Sorry for the lack of updates..

There will be an update later today.

Lots of news, but to answer everyone’s question: No, it looks like we’ll miss the end of the month mark. But not by much!

Anyway, in a few hours I will provide some more information.

  1. #1 by attracting abundance on 2011.07.17 - 10:23 am

    What the heck are u talking about?! “Sorry for the lack of updates.. I am so There”? I completely disagree! Where do you get your ideas from?

  2. #2 by Keiki Stacy Weigle AKA Hula on 2011.06.30 - 7:10 pm

    gonna beeeeeeeee there in there for there…. happy to be there in there again… can’t wait!!! WOOT1

  3. #3 by Antaios Thereian on 2011.06.30 - 4:15 pm

    did things go boom when you turned on the switch? its ok I can wait…….. Ok I’m done wheres the link?

    • #4 by Orielle Thereian on 2011.07.01 - 3:24 pm

      Maybe all the pinkness in you inventory caused things to go boom. πŸ˜›

  4. #5 by jerzeesweetheart on 2011.06.30 - 11:35 am

    If it’s before july 4th I’m going to need to cancel my party so I can be online. πŸ˜€

  5. #6 by Azrielle on 2011.06.30 - 11:12 am

    Hi there, just a quick question. I saw the statement Anyone who paid for June will get refunds. Is there somewhere i have to log in and pay and set up my avie and stuff? I must have missed that part. Something about ThereIM? A link would be helpful. Can’t wait to join in again.

    • #7 by Azrielle on 2011.06.30 - 11:18 am

      Oh sorry, Hehe i thought i missed something it was a joke. πŸ™‚ Still, looking forward to it!

  6. #8 by Justin Dion on 2011.06.30 - 10:59 am

    so when will there im be out

  7. #9 by Adrian on 2011.06.30 - 9:13 am

    I’m way to excited for There 2

  8. #10 by Deleight on 2011.06.30 - 8:58 am

    I feel like the lady in the old commercial standing outside the store window saying “open open open open” lol

  9. #11 by Francis_7 on 2011.06.30 - 8:56 am

    No hurry! I just can’t seem to stop smiling!

  10. #13 by JasonMK on 2011.06.30 - 8:35 am

    Completely Off Topic, but accroding to the FAQ @

    “Will Makena Technologies continue to exist?

    Yes. We actually have some exciting educational projects in process, which we will continue to service.”

    Does anyone have any idea what some of thie educational projects where/are? I’ve been curious and never could find anything online…

  11. #14 by AnOldDeveloper on 2011.06.30 - 7:46 am

    I need to change my There clothes. I must be stinky by now. πŸ˜›

    I really can’t wait to reconnect with old friends in There and to make new designs.
    There’s developer program beats all others!

  12. #15 by Mademoiselle Fifi on 2011.06.30 - 7:17 am

    Try this out Michael……or anyone who dares…5 mins to prepare…and guess what…meat lovers like it.


    4 1/2 cups of water
    1/2 cup of Tamari Sauce
    1/3 cup of olive oil
    1 large onion diced
    1 teaspoon of garlic powder
    5 cups of rolled oats (quick cooking)
    1/4 cup of Torula Yeast (powder)

    Put all the ingredients (EXCEPT FOR THE OATS) in a pot and bring to boil, lower the heat, add the oats and cook for 5 minutes.
    Put into Onion Soup bowls or loaf pan and cook in the oven at 350F for 45 min.
    Or, shape into burghers and put on oiled cookie sheet and bake 45 min. 350F, turning them after 20 min.

    Slice and fry in a bit of oil

    • #16 by Escape on 2011.06.30 - 9:54 am

      What does this have to do with the price of tea in china? ‘smile ..’wave

      • #17 by HighFlier on 2011.06.30 - 1:12 pm

        Let me guess – A vegetarians 4th of July barbecue recipe? πŸ™„

        and you forgot the Big Gulpie to drink with it lol must not forget gulpie. Apparently a vegetarians cocktail. πŸ™„

        Can’t he add BBQ flavoring? They do make such a spice I think. You can even get burned burger barbecue flavoring. lol πŸ™„

        And btw here’s some time blasters for those whom are so bored > πŸ’‘

        πŸ˜† Shouts! Happy Canada Day to my Canadians friends to the north. They need to print them on a “Royal Gulpie” Special Edition commemorative. Word here is they have landed on our continent finally. YAY

        8) Special meant for Fifi>

        ➑ wp Smilies –

      • #18 by HighFlier on 2011.06.30 - 3:00 pm

        Why not another for the road…

      • #19 by mmeodiles on 2011.07.02 - 6:42 pm

        @ Escape:
        MW vegetarian…man don’t eat…man die of hunger…man die of hunger..THERE no open!!!
        Moral of Story: MW need Vegetarian Recipe πŸ˜‰

      • #20 by Mademoiselle Fifi on 2011.07.02 - 6:51 pm

        Thank you highflyer…wonderful video

    • #21 by Mademoiselle Fifi on 2011.07.02 - 6:55 pm

      Torula yeast=Nutritional yeast… food stores

  13. #22 by EvenStupider on 2011.06.30 - 7:07 am

    Since you didn’t release ontime as promised, how about considering unbanning some folks? πŸ™‚

    • #23 by darkrounge on 2011.06.30 - 11:56 am

      I’m not banned but I’ve read why they ban you.

      1.) Buying stuff (someone told me they ban you if you buy like $40 worth in the game which is stupid :/) I never got banned on that, but it’s probably because I joined before hand.

      2.) messing around / childish – Totally agree with this one

      3.) Fraud – Again, I agree.

      4.) Hacking – Above two ^^

      5.) Someone reporting you – I don’t believe in this way of banning. I think if they decide to ban you atleast have enough evidence to do so! Else your giving yourself a bad look.

      But I saw that LOADS of people were banned from there, youtube video’s and forum threads.
      Either it’s your own fault or some bad admin had a bad day! But majority are immature.

      • #24 by ant1977 on 2011.06.30 - 1:54 pm

        I have never heard of them banning anyone for spending $40.00 before. I’ve purchased $5.00 – $200.00 at a single time and never was questioned about it. Heck, a neighborhood could run $200.00 a month easily and if you would get banned for $40.00 then there’s a lot of people getting in trouble. I would be one of them! I’ve also seen others who would call in to There and purchase $1,000.00 worth of Therebucks or more.

  14. #25 by darkrounge on 2011.06.30 - 6:46 am

    More info on what?

    ThereIM or the progress of getting there2 backup?

  15. #26 by Roxannie on 2011.06.30 - 6:44 am

    i’m relieved, i was broke and payday is tomorrow, rofl, sending some to my pay pal straight away, rofl woot, tyvm Mr. Wilson, i appreciate you

  16. #27 by Raymond on 2011.06.30 - 6:10 am

    I can wait! keep on keepin on!

  17. #28 by JasonMK on 2011.06.30 - 5:29 am

    Just gives me some more time to brush up on my spades.

  18. #29 by Dusky Rose on 2011.06.30 - 5:22 am

    Gasp, sputter, sputter, still holding my breath for “later today” news from yesterday. Cough, cough, wheeze.

    • #30 by iceange1 on 2011.06.30 - 6:31 am

      lol, i feel the same way. It’s driving me crazy! but im trying to keep my cool and wait a little longer. =]

    • #31 by Susie Redlin aka Jane Austen on 2011.06.30 - 7:52 am

      ‘sprays dusky with albuteral. want some bronkaid to go with that?

      — Jane Austen

  19. #32 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.06.30 - 5:12 am

    It’s giving me time to get some stuff done before I spend all day and night on There guilt-free… ROFL!

  20. #33 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.06.30 - 4:19 am

    I say give yourselves a break and have a great weekend! We can wait πŸ™‚

    • #34 by Susie Redlin aka Jane Austen on 2011.06.30 - 7:53 am

      speak for yourself,. I can’t wait

      • #35 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.06.30 - 9:36 am

        Yes you can, Janie. BEHAVE YOURSELF!! Are you that anxious to be beaten at spades???

  21. #36 by MrScrooge on 2011.06.30 - 3:58 am

    Aw drat. Oh well, take your time. I’m not going anywhere. Thanks a million for the updates when you can, it is very very very much appreciated.

  22. #37 by Robert on 2011.06.30 - 2:52 am

    GO MAKENA GO !!! πŸ˜€

  23. #38 by mimi06 on 2011.06.30 - 2:09 am

    who knows, maybe he’s gona just miss the end of the month BEFORE the end? we got till midnight? rofl.. I know wishful thinking.. I don’t know about you all but I think this is the most visited site I’ve been to since THERE closed rofl.. Have a safe and wonderful holiday! hugz

  24. #39 by Okalnix on 2011.06.30 - 12:01 am

    Take your time.
    afther a 2 hour on a pc coffee break oke.
    Same as driving a car 2 hour drive 15min stop.
    So you can focus better on your job.

  25. #40 by taylore y on 2011.06.29 - 10:06 pm

    no problem mr. wilson u take all the time u need we can all wait iam so excited there will be up and running again cant wait to c it!!!!!!

  26. #41 by Mary Ellen on 2011.06.29 - 9:48 pm

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! ❀ ~HappyKitty~ Forever a Famous Thereian ❀

  27. #42 by Ystal Bensan on 2011.06.29 - 9:23 pm

    ‘yay’! caint wait can’t wait! ‘yehey’

  28. #43 by Pilot_51 on 2011.06.29 - 9:11 pm

    I say force everyone to spend the holiday with friends and family in RL, then open it on the 9th (my 8th There birthday)… or you could ignore that idea and open it on the 3rd (my 25th RL birthday). πŸ™‚

    • #44 by MrScrooge on 2011.06.30 - 3:59 am

      Happy early birthday!

  29. #45 by Suziequeen on 2011.06.29 - 9:05 pm

    When I’m driving in the car my grandson ask me” are we there yet ?”and I reply almost. He just smile’s and say’s almost GiGi we will be there soon all excited. The wait will be worth it.

  30. #46 by Mr_Perry on 2011.06.29 - 8:38 pm

    Thoughts to ponder while we wait….

    Good things come to those who wait….
    Patience is a virtue…..
    Haste makes waste…..
    Patience is the companion of wisdom.”……
    He that can have Patience, can have what he will”……
    β€œPatience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”….
    β€œThe key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”….
    β€œPatience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”…..
    β€œPatience is the key to paradise”…….

  31. #47 by daniel on 2011.06.29 - 8:33 pm

    not to be pushy but when you say not going to make it so you mean like a week over due?

  32. #49 by Jim on 2011.06.29 - 7:51 pm

    … Are we THERE yet? … πŸ™‚

  33. #50 by Leilani Helepololei on 2011.06.29 - 7:41 pm

    hey guys speak for yourselves.. MW get the Lead out sir πŸ˜‰ been waiting for a year for this day.. get crackin hahahhaa.. Snaps Her Whip >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  34. #51 by Bikerx5x on 2011.06.29 - 7:40 pm

    It’ll get here πŸ˜€

  35. #52 by Jordan on 2011.06.29 - 6:23 pm

    Take your time. πŸ™‚

  36. #53 by Aradriel on 2011.06.29 - 5:44 pm

    It’s on it’s way, that’s the important thing! Excited for the day!

  37. #54 by Domano on 2011.06.29 - 5:22 pm

    No rush here…am just grateful to hear that There is returning…

  38. #55 by XNecroscopeX on 2011.06.29 - 5:07 pm

    Take your time, but not too much, now! I’m having There withdrawals!

    • #56 by Defector on 2011.06.29 - 8:47 pm

      I had those for 2 months after There closed… still have the occasional depressed mood swing but once we found out the good news ive been on track.. ROFL “My name is Defector and Im a There-o-holic”

  39. #58 by Defector on 2011.06.29 - 5:04 pm

    Its ok, Were getting it back either way. I’m sure we can all wait a few more days/weeks

  40. #59 by Jennifer Rickenbacker on 2011.06.29 - 4:52 pm

    I am very happy There is coming back and good things come to those who wait….

    • #60 by Jennifer Taylor Waggoner on 2011.06.30 - 7:39 am

      I agree with ya Jenzie. I am so EXCITIED that There is coming back but GREAT things comes to those that wait. I can wait a little longer. It is SO worth it! πŸ™‚

  41. #61 by martin71 on 2011.06.29 - 4:24 pm

    it comes to them who wait`s

    im just glad its comming back

  42. #62 by Seg_Vio on 2011.06.29 - 4:19 pm

    Just got 22mb internet today, and got a new laptop on the way… I’ll have plenty to keep me busy until then! πŸ™‚

  43. #63 by Codyx on 2011.06.29 - 4:17 pm

    Who cares take all the time you need at the end it would all be worth it.

  44. #64 by StingrayJames on 2011.06.29 - 4:14 pm

    You can still get a free big gulp .. lol

  45. #65 by DrChisel on 2011.06.29 - 4:10 pm

    Liking the not by much part:)

  46. #66 by NoBioN on 2011.06.29 - 3:55 pm

    Well taking the challenge into consideration, I think missing it by a little is fair enough ;).

    Looking forward to it!

  47. #67 by LTdave on 2011.06.29 - 3:48 pm

    Come on you can do it We know you can do it it!!!!!

  48. #68 by hugsalot on 2011.06.29 - 3:48 pm

    I assume we need to go though the avatar reclaim process before we can use ThereIM, right?

    • #69 by JasonMK on 2011.06.30 - 5:31 am

      I’ve assumed the same, but can’t say that I have seen that question answered definitively anywhere yet.

  49. #70 by Madame Clairvoya on 2011.06.29 - 3:23 pm

    Ive see this Ad that say try to prevent Cyber Bulling or attacks agaisnt APps virtual games, virtual worlds In Cloud

  50. #71 by Fallax on 2011.06.29 - 3:18 pm

    Thanks for the update Michael

  51. #72 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.06.29 - 3:17 pm

    Dammm lol your killing me, But not with your paintball gun lmao. :)0

  52. #73 by HighFlier on 2011.06.29 - 3:03 pm

    Yea, no need to hurry. Go live after the 4th if you need and take a break to enjoy the fireworks. Don’t even worry about your blog, we’ll be fine. People in the US have so many plans this weekend for the holiday anyway and most will be drinking up gulpies like crazy and barbecuing outside. Come back refreshed, all shiny and new. πŸ™‚

    • #74 by Seg_Vio on 2011.06.29 - 6:13 pm

      After all these years of all the cliche’ happenings on hollidays I was gonna hide eggs on the 4th, and put fireworks in wicker baskets on Easter next year. That oughta spice things up!

    • #75 by mmeodiles on 2011.06.29 - 9:05 pm

      I totally agree with you Highflier (HighLighter)… should wait until after the july 4th for sure…you have real life..that is important…yeppers…

      • #76 by Jim on 2011.06.30 - 8:35 am

        Actually since end of month is pushed… July 4th would be an excellent coming-out / new & improved / independence-from-obscurity-or-some-other-word-that-fits-better date. “There 2.0 was born on July 4th! Declare Your Independence From a 2d World!” Have Depth! πŸ™‚

  53. #77 by jakejackson on 2011.06.29 - 2:51 pm

    Almost THERE!

  54. #78 by Jayjayx0x on 2011.06.29 - 2:48 pm

    Don’t worry guys, everyone is rewarded by having patience! Take your time Mr.Wilson! πŸ™‚

  55. #79 by IceAnge1 on 2011.06.29 - 2:20 pm

    Awwwww…. Sad day. But it’s worth the wait =]

    • #80 by Fearless Geek on 2011.06.29 - 5:00 pm

      <-Stingray James

  56. #81 by ltbigdog on 2011.06.29 - 2:20 pm

    You still have about 31-32 hours, you can do it.

    • #82 by Keiki Stacy Weigle AKA Hula on 2011.06.30 - 9:41 am

      Aloha, Mike. Call me! 561 309 9879. I’d love to help get There by being there doing whatever is needed!

      Keiki AKA Hula in There!

  57. #83 by lisa2 on 2011.06.29 - 2:19 pm

    we have waited this long im sure we can wait a bit longer : )

  58. #84 by mmeodiles on 2011.06.29 - 2:12 pm

    Drum Roll Please!
    >>>>>>>>>>> tatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatattatatatatta

  59. #85 by Lee on 2011.06.29 - 2:06 pm

    Take your time.

  1. Sorry for the lack of updates.. | There DE

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