, I think it’s just aggressive!

      • #93 by VVVVVV on 2011.05.17 - 9:12 am

        And this is why he doesnt want young wipper snappers in There,you ruined it for yourself…

    • #94 by jimony on 2011.05.16 - 8:58 pm

      If it’s neopolitan, or polka-dotted, that would be confusing. Guess it just depends on what you’ve been ingesting.

    • #95 by mmmm22222222 on 2011.05.17 - 12:42 am

      Coming from the one that can’t even use your own name so you use the name of the man you worship. Cheers buddy for showing such great appreciation

    • #96 by Rick on 2011.05.17 - 3:27 am

      oh mr wilson talking to himself hmmm

    • #97 by Wendy Stoll on 2011.05.17 - 3:52 am

      Well, aren’t YOU the unpleasant one.

    • #98 by Lexi W. AKA Macklinn on 2011.05.17 - 3:53 am

      Thats horrible! You need toshut up and now be so immiture. Im sure your too young for there.com anyway.

    • #99 by Jane Meyers on 2011.05.17 - 4:25 am

      Very mature:)

    • #100 by mimi06 on 2011.05.17 - 10:31 am

      Such wasted talent… Good thing I’m not your mumma..

    • #101 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.17 - 11:29 am

      Aww….Is that because of your low I.Q ?

    • #102 by Reator on 2011.07.23 - 11:32 am

      Well, I would say with this language, you should have been banned before it closed. This is just the most immature thing I have heard for at least a year now.

  43. #103 by 1969Craven on 2011.05.16 - 4:36 pm

    you know.. one of the best things on there.com was being helpful with the kids,.. some annoying .. but creative. everyone keeps saying how good its gonna be without them.. but they made it a lot of fun sometimes too.. I will miss them .. some of the best paint ballers and best racers and best boarders were kids.. thats what kept me feeling young on the game.. being able to still compete and shoot the crap outta them.., crush them in races.. and bounce a hoverboard on their heads. . just hope I dont come back to a bunch of grumpy old people.. (I’m 41 by the way…lol)

  44. #104 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.16 - 2:50 pm

    How about us making some new or creative slogans for There.com. Just for kicks and giggles.

    I’m so There.

    • #105 by 1969Craven on 2011.05.16 - 4:39 pm

      How do you know your here.. if your not THERE!

    • #106 by alexandria3178 on 2011.05.16 - 5:19 pm

      Hmmm.. When you are not happy where you are, go THERE… http://www.there.com

      THERE is where it is all happening. http://www.there.com

      GO THERE YOUNG MAN… http://www.there.com (play on “Go west young man”)

      where are your friends? They’re THERE… http://www.there.com

      There is a whole lot better than nowhere… http://www.there.com

      Have you ever been THERE? … http://www.there.com

      you mean like these?

      Into THERE, into THERE, we are going into THERE … http://www.there.com

      Lost your hoverboard? It is in THERE. … http://www.there.com

    • #107 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.16 - 7:03 pm

      Thanks Salty,

      You just made half of the people on this blog sick with that really poor pun.

      “Just for kicks and giggles”. .. I can’t believe you said that …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #108 by Kendra on 2011.05.16 - 10:30 pm

      Be There, or be square.

    • #109 by Marianne Mohr on 2011.05.17 - 8:07 am

      Current status: There is no there, there. Starting to wonder how a business could base a re-launch strictly on positive response from (many disgruntled) ex-users. Seems a realistic business plan necessitate cultivation of a New user base. But then so many good adult questions asked by others don’t get answered, just kiddy or hater comments. We’ll see, sadly I’m beginning to have doubts THERE2 will materialize.

      • #110 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.17 - 9:20 am

        1. The reason many questions aren’t answered are (a) they’ve been answered already, (b) some variation of them has been answered already, (c) we just don’t know, (d) there’s ONE person answering them.

        2. There will be a plan to cultivate new users, but we need to prove we can run with the existing user base first. Also, frankly, a LOT of different ways to cultivate new users have been tried (including, having a version of it advertised on national television), so we’re going to come up with some new, working ideas, that are affordable.

        3. I don’t know what to say about kiddie or hater comments. Whereas I may not know the answer to “Will you (be able to afford) Greeters”, I do know the answer to some of the kiddie or hater comments. Sad, but True.

        I realize that by using my personal blog to answer questions probably establishes some precedent for responsibility on my part which maybe I haven’t been living up to. Sorry about that!

      • #111 by Marianne Mohr on 2011.05.17 - 10:11 am

        I appreciate your considered response. I’ll not bother you with questions – as you have plenty on your hands! Best to you and my sincerest hope a profitable model will emerge. I am and will always be an admirer and fan of Makena/There!

      • #112 by MalikaManning on 2011.05.17 - 10:47 am

        We do Not Your Negativity Here, That is why Most of Your Post’s Were Remove, Take Your Negativity Somewhere Else

      • #113 by MrWhales on 2011.05.17 - 1:53 pm

        What website could you possibly put all that in? Thats a blog post of it’s own.

      • #114 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.17 - 3:42 pm

        Would you let the man work!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • #115 by Austinbit on 2011.05.18 - 11:38 am

        *pssst!* hey! I got a secret!

        IF YOU DONT LIKE THE _______ GAME….

        DONT GO ON A ______ BLOG ABOUT THE GAME!!!

        …It’s like an arachnophobic complaining that they signed up for a spider convention…

    • #116 by Okalnix on 2011.05.17 - 9:37 am

      To be there or not to be there yet.

  45. #117 by Skyefire on 2011.05.16 - 2:48 pm

    Technically the rapture is just the ascension of everyone that is “saved” that is alive that day. It is, I believe, the start of the apocalypse to most that believe in it, I think, but the second coming would still be a ways off. 5 months, according to the guy that’s predicting the rapture this weekend. Or maybe the apocalypse would be in 5 months. Not sure, but anyway, the point is that the rapture isn’t the second coming, although if There were to reopen that soon, I would be willing to be ecstatic. Rapturous might be a stretch.

    • #118 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.05.16 - 3:54 pm

      …it is also referenced “the 70th week” which if I calculated correctly would put that around July 12th 2011

      “the rapture will occur at some point in the middle of what is popularly called the Tribulation period or Daniel’s 70th Week”

    • #119 by Tiggy on 2011.05.16 - 4:04 pm


      I’m a dyslexic atheist.. There is no dog.

      • #120 by tiggy on 2011.05.17 - 5:53 am

        (especially beagles)

    • #121 by Koala07 on 2011.05.17 - 8:59 pm

      You have to read carefully on who is taken the wheat or the Tares? If it is the tares than I do not want to go, but now if it is the wheat well then I am out of here. tho I think it will be the Tares that are taken, but hay that is my 2 cents.

  46. #122 by Joeydantonio on 2011.05.16 - 1:49 pm

    This is so exciting, with the world being 18+ and required paid membership – I really think it will help bring everyone together just to enjoy the game and not grief so much or cause problems for no reason… I think There will be just that much better this time around… Everyone will be more about the game and not so much drama [or at least a lot less of it I hope]… Overall, I sure can’t wait to be back doing what I love, being THERE .

    Anxiously hoping for the best ,

  47. #123 by Biggiedude420 on 2011.05.16 - 12:39 pm

    haha were all so anxious we can’t wait haha Time is money here guys lol Hope to here your decisions soon.
    Looking forward to it.

    • #124 by Jel on 2011.05.16 - 2:54 pm

      lol i think its way past anxious

  48. #125 by xSnoopy on 2011.05.16 - 12:13 pm




    YET ?


  49. #126 by mimi06 on 2011.05.16 - 12:02 pm

    MW, so (IF) THERE decides we don’t have enough to make this happen, will you still sit here with us? and we all can cry together? I gotta say, it’s been a trip, being here and watching all this unfold.

  50. #127 by NathanAvis on 2011.05.16 - 11:56 am

    Are we There yet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  51. #128 by VoniLei on 2011.05.16 - 11:56 am

    “Well, itโ€™s the Rapture, of course.”

    Blondie must be so excited. I’m still on the fence about that whole “man from Mars” thing, tho…

    • #129 by jimony on 2011.05.16 - 1:12 pm

      LOL, one of my favoritist songs. I think Blondie was the first rapper.

  52. #130 by RulerOfireland on 2011.05.16 - 11:40 am

    That Whole “End of the World” Theory is “Fake’ they didnt even explain why or how it was Ending , they just Realeased that it was… No Leads. We Do not when the world is going to end, No one is, We end By fire, Says The Bible. This is some Charlie Sheen or whatever his name his, Theory Or even Some Crazy Person Investing His life Savings For Made Up Story’s.. And the 2012 Thing is a Theory (False). I wil lsee you guys on May 22 and 2013 :)…

    Ps. i can wait t’ill Wednesday.

    • #131 by VoniLei on 2011.05.16 - 1:19 pm

      Actually, there is some sort of backwards logic to the prediction. http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/outreach/tracts/may21/

      • #132 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.05.16 - 3:49 pm

        taken from the link… “God did not destroy the people of Nineveh. Although there is no possibility that God will not follow through on His intention to destroy the world in 2011, we can know from His dealings with the people of Nineveh that God is tenderhearted and full of mercy. This should encourage each one of us to go to God and beseech Him for His great mercy.”

        Isnt it always the case to always have an excuse for why the “prediction” never comes to pass….

      • #133 by Inox on 2011.05.16 - 7:17 pm

        Just like whitefeatherbeth said. God is very merci ful. With the way the world is today, we need to change. Inspire change in orders and seek forgiveness in God.

      • #134 by Wendy Stoll on 2011.05.17 - 7:39 am

        Do we really need to be proselytized here???

  53. #135 by Jel on 2011.05.16 - 11:27 am

    I love the side comments like the Rapture and Atlas Shrugged.
    Anyway, can’t wait! i’ve got all my fingers AND toes crossed.

    • #136 by jimony on 2011.05.16 - 12:49 pm

      According to a man named Harold Camping May 21st (This Saturday) is the date of the return of Christ.
      Guess we will have to wait for There to open during the Millenium (The 1000 year reign of Christ before the Judgement Day).

      • #137 by Angel_EyEs on 2011.05.16 - 6:41 pm


    • #138 by Koala07 on 2011.05.17 - 8:49 pm

      No I say it will be the first of Tishuri, What year who knows.

  54. #139 by SaltySilver on 2011.05.16 - 11:23 am

    Rapture = The second comingโ€ฆ Second coming of There? huh, huh, huh? * goes to corner and sits next to Mimi. * wispers …oh, by the way Mimi,TheTeuchter will be there to catch you….

    • #140 by Jessica_Dindal on 2011.05.16 - 1:07 pm

      Second coming of There? I hope so. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • #141 by MmeOdileS AKA OdileS on 2011.05.17 - 3:30 pm

        Will we be transparent??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • #142 by Innie on 2011.05.16 - 1:27 pm


    • #143 by PeachQw on 2011.05.16 - 9:30 pm

      When there.com opens u will teach me paintball salty?

  55. #144 by mimi06 on 2011.05.16 - 11:22 am

    Thanks snoopy.. and thanks MW, I promise to settle down now, and behave like old ladies should ๐Ÿ™‚ ( ermm will try anyways) off to wally world to find some THEREOL shampoos……….

    p.s.I had a dream last night, I remembered my password, rofl (to bad I woke up) I think it’s time we all go to the chalk board and write (IF) a few thousand times..

  56. #145 by Mikey on 2011.05.16 - 10:32 am

    I don’t mean to jump the gun, but what would the next step be if the data proves positive results in favor of There reopening.
    Once again, sorry i’m just excited.

  57. #146 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.05.16 - 10:31 am

    Rapture = The second coming… hopefully we will not have to wait 1000 yrs plus ;))

  58. #147 by Vanessa on 2011.05.16 - 10:31 am

    I don’t get that Rapture reference at all. Even when reading the wiki page ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Me No smarts.

    • #148 by Alexandria3178 on 2011.05.16 - 11:49 am

      There is some guy claiming that judgment day is this Saturday night starting with a giant quake at 6:00 PM eastern time…


      rather humorous if you ask me.

      • #149 by AgapeLove on 2011.05.17 - 10:51 am

        I figured that if there was a Rapture on Sat there would be such mass caos that the internet would be down for a long time. A lot of people would dissapear and then the survey would have to be done all over again to see how many Therians were still around ! But there would probably not be anyone left to run the the survey again either!

        So why go to all the trouble of making the decision before Sat , if the world is going to end anyway! This gave me a good laugh! There is only one that knows when the rapture will be , and He isnt telling any one ! So please reopen There.com and don’t worry about all the self proclaimed prophets, they don’t know what they are talking about ! Besides I need something to do while I wait! Agape’

    • #150 by Sleestak on 2011.05.16 - 12:20 pm

      Google “May 21st” and check “news” and you will get the joke lol

    • #151 by Beta2003 on 2011.05.16 - 12:25 pm

      There are a group of theist proponents who’s faith in being the chosen to live in the ‘end of times’ will be tested on 5/21/2011.

      I’m sure MW just doesn’t want them to confuse a ‘Teleporting…’ screen with a different sign of glorious rebirth.

      • #152 by MmeOdileS AKA OdileS on 2011.05.17 - 3:27 pm

        I thought the ‘End of Times’ were March 9, 2010…and that we would ‘possibly’ ‘Resurrect’ sometime in the near future? ๐Ÿ˜›
        Are we in Purgatory Toto?

    • #153 by Angel_EyEs on 2011.05.16 - 6:39 pm

      I donโ€™t get that Rapture reference at all. Even when reading the wiki page Me No smarts

      well Rapture means when God returns to take his children .. its a christian belief .. so what hes makeing is a joke about the rumor and saying that God will come back but explaining it takes all the joke outta it :)~

  59. #154 by majandithere on 2011.05.16 - 10:31 am

    Fingers crossed.
    Holding breath.

    • #155 by mmmm22222222 on 2011.05.17 - 12:40 am

      Your going to be holding your breath for a bit of time there majandi

      • #156 by WizardK on 2011.05.29 - 3:22 am

        m2 hows things with you

  60. #157 by Rick on 2011.05.16 - 10:21 am

    i knew it wouldnt be monday , now if you guys decide to reopen will you announce right off the reopening day?

    • #158 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.16 - 10:29 am

      Since it would be a guess at this point, we don’t want to announce it yet.

      • #159 by Rick on 2011.05.16 - 11:38 am

        ah sorry i mean when makena officially make a decision will you announce that same day the reopening date ?

      • #160 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.16 - 11:39 am


      • #161 by karenga anderson on 2011.05.17 - 7:36 pm

        Will the people who were band in the old system be able to use there old avie or no?

      • #162 by Michael Wilson on 2011.05.17 - 9:09 pm

        No, I’m sorry. Please read the other posts on this matter.

    • #163 by Wendy Stoll on 2011.05.16 - 11:31 am

      Poor MW. He probably just wants us all off his blog! We sound like a gaggle of children in the back seat! It’s just cuz we’re so excited, MW. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚


      • #164 by Alexandria3178 on 2011.05.16 - 11:45 am

        Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

      • #165 by kyraier on 2011.05.17 - 1:18 pm

        IM READY IM READY IM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • #166 by Sabrina Renfro on 2011.07.02 - 10:20 am

        Michael Wilson has lots of fans blogging hem. and they just need to wait and tell he says it open. I know we are all excited, I know I am but give hem time all, and be glad Michael is sharing there with us again ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much Michael Wilson for bringing there back to share with us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #167 by Heavendreamer on 2011.05.20 - 3:25 pm

      ROFL on the Rapture comment! LOL

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