Cleaning up a few loose ends…

We had hoped we’d have started limited “en masse” testing of the world by now, but we’ve had a couple of last-minute issues which we’d like to get resolved. Remember, we have a limited support staff, so what seems like minor issues to many of you, or would have been minor in the “old days” would be much more problematic today. So, if we know about things, we’re going to fix them.

The issues are:

  • A mysterious “Black Bar” in the client. We suspect this is the result of some Flash silliness, as so many things are.
  • Chat Windows can sometimes “Disappear” off screen. It looks like they’re not opening, but they’re in reality “off screen” and need their positions re-adjusted. We handle this well for Organizer, but not for chat Windows
  • Some people’s inventories aren’t loading. This is a function of some malfunction, not of load (inventories that do load load very quickly, as many GP3Ds will attest) (this is due to changes we’ve made, not the fact that there isn’t anyone on the service). We want to fix this before we have several thousand people reporting it.

I wanted to point out that the inventory issues aren’t due to us “moving to the Cloud”. We’re discovering, or re-discovering, issues in the code, and taking this opportunity to fix them.

I know everyone is anxious for more people to be let in. We are too!

I have SamSyn looking into Zephyr to see if it’s become more laggy now that there’s…stuff there.

Speaking of Zephyr, I think the Community should start a poll or something on What To Do About Zephyr. Part of me (and this is just me) thinks we should make the whole of the area “sacred” now and let people drop PAZs on the outskirts. I know that lots of people have had claim to those areas in the old There, but given a “New Slate”, we might want to consider changing that. As I said, you all should discuss it.

That’s all for now.

P.S. Another film shot from China.

  1. #1 by Ashleyyyyyyyy on 2011.11.17 - 8:47 pm

    I haven’t been able to get on the game or ” try it out ” once yet haha. It always says, ” world full, please try again later.” Oh well, I will try it eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. #2 by Nicola Katarina Stewart on 2011.11.16 - 9:28 am

    What about the Mac client??? I so want to come back to there, but need the mac client

  3. #3 by Missiselle on 2011.10.25 - 10:51 pm

    * Weโ€™re โ€œFullโ€ (we will be limiting the number of simultaneous 3D logins to a low value at first, then raise it as we draw confidence) << this happens all the time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. #4 by Bob Vious on 2011.10.19 - 10:54 am

    Another thought is, create a second Zephyr, a clone, but where there are no paz rules. How about that? It’s not much harder than cutting and pasting, is it? Both camps can be happy. Then we could see which one people gravitate to.

  5. #5 by Bob Vious on 2011.10.19 - 10:48 am

    I agree with leaving as much of Zephyr as possible unpopulated by pazes. That’s probably *the* best hangout spot. Too many pazes slow the computer down there. It’s hard to drive vehicles there. It just got junky there at the end. It’s kind of like a nice place on the coast, that gets full of junky tourist traps.

  6. #6 by NightshadeCX5 on 2011.10.18 - 1:59 pm

    Yeah lovely people…pity scumbags like Katelan2222 will go back there, she might not pay the tenner a month though….hopefully she wont

  7. #7 by Therefan123 on 2011.10.14 - 12:27 pm

    So if more people log out will more people with plat fun passes be able to come in? Because right now it says its full

  8. #8 by Nobody on 2011.10.13 - 6:02 pm

    Honestly, I think it is wrong that “xSnoopy” is taking advantage of his “GP3D” privilege just to reserve PAZs in Zephyr so he can “Put Back” the PAZs when There opens to public. It’s not fair to others, and honestly it is quite selfish. Just that alone would make me want to make Zephyr “sacred” so nobody gets it, and nobody fights over it. Also, after reading WildBilly’s reply, I don’t see why someone would have to waste all that money just to keep Zephyr clear. It’s probably best just make it sacred.

    • #9 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.14 - 1:54 am

      I have only one paz in Zephyr. The pas is OUTSIDE the area that may be selected as Sacred.
      Please note: I have 1 and ONLY 1 Paz in Zephyr.
      There are however, a couple of groups that own a majority of Paz’s in Zephyr. The last count was 10 out of 18 are owned by 2 individuals.
      Right now, the vote is 2 to 1 in favor of a sacred area in Zephyr. I doubt that is going to change much in the upcoming week.
      I have no problem with Michael giving back WildBilly’s Paz’s around the Tower and have those 7 or 8 paz’s the only ones out to the outer edge of the Spa’s, behind the rear walkway and up to the front of the bridge at the entrance to Zephyr. That area should remain Paz, scroll, speaker or any other item that will impede foot or any vehicle travel.
      I agree that GP3D’s, taking advantage of their ability to “stake out” Paz spots and then do a “Put Back” when the world officially opens is completely unfair and selfish!
      1 of the 2 individuals even went so far as to post a 2 Team Scoreboard, in the back of Zephyr stating “IMAGINE HERE NO PAINTGUNS”. Zephyr has and always will remain the Paintball capitol of the There world. The sign is completely misleading.
      There are also 3 other 2 Team Scoreboards that have been put up around Zephyr saying “Leave silly rules out of Zephyr”. This coming from an individual that has never owned a Paz in zephyr. The other 2 signs state: “If u wanta c Zephyr b a ghost town take the pazs away”. I guess this individual, who has about 6 paz’s down presently, feels that if you have an open area for people to enjoy paintball, buggies packs and boats, that they wont want to take advantage of the non crap filled area to have fun and will leave.
      I ask you: What’s wrong with this picture?
      The Zephyr Beagle,
      GP3D, xSnoopy

      • #10 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.14 - 3:43 pm

        I hav 4 pazes not 6 get it right snoop and iam saving one for fox 30 and salty put down a 50×50 in wildbilly spot ( Saving it for wildbilly ) and if one person get to keep there paz we all should, JUST LEAVE ZEPHYR IF YOU DON`T LIKE IT PLZ GO SOME WHERE ELSE where you not going to get your feet dirty and stop trying to make trouble. Zephyr has been like this for years and we all payed good money for our spots and have had them for a long time!!! It takes a old stick in the mud to raise this much hell about zephyr and he dont even keep pazes, he`ll put one down and let it time out. You can Drive, paintball, walk, pak, hoover Boat and walk your dog with noproblems You can come to my paz in zephyr and play every kinda card game There has. What Zephyr needs is a good DOG catcher, not a watch dog who nose is to big. KEEP ZEPHYR, ZEPHYR. And watch people and you will see the same name popping up went it come to trying to change zephyr, Now where that dog catcher?

      • #11 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.14 - 6:30 pm

        Let me see if I got this right. There is 1 50×50 paz down for Billy and you guys think that is going to appease him, when he originally had 10 to 14 Paz’s down. How thoughtful. Problem solved huh?
        Billy said, he did what he did, to HELP all of us. Tell me how the animated fireworks over one of your paz is going to make Zephyr a less laggy place?
        Leaving Zephyr is NOT an option for me. I have as much right to be there as you do. I just don’t have the resources available, that you do.
        I am not trying to make trouble. I just think that it should be a little more fair than to have 2 groups taking as much space as they are planning. What about everyone else?
        KEEP ZEPHYR, ZEPHYR? Have you looked at Thumdars poll lately? It’s running 2 to 1 against keeping Zephyr, Zephyr. Seems that there are a few others that disagree with your philosophy.
        The votes have been cast and it’s in Michaels hands now. I am just glad he allowed us the opportunity to voice our opinions, both here, and in the poll.
        The Zephyr Beagle,

      • #12 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.15 - 8:34 am

        I happen to love fireworks. Just so you know were NOT trying to appease nobody were just trying to save peoples spots in zephyr so nobody else gets them. It looks like your the one trying to appease WildBilly!!! By saying I have no problem with Michael giving back WildBillyโ€™s Pazโ€™s around the Tower . How Brown can a dogs nose get??? You just want people you like to have pazes You see alot of people dont know how you really are and ALL the crap you`ve tryed to pull in the past. MW dont you think we should redo the poles/voting until AFTER WORLD IS OPEN FOR A WEEK OR TWO SO ALL CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE, This is america lol ok your world!! And snoopy i see your doing it again like you always do Thinking or Talking for others and again get it right i have 4 pazes not 6 I know it must be hard remembering things right at 70 something years old i just know your good at stiring things up. The Zephyr Bumpin42 GP3D.

      • #13 by Escape on 2011.10.15 - 9:47 am

        “Hello Everyone”



      • #14 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.15 - 6:57 pm

        Ah Dean,
        Just one more pathetic attempt to drag this discussion into the gutter!
        I won’t make this personal!
        The facts are all that I am stating!
        I am not trying to appease Billy, I just happen to like him. He deserves to have ALL his Paz’s back, not the one you and someone else are patronizing him with.
        No thinking or talking for anyone, just letting you know how others are voting.
        There is one request I have for you. Up until last night you had not been out of game, AT ALL, since the 50 person limit went into effect. Don’t you think that is a little selfish? There you sit in a buggy or at one of your card tables, AFK.
        There are hundreds of Thereians trying to experience game, like you did for over 2 weeks and for some reason you feel you deserve to be in game continuously, robbing them of their opportunity to enjoy.
        Whats up with that?

  9. #15 by William Grass on 2011.10.13 - 5:56 pm

    Damn the bad luck, got invited to enter there; but had trouble down loading a good copy. that solved, i then got seq vio or whatever. constantly. if i could get another chance at the down load page for there not the im but the client. would appreciate it

  10. #16 by vaughn_2 on 2011.10.13 - 5:08 pm

    Are We There Yet,lol.

  11. #17 by lolababy33 on 2011.10.13 - 4:41 pm

    What a fantastic update… I am on pins and needles… Thanks again for all your hard work and making available to us again. Can’t wait to see you all in world.

  12. #18 by SapphireRose on 2011.10.13 - 3:49 pm

    so Micheal any news on banned members what will happen to the ones will low offences , โค x

  13. #19 by Buddy Schreiber on 2011.10.13 - 2:43 pm

    Yay! We are getting close, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!! XX all.

  14. #20 by Escape on 2011.10.13 - 12:50 pm

    A word about Zephyr. One possible solution that would make just about everyone happy is to have 2 Zephyrs. Keep the original with all the paz’ dropped etc and then create a Zephyr II which would be a “sacred area”. Could this be done with “layers” just like the last Prom we had?

    I am not sure if this could happen (resources) but to me is does appear to be a reasonable possibility. ‘wave

    • #21 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.14 - 1:49 pm

      Another suggested to me by Hoverboat Pilot was to make the center sacred… then flatten out the area behind the spas a bit to give more paz room. It’s located in a tight valley and if they even just “moved some of the cliffs back a bit” somehow it’d allow for much more paz dropping. Currently I have a cliffside paz out of the way. If some else grabs it after it opens Oh well.. no biggie

      I’ll love Zephyr however which way it ends up

  15. #22 by Rebecca McArthur on 2011.10.13 - 12:44 pm

    I like the idea of sacred ground. Why does every single space need to be covered with PAZ stuff? It wasn’t like that in olden, golden days.

  16. #23 by cometoplay on 2011.10.13 - 12:35 pm

    me myself i think it would be a great idea to have paz drops there.. would make it very nice and easy to hang out more but to have free drops out there would make it a cludder i think if it could be regulated in some sort of manor i think it would be ok to have drops just keep them limited … and thank you for the update very much appreciated MR.WILSON you are doing a great job and thank you to the team and all the gp3d’s in there finding them bugs and getting them fixed if i could help in any way just send me a email would love to help get them little buggers out of there .. so we can all go home again and be family once again sincerly cometoplay

  17. #24 by cometoplay on 2011.10.13 - 12:30 pm

    i liked zyphry was a good place to be and to chat with people… good job on getting everything fixed look forward into seeing yall back on there and having fun paintballing and racing and helping people out .. lover forever my home before my home… sincerly cometoplay

  18. #25 by Barbie_Doll on 2011.10.13 - 12:05 pm

    The first post nailed it. Turn it into a Starbucks!!

  19. #26 by Rhonda aka EmmaJean on 2011.10.13 - 10:53 am

    IMHO, i wish all the cities & artistic areas remained clean, clear & paz free, However I think dropping should be allowed. flying , driving and paintballing should be allowed almost everywhere, except spawning areas, and where owners decide to turn it off. the world is a beautiful place if we can see it.
    – emmajean/ccr_gina

  20. #27 by Craig Hartley on 2011.10.13 - 8:44 am

    Wow, Zephyr never changed. Even out of world it’s full of drama, lmao

    • #28 by GaryBob on 2011.10.13 - 1:27 pm

      ROFL! My thoughts exctly ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. #29 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.13 - 7:36 am

    I know that when I tried to drop a small paz in Zephyr for just a few days on one of my alts I wasn’t welcomed. I was harrassed! I have seen You tube videos of that harrasment as well as the harrassment of new members. I also know that some of the people that were in the videos harassing new members in Zephyr were also the first to be invited into the IM and are already in world as GPs even before some dedicated senior guides!

    I for one would like to see some changes made, as fun is one thing, and cruety is another! Agape’

    • #30 by Cwby4ever on 2011.10.13 - 12:21 pm

      I also know that some of the people that were in the videos harassing new members in Zephyr were also the first to be invited into the IM and are already in world as GPs even before some dedicated senior guides!

      I for one would like to see some changes made, as fun is one thing, and cruety is another! Agapeโ€™

      WELL SAID Agape!!!

  22. #31 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.13 - 7:20 am

    I used to like Zephyr… in the early days before they allowed all of that junk. Stayed five minutes each time I went after that. But that is my opinion… those who hung there seemed to love it the way it was. If I had to vote I would say make it sacred… but then again what about those who liked it the way it was?

    Maybe there is enough space in world to allow it to be the way it was and those who dont like it just don’t have to go?

    Thanks for the update… and thanks to ALL for all of the hard work! Absolutely can’t wait to log back in!

  23. #32 by FemSage on 2011.10.13 - 7:13 am

    Wow, lots of good suggestions up above. I’d say leave Zephyr as it was BEFORE Pazes were allowed. I suspect if you make it a “sacred” place it will become BORING and deserted. People like to go to places “where the action is.” I would ask that some kind of memorial place be setup for people who were members of There who have since passed on. I lost two close friends I made in There. We had a place that someone maintained and we donated to keep going in the old There. Maybe inscribe their Therian names on the Pyramids in Egypt? Or, setup a site with an obelisk or something.

  24. #33 by Munp on 2011.10.13 - 6:37 am

    Really cannot wait now! I’ve been saving up left over money after the reopening announcement so I’m really to slash out and really appreciate its return

    • #34 by Munp on 2011.10.13 - 6:38 am


  25. #35 by M0NTE on 2011.10.13 - 6:18 am

    I would be disappointed to see Zephyr any other way than it was in the past. Zephyr had attained a unique character over the years. Some hated it….others loved it….but I think most Thereians probably loved it and hated it depending on their day and what was going on. To me Zephyr was kinda like an ‘old west, Mad Max-ish… Las Vegasesque’ area of the There world where any Thereian could come to rip it up…cut loose…and maybe just blow off some steam with a paint gun…(or grieve paintballers with a hover board). Zephyr did not (to my knowledge) attain that atmosphere on day one, but evolved to it…just as other areas of the There world evolved to their own unique atmosphere. Would be a shame to lose that character now.

  26. #36 by Wildbilly on 2011.10.13 - 5:49 am

    Zephyr Thoughts! Should I even speak on this? Would it even matter to the guy behind the curtain?

    This the Wildbilly of Zephyr speaking!

    Can I add my 2 cents about Zephyr! I mean come on, after all. I spent thousands of dollars. On Zephyr!
    Buying only Tbucks from There the whole 7 years. To help There, an not to line the pockets of those resellers.
    For what! Mostly on paz rent in Zephyr! I spent nearly $9,000.00 to $12,000.00 on There.

    This Zephyr issue is a easy one! At one time I owned most of Zephyr for 5 years. 10 to 14 pazes. Up until, There had server crashes. An I lose pazes right and left. As the years went by I let a few go on the side areas. But for a long time 8 pazes stood around the Zephyr tower for years. Mind you, a fact! In years past, the rent was nearly double. Get that, double on pazes rent. How would like to pay that. Not many would! In fact, most people would pull their paz up when they logged out for the night cause rent was to high! An no I am not rich by any means!

    Lets point out a fact. My pazes in Zephyr stayed free and clear. That means I paid $1,000s in cash for pazes to remain on the ground 24/7 with nothing in them. That’s right nothing in them! From time to time I would take stuff out like a card table or some item to create a simple event in and round Zephyr.

    But oooooooo, my fellow paz owners. O dear god, the bill boards. At one point, there were 5 giant bill boards right around the tower area. These 5 bill boards said the same thing. Something like “Be nice, are we will kill you”. O what joy of looking at giant red and white bill boards. 5 of them with the same look and message daily!

    Then we come to the lag, it was not I. My pazes had nothing in them. As for the lag? I spent nearly 7 years in Zephyr daily. I HAD NO LAG!!!!
    I feel for you folks who did. I never could understand why the lag. I had a cheap PC and a 128GB graphics cards with At&t DSL.

    Why would I keep pazes out 24/7 for 7 years and spending tons of money with nothing in them. To help you people enjoy Zephyr. I want people to know this! MY PAZES HAD NOTHING IN THEM. GET THAT. NOTHING IN THEM! Don’t put me in line with all the other trashed out pazes dropped in Zephyr or any where in the world! I spent my few hard earned dollars to help people! Wait till you read below about these thankful adults.

    Now the hate and anger.
    Where to begin? Lets start with my fellow Therians! For having my cleared nothing in them pazs 24/7. I was attacked with words of hate, that would put fear in me, that someone might show up at my house. I was cussed at, called a paz nazi and words that were evil, hateful and abusive.
    I received hateful emails and hate filled IMs. Now mind you we are talking about 7 years of time people! So this came and went, but still I paid There all this cash to put up with this mess!

    Speaking of There and anger.. How would you like to spend all that cash money on pazes 24/7. Then login and find OOO my paz is gone!
    Why was my paz gone. O server crash, well my fellow Therians (adults) would grab the spot and start dropping stuff and just flat out cause problems in Zephyr. Are maybe they wanted to line their pockets with cash and sell the paz to someone else to cause problems.

    How would you like to login, see your paz is missing? Right up front of the tower, the main area of Zephyr. REASON – O a There_helper pulls up your paz that has set there for 7 years and all that money into it. Reason!!! They say, it was pulled cause it violated the sacred site real estate policy. I am like, are you kidding me? Its been here 7 years and why did you not pull the ones I owned next to it! So I contacted our sweet There Co. and what did they tell me, sorry nothing we can do! By the way, the other lost pazes this happened too. Same statement from There

    Mind you, I had Fun zone problems, neighborhood problems and pazes in other places in the world problems. Nearly the same same statement from There. I never was anger about this. I took It it in stride that it was our daily life’s in our world of There!

    Sorry folks, my posting is so long! Look, I spent 7 years with a few close friends like myself. We cared deeply about our There Would, The There Co. and Staff. I know of others who spent large sums of cash. 7 years in Zephyr I over heard allot of conversations from these adults. It was about how many noobs can we attack today and I am not spending a dime on this game.

    When There closed on that last day. Mr. Wilson you came to Zephyr and were attacked with hateful words. I told you a fact. I was not mad with you cause There was closing and I was losing all my pazes & cash I poured into them. I was just so sad to lose all my friends. An that is the fact. Since there closed, I have been without my friends and my Zephyr home.

    What more can I say, I put my heart, my soul, my mind and loads of cash into Zephyr.

    Mr. Wilson you asked, “What To Do About Zephyr”? Let me have my pazes back, in place where they stood for 7 years!

    Wildbilly of Zephyr

    P.S. After reading all that, you might thank I was anger. No, I just want to spend money by means of enjoyment of helping my fellow Therians!

    • #37 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.13 - 7:33 am

      AMEN to WildBilly!!!

      I’m glad to hear from you and I personally wanna thank you for all the years and monies you devoted to Zephyr for all our enjoyment. Mayor, schmayor… I vote WildBilly for PRESIDENT!!!

    • #38 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.13 - 9:40 am

      WildBilly You should get your spots back, and i hope you do, But theres people out there who don`t really go or hangout in zephyr and 2 that do that are trying to change thing there. Oh ya i dont have alot of lag problems in zephyr, It has its bad adays but mostly all good. ( I wish people would just leave zephyr alone. )

    • #39 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.13 - 9:47 am

      WELCOME BACK Billy!
      You have been missed!!
      Most of us were hoping you would come back!
      My suggestion to the boss is this:
      Give Billy his Paz’s back. The ones surrounding the tower and, if you have to, charge him a small amount for them.
      His Paz’s and any decorating, NEVER got in the way, or caused any lag, to any of us whether paintballing, chatting, buggy bashing or anything else.
      As far as the rest of Zephyr is concerned, with the exception of Billy’s Paz’s, I still think that it should remain completely Paz free. Let everyone else build on the outskirts!
      Your post could not have been more timely Billy!
      Looking forward to seeing you back HOME, in Zephyr! ๐Ÿ™‚
      The Zephyr Beagle,
      GP3D, xSnoopy
      PS, I vote to bring back Billy’s Paz’s

      • #40 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.13 - 4:03 pm

        If people would just leave zephyr alone and let ALL OF US KEEP OUR PAZES things would be fine, Just the way it should be, If one person gets to keep there paz then the rest should it`s only fair that way. ( This is`t snoops rules plz quit trying to run zephyr ) Keep zephyr,zephyr.

      • #41 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.13 - 4:32 pm

        How can you suggest to give special benefits to one person and cut all others off?

    • #42 by Kaleb on 2011.10.13 - 12:44 pm

      WILDBILLY! Can not wait to see you in there. It has been too long.

      • #43 by Kaleb on 2011.10.13 - 12:51 pm


    • #44 by Greenie on 2011.10.13 - 2:48 pm

      As I understand you Wildbilly, and please do send me in the proper direction if I am mistaken…

      If THERE were to make the area from behind the spas covering the main Zephyr area sacred, your paz wouldn’t be necessary.

      People would be able to populate the area around Zephyr and enjoy paintballing and whatnot like they always have, while others can enjoy Zephyr in an ‘Unpolluted’ state.

      If so, this would basically be like it is at other sacred sites where we can all enjoy the sacred area without paz clutter, (even if lovely), and those who feel the desire to paz drop nearby can do so.

      I know what it is to pay for paz spots for years. There are many others too. None of us wants to lose the spot that has very special meaning to us. With Zephyr, making the main area sacred wouldn’t be losing it at all! It would essentially relieve you of your constant vigil, however lovingly given. The place remains.

      At least with Zephyr, if your paz are not returned, you lose nothing but monthly bills… Alot of us will have to look to good fortune to be able to reclaim our special places.

      I wouldn’t want to have to try to decide who’s special paz spot is restored to them and who just has to lose it…even though they had rent on it when THERE closed.

      It just doesn’t seem like a sound business choice to selectively restore.

      Perhaps the decision to clear all paz is best if they are not all to be restored where we left them with rent…

    • #45 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.13 - 4:23 pm

      Hey WildBilly
      Good to see your name here posting on MW’s blog.
      Just wanted you to know that there is a 50×50 spot upfront is saved with your name on it. I don’t know if it makes a differance at this point or not. ‘shrug.
      Seems to be a campain to kill Zephyr and all it was. I still stand on the ground and hope that Zephyr will be Zephyr. I could name things I don’t like in the area. but why? All in all, its a one of a kind place, that 30 to 50 people call home.

      Welcome Home Billy!

    • #46 by 3cMaldito on 2011.10.13 - 4:39 pm

      If you make an exception for this individual…

  27. #47 by Mercuria on 2011.10.13 - 5:28 am

    I’ve long thought that Zephyr should be a sacred place as it’s a spa area like Karuna Plaza or Tiki Cove.

  28. #48 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.13 - 4:03 am

    To assist people in making an informed opinion, I’ve uploaded a vid to Youtube. I tried to fly around without focusing on any one paz but all around to give a fair viewing, without taking one side or the other.

    I figure whatever is decided whether from Makena, or the Members, it will be what it will be. Personally I’m for dropping from the backs of the spas outward, but that’s just me. I’m not jumping on anyone’s band wagon, joining any “group” or whatever. I’m for just having fun, and enjoying There. In whatever fashion the end product is.

    HUGS to everyone

  29. #49 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.13 - 2:02 am

    I remember Wildbilly holding several expensive pazes to help keep the center clear. Aside from this whole paz issue, I’m wondering if anybody at all has heard from him? I’m a lil worried since he’s dropped off the map. I hope hes OK both health wise and in life. I miss the dude.

  30. #50 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.13 - 12:38 am

    One of the Gp’s explained the black bar to me, I have had no new problems at all in world. I still have a paz in Dune Valley that the environment wont change on and a few inventory issues which will be fixed later on. Other then that…smooth sailing here.

  31. #51 by Kal on 2011.10.13 - 12:24 am

    n. An open-air asylum with no staff. See also: chaos

    In other words, I think it should be allowed to reprise its historical character. Better it than a naturally prettier and/or more interesting locale.

    • #52 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.13 - 6:47 am


  32. #53 by softNdark on 2011.10.13 - 12:22 am

    ~~Everybody Wants To Rule The World~~

    • #54 by toufovou on 2011.10.13 - 7:59 am

      I used to hate this song when I was a kid. I dunno why. But listening to it just brings back wonderful childhood memories.
      Wish I could go back!!!!

  33. #55 by Sarah Monroe on 2011.10.12 - 11:31 pm

    This is so freaking awesome!!! thank you for this awesome update!

  34. #56 by Zip on 2011.10.12 - 10:47 pm

    Thanks for the update Michael ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. #57 by Cassitiny on 2011.10.12 - 9:29 pm

    I have one concern MW about the Zypher debate. You mentioned that if the community voted to move the pazzes out of zephyr, that they could then be on the outskirts. The BIG problem with this is that DV speedway already suffered major lag issues from the overflow of pazzes from zypher. If ALL the pazzes were forced outside zypher, will that increase the lag in that zone?

    I know some people tried saying that the pazzes outside shouldn;t have affected the zone, but we could feel the difference inside when there were surges of pazzes added. (which at one point was done as a griefing tool on the zone). Just wondering if with the new clients will it still affect funzones the way they did in the past?

  36. #58 by cardsharkray on 2011.10.12 - 9:18 pm

    Poll: What To Do About Zephyr

    Leave the rules the way they were



    Can drop a paz from spa area out



    Can only drop a paz outside of all structures



    prob be way higher glad to see these results no pazes means no lag in zeplyer

  37. #59 by IndyLou on 2011.10.12 - 8:04 pm

    On 9-15-2011, on the page titled Graphics Defects, Quest Kits, and the Like, MW stated: “If that goes well, weโ€™ll probably open the world to everyone who could participate in There Betas before to see how we do with lots of people in world. Everyone will be allowed to drop stuff, etc, but chances are weโ€™re going to pick it all up again before we open. Seriously, donโ€™t think that if youโ€™ve dropped a PAZ in this period itโ€™s going to stay there.”

    So what is the point of dropping a paz now and saying it’s saved for someone?

    • #60 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.12 - 8:21 pm

      Hey Sol,
      If you think your gonna just come in game and “dust” the redhead, think again!
      Considering how long it’s been since we have paintballed, she is getting pretty damn good!
      I wish you the best of luck! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
      Can I buy a ticket to watch? LOL

      • #61 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.13 - 1:30 am

        Naaah…. you’re just easy… ROFL ๐Ÿ˜›

      • #62 by IndyLou on 2011.10.13 - 7:36 am

        Hi xSnoopy,
        Who’s Sol?
        Was your comment directed to me, IndyLou, or to someone else?

        My comment is a question asking why does it matter at this time as to where PAZ’s are dropped and saying a spot is “Saved” for a particular person as someone has previously stated here on this blog.
        Has MW stated since 9-15-2011 that PAZ’s dropped during this GP trial time will now be left in world when There opens to the public?
        If he has, then that’s a big disadvantage and extremely unfair to all of us who are not GP’s and have been waiting patiently for There to open.

        Care to comment on this?
        Will the PAZ’s being dropped now by GP’s be left out or will they be picked up for the official re-opening of There to the public?
        Thank you.

      • #63 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.13 - 10:06 am

        Hi LindyLou,
        No, my comment was not aimed at you, but an old friend from Snipers, Soledadnegativa.
        The “Red” I was talking about was Lady_Tigrane.
        If memory serves, Michael has said that, before the world “opens to the public” all Paz’s will be picked up.
        With that said, the “PUT BACK” command still works and if I had 6 Paz’s in Zephyr and wanted to have those spots back, I would log into game and, no matter where I landed, have those Paz’s back in Zephyr in less than a minute using the Put Back command.
        I think that is exactingly what will happen if the center area of Zephyr is not made Paz free.
        Now that WildBilly is back, I will amend my Paz free opinion, to allow all his original Paz’s around the Tower.
        The Zephyr Beagle,
        GP3D, xSnoopy

  38. #64 by That Guy on 2011.10.12 - 7:29 pm

    Hey Michael, I think that regardless of what happens to Zephyr it would be cool if you guys could put a monument, like just something that looks nice that would represent the closing and then reopening of

    Also, it would be awesome to see a free shirt given out to people who log in within the first 24 hours of being open and the shirt say something like “I survived.” on the front and “ Reopening (Insert date here).”

    Just some friendly suggestions, instead of barking orders and demanding an opening date, along with flaming you about forum choosing and website sizes in KB’s hahahaha.

    Keep up the good work, much appreciated!

  39. #65 by GaryBob on 2011.10.12 - 7:15 pm

    Glad to get this update!

    As for Zephyr, I say we e-mail Will Harvey, Jeffrey Ventrella, and Don Carson and let the triumvirate decide ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. #67 by spot751 on 2011.10.12 - 6:56 pm

    Michael… How many GP have your got running now? And are they all having the same problems as you described? Are they all running the same OS platforms?
    The reason I ask, doing tech support, I see a wide variety of computer bass problems, windows 7 seams to take on its own personality and glitches in so many different ways. I have seen a lot of small problems with people running say a flash game, some will experience one small problem, where others may have small problems in a different way, most of the time it has something to do with there registry and things like the flash player not responding or running at 100% as it should and other parts of the computer not performing 100% as it should due to the registry.
    I am wondering if all your GPโ€™s computers been maintained and are running at there peak performance?
    Have you got any GPโ€™s running the client on a clean new computer with a fresh OS with good ISP?
    Thank you for your time.

    • #68 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.12 - 7:13 pm

      SamSyn’s on it. It’s Flash crap. God I hate Flash.

      • #69 by spot751 on 2011.10.12 - 7:35 pm

        Yes I donโ€™t think much of it nether… was just using it as an example
        Hears something I wiped up LOL how about the phone app LOL

        Wouldnโ€™t that be soooo much fun configuring ๐Ÿ™‚

      • #70 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.12 - 8:41 pm

        I think I have narrowed the “flash” problem down to Flash 11 64 bit. I was having trouble trying to install version 10, so I kept ver 11. Last night Racesmart brought up a good point that she also done. She said she done a system restore, and that solved the black area problem. So I done the same, and everything is back to normal. Thank you Racesmart ๐Ÿ™‚

      • #71 by cardsharkray on 2011.10.12 - 8:55 pm

        its the new flash 11 download i had flash 10 and figure i do a update and right after i did the update i got the black bar so its flash 11 doing it

      • #72 by ketchup2k3 on 2011.10.12 - 9:08 pm

        There on an iPhone? Wouldn’t it need flash support first? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • #73 by McKensy on 2011.10.13 - 12:13 am

      Under most circumstances using a clean, toptuned system in a controlled environment for software testing purposes is a must, especially in the initial phase of software development. But as we are past that “initial phase” and have moved on to “real life environment” testing that is not applicable here as you can’t expect the members having just that kind of system. When testing software you would rather need just the kind of beat up systems that the average user has or you won’t find the errrors that the avarage user might get.

  41. #74 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.12 - 6:43 pm

    It doesnt matter to me one or another about zephr

  42. #75 by daniel on 2011.10.12 - 6:40 pm


  43. #76 by Anachron on 2011.10.12 - 6:38 pm

    ya know … with the move to the cloud… and to the external forums … There is really living up to its name ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. #77 by jake_jackson on 2011.10.12 - 6:29 pm

    Thanks MW for the updates and I am glad itโ€™s almost time to go home. However, I have an idea and I am not sure if it would work but, why not use the server status page or something similar to list the most recent post of problems in world that need fixing and require the next group of GPs to read before posting problems they think your staff are unaware of. This could give you a central place to resolve issues without a thousand of the same bugs being reported (in theory of course) and at the same time allowing a lot more GPs to participate in testing.

    Just like starting up power to a large office building using load testing while controlling problems being reported centrally especially since they are fewer in number now. I could be wrong (donโ€™t shoot me, please) but, GP or not we are all expected to help out with ideas (thatโ€™s just me thinking out loud) if we have them right; at least if they are constructive ones.

  45. #78 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.12 - 5:47 pm

    I just love it, I see ALOT of people here who DON`T even hangout in Zephyr but yet you want to change things there, I think if you Dont live there or just come by for a min or two or even one or two times a week, You should`nt have a say in the rules of Zephyr!! You would`nt like it if i came to your real hood and took down all the Drug Free Zone signs now would ya, Zephyr should stay the same way it was when There closed. All i know is if you take the pazes out of Zephyr it will become a ghost town with only snoopy in it. Somethings should be left alone and some people should grow up and stop starting stuff, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!

    • #79 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.12 - 6:12 pm

      Well, I’m torn. The lag at Zephyr was stuff legends are made of – as were also all the unique pazzes and the ability to paint ball people into oblivion! ( ofc the latter is just what I heard, I wouldn’t know about late night paint balling someone who went afk and left their forcefield down ) I wouldn’t mind a lag free Zephyr, but I think I’d miss all of what made Zephyr so unique – all that creativity of pazzes… It would be missed!

      I will say veiled comments on someone ELSE needing to grow up – I’m quite sure you posted that in only a fit of frustration, forgetting that telling others to grow up often suggests that the person suggesting it needs to grow up themselves, right?

    • #80 by That Guy on 2011.10.12 - 7:23 pm

      You mad, bro?

      Lol, I had to, I’m sorry.

    • #81 by cardsharkray on 2011.10.12 - 9:01 pm

      lmao ass i am 51 maybe ya need to grow up ya kiddie shit be glad when all of zeplyer is paz freee go you second life perv land

      • #82 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.13 - 7:36 am

        Just as i said before its people like cardshark who dont go to zephyr and want it changed, But your the people who will only go there once or so and then not come back for weeks only so you can say you go to zephyr. as far as Lag goes even if the pazes are pushed back behinde balloons there still going to be lag. And ya iam fricking mad!! Iam waiting for people to ask for stop lights with cameras on them in zephyr. Oh cardshark iam 47 with 9 grandkids and what are you trying to say????>>> go you second life perv land.

      • #83 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.13 - 10:36 am

        Your age does NOT matter in There, nor your number of grand children, as long as your over 18!
        How you act certainly does!
        I was NOT the first one to offer the opinion that Zephyr was looking like a garbage dump before There closed in 2010.
        If some of you want to accuse me of being the instigator of this situation, so be it.
        I wont be dragged into a cat fight because some people refuse to respect my opinion.
        Personally, I respect EVERYONE’S opinion, no matter what our history in here is.
        What I cannot respect are people throwing hissy fits over this or any other situation in There.
        Whether or not you have put $10.00 or $10,000 into game since its inception, this is a NEW start, for all of us and there is ONLY one person that makes the decisions in There.
        You all should be thankful that Michael is allowing us to, at least, have our voice heard in this matter.
        Someone posted the comment the other day, “Oh boy, here we go again”
        NO, we ain’t going again! Whatever the majority decides or if it comes down to Michael making the decision, I will respect it as an ADULT!
        As an aside, from my vantage point, YOUR ALL KIDS!! ๐Ÿ™‚
        The Zephyr Beagle,
        GP3D, xSnoopy

      • #84 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.13 - 4:43 pm

        cardsharkray, Got punctuation?

    • #85 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.13 - 7:35 am

      Everyone should have a say of any changes if anyone has a say, common sense dictates that.

    • #86 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.13 - 7:37 am

      But for the record I don’t think I ever went personally, unless that time in the desert on a hoverboard when I got shot off by a paintball, not sure lol. But I voted on 2 of 3 polls so far to keep it as it was for the sake of those of you who did spend a lot of money on that area.

  46. #87 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.12 - 4:28 pm

    I sounds like were getting close to getting in There, working on the little things now.

  47. #88 by maverickfred on 2011.10.12 - 4:10 pm

    wooohooooooooo geting closer thanks NW . FOR THE UPDATE

  48. #89 by John- Brenny on 2011.10.12 - 4:08 pm

    Outstanding job to all Makena staff, Thank you dearly for your progress speed and the choices of the GP’S. Hope to see all in game soon.


  49. #90 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.12 - 3:34 pm

    Hi everyone,
    I posted pictures and comments in Thumdar’s blog, about Zephyr.
    When I did, there were 18 Paz’s already down.
    Of the 18, 10 belonged to 2 clubs.
    I have no objections to someone putting down a Paz.but, when one group puts down 6 Paz’s that, to me, is inconsiderate to ALL the other members that would like to have one paz.
    There are already 4 of the 6 Spa’s that have Paz’s directly on top of them.
    Two of the people that voted for not putting any restrictions on Paz dropping, belong to those 2 clubs.
    And, YES, I do have 1 Paz in Zephyr, but it is in back of the rear walkway. If the vote is that there should be no Paz dropping, anywhere in Zephyr, I will gladly remove mine.
    I have been a member of There since 2005. I have spent most of my time in Zephyr and, let me assure you, Zephyr will look like a garbage dump if Paz dropping is allowed in the center area.
    The “center area” should be, outside of the Spas, behind the rear walkway and out to the Dune Valley end of the Bridge. A large oval would best describe the area.
    No scrolls, speakers, Paz’s, or anything that would obstruct vehicles or avies should be allowed in that area.
    Dropping vehicles, of any kind, in that area, should be allowed.
    People in Hover Boats or packs should be allowed to fly over Zephyr.
    Force Fields should be optional and Paintball SHOULD be allowed.
    The Zephyr Beagle,
    GP3D, xSnoopy

    • #91 by jimony on 2011.10.13 - 4:04 am

      xSnoopy, all the pazes that are dropped now, anywhere, will be picked up before There opens, so why does it matter what is there at the moment?

  50. #92 by Tumble_Weed on 2011.10.12 - 3:31 pm

    Thank You for the update!!! :o)

  51. #93 by Kaleb on 2011.10.12 - 3:30 pm

    Let people put paz’s around the outside, I need places to snipe people from. Also if you released it soon you would have a chunk of money to do more with! Im just being anxious.

  52. #94 by David H on 2011.10.12 - 3:22 pm

    Thanks for the update, +1 Vote for Zephyr sacred ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #95 by FOX30 on 2011.10.12 - 3:43 pm

      As an old player and paz owner of a few lots in Zephyr , i for one would like to see it open for paintball , i did love having my lots and signs there to advertise my auctions , but i also enjoyed shooting around in zephyr. And i at the same time hated all the stuff keeping it wide open for sliding people and being slid around. But its a whatever you wanna do type of thing , if we can drop paz’s fine , if not fine. I just wanna come home , plz let me come home. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • #96 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.12 - 5:23 pm

        Fox I droped a paz in your old spot and it says saved for fox 30, Bump

    • #97 by maverickfred on 2011.10.12 - 4:11 pm


  53. #98 by stxdixiechick on 2011.10.12 - 3:15 pm

    super awesome news! Thanks for the update

    • #99 by stxdixiechick on 2011.10.12 - 3:21 pm

      As for Zephyr becoming a sacred place, If that’s the only option to save it and keep it at a decent lag level, I know that would be appreciated by many paintballers. From a historical point of view, of course! Make it sacred, whether its the only option or not *grins*. Either way, I would hate to see it disappear from the map totally (if that is the other option) :S …

  54. #100 by Kaleb on 2011.10.12 - 3:00 pm

    I can not wait! Any hint on when the game will be out? Days? Weeks? hopefully not months.. Can not wait to mass murder people in paintball, been a few years but its just like riding a bike.

  55. #101 by Asifchris on 2011.10.12 - 2:48 pm

    I would rather see all the bugs worked out before we all get in there and have hundreds of complaints about the same thing. I’ll wait as long as it takes. Thanks every one for all your hard work to get things going right.

    As for Zephyr… when I first joined There in 2003, I never had lag in Zephyr. I liked that you could drive around and paintball. I don’t recall being able to drop anything in the area, either. You had to go at least to the bridge to drop a quest clue or book or anything, or a ways behind the buildings and spas. And if memory serves me right – you couldn’t even drop a vehicle IN Zephyr. You had to do it outside somewhere before driving through area. But after people were allowed to drop paz’s – it got so laggy for me that I stayed away. I figured it was just cause there was so much stuff dropped in the area that my computer couldn’t handle it.

  56. #102 by 1969Craven on 2011.10.12 - 2:29 pm

    No windows or doors.. I think dust is the least if their issues. However I guess its all in your prospective of priorities. ( I think this is a great pic for whats going on ). are we sweating the petty things or petting the sweaty things? I would wonder if the start of all these people paying a membership fee would help expedite changes. MW by your operating cost projections there2 is already $186,234 in the hole. Is taking a little longer to address tech issue emails from paying members worth that much of a loss? Again .. great pic.. its all in your prospective of priorities. P.S. There was not perfect before we left. I don’t think anyone here expects it to be perfect now. we appreciate all the hard work. but there are some of us that would put up with a few bugs that need to be worked out while we play (and pay).

  57. #103 by Theypvp on 2011.10.12 - 2:22 pm

    Soooooo excited! I can just see myself on there just cruising around and chatting.

  58. #104 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.12 - 2:12 pm

    Thanks for the update I can’t wait till it opens back up ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. #105 by bandolera27 on 2011.10.12 - 1:52 pm

    Thanks for the update, good to know soon we all be in the world, ‘yay

  60. #106 by freecreed on 2011.10.12 - 1:49 pm

    The disappearing chat screen happens in some other instant messaging programs that are using IE controller , it could be the same issue not the program code .. right clicking down by the time and selecting cascade windows pops the chat screen back up .. it actually is off the screen way down low when that occurs .. that bug has pestered Yahoo Instant Messenger for years … it might be IE and not you

  61. #107 by jimony on 2011.10.12 - 1:32 pm

    MW, you once talked about whether or not to restore all pazes in their previous places for people to come back in and claim them. Is it possible to restore JUST Zephyr to its original condition and let unclaimed pazes timeout? I believe Zephyr was a “no-rules” zone before and most of those who lived there want to go back “home”. Because of the discussion about Zephyr, I believe it has become a popular spot for many of us that didn’t know what it was like before. I think those that were there before should somehow have the right to decide. I would suggest that Zephyr should be the only spot “restored” because of the controversy about it.

    • #108 by Jdin707 on 2011.10.12 - 3:28 pm

      Playing devils advocate, why only Zephyr? Why not other areas that either had paz dropping or not. The only way to truly be fair is if first come first serve to any area that has paz dropping ability. For that matter it would include houses, fun zones, hoods and so on. The reopening of There will be great for all of us, Zephyrians (I just made that word and non Zephyrians….

      • #109 by jimony on 2011.10.13 - 4:00 am

        Because Zephyr in the past was unique in that there were basically no rules enforced there, kind’ve like the “Wild West” and it is the only location in debate.

  62. #110 by Kelly Barry on 2011.10.12 - 1:22 pm

    I can’t wait for there,com to open the best place to be lots lovely people on there katelan2222

  63. #111 by Eric D. Copeland on 2011.10.12 - 1:19 pm

    Dropping pazes in populated areas should not be a big issue,I think with the 18 plus age limit should help keep the lame paz pollution down,and should help people want to create cool stuff to show in their paz knowing it will be seen and visited.BUT a BIG YES on keeping the main part of Zephr sacred !

  64. #112 by joseph on 2011.10.12 - 12:48 pm

    if anyone asks me zephyr should have like clouds way above that people can drop pazes on but make zephyr a driving zone

  65. #113 by dave008 on 2011.10.12 - 12:45 pm

    Thanks for the update … and great picture.

  66. #114 by coolnet on 2011.10.12 - 12:45 pm

    Thank you for the update. I was rarely in Zephyr because it was always laggy for me. So for I don’t have a issue with it.

  67. #115 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.12 - 12:25 pm

    The Kid is thinking ” Oh Ok, you got my little 2 year old butt cleaning while you’re sitting on that bike.” I bet he wishes he had a paintball Gun right about now.

  68. #116 by dirty_dirtball on 2011.10.12 - 11:55 am

    Thanks for the update! I vote for “sacred Zephyr

  69. #117 by PcMan Hoverboat Pilot on 2011.10.12 - 11:54 am

    On the news of working out the bugs, I think the staff should take all the time it needs. I agree that taking care of the problems now, no matter how minor they are, should be worked out now instead of rushing into things. Keep up the great work Team Phoenix and testers!

    Zephyr.. ‘hmm where to start.

    If you take a look at other areas that have spas in them, Zephyr is the ONLY one that is not a restricted area for dropping, driving, and paintballing. ALL of the others you can not drive, paintball, or drop anything in them. Now with that in mind, I’m not saying that Zephyr should be completely locked down. I do think that it should remain vehicle and paintball friendly. If it were up to me, the bridge entrance, spas, shops, tower and 50m around all of those would be “Sacred” and disallow pazes on them. The world is plenty big for dropping pazes, so a few hundred meters of no dropping area isn’t going to kill anyone. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Speaking of paz dropping, one area I did notice (along with a couple other Gp3ds) that you can drop pazes on is the Mushroom Forest. We found it rather odd that it has a HUGE no driving zone around it though which overlaps some nearby roads. This no driving area was like this prior to closing too, but I don’t recall being able to drop pazes on it. Please post any info you have on this area please!


    • #118 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.12 - 3:44 pm

      I’ve seen gp3d’s mention during testing they’ve been able to drop paz’s almost anywhere if not everywhere.

  70. #119 by Okalnix on 2011.10.12 - 11:52 am

    If more landmarks are open for dropping iteams,Paz,flying.That fix also the problem.
    So more paz are on difrant lokations,servers and less lag if there is one.
    Most people looking to find a spot to drop paz so let them drop.
    Every drop is rent ,and more profit to the game also.
    And make more places open to drop.
    Some places are totaly dead becorse its a no drop place/,fly-drive.
    Some places still needed to be a no drop zone.
    But open more places and you have more people to have fun.
    So open the world and drop Paz..

  71. #120 by Lionsheart on 2011.10.12 - 11:49 am

    R.i.p zypher
    A place no noobie darnt venture too they who walked through her came through the other side a hard skilled noobie.
    Now she has gone a new place will arise from the ashes built larger
    Buildings strecthing higher
    Hills rising steeper
    More hiding places
    But the memorys will stay as fresh as always zypher will never truelly be dead.

  72. #121 by That Guy on 2011.10.12 - 11:44 am

    Zephyr should be sacred. Tired of the PAZ crap and the lag that follows it!

  73. #122 by WizardK on 2011.10.12 - 11:35 am

    the kid might have ben a bad boy and his daddy told him go go get a switch i rember those i use to bring mine with leaves still on it Good up date Thanks i cant wait to get some TBucks to

  74. #123 by Achenar on 2011.10.12 - 11:30 am

    Here is a link to a nice song to entertain all those of us waiting patiently :
    – I’m Going Home – enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. #124 by Hugsie on 2011.10.12 - 11:28 am

    i’m really curious to know what changes have been made to the client as far as the UI? I always found the UI to be a bit sloppy, with a lot of redundancies and a horrible inventory management that gets REALLY confusing. It’s as if things were just “tacked on” to the client as things changed or were added in-world. Which why we now have a dozen different location for where your stuff is, depending on what you were doing. Keep in mind we didn’t always have PAZes, we used to be able to drop anything nearly anywhere back in the beta days. anyone remember Jopy’s signs? So when we had pazes they had to change how zones work and decorating (we weren’t able to drag things around before). I really hope we can soon streamline the UI at some point down the road.

  76. #125 by toufovou on 2011.10.12 - 11:03 am

    Oh yes, downtown Zephyr should remain clean. It should be a drop free zone with paintgun permissions!!!

    I wonder if all those issues showing up might just be cuz of some compatibility issue with windows 7 because I haven’t had any of those problems at all using good old windows xp.

    Although I doubt it is the problem, I’m just throwing the idea on the table because sometimes u just never know.

  77. #126 by kelayna on 2011.10.12 - 11:02 am

    Thank you for the update… Go Team Phoenix and GP’s and the effervescent Mackie!!!!

  78. #127 by TigerTiger12345 on 2011.10.12 - 10:59 am

    Thank you so much for the update:
    I too get a black bar…but not only on the bottom..I get a black 1 cm thingy around my buddy list as well…and the GPS has a black background..
    Glad to know it was not my computer….well we shall find out what it is soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. #128 by Thumdar on 2011.10.12 - 10:39 am

    I created a poll for “What To Do About Zephyr”. You can find it here:

    • #129 by GaryBob on 2011.10.12 - 6:56 pm

      Unfortunately only registered users can respond to that poll.

      • #130 by 12mandy on 2011.10.12 - 9:18 pm

        ive tried vote in poll got error thumdar dont reconise my name or pass word

  80. #131 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.12 - 10:24 am

    Here is my 2 cents about Zephyr.
    How many Sacred Cows do we need in There?
    Must ALL the places be None drop zones?
    I say let zephyr work it out.

    • #132 by Escape on 2011.10.12 - 11:38 am

      I agree with Salty Silver, as in the past let Zephyr work it out. Or we could just make it another sacred zone and allow nothing, not even paintballing!

  81. #133 by Jonathan on 2011.10.12 - 10:18 am

    Haha, wow, an actual ‘feather-duster’, the ones these days just aren’t the same!

  82. #134 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.12 - 10:17 am

    I to had the black area’s around all the toolbars. compass, and where ever the communicator was. I had installed Flash 11.5. So thinking that might be the problem this morning I uninstall it, and now I have nothing. No message, shortcut, funfinder bars, compass or communicator. I tried in dx8,9, ogl, all the same. I completely uninstalled There, removed all traces of There, removed it from Windows firewall, reinstalled, made sure it was added again to Windows firewall, and still the same. I took screenshots, and saved a copy of DxDiag.txt, and sent all that to feedback. I am also using Windows 7 64 bit. At this point it is not even worth logging in.

    • #135 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.10.12 - 11:00 am

      Davy I have re installed on it on my laptop ( windows 7) but have not loaded it yet. And probably wont after what you just said and I did all that too lol. I also have it on my desktop ( vista) and its running great. Do you think we could run it on 7 and do the compatibility thingy and does 7 even have that? Let me know : )
      GP3D wikkedbliss

      • #136 by Escape on 2011.10.12 - 11:44 am

        DaveyRocket, try installing flash 10 (revert to your previous flash player). What puzzles me is I tested the client on 6 diff pc’c/laptops and only had an issue on one system running XP SP2 (four other systems running XP no black bar issue). Makes me wonder if it could be an issue with video cards!

      • #137 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.12 - 12:03 pm

        For some reason when I uninstalled flash 11.5 the previous version was no longer there causing nothing to appear in There. I reinstalled flash 11, and now everything appears,but still have the “black area’s. Yes I am running it in Windows XP w/sp3 compatibility mode, and run as admin.

    • #138 by migman on 2011.10.12 - 11:59 am

      I have windows 7 and dont have any of the problems,just my communicator vanishes some times but its been doing that since i have been a gp.

    • #140 by AquaFresh on 2011.10.12 - 8:39 pm

      Yeicks black bars?

      reminds me of IE8 I have seen it alot of times on PC’s I have installed WinXP on on, some it happens on, others it dosen’t

      This link has a screenshot of it

      This link is what I do to remove the bars

      Any chance its related?


  83. #141 by MademoiselleFifi on 2011.10.12 - 10:13 am

    Can’t wait to see all fixed up and you guys coming in. (And 8 seaters at Phoenix Park…lol).

  84. #142 by Skyefire on 2011.10.12 - 10:13 am

    Do we have any idea how far off we are from having our “new” avatars connected to our old developer assets? I know that if that is done before we can buy T$, it gives designers that left the game with money an advantage(because they can actually list their auctions,) but I am just wondering if you even know when that might be coming.

  85. #143 by Bevisman on 2011.10.12 - 10:12 am

    Almost There! Thanks for the update MW and thanks to all the GP3Ds who are finding those bugs!

  86. #144 by suziequeen on 2011.10.12 - 10:05 am

    Thanks for the update, all I can say is with each one it’s always awesome. See you There soon.

  87. #145 by Gail M Feldman on 2011.10.12 - 9:58 am

    the thing about zephyr’s being a no-drop zone is that the way it was, there were lots of places to hide if you were shooting or being shot.


  88. #146 by Craig Hartley on 2011.10.12 - 9:53 am

    I hope he doesn’t plan on riding that bike XD

  89. #147 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 9:52 am

    As much ass I want to be in world with my husband, I agree that fixing the issues now is best versus mass loads being in and it all going up in smoke. As for Zephry… maybe in the center ring… but another can’t drive through, can’t fly over or through or drop anything zone really I could not support. We always drove through that area and paintballed and more, didn’t have a lot dropped there but enjoyed what was dropped there by others. Nothing more annoying that flying and out of no where ripped out of your plane or car or board and flopped to the ground. Personally I feel its the people that make the area with what they put in it..its what attracted us there ages ago. Egpyt for instance would be neat to be able to board or fly through for instance.. maybe not buggy but just don’t like so much of a lockdown. But that’s just our thought on things. Would be nice if there was some warning over areas versus the surprise and I know I am not alone in that for I have heard many say the same thing. I know there is patches and what not but we have not and I don’t think my hubs plans to install any except JsCompass if that returns and still not sure.. he likes his new pc . Love the pic, the little boy is so cute!!! have to go now, miss you all but motherhood is calling my name ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #148 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 1:59 pm

      oops “as” not the other word….

  90. #149 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.12 - 9:50 am

    Well, MW, it’s your call but it’s a trade-off of ethics or profit regarding the Zephyr PAZ issue. You would make a lot of money through the real estate tycoons at Zephyr but like before it would come at the cost of the experience for other customers (resources, griefing, kids sneaking back into world to make their claim on this spot). If it were me I’d open it up to PAZ dropping to begin with to see if it is something you want to reintroduce to the area long term. If not, people will soon find another hotspot anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  91. #150 by Jdin707 on 2011.10.12 - 9:46 am

    Sweet, I cant wait, I so need a break from my xbox, which is where I have been since There closed, plus a stint in Aion….Looking forward to just being There…..

  92. #151 by xxlouloubellxx on 2011.10.12 - 9:42 am

    see you all very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. #152 by Godwin33 on 2011.10.12 - 9:42 am

    Thank you MW i know that you and your team is working really hard to get us back our home. We waited more then a year so a couple more days wont be a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. #153 by ant1977 on 2011.10.12 - 9:39 am

    I’m personally happy the GP3D’s have discovered these issues before the world is released and these issues can be resolved. Some of us are patiently awaiting the Grand Re-opening.

  95. #154 by Camel on 2011.10.12 - 9:37 am

    As long as paint guns stay on, I’m all for making Zephyr proper a no-drop zone. It was pretty difficult to show the area to new members, since there was so much stuff to load.

  96. #155 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.12 - 9:32 am

    i agree with you MW the Zephyr place is laggy i have ride my hoverboat though there and it laggy it would be awesome to save it as a no paz zone let them put the pazes outskirts like ya say you got my vote on that .. it looks like trash there junk.

    • #156 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 10:02 am

      We never had lag issues, but i can’t say others didn’t, but like you just said, flying through there or driving.. thats the biggy. So many places you get near them and ripped out of what you are riding in. But hopefully a compromise will be made in favor of both sides of issue that pleases us driving and flying Thereians and those who want it just on the outskirts.

    • #157 by Cyndi Yonkers on 2011.10.12 - 10:04 am

      I agree with leaving Zephr a sacred place.
      GP3D sassydancer

      • #158 by Cyndi Yonkers on 2011.10.12 - 11:15 am

        I was just in Zephr a little bit ago and it looks great with a few pazes with trees, cards, music and seating to visit. I know this is gonna be a big mess so I will stay out of this, I resind my vote. Ya Dragonfly I like driving thru there and flying over, I forgot about that. I always speak before thinking things thru. ‘Doh
        GP3D sassydancer

  97. #159 by Yozh SunFlowers on 2011.10.12 - 9:30 am

    Closer and closer: Ultimate Fun in the There sun!

    Sunflowerdancing in China,


    • #160 by karenannafromthere on 2011.10.12 - 11:45 am

      Since when is Amsterdam in China? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. #161 by Billy Gene Mckee III on 2011.10.12 - 9:29 am

    So close to being home I can feel it.Can’t wait to see everybody back in world and get back to buggy collecting.

  99. #162 by Alease on 2011.10.12 - 9:28 am

    Thanks for the update… ‘tu

  100. #163 by AquaFresh on 2011.10.12 - 9:28 am

    “We want to fix this before we have several thousand people reporting it”

    Good call, thanks for the update, I had put my bets for this week, but OK with waiting, I woulden’t be happy to get inworld, ready to play and all I would see was >loading< on all my vehicles ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Keep up the great work.


  101. #164 by Latha on 2011.10.12 - 9:27 am


  102. #165 by Brandyn_1 on 2011.10.12 - 9:27 am

    I’m really glad that you guys are taking the time to fix everything you can. It really is the best thing to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even though i wont be in game for some time… And no offence to anyone. I would say that having people put Pazes out on the outskirts of Zephyr would be better. Sometimes its VERY cluttered and just annoying.

    Congrats on everything you guys have done so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #166 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 9:59 am

      We saw clutter at some points just our concern is what is outskirts.. and also hoping it not made another area where you can’t drive fly drop your vehicles or do the former stuff. it was always fun if in a bind to be able to hop in your buggy or board and scoot your boot on out lol

  103. #167 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.10.12 - 9:26 am

    Yeah I got the black bar yesterday but only on the lappy and it’s on windows 7. I am going to stay out of the Zephyr discussion only because I never lived there and the people that do seem to be very passionate about it, and it is always a great place to get your paintball on. So much CLOSER to getting more Therians IN!!!
    GP3D wikkedbliss

    • #168 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 9:55 am

      It was great, but it wasn’t just the THERE structures, it was the people that had there portazones at it that made it what it was.. awesome.

    • #169 by Escape on 2011.10.12 - 10:18 am

      The black bar issue was definately a problem for me caused by a flash update (which incidently I updated flash to correct a Default to Action Mode issue).

      About Zephyr, I really don’t know what could be done to make everyone happy. If we asked ppl that had paz’ out, they would definatly want to redrop them (these ppl payed alot to keep the spots).

      If we was to asked the ppl that did not drop in Zephyr, they’d prob answer make it a drop free zone!

  104. #170 by Soledadnegativa on 2011.10.12 - 9:25 am

    I also wanted to point out, that there is a thread in the forums that adresses this. The next step is going to take some adult decision making on the members part that share a interest in that part of our world. I agree with Michael Wilson’s post about starting some sort of poll, and the same time without having an air tight sytem to ensure no one votes more than once this can get tricky. In the interest of an expedient method I vote that the area remains as it was and let the previous paz owners discuss this as adults without’s intervention.

    Now let’s hear it!!!

    • #171 by xxDragonFlyxx on 2011.10.12 - 9:54 am

      i agree for my hubs and I watched on facebook a THERE group and polls taken and the admins decided they didn’t like what was chosen so they chose something else.. in my opinion that is not a good place for any pole and I hope Zephry is left alone.

  105. #172 by SB on 2011.10.12 - 9:23 am

    I appreciate the time and effort being put into getting There going again. I can’t begin to understand all it takes to accomplish this (I’m slightly computer savvy but get confused when having to cut the red or blue wire)….but thank you, thank you, for taking such care in giving us a world as free from bugs as possible! ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. #173 by BamaBabydoll on 2011.10.12 - 9:23 am

    Thanks for the update!

  107. #174 by RRTT on 2011.10.12 - 9:16 am

    I’m excited that you have moved on to refinishing the finer aspects of the client, and I’m glad that you continue to update your customer base as to the company’s progress, unlike our favorite competitor, who it appears at this point, will be a placeholder image forever. I’m super excited to see There again, Keep up the great work.

  108. #175 by Soledadnegativa on 2011.10.12 - 9:14 am

    Thanks for the Update, good job Team Phoenix!!!

  109. #176 by robloxias on 2011.10.12 - 9:14 am

    Oh guyz,we hope we will get on the world soon.Godd job MW and the company.And tghanks for keeping us up to date.

  110. #177 by spaz0ut on 2011.10.12 - 9:13 am

    the lil kid looks like he about hit that guy.

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