Calvin and Hobbes explain Occupy Wall Street…decades ago

From The Sly Oyster

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    For some reason, even though I have never tried to cheat, steal, hack, or scam anyone or anything in There, I get moderated and the drop of a hat because of what some idiot tells them. I have given away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff to help newbies in there. Or jsut help anyone in there.

    I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on There. But some unemployed guy helps me run my funzone and now he gets me moderated and takes my funzone.

    It was my money that paid for it and kept it going and paid for all the tracks and items.

    I email and email for help to get my original avatar in world and I hear back nothing and get no help. This bum sends one little email and gets my avatar and my funzone.

    I hope he got a job somewhere along the way. But I highly doubt he’s going to be spending the amounts I used to.

    I cant believe I came back to this game after you always treated me so badly. I guess I thought things would have changed. And all must because I dont have a p enis. geez.

  2. #2 by Greg Diller on 2011.10.26 - 5:03 pm

    Looking at some of the ramblings here, I’m glad There forums won’t be returning….. in fact I’m not sure I want to get back into There after all now.

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    Welp, seems there is a new post on The Black Bar. Was entertaining on this one, but very glad to see a new update. Good by to this area and hello to subjects of THERE once again.

  4. #4 by SNIPERBAIT is a kitchen table lololololo on 2011.10.24 - 3:11 pm

    Dakotaman, I could say the same on your fact providing. So far just rubbish. Yet, i have watched personally first hand the protests and hmm patriotic my butt. Lets see, desecrating our flag, pooping on police cars, and instead of being about what it is supposed to be about is becoming a mess. Please Dakotaman tell folks about this part. And why are they barging into businesses not big ones either and trashing them, breaking laws left and right but wait, its ok, peaceful protests… You have people abandoning there kids.. really this is the brains in this? wow and from looking at the pics I can’t help to be thrown back in time to the 70’s. As far as the folks sending me emails, I have no understanding how my email was found still. But I respect there privacy. Even if 1,000 people showed you the facts versus what you posted you would not hear. I do not look at you as part of the protests, I look at you as a coattail rider. You want to quote all this propaganda, then get out there and live in it. I think you may find that the highlights you are posting which still aren’t hitting the issue with this nation, but just some folks who have been led to believe that hitting corporations will fix things are a bunch of rubbish. you also stated argument again.. I have posted keywords and enough info in each to be easily found via google or any other site. These protests aren’t about freedom, they are the leading into of a socilistic marist style way of living and amazingly this isn’t the first time this has been attemtpted. This time the media is far better at keeping the highlights on air and hiding the bad. So anyone who says they support this, please actually get in it, live in it, and if you cannot see all the chaos and the filth then I rest my case, you never will. As far as argueing with a kitchen table, I have provided facts for you to look into yet you haven’t. You have stuck to your stuff versus actually looking into what I said. You mentioned Republicans.. hmm i am neither, not have the folks in emails excpet a few stated any political siding. And only you would know arguing with a kitchen table.. you seem to be very good at arguing but not good at seeing what you are eating…. all them figures you quoted wow. i reckon that you are the type of person that has to win that debate, has to be right, can’t be wrong even when it is starring you in the face and one who will not go take part in what he supports. I might actually have respect for you if you did leave your house and all and went out. Though.. you would be most likely mugged, raped, have you tent peed on by folks for fun, find yourself in an issue losing your SSI or whatever in the future cause oops, can’t bite the hand that feeds you to much.. You stated that until I can provide an answer to fix our nation, I did, yet in all you have not even looked. You feel your stuff is fact, yet when I ask you, how will this provide jobs? being it won’t you can’t answer me, or is it right to force business to hire you? or is it right to call yourself a patriot yet desecrate flags, and say f the us f the military and everything about this country. I do not cuss, so used f in its place. Why aren’t you seeing this stuff Dakotaman? hmm because like many you have become stuck in whats called a mind warp of hatred to try and get people riled up over soemthing that isn’t the issue. Please tell your doctor next time that you see him or her that they should not think of making a profit though they give up there lives with off the wall scheduling to take care of you and others, fight to get payments from folks like you whome they care for ye just let it go and they take the burn. Thats your top earners.. they excel way past the financing department that the occupiers are ranting at.. but wait.. hmm Washington DC thats where the biggest incomes are now and yes Occupy Wallstreet and others are funded and supported by the democratic party and other outide communist countries. Obama is using this as a big part of his campain and says he sides with that movement. have fun with arguing with your table.. guess you probally argue with the wall too, but what ever fits your fancy. I am not the !% nor am i that supposed 99%, I am a free, self thinking, liberty loving businessman who love his country and hopes to find more out there that feel the same. The things these protests are doing are not patriotic, they are carnal, filthy and to be honest going to the same low level as many corrupt politicians. Thats reality..

    • #5 by dakotaman on 2011.10.24 - 10:04 pm

      I will leave your hate-filled, anti-free speech ramblings behind as you seem incapable of providing a rational basis for your irrational beliefs. I will continue to fight for your rights, protecting our Democracy and preventing America from becoming the Corporate Aristocracy that the Right so strongly covets. America belongs to the people and I proudly stand with the majority of Americans in my beliefs.

      Perhaps the coming year’s election will provide us a chance to really debate the issues. Despite what you think, I respect your opinions (even when that respect is not given back) and will fight for the rest of my life to protect your right to have them.


      • #6 by SNIPERBAIT needs a vacation. on 2011.10.25 - 8:48 am

        If you are fighting for my in quote rights, then why are you not out there but at a pc? you are not fighting for anything.. And isn’t it funny that this all started by a anti-capitilistic magaizine in Canada. Then you have a group, ones that were from the Egypt protests and more helping to organize all this mess. you state you have provided facts, yet you haven’t. you have yet to be bale to answer the wuestions i have asked only to keep stating how irrational or such my words are. Tells me you really do not know what you are talking about. I was able to just type in half sentences of each thing i brought up in my posts and find it all easity on google and bing.. and heres a difference. My way of doing it gave links to both sides of the equation.. yours was the one sides version. So I did post actual facts, but did it in a manner that folks can go view and think about info on all levels. you also keep referring to a right and a left.. that really is just political trash. it shows me that your opinions are subject to your party you support versus being able to take in what may be a error in what you support. i did also find the links of supoorters and is easily able to be found by putting in who is funding the occupy protesters . in presenting the way i have i actually complied to a former FCC rule and one that was being pushed in providing both points for viewing while at same time presenting info. you talk as if you are a solidier fighting in combat.. Im sorry but you are just a responder to my post trying to say you are doing soemthing you are not which if fighting for me. you also say that the majority of Americans support this. That again is faulty. If polls were set up in each county, and each state and votes were taken then you can say that, but going off polls that were setup to support a cause is faulty. its like I can see three polls right now concerning wether Obama will win reelection.. actually more than that. But for reference sake, 1 says leading, another says in the bottom and another mid way, another he isn’t even listed as a contender. So these polls are faulty and created generally by asking those at the event, or by phone call telemarketers who on average call maybe 100 to 1,000 people and divide it on that. your beliefs are not American by the way… Thomas Jefferson spoke of what would happen in an event like this.. literally, you can google that too. and he gave a stern warning to steer away from it. My wording is not hate filled, as you put. All the info concerning the protests is easily accessable, or viewable via live webcam. You obviously don;’t want to accept what is going on in these camps.. or what the ones that posted the article for this intent was. Lets see, you can look this up. They the writer of the magazine felt that the US needed to take on a European style Socialist system. If you view tha magazine (Addbusters) the inspirers of Occupy Wallstreet, and then the group that actually read it, and started it and where they all were from and what they hoped the outcome would be you would be shocked. It was started as a thing against a Newyork passge but never was the final plan or porduct.. this was planned months in advance to that. All this is assessible and readable. but i will to you alwasy be filled with hate or irrevllevant facts and info, while on the other hand you will alwasy be set in your ways, nonmoving and nonwilling to consider the reality and final outcome of these protests and the fact that that majoiry of Americans is a big fat exateration. i have talked to many on other political sites and quite a few who were caught up in it at first but actually looked at its roots and then the things going on it it now and have turned there support away.

        “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”
        -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, April 6, 1816

        The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended, eager to learn what had been produced behind those closed doors.
        As the delegates left the building, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”
        With no hesitation, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Not a democracy, not a democratic republic. But “a republic, if you can keep it.”

        So you have here a Democracy.. the Republic was killed by the people, and now you have failing Democracy and in the destruction of that heading to socialism.

        I saw an article and I do not agree with everything in it, but he was on the money for most part. What we had and are trying to destroy versus where we are heading

        There you go Dakotaman, while others were able to google info I have given you a bit more. Amazingly history repeats itself in The US always trying to be like Europe.. sad sad sad. i did not look into party affiliation but at same time saw adds for both sides so take it how you like it. I suspect that going by the emails, this will hopefully give soem some thought material. What you do is your call, but making an informed decision is best. I do not support neither Republican nor Democart or any other system. We were not founded for such.. and that has been a demise for ages. You can also read articles and memos sent to the USa to not follow suit in European and other institutions way of governement by them governments themselves. in stating, a flawed system that destroys the nation and the people.

        Thanks to those that wether you support this or not, take the time to read it, look into it and not just what i have posted but all the links and then dig further into history and view yourself. in such it is hard to not see where we are heading. As i stated near the beginning.. this is bigger than just a group of protesters, this is the demise of our Country and is deeper than wallstreet, deeper than what many even realize. America is not even on the list now of top job creators, isn’t on the list of great places to grow a family, and that sad. you can access any info thanks in part to Google, and other sites with search engines. What causes businesses to move away from the USA? Wages enforcved by unions that are not to a persons performance. 20 bucks an hr to glue on a screw to a hood? 30 bucks an hr to wash off parts? versus 10 to 15 bucks an hr for non unionized and pay increases based on you the worker. Taxes also cause companies to run when in excess. We have lost so many companies to overseas due to these things. So those who support unions, please look up the facts, not political propaganda, but true facts. I have been on both sides of the fence before i had my own business and have to recall how a man, to my abilities under a union was able to just stand there and play on his cell phone while half way doing his job. Never got fired, or situations with my wife or friends I know. Or you could go to the I. O . U.,s that are against Social Secruity and more.. the list goes on and on. So if there is to be a protest it needs to be by honestly knowing people, not a gathering that even the runners of it in each area state there is no actual agenda, just to march, hand out flyers, and hold there camp and storm those they find might have some money. That’s not democracy, that is using your freedom of speech. big difference. i end this post for it is alot ot read, i would just use Youtube and post a link but am not exactly sure how to make my cam work with Windows 7. have a great one, and may all find there backbone and get back to where we have turned from to restore what we have lost.

        quote: a green car is no better than a red car, just gets less ticket attention. fact!!!

      • #7 by dakotaman on 2011.10.26 - 1:43 pm

        I guess I should have explained things in simpler terms:

        One of the Biggest Reasons People are Mad Enough to Protest

        Leave it to my hero in the Senate to explain it best:

        No one lays it out, like Bernie

        (Interesting note: The Occupy Protests are now supported by more Americans than the Tea Party)

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    Wife got in world last night for the first time!! Was a real shocker. We both look foward to since I lost the bet on opening date a huge card event with prizes to the winners when we regain our hood. All are invited and event will be under games. For those who don’t recall, wife and I had a bet and if I won a huge paintball event, if her then cards. Welp have to work, later everyone. Looking foward to a new update, or a picture to study up on. its amazing what starts out as for instance just a pic of a cemetary what you learn of that area, its people, its history and soemtimes it effects you.

    quote: i don’t know what I don’t know, but I know what I know.

  6. #9 by SNIPERBAIT adult /child test on 2011.10.23 - 9:14 am

    So many responses had to start a fresh post lol. My whole point was to get folks thinking, and some did. Some of course one in particular even in the end were stating off the wall mess, but that person knows who they are. It does not matter to me how or what side a person takes on this protest on wallstreet mess. Reality is this: With what is being demanded they are asking for a socialistic society in place of our capitalisitic society. Read the demands that each group officially turned into government. But, thats all besides the point.. even after this protest wanes away and another begins or who knows what else happens.. things not just in the Nations capital have to change, but at your own homes. There are some that believe voting does no good, and in soem point I do agree and soem point not. Voting starts at the county level usually.. then to the state, and then so on as far as how a person usually goes up the ladder. Now for Herman Cain..wether i would vote for him is not a certainty i am still watching for the magic moment out of soemone where there light bulbs work in clarity not the political confusion. But one thing he has and we need.. a person who has not been pollutted by years of being in government. think about it.. Maybe if we funded those who haven’t been in that area of life maybe things would change. Now I know we need to have some with experience.. but with all the lawyers Im sure that taking an average person with stamina and fund them that we might be surprised. you cannot expect a person to feel the people if they have been so seperated form the people for so long that a ballet and town hall meetings is the only time they get near us. Dakotaman.. whereas I feel that you are a vain man, one if is obviously full of himself, I will state it to you like this. There was nobody stupid in this blog.. but to lable such and the way you presented your points, you really need to come off your high stool and readjust yourself. Your pants are sagging for all you said was nothing but a bowel movement. In what could have maybe been soem good points you trashed it. I watched others who on soeme agreed and soem not both here and emails and a political area I do which folks state there points, but ones they have dug into and unlike you we all have kept it pretty tame, with some agreeing some not and ideas being launched. Thats how this was supposed to have worked. you say you were part of a debate team.. this was not a debate competition where you have a rehearesed set of info you wrote down and are to go all out an rip the others heads off on. GET A LIFE REALLY… There was no competition… wether your facts were wrong or right yet you really fall into my in quote 1% of people that need personal help versus the in quote 99% of us that maybe not perfect but at least have respect for our fellow man. Im sure you will most likely respond to this with more rants and other trash but I from this point unless a sinceeer apology will not be responding to it. If it was my blog I would even delete it. For those who did respond and we carried on a functioning and in my thoughts insightful debate that each of us no matter where we stand could have stuff presented to be looked at, great job.. you got the point… thinking, talking, and learning from each other and in such that is more powerful that any propaganda or said type. I personally apologize on my typing but any who know me note that for starters I have big fingers from my line of work, and a new keyboard with these absurdly tiny keys. If it at times has been hard to read my sincerest on that. On run on sentences.. At my point in life I am just trying to have fun and find civilized folks who can also have a good time on here. In response to emails.. i am so lost on how any got my email in first place but am not upset.. cool, yall got to show me how you found it. Even in as many emails as I recieved the majority seemed to have thinking minds and ones not led by propaganda. Thats a great thing. Non, even those who did not agree with my thoughts, or were fully for more government and one of all things that wished we were like a few other locked down countries where all had the same and all was owned by the government.. did not insult but kept it fun and simple. I wonder what would happen if I posted I think purple, the color of royalty is the most beautiful color. i can say that 99% would say they liked another or may agree or may present an good point on another color.. but 1% being one would want to call me stupid for liking it and argue with me for even stating such and that I must be visuually impaired. So.. I won’t. i will state one last thing.. Thankyou Michael Wilson for allowing me to carry this on. I think I did find a kid due to him name calling and such so maybe that should be looked into. The rest I have talked to on here, in another area and email have all been like adults.

    QUOTE: a person who has to call someone stupid must not be all that smart themselves.

    • #10 by dakotaman on 2011.10.24 - 12:03 am

      Apologies to Michael Wilson for hijacking this forum for a little political discourse.

      I’m leaving the argument where it is, lacking any cogent counterarguments.

      But for those of you who REALLY wanna know what the Occupy:WallStreet protesters are angry about:

      What the Wall Street Protesters are Angry About!

      This is just the start….


      PS to Sniper: Those who read my responses will undoubtedly noticed that I NEVER called anyone stupid. (But you sure piled on the insults to me…..)

      “Be able to defend your arguments in a rational way. Otherwise, all you have is an opinion.” (Marilyn vos Savant)

      • #11 by SNIPERBAIT debating on glass packs or cherry bomb mufflers.. on 2011.10.24 - 7:46 am

        Dakotaman.. you might want to review your info. you feel you won an argument yet the emails that have flooded my inbox 9which I still don’t know how my email was found) say differently. As we stand I have a 75% ratio agreeing with me after they did go an research the matter themselves. Its nice to stand for soemthing bud, but whats sad is that top 1% is not majority in the financing sector. That makes up a small percentage. You seem to think that I have no idea what I am talking about, but as a owner of a business I do. My taxes personally are far higher than any average consumers. These folks that are getting up and stating they pay way less I would really like to know how. But you have still also failed to see the whole point of the topic: It was to get people to think for themselves and not just go off articles such as you post, but to dig in. If I wanted I could post pages and pages and flood this blog. My purpose was to lay a foundation of curiosity wether a person agreed with me or not did not matter. To many just go with the flow versus thinking a matter though. All you keep doing is putting out propaganda. The tea party failed when they let in Republican candidates though they still have soem clout. The Occupiers failed when they let in The Democrats. Though Bushs term and Obamas the Dems have run the show. If you want change then you can’t keep the old. So both sides failed, but whereas the Tea Party got labeled by other countries as racist when a good majority are African Americans.. The occupiers by other Countries have been lables as the leaders into a new communist era. Take it how you will. And on you stating that others didn’t take it as you calling me stupid, I have an inbox that says differenty. Sad part is that even those that supported already what you stated felt you were off your rockers. If a person truelly says they are part of soemthing then they take part in it. Go get a tent, and get involved else you are not part of that movemment, just a wannabe., I cannot say I am part of a revolution if I sat at my pc or did nothing other than spread angry messages. I am sure you will say that again I make no good point, and that again I offer no counter argument. But again that was never the point. On defending my arguments… there were none. On just having an opinion, well that is really all you had. You took info that others wrote and accepted it as fact and bam you your ready to fight with words to the death. So you didn’t win a debate, there was not one. you won in making as put by many of the emails a rude, arrogant man who though you believe in soemthing have been better at pushing folks away than drawing them in. I did get quite a few notes on my grammer and even I agree it is bad, but that didn’t deter folks from getting curious. You still were never able to tell me one thing.. what good is this raising taxes going to do? Raising taxes doesn’t bring jobs, it just increases government coffers. So in the end you have still just as many unemployed as before. I’m all for fairness so don’t get me wrong. I would love to pay what you and others pay in taxes versus the high amount being I’m a business owner. I would love to not have to pay all the regulatory costs, accountant, healthcare and more. So please tell me how it is possible for those higher up to pay less… the reality is it isn’t. It just does not have as big an effect. You want to cause wallstreet mayhem, then stop buying products at Walmart and all the others which makes stock go higher. Stop driving that car, get a bike from a yardsale. And stop letting a political side support yalls cause and use it as a campain tool. THe man has been in 3 years and accomplished squat. Even in the pull of troops out of Iraq, it was supposed to have been secure.. whereas Iran is now just waiting and busting but to make relations with them. To all those that supported the Libyan movement.. looks like we have another Islamic governemnet intolernat to other views. Thankyou, we really needed that… See Dakotaman, I lay out tibbits for folks to read and then it is up to them to either email me, or to go and study it out themselves. If I was just a propaganda government loving man, then I would do as you have. I don’t want folks to just take what I say and accept it. I want them to read it, dig into it and read all sides and not just spend a day but really know all the matters of a subject. If not then what we end up with in the end is folks saying what are we and why are we supporting what we are. In closing, does anyone know how hard it is to fire a bad teacher or a lazy worker… almost impossible. So when you support unionization keep that in mind. A example is following: I have a good friend who is a store manager at an unnamed grocer. The company has the option to be in union or not. WElp the workers that load the truckjs are supposed to securely wrap the product for transport but are just throwing a simple wrap around and its arriving all over the place. Nothing can be done for the union is representing that person and others. A tap on the hand is about it. And many more situations all over the place. A union was at one point a good thing but as they say absolute power corrupts. if you work for me, you earn your money by doing your job, not halfway doing it. I personally set the bar and work just as hard. But that’s again soemthing for folks to ponder and think about. Not a debate as Dakotaman insist I am trying to have. I feel that I have been successful with the results of emails. Not all agreed but they did study deep not just what was in news or media or put on here. Some even posted some points for both sides of the topic that were like candy to a baby. Maybe I am in the wrong career field.. who knows.. I just have a burning concern about a people that are so quick to believe what they see and that unknowingly get into stuff they haven’t dug into.

        quote: A man goes to college and has book smarts of what he is taught, another man actually has experience and ends up having to teach the other man. thats why you see 6 engineers at a bridge and then you have another man who isn’t that uses experience and common sense to tell them that if they do that the bridge will fall.

      • #12 by SNIPERBAIT debating on glass packs or cherry bomb mufflers.. on 2011.10.24 - 8:01 am

        Out of curiosity I looked at your link just to see lol.. and the big thing is unemployment. Well why don’t you also ad the part they they are putting the slogan “people over profit”. Meaning that a company should be forced to hire a person they do not need if they have excess to afford it. If I have work for 5, then why should I be forced to hire 7 that will end up leaving all with nothing to do but stand around? eat up the reserve and cost me even more money from insurance, healthcare, and all the other costs involved. That in long term spells doom if I hit a slow period. Have you not also read that in all the protesting.. what is Uncle Sam taking out of all this? Tax hike, force hiring, and more. you can’t expect a corrupt institution to be able to bring the change you want successfully unless they are removed and those who haven’t been polluted are put in place. And we didn’t hijack the forum. A cartoon on the subject was posted, so i posted to arrouse curiosity you posted to win a debate that didn’t exist. Can someone please have a debate with Dakotaman, I want all to be happy, and I think in his old age he is longing for the glory days. 🙂

        quote: Some get old and long for a sporty car, some a mansion, then some to go back in time and relive.

      • #13 by dakotaman on 2011.10.24 - 12:53 pm

        It’s like arguing with the kitchen table…..’sigh

        So, I’m gonna leave the arguments where they are, since I still haven’t received ANY logical, fact-based arguments (other than mysterious phantom emails supposedly from people who don’t even care enough to respond publicly) refuting what I’ve said. Although I’m not surprised, as it is ‘par for the course’ for the Republicans: Baffle them will B.S., while providing NO ANSWERS to America’s REAL problems. Don’t tell me you’re against what I say, UNLESS you can give me better solutions to the problems Americans are worried about: jobs, health care, and getting the economy rolling again.

        Till then, I’ll keep my arguments for someone who can actually understand them.

  7. #14 by ARTIE on 2011.10.23 - 8:48 am

    Head on over to Castaway village , just back from the north beach on MotuMotu. I have built a number of pazes to see how the servers would handle the LAG. I also want to see if people who know that they fixed the rubberbanding in their computers are getting any rubberbanding on those ramps. Warning we had 3 people there yesterday and kept getting the message that the area was too full to teleport any more people.

    • #15 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.23 - 9:48 am

      This happened on Duda beach when another member of There decided to test similar stuff.

    • #16 by ARTIE on 2011.10.23 - 2:07 pm

      Yesterday, we had rubberbanding issues. Then today everything worked well until everyone was kicked at 3:45 PST. Then People in the area are having trouble again. Would like to have others come test the area. to see if it is server stressed.

  8. #17 by knighthawk101 on 2011.10.23 - 5:22 am

    Perhaps not exactly the topic we are speaking about right now but I have a suggestion. There have been several folks that have certain reservations about using paypal as a payment option, myself included. If I must I will make my peace with it somehow, but my humble suggestion is this. How about setting up a payment option with I’ve used that site for a long time, since I got ripped for over $400.00 on paypal, and I’ve never had a problem with their payment system at all. Not sure what exactly is involved in doing that but surely must not be any more trouble than a paypal setup. Anyway, just a suggestion. seems rather than just sit here and and worry about having to use paypal maybe I could throw an alternate option out there.

  9. #18 by martin71a on 2011.10.23 - 3:44 am

    MW hi there i have a small problem on there world when i have been driving around for abit the client crash`s on me.
    is this cos its in beta mode ??


    • #19 by 12mandy on 2011.10.23 - 11:23 am

      not too keen on paypal my self as i was robbed for 500 pounds few years ago but im insured so it saved me but i left paypal as my bank stated it was not safe place t do business with,and another point is im limited to just being able spend 1999 pounds year on there thats not good enough as i like unlimited funds to spend,but michael said paypal is only option if you want join so it appears i had no option but to join again which i have,

    • #20 by ARTIE on 2011.10.23 - 2:23 pm

      Yes, we are BETA TESTING and you should expect crashes and other problems like memory leaks. That is what testing is all about. Please document the problems you see and report them. DX8 does not like my computer but DX9 is working well on my desktop and older laptop. Not seeing the black bar because I never net Adobie Flash upgrade Flash 10 is stable and Flash 11 is not. We do not allow Flash 11 at my workplace that supports 20,000 computers.

      On 2 of my Avatars the ChangeMe and Trade window is off screen even when using 1400×900 resolution. Not too worried about this because I was able to move inventory using the GIVE method and will not be using these avies untill some family member or local friend needs a leveled up avatar. I have also been seeing issues with memory leaks and the THERE client going white and crashing. Amazing, I have yet to see the SegVio that some are reporting. Rubberbanding is an issue on some days and not others, even when all else in the house (5 computers all using internet and playing games, WOW, Twinity, There, Skipe, Yahoo Voice all at the same time.) So not sure the rubberbanding problem is my modem or firewall settings.

  10. #21 by max_14 on 2011.10.22 - 9:07 pm

    Excuse me where could I download >>>>>>>>THERE<<<<<<<<<<<

    • #22 by PcDoc on 2011.10.23 - 9:50 am

      Tried either:

      a: Log into ThereIM.. Visit your Profile on There Central.. Click on the “Get There” link on the upper right side of the page. Download client. (Probably the easiest method)

      b: Log into Visit your Profile on There Central.. Click on the “Get There” link on the upper right side of the page. Download client. (More than likely get server full messages.)

      c: Refer to for additional detailed information.

    • #23 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.23 - 1:35 pm

      got to be 18 plus

  11. #24 by That Guy on 2011.10.22 - 8:30 pm

    So what’s up with MW? Same old same old, testing away? lol

  12. #25 by Eatings, Sputters, Pneumonia, ect. on 2011.10.22 - 1:59 pm

    What would be great is if, they would refresh every hour or so, and let new people online.

    • #26 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.23 - 1:09 am

      They’re currently doing a flush about every 3 hours. So basicaly concentrate yer efforts at 3,6,9, and 12 either AM or PM and ya may have a better chance, assumin gold funpass or better.. Uh, those times are Pacific Daylight Time. North American West Coast..

      …..BaphNagi has been havin FUN inworld!!…..

  13. #27 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:24 am

    One more comment!
    No one asked who ‘The Sly Oyster’ was??????

  14. #28 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:20 am

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Back to Sims Social (Facebook game) for now!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahhah

  15. #29 by Charles Davis on 2011.10.22 - 10:09 am

    Sorry i may have missed this in older posts. Where do you you download the ThereBeta client. Or do you not need a download. i seen a statement about times set up for different beta testers to log on a given time for there year. or something along those lines. but i could not find any play that stated such time. my first month was feb 2005. any help you could give me would be most welcomed.

  16. #31 by Eric D. Copeland on 2011.10.22 - 9:23 am

    Ok im going to tell my bug’s ,i hope not to repeat things already discussed,i tried to read this blog to see what kind of bug’s were being reported but i seen more politics,and bickering about things that have nothing to do with there. so i stopped reading and jumped to the bottom to type this!
    My two problems i have had is when i am around items in word that have been dropped by other users SOMETIMES not all the time there will be these huge 3 dimensional flares or shadows from those items that will fill the screen.this dose not happen with items put out by there,like at a track,the ramps and gates,flags,ect.but items from users like buggies ,paz items dogs,ect will. another problem is trying to put items in folders in my inventory ,i can make a folder but when i try to put an item in it, the whole screen will freeze and turn black and white until you turn loose of the object,then it will be normal. It may be pertinent to say i am running There in DX8. this is the same system i ran there on in 2008 with no issues.

    • #32 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 2:03 pm

      I had that Eric , until l changed to dx9 .. click there/ settings and then the last page , I think its audio and something like that .. but it requires a reboot .. try to use your computer search for … theretweaker.exe … and change the renderer to dx9 and you might be ok and change it before in game

      • #33 by Escape on 2011.10.23 - 7:45 am

        “…huge 3 dimensional flares..”

        Excellent description, ‘tu Eric D. Copeland…

  17. #34 by xeroxcopy on 2011.10.22 - 8:43 am

    An endless paragraph with bad punctuation means, why waste time reading it.

    Your suppose to be posting a reply – not writing a book.

    • #35 by debs4u on 2011.10.22 - 10:31 am

      Sorry but that rude comment was not necessary, and at least he reported his bugs like we are all supposed to do, not criticise each other.

    • #36 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.22 - 10:57 am

      I just have to say… maybe some folks don’t have all of your education. May or may not be there fault, and putting them down is simply rude! They may be doing the best they can with what God has given them.

      Can’t we all just get along and be friendly? It gets sooooo old!

      • #37 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.22 - 12:16 pm

        “May or may not be there fault”
        Sorry man, I could not agree with you any more but I just had to point out you little error LOLOL
        I think you meant THEIR rather than There
        Seems your focused on some game? LOL
        See you in Their 🙂

      • #38 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.23 - 8:46 am

        You crack me up…lol! It was an intentional error… but that is where my head is at!

        See ya soon… somewhere?

    • #39 by spot751 on 2011.10.22 - 12:17 pm

      maybe xeroxcopy has a reading problem and a lot of words confuses them, you never know… but yes no need to be rude, there are some out there like my self that have battled with dyslexia all there life…
      Someone’s spelling or punctuation dose not reflect on there intelligence, being rude reflects on your personality.

  18. #40 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.22 - 8:19 am

    R.I.P Well1944

  19. #41 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.22 - 7:29 am

    I have a question about my files with my layouts etc. We found them , but how do we combine them with the most recent Client install so that they will work?

    • #42 by Jinxed_Karma on 2011.10.22 - 7:45 am

      In your My Documents folder, there’s a folder called “Makena”.
      Go to Makena -> There -> userdata
      You might have to make the next two folders if you haven’t saved any layouts since re-installing There.
      Go to “gamekit” … if it isn’t there, make a new folder named “gamekit”.
      Go to “gk_layouts” … if it isn’t there, make a new folder named “gk_layouts”.
      Copy and paste your .lay files here. Sadly, still limited to 50 at a time 😦
      Hope this helps and isn’t too confusing. ‘tu

    • #43 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 2:05 pm

      mine are in my documents now , and I changed them there .. use your computer search for .lay and you will see what folder yours are in

  20. #44 by calliekitty on 2011.10.22 - 7:21 am

    Thank for making a time period slots for all members to be able to log onto to help out with the beta testing. I was able to get in last night for a period of time, and my “change me” file did open and I was able to change my outfit. So that issue has cleared up for me. I flew around in my hot air balloon exploring, and the only thing I noticed was the fact that I did bounce a bit, but I remember that happening before in the old game. Older members would tell me that was when you hit a server boundary. Once again thank you for all your hard work, in working towards opening

    • #45 by calliekitty on 2011.10.22 - 7:31 am

      Oh and I forgot to add, I do however still need to set up my inventory in files, I was so excited last night to get into the game, that I spent my time exploring. You’ll have to forgive me (blushing).

      • #46 by Escape on 2011.10.23 - 7:11 am

        A note about server boundrys:

        “… will be VERY useful to get reports of zones which are split, or sector crossings that are more turbulent than desired….”

  21. #47 by martin71 on 2011.10.22 - 5:09 am

    R.I.P well1944

  22. #48 by Codyx on 2011.10.22 - 3:00 am

    While making a trade in the world with someone it said that the trade was completed but it had not yet been recieved in my change me i have the transaction history that says i recievesd them anyone know what’s wrong?

  23. #49 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.22 - 1:30 am

    “Calvin and Hobbes explain Occupy Wall Street…decades ago”

    So did the Late Great George Carlin:

    • #50 by daniel on 2011.10.22 - 7:38 am

      lol why is the background a snowey roof 😛 it dosn’t seem to fit his argument

      • #51 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 7:40 pm

        Look again, it isn’t a roof. It’s a graveyard.

      • #52 by daniel on 2011.10.24 - 7:43 am

        there are buildings and a full moon

      • #53 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.24 - 10:43 pm

        Alot of major corporations are headquartered in New York City. The show was filmed in New York City. He’s from New York City. They have big buildings in New York City.

        It snows in New York City. And they get Full Moons in New York City.

  24. #54 by spot751 on 2011.10.21 - 11:00 pm

    My report on how things are going.
    It goes with out saying, the better the computer and internet speed the better things run.
    I have tested things out with low end laptops up to high end gaming computers.
    And yes a lot of the problems that have been mentioned happen on the low end computers.
    Yet on a high end gaming computer there were little or no problems doing things….
    Graphic card plays a big roll in things as well as ram and CPU speed, and offcourse, internet speed..
    I didn’t see much difference in what OS was running, EG: 32bit or 64 bit, the only thing with the OS is what grade the computer is and how much percentage of your computer is uses to run that OS and how much you have free. EG: a Lenovo Centrino @ 3ghz -3Ghz with 2GB of ram running win 7 64 bit had problems, yet win 7 64bit on a quod cor 3ghz running 4gb ram with High en gaming video car, had little or no problems running…
    Things like downloading a big file wile playing, may result in rubberbaning , keep in mind if your on a network, how much bandwidth of your internet the other computers may be using.
    Over all I think things are going well, just keep in mind that not all the problems have to do with the server end, you have to have you computer running good as well.

  25. #55 by VM on 2011.10.21 - 10:51 pm

    Wow… trying to log in at 2:47am central and its still full -_-

  26. #56 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.21 - 6:58 pm

    Thought let everyone no that Well1944 will not be in the game any more he so loved he passed away had cancer I will miss the old man alot:(

    • #57 by spot751 on 2011.10.21 - 11:11 pm

      He will be remembered, and hopefully the hood goes back and who ever has it can put something there in memory.

    • #58 by Silver on 2011.10.22 - 4:29 am

      Sorry to hear that, my heart goes out to his family !!! GB

    • #59 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 6:04 am

      I don’t think I knew him, but I am sad to hear this anyway. May he rest in peace and his family and friends live in peace.

    • #60 by seckoa92 on 2011.10.22 - 7:27 am

      Oh that’s terrible. I sold a buggy to him once. He’s the second one from the loaners that has passed on.

    • #61 by calliekitty on 2011.10.22 - 7:34 am

      RunningHawk I’m so sorry for your loss of a good friend in game. I totally understand how you feel, I lost my Mom back in July due to cancer too. I’m giving you a hug of compassion!!

    • #62 by jake_jackson on 2011.10.22 - 10:22 am

      I am so sorry to hear that. He was my neighbor in the game at a time and we got along great. I will miss him and the fun structures he set up. He would let
      me have fun testing some of them out. A good man that will be missed. Good bye old friend.

    • #63 by PcDoc on 2011.10.23 - 8:58 am

      I didnt know him. That is really sad though. My thoughts go out to his friends and family. I am sure he is in a much better place now.

  27. #64 by debs4u on 2011.10.21 - 5:28 pm

    Samsyn and MW: 1 question…if we are organizing our things now in beta, when the real game comes willthe folders all be gone again? just saving myself some work lol, Also Ive fixed the black strip…look in not seaworthy yet at PC Doc’s comment works great..also the game is working perfect for me now:)

    • #65 by debs4u on 2011.10.22 - 10:00 am

      Sorry about the black bar fix, it took away the bar but in game then you have noaction bar, fun bar, etc. so I went back to Flash 11,I sure hope you guys and Adobe can fix this miserable and mostly annoying problem/bug. TYVM 🙂

      • #66 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.22 - 12:29 pm

        A suggestion:
        Uninstall Flash Player Version 11. Reboot your computer and install the version listed below. That should fix the problem until Makena comes up with a fix for the latest version.
        The one I used is: flashplayer10r45_2_winax.exe and the size is 1,956,656 and I got it off of Adobe’s site under “Older Versions of Flash Player”.

      • #67 by PcDoc on 2011.10.23 - 8:50 am

        The action bar and fun bar are still there (were for me anyway). They just need to be turned back on.

        Agreed that I hope they will fix it.. I am sure this is a newly discovered issue, since the ver of flash was just released.

      • #68 by PcDoc on 2011.10.23 - 8:51 am

        I have been posting all of my findings to So I am sure they will see them.

  28. #69 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.21 - 4:44 pm

    • #70 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.21 - 4:46 pm

      I was able to log on as VV for about an hour this morning and did get to test out two of the three types of portafuns! The buggy one worked just the same as it did in the old version of! ”’yay!

      • #71 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.21 - 4:48 pm

      • #72 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.21 - 4:49 pm

        The paintball portafun seemed to work the same as it did in the old too. However after the match was over, it did teleport the removed player back to the spawn pad.

      • #73 by Craig Hartley on 2011.10.22 - 3:33 am

        I suck at paintball xD

        Yeah the teleporting but what rather strange

        – Craig (the_juggernaut – the guy in the clip having his arse handed to him)

    • #74 by Superjuice on 2011.10.21 - 10:48 pm

      Ahh man 😦 The whole time you were trying to catch up I was like “Come on Francis you can get him!” Lol. Nice vid man

      • #75 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.22 - 12:04 pm

        Uh…. I was steping on the breaks most of the time, doing my best not to run juggernaut off the track. A very easy thing to do with no forcefields around the outside and those banked curves. Also makes for a better looking video if you can see more than one car : ) The important thing was to make sure scoring worked for at least 2 people. Hard to judge that if say only one of us finishes.

        I did get in today for about 40 minutes. I was trying to get a layout to load in a PAZ out by Duda Beach on the water. Unfortunately I seg violated before the layout even finished loading, and I could not get back in. There goes my one hour of time on that PAZ. Oh well, I got others to test in. Duda Beach seems rather packed. I was surprised by the number of PAZ’s though, and the odd names like “Lot1A” and “Lot1B.”

        I may be wrong but didn’t Mr. Wilson say that all PAZ’s would be removed just before There opened? Or did that change and I missed reading a post someplace? Anyhow I hope to get in tomorrow and see if this layout will load correctly. I am not sure how to put together the Saturn V rocket that Nex3D made otherwise.

    • #76 by Basya on 2011.10.22 - 12:08 pm

      Hi Francis! Umm…when were these “Portafuns” in world? I don’t really remember them. When I entered There in September 2004, there were PAZ’s, then later came the hoods.


      • #77 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.23 - 5:42 am

        The Portafuns were a test item only in shop for a short time. I really can not remember when they were sold. I am pretty darn sure it was sometime after Black Friday. Maybe early 2005? Does anyone remember when? They never worked quite right. You could not configure the web pages so the race track was always set to a certin number of laps. Still it was cool to be able to use them even in thier limited capacity. Anyhow good to know they still work.

        Also I managed to get the Saturn V to load today. Looks pretty impressive, but was floating about 30 feet above the ocean. The only way to get it to load right was to have freeze layout turned on. Though I suspect if I used relative location and stood in just the right spot, that might ahve worked too and had it at gorund level. I gave up after about three attempts at relative loading though. i will try that again tomorrow.

  29. #78 by vaughn_2 on 2011.10.21 - 3:59 pm

    Have not been in yet,still trying 2-3 times a day. What pees me off is the people that are in There are not helping with problem solving so MW can correct this and open the World sooner. Being a Beta member 2003 I hoped to log in and help with some issues,however there are probably 2009- 2010 members in world who have no clue. And why are people still complaining about monthy fees, go play somewhere else because if your whining now you will always whine and make the game miserable for others.

    • #79 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.22 - 3:38 am

      If you have not been able to login (which I hope you can soon) then how do you know the ones that have logged in are not helping/reporting? Just wondering is all

    • #80 by Kontumnam on 2011.10.22 - 9:14 am

      How many years do you have to be in to have a clue?

      and who is whining here?

    • #81 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.22 - 11:33 am

      How do you know they aren’t helping? Isn’t it possible they are sending out emails to support?

      Or… maybe they aren’t having any problems. People need to stop assuming things.

      They years folks joined has absolutely nothing to do with “having a clue”!

      STOP the silly stuff… please!!

  30. #82 by kazza123 on 2011.10.21 - 2:49 pm

    been in now a few times everything is great driving hover boards bikes paintball all works great change me works great taking things out works great no brobs at all there only probs is a little lag in some places /missing items from invertory which is every item off christmas stuff i had /and i still have the black bat at bottom off screen and a black box also round the comunicator change me bar and vol bar tryed different things but its still there but apart from that the world is running great .. thanks for all the hard work the team is doing fantastic job guys

    • #83 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:28 am

      click There / Customize / Toolbars and Tips , then click Messenger bar .. go back and X out the messenger bar , I think you will see the black bar at the bottom disappear

  31. #84 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.21 - 2:23 pm

    Recent bugs: Been going all around and sadly still a big lot that rather play than turn in bug reports so I have been gathering what is going wrong and the items that still are issues are as following:

    INVENTORY: paints and more missing from props to other items.

    *VOICE: still doing the raise up and lower problem or having to wait a period after a person stops else your voice is low like a mouse. Also redlining majority of time for no reason, then you
    fix it with voice trainer and just as quickly returns. Sounds like a AM at times as well. Some is on user side, but a majority appears to be wide spread.

    *STILL DUCKS:Have come across a number of people whom have to stand in one spot, cannot move no matter what DX version they are using. They have no issue if they are given a lift in a
    persons vehicle, but other than that stuck. In questioning, they have stated that had no issue in former THERE, or other places such as SL and other virtual world atmospheres.

    *COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING: This is a major issue that is like a virus spreading. It’s cure is certainly found in the reopening of THERE Virtual World, but at the pace it is spreading it may
    become a plaque that if not gotten a hold of my contaminate all aspects of said blog and THERE Virtual World.
    Spreaders may need to be confined for an undisclosed length of time.

    *RUBBER BANDING: Have met a handful whom i literally watched hop across screen.. and on there side they were having rubber banding issues. Not sure why I was able to see it when my
    connection for most part has been fine.

    *FLASHING: no this isn’t flashing like our laggy alternative offers of nude avies chasing you around, but flashing as in vehicles paints that are a submitted part of item such as a buggy flashing from
    the base (blue and purple) to actual correct paint.

    *MEMORY LEAKS: Casual slow increase of memory usage other than that of the clicking madness.

    If you are not going to report the bugs while in world, please do find a GP3D Beta member who will. Or at least post it in this blog when you are making comments on stuff. Just stating that if you report bugs then it will be longer till world reopens is not good reasoning. What if the issue you are having 100 others were having and felt the same and then world opens and we find out that it is going to cause a real headache since not addressed while less members logged in.. I am posting all info I gathered from talking in THERE world, Facebook, and other venues and have compiled for here. The names of said persons know who they are and in such I leave it to them if they want to state they are one of these folks.

    Thought to provoke thought: If people would stop looking to those who are doing well and saying “you Owe me”, and instead look in the mirror and say: “you MADE Yourself this way”, maybe then they would see that a successful person isn’t just some greedy being, but one who stated in themselves, I can do more, I can go farther, I will accomplish. And with hrs into the night slaving away they made it to the top. It baffles me of the gimme attitude this nation has taken on.. We say we love America, yet we are destroying her most coveted asset. “Freedom” in the ability to excel, to prosper and to choose to live as we please. Its called Capitalism and we are killing it. It’s a sad day when our communist neighbors are cheering the downfall of our system as a great thing and welcoming us with open arms. We have corruption all around but if your going to protest, why not get your head in gear and hit Washington DC, now the wealthiest area in the entire USA surpassing the former Silicon Valley. Sadly, that percentage is made up of Government employees and yet folks are hitting up businesses. If they could hire you they would if you were qualified, but if there isn’t work then to expect that they should be forced is insane. What may have started as a good thing is nothing more than the demonization of our values and a gutt wrenching greedy group of non thinking folks led by Unions and other groups that have helped many a business close there doors forever. I hope this makes some think and figure out what they are supporting and going against. It’s either one way or the other, freedom to have a chance at the American Dream or forced to live the same as all never having anything more. Wow wonder what kind of emails I will get today…I generally do not get into politics for to many do not think for themselves, or study into a matter but go with that status quoe and in such will argue that a stone is a living bird even though fact is it is just a stone. But with the cartoon, and stuff going on figured would throw it out there. Welp, lets see how fast my friends list poofs on Facebook…. :O

    • #85 by Babs There on 2011.10.21 - 3:05 pm

      The STILL DUCKS and RUBBER BANDING you mentioned sound like the same problem I had. Lots of people aren’t reading MW’s full blog posts though which can help resolve issues like this.

      For those that still have rubber banding problems, read the section titled “SPECIAL NOTE TO CABLE MODEM USERS” in Mw’s blog post here: Most likely it’s just the router setting “ip flood detection” that needs to be changed.

      Good luck! 😀

    • #88 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.21 - 3:38 pm

      First off, the loss of voice is probably due to a setting in Windows 7. If I remember correctly, its in Sounds and then Communications. Check “Nothing Happens”.
      No loss of friendship here, we just disagree a little. Your opinion is yours and I respect you for stating it! There will be NOTHING personal in what I say. I would say the exact same thing if we were sitting at a bar, talking. 🙂
      Spoken like a true Republican conservative, Tea Party possibly, I think.
      Here is the problem with that prospective, I think:
      Its NOT a question of “gimmie”, its a problem of the greed involved in a lot of the crap that is going on. “They” owe us nothing but a little respect!
      Look at Congress. They have no respect or compassion for those who elected them! They said what they said to be elected, patronizing us.. Then they turned their backs on most of them and pandered to the lobbyists. They are the ones who have their own agendas and will do anything to continue in their pursuit of the “gimmie” philosophy. How can any sane individual respect that attitude? This is true on BOTH sides of the isle.
      Its easy to sit back, as an CEO of a Pizza empire and criticize anyone that has not made it in the business world. To me it is a stupid, arrogant attitude. Statistics show that less than 1% of people who have dreams, of being a millionaire, will ever get there.
      Then you make up a stupid slogan like 9-9-9 and push it as the way to save the US. Well, as it stands, it won’t work! With a lot of tweaking, it has possibilities! Several studies, not funded by Democrats, have shown that it WILL add to the coffers of the top 1% and 84% of the lower income class will have their taxes increased. Can you say “Flash in the pan”?.
      My slogan may seem glib to most of you but, if we threw the names of every Therian in a hat, pulled out 535 names and put them in Congress, they sure couldn’t do any worse a job than were getting right now! Oh wait, no worse until the lobbyists got to them. Oh and don’t forget the oil, pharmaceuticals and a few others that throw millions at our “elected representatives”.
      My party affiliation is “RE-ELECT NO ONE”!
      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      • #89 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.22 - 1:33 am

        What amazes me is we all complain and bitch about how bad each president we elect, and yet each election year we just keep electing the same kind. The ones that say one thing, and do the complete opposite “LYING” in other words. I cannot think of one thing Obama said he would do during his first champain, or GW Bush for that matter, but then.. Do our votes really matter or do the 1% select who will be President? Think back to 1999. The Bush/Gore scandle. The “Miss count”. Funny how out of all the States it just so happen to be in Florida. ‘hm and who was Governer at that time? Yeah Jeb Bush. As for OWS or Occupy the Fed, uumm are you really that ignorant to say that its just a bunch of rich kids driving BMW’s with they’re cellphones taking pictures? They are “some” of the 1% that actualy cares. My advice is stop watching MSM = Main stream media because it’s the other 1% that owns MSM. They tell us what they want us to see and hear. Not the truth, and now they are the ones that are starting to get scared, because of alternate media mostly found on the internet. Hilary Clinton even said there is an Info war going on and they are losing. There is so much truth to be found on the Internet, but yet most are affraid of the “Real” truth, because the 1% wants you to be affraid. Roosevelt once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. I find it so funny how these “Pretty boys and girl” that are running for President all say when asked a question. “In my plan” or when I am elected President I will. Those are the ones I stay way from let alone believe. If you really listen to Ron Paul, you will hardly ever if at all hear him say that. Oh and he is by no means a “Pretty boy” (No offense Ron) like Bill Clinton was, and he sure helped in a big way to get us where we are today. So do you really want another “Pretty boy” in office? If so then you surely support NWO!!! New World Order. So I like Ron Paul am a Constitutionalist, and strongly support it. God bless Mother earth, and all living beings on Earth!!!!! Ron Paul 2012

      • #90 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.22 - 2:13 am

        Not associated ot any party.. but am also not associated with a group of protesters who started out with a vision but are now funded by unions, Move On and other groups including over seas sponsors who are in communist policies. As for issues with corporations not hiring. Well if you keep increasing my taxes, and adding more and more regulations no i won’t hire you.. I have to make sure i am able to keep what i currently have. So instead of hitting Wallstreet, why aren’t folks heading to where the issue is.. our nations capital.. There seems to be a mix up on things in what people are for and against.. When you hit these bigger businesses you will also be hitting up your smaller ones. So when your Bigmac cost 10 bucks versus 5.. you can thank yourself.. more taxes more regulations means higher prices to keep from going less than the current. I just want folks to actually look into what they are doing versus what many do and going by popularity. In the end it is our children who pay for what we do now… welp have to run, may be few days before i can get back on blog, yall have fun.

      • #91 by Osee on 2011.10.22 - 2:55 am

        Welcome to msnbc! oh sorry thought i was on a socialist website.

      • #92 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.22 - 12:55 pm

        Davy and Sniper,
        A lot of what you both say is true but if we continue down this path of people refusing to compromise, or even talk like adults, based on party affiliation, nothing is going to get done and the situation, in the streets, is going to get a LOT worse.
        We HAD a chance to change it in 2010 but WE just made it worse!
        You can put Ron Paul in as President, but if the House and Senate are split, it wont make any difference. Were going to be NO better off than we are now!
        Like it or not, unless we vote in some ethical people, who really do represent the people who elected them and not some lobbyist, with a lot of money, were screwed.
        Right now, I see no one in the political arena, who has the charisma to pull the people in Congress together, and get things done.
        Thats my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

      • #93 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.22 - 10:20 pm


        The only problem with not re-electing anyone is the tendency to disagree with how their campaign developed over the next 4 years. You know my point of view and position on politics, most of the time we just have to follow no matter our own opinion due to the job we have sworn to uphold.
        Someone will be elected even if we don’t vote, I say we because I gave up that right the second it did not count towards the way act as the rest of the world’s police men.
        And to what expense, to this date a dead nascar driver gets more press time than the countless fallen Soldiers ever will…

    • #94 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 4:37 pm

      And no AFK partys please….

    • #95 by dakotaman on 2011.10.21 - 6:00 pm

      Sniperbait, I usually refrain from getting into political discussions, UNLESS the arguments one presents are so filled with lies and errors, that I am obliged to counter those arguments with some truths. You claim to have ‘studied’ this matter, yet your conclusions mirror the propaganda being pushed by the Radical Right through Fox News (Accurately described as: Rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people.). Perhaps if you drank a little less of their ‘KoolAid’, you would find that the opinions of a vast majority of news outlets and Americans, tell a completely different story.

      Maybe you are more of a ‘visual learner’, so I will give you a place to start:

      It’s the Inequality, Stupid

      Such inequality is the hallmark of a broken, dysfunctional economy, controlled by a financial sector (Wall Street) driven by greed, gambling, gouging and pure speculation (with government backing), as opposed to making prudent investments. Wall Street is directly responsible for destroying 20% (1/5th) of all the wealth generated by US workers over the past 50 years and yet no one has been held accountable for this. And the financial meltdown didn’t affect the growth of wealth into the top 1% of Americans. Indeed, we are borrowing trillions of $$ from China, just to continue the temporary tax cuts on the very rich. Want to cut the deficit in half?? Let the tax cuts expire on the richest 1% and you’ve just cut 40% off the current deficit. Simple. And don’t believe the lie that taxing the 1% is ‘taxing the job creators’. The hard truth: Jobs are created by DEMAND…..and you don’t increase demand by cutting spending, laying off workers, and contracting the economy. A recent survey of the REAL job creators (small businesses) showed that they don’t think they are over-taxed or over-regulated at all. They will hire more people when demand for their products/services tells them to expand.

      “If people would stop looking to those who are doing well and saying “you Owe me”, and instead look in the mirror and say: “you MADE Yourself this way”, maybe then they would see that a successful person isn’t just some greedy being, but one who stated in themselves, I can do more, I can go farther, I will accomplish.”
      “We say we love America, yet we are destroying her most coveted asset. “Freedom” in the ability to excel, to prosper and to choose to live as we please.”

      I’m for personal responsibility as much as the rest. But with over 25 million people unemployed and over 45 million Americans living in poverty, a ‘Blame Yourself’ attitude is not only wrong, but demonstrates the naivete of those who believe it. In order to ‘climb the ladder’ out of poverty, you first need to have a ladder. This ‘ladder’ (otherwise known as the Freedom to prosper and live as we please) has disappeared for the middle class. The bottom 60% of Americans have seen their income drop over the past 10 years, while the wealthiest few and corporations have amassed the greatest concentration of wealth in the history of the world! And yet, we’re supposed to blame ourselves when the corporations we work hard for make record profits, while workers find their paychecks shrinking and benefits (along with their Freedom and American Dream) evaporating.

      “What may have started as a good thing is nothing more than the demonization of our values and a gutt wrenching greedy group of non thinking folks led by Unions and other groups that have helped many a business close there doors forever.”

      Of course, this is also false. The Occupy protesters are a cross-section of America, with young and old, employed and unemployed Americans who are Patriots fighting to take control of America back from Wall Street, Corporations and the wealthy, whose wishes seem to guide decision-making in a country where my vote is supposed to carry as much weight as theirs. Blaming Unions (and Firefighters, Teachers, etc) for our woes is not only inaccurate, but ungrateful for the things they fought for and won, for all Americans. (You know, little things….like health insurance, benefits, 5-day/40 hour work weeks, overtime pay, holidays, minimum wage, family medical leave, etc). Unions are the last bastion of worker’s rights and that is a GOOD thing, unless you think workers should have no rights and that corporations should write all the rules. Again, it was the Bush Tax Cuts that were given to try and stimulate job creation that backfired. In the past 10-12 years, 50,000 manufacturing plants in the USA closed their doors and shipped their jobs overseas (the exact opposite of what Bush said would happen).

      Finally, it is apparent that it is the fringe radical far Right who are trying to bring down the country. The Republican majority in the House was elected to create jobs and have YET to put forward even ONE piece of legislation to do that. The Republican Congress has been the most ‘obstructionist’ Congress in US history, using the filibuster a record amount of times (without presenting any alternatives of their own) They DO NOT want to govern. Their sole purpose is to stand by and watch America fail, blaming it on the Democrats, so they can finally achieve their goal of privatizing everything (and thus take ALL control away from the Citizens of America). This includes the destruction of the popular and effective Medicare and Social Security Programs. For example: Over 80% of Americans want Congress to pass Pres. Obama’s Jobs Program (and even Republicans favor this 65-35), but not ONE Republican voted for it. I am proud that our President is taking this argument to the People of America. When Congress no longer listens to its constituents, then they must go. The Occupy movement is a reflection of the justified ANGER Americans are feeling towards a broken system. They call themselves the 99% because they are fighting for issues which affect 99% of Americans. They include some of the country’s greatest ‘thinkers’, doers, and job creators. By any measure, their cause is just: To Bring Back the American Dream.

      I am a member of the 99%

      • #96 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.22 - 3:12 am

        Dakotaman.. I do not watch Fox.. i am a small businessman… and one point you are correct on is governments influence but when you hit the bigger which does not affect them, you also are hitting us smaller which cannot not be hurt by more load. Of.. and the whole articled you posted.. sorry but if you digg in most of them items were funded by a one sided agenda. You like that jobs bill.. hmm amazingly you may want to find better info.. even his own side turned it down for to many flaws. its like this healthcar which I am sure you may support as well which I can say means more business expense which in turn means less hiring. yes there is greed.. but hit where the source is.. every time we get tax raises its for a prgram that our gov wrote IOUS for in the past and it keeps building. isn’t it amazing since you are so for Obama that till recently all he has done is create alarger government… which is exactly what we do not need. When you own a business and actually understand soem of the mess you just posted then maybe we will talk. i actually saw all that junk online and all were done through Democraticly funded polls..As for The republicans which you say have not created jobs.. well neither did the dems when they had the house. I find that you say you are knowing yet you lack actual expereince in the area so making your comment of such void. Xsnoopy i have respect for in all he responded… you i cannot say the same for. On unions.. look through our history.. the majority of companies closed down were in unions. My wife when she worked in one place was in a forced union. how could i best put it. They tell the members to work slow if they want to gain overtime and such. That to me is screwing over that business. i watched as folks did things that were really on verge of illiegal and yet a union backed them. I live in a right to work state now and I have to say.. in seeing the two side by side.. i have a better place to live. in a right to work and not unionized a worker is paid on his/her abilty to perform, not on a system of all the same. I won’t go to a restraunt that forces shared tipping, I go where tips are that persons and is based on how they treat my table and how they do there job. And so it is understood, taxing those in the highest bracket.. no it won’t effect them but what you do not understand is that it isn’t stopping there.. Your protest you say you are part of.. well there is no honest order to it. I watched it live and have even read all the things that are being demanded and presented .. wow lets just say welcome to The Communist States of America and be done with it.. really. That is where this is heading for the partyyou have so favored stated in the begginning that they had no intent to fix things but wanted to focus on creating a world economy.. well that was our Secrerry of State.. now for our Pres, he stated at the beggining with applause about a manufactured crisis. Now he is just riding the coat tales of folks like you who will believe his mess. you want to cleanup Wallstreet, then get all the governemnet backers and funders out of your protests.. till then you are a one sided group that is filled with not patriots but folks who at one point had a vision and now are just no better than the lobbiest they are against. i myself am by no means greedy and if you looked at my life would not know what I do.. but at same time if i put in all i have and excel.. that is my right. Not yours to take away. taxing the wealthy more by the way and corportaions.. hmm ok cool.. but what is it going to do to help you? not a thing. All in all it just expands our debt more for everytime they create another tax they add more programs and hire for federal employees to oversee it. still no new jobs.. hmm are you surprised. people are what makes a corporation or business and that business will protect them..still no more jobs. just bigger account for Uncle Sam. Heres a reality for those who want college paid for, rent paid for, food paid for, utilities paid for, a free phone. Stay at home and apply at your local defax office. Oh.. make sure to be producing more children you couldn’t feed otherwise. if you are a male you may have to do some community service each week, and if a female depending on number of your children. thats what a bigger gov is doing.. paying for folks to do nothing, and all the while with a smile supporting those who want to tax others more. Still no jobs. College being paid for.. hmm means more taxes which the tops wont be able to cover.. still no jobs. So.. when you protest which you are using a greedy eveil corportaions product to read this and respond make sure to realize you arent fixing the issues or issues, just playing right into a political game. have fun with that. Eventually all these tops will leave the US as many have and then you no longer have those taxes so more inabilty to pay for more government workers. still no jobs. if I was in the top 1% you wanting this wouldnt effect me at all, i would just raise my prices or leave, or if not a corporation then just go on laughing and enjoying my life while my accountant handles all this. I again am neither sides politically for have seen good and bad out of both sides. currently both are in the same boat in my thoughts.. Still no jobs. Welp i hope that you are enjoying that new job you got by raising taxes on the top 1%.. really couldnt this have been thought through better. oh i also like the idea of lets have open borders for all.. hmm isn’t that an issue in itself for jobs. you come legally great, but if not then no. We are the only country literally that is so lax on this. on your comment on tax cuts would cover 40% of budget if they were stopped.. what have you been drinking. Literally please I do not want to buy it if it will cause me to not be able to use common sense as your posting. you cannot decrease a debt if it is constantly added too. you have to take away the red pen for starts. If i write a bd check i go to jail.. so why do you support Uncle Sam doing such? if you response is just as brainwashed as the one you posted you can cram it or you can add me on facebook and we can then skype and have some fun… But after reading what you posted and then seeing where its source wa 9thanks google and bing) i have to laugh. Xsnoopy hats off to you for we had a different thought but you were respectable… and would actually sit and carry on with you anyday. i am open to things but not fooolishness. I posted a thought on this blog and thought surely would get a better response.. Makena is a corportation.. remember that when they do start making money again and are quite profitable..Do you then want what you say you love to be taken away again? It could happen and its called regulations and taxes upon taxes. looking for someone who has done there homework and not just going by figures put in the news or on a website paid for by those who wish our demise. Would have been more interesting if you had come up with all that on your own, for then i would have had to relook into stuff to respond but no need for what i have already read before.

        quote: a man who cannot think for himself is no better than a busybody in others business. Always going by and spreading gossip which ends up being false.

      • #97 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.22 - 4:13 am

        Have to say a true Obama lover you are.. wow lets blame Bush.. it alwasy amazed me when he was running for president he couldn’t list his own abilites for he was inexperienced but his slogan blame Bush wow and now the same .. 3 years of corruption and all he has chosen almost in positions being in legal issues and again blame Bush.. for he has not a record to show off.. i am amazed more and more of how easily people are led to believe mess. Im also not stupid by the way.. i have a quite high IQ. but one thing I have which is far greater is common sense and an ability to see though a matter. If you are that 99% group then get off here, stop using your phone or laptop or whatever to do this blog and get a tent and get out there. As long as you are using and paying the bill for evil corporations such as those you are using then kind of hypocritical. Do you really think that taxing them folks is going to create more jobs? Every job thing that has been brought through has flunked. You cannot create work that does not exist. Eventually it will fall though. like that stimulus.. look at how well it is helping the states who were forced to take it.. They have to keep up that budget when it rund out and guess what.. they didn’t have it to begin with.. but tax the toips.. yea good thinking.. To me its called coveting. All who blame it on bush.. yea.. hmm better go do your homework on that one. Goes way way farther back and oops it was a democrat that signed it into law.. Lets see if you figure out who..

      • #98 by dakotaman on 2011.10.22 - 3:34 pm

        Wow, Sniperbait — never have I seen a more confusing argument than the long, run-on sentences that were your post. As a former collegiate debater, I was immediately struck by your lack of any proof for what you are saying. Thus, I won’t try and address most of it because it is opinion that is not backed by facts. Ergo, my original arguments stand. But I will comment on a few of your more egregious statements:

        “When you own a business and actually understand soem of the mess you just posted then maybe we will talk.”
        I currently own/operate a business and also did so throughout the 70’s and 80’s. In between, I was Director of a non-profit education and employment training center (22 years) that helped literally thousands of area residents find employment, get their GED, re career, etc. So I feel pretty comfortable that my ‘understanding’ of all this is sufficient to match wits with you.

        “Of.. and the whole articled you posted.. sorry but if you digg in most of them items were funded by a one sided agenda…..i actually saw all that junk online and all were done through Democraticly funded polls.”
        Facts are facts. 1) First of all, nearly ALL of those graphs came from independent, non-partisan sources (examples: Congressional Budget Office, US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, major university research, Federal Reserve, NY State Comptroller, Senate Joint Committee on Taxation, etc) and is available for ANYONE to verify. Which of these are funded by ‘one side’?? 2) Of course their publication was sponsored by the more Progressive party. Why? Because Republicans don’t want you to see these facts. You’ll never see them on Fox News, but I have seen them on virtually every other network, in addition to newspapers and news magazines. You want to Dis the facts?? SHOW ME evidence that proves that they are wrong. Facts are facts, no matter how much you try to disrespect the messenger.

        “Have to say a true Obama lover you are.. wow lets blame Bush.. it alwasy amazed me when he was running for president he couldn’t list his own abilites for he was inexperienced but his slogan blame Bush wow and now the same .. 3 years of corruption and all he has chosen almost in positions being in legal issues and again blame Bush.. for he has not a record to show off..”
        (Not sure if I understand this nonsensical jumble of words – learn how to make cohesive arguments, man) This really makes me angry — that people would so disrespect our democratically-elected President. For the record, I am an Independent who voted for Obama. But I vote for both Democrats and Republicans (although in retrospect, voting for Bush II’s first term was the worst decision I ever made in my nearly 40 years of voting). But to say that President Obama has ‘not a record to show off’ is just plain bullshit. His accomplishments have surpassed his predecessor (and he’s still in his first term) and they are astounding, given that Republicans have set a record for using the filibuster to block everything the President proposed, making them the most do-nothing, obstructionist Congress in history. Despite that, Obama’s accomplishments are impressive:

        Short list of Obama’s Major achievements
        Full list of achievements

        This list doesn’t include the facts that in the past week, President Obama ended 2 wars. Both Bush and Obama went after Dictators: Bush spent nearly 2 trillion dollars and sacrificed 4,400 Americans (and another 30,000 plus wounded) and took 9 years. Obama did the same thing with Zero loss of life, a few billion $$ and in a 6 month period. And STILL, the Republicans won’t give him any credit for it. Disgusting and wrong!

        So anyway, Mr. High-IQ man of so much experience, tell me: What is the Republican plan for Jobs?? (Hint: they have none and don’t care). What is their plan for lowering health care costs? (Hint: Privatizing Medicare under the Ryan Plan will double costs, provide less coverage, and explode the number of uninsured) How are the Republicans going to rebuild the middle class? (Hint: They have no plan and don’t care). How are the Republicans going to get rid of the deficit? (Hint: Their current plan will raise the deficit even higher, with no hope of generating more income to pay it off — that’s according to their own analysis). How are the Republicans planning on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure (roads, bridges, education system, etc)?? (Hint: They had a plan, but since Obama is proposing it for them, they are against it — better we just accomplish nothing than give Obama a win). How are the Republicans going to solve the Illegal Alien problem?? (Hint: they have no plan of their own and have blocked any progress on solving it by the current administration). What is the Republican Plan for Social Security?? (Hint: they want to privatize it and force everyone to gamble their retirement with Wall Street) I could go on and on here, but believe it’s a waste of time trying to convince someone who ignores facts

      • #99 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.22 - 4:14 pm

        While I pretty much agree with the thoughts you posted above, and I think the unions WERE the last bastion of workers rights, they are a part of the problem.
        To demand that a worker, with a high school education, sit on an assembly line, installing headlights in a car, is worth $20.00 an hour, is absurd.
        One of the reasons the work was shipped overseas was, “they” can/could make it cheaper and, unfortunately, BETTER than we could, is a sad testament to our cultural mentality. We can’t be competitive when the unions are coercing companies into paying absurdly high salaries for “unskilled” workers.
        It’s the right idea but the wrong time.
        In NO way am I saying your wrong, just that there has to be a better way. Unfortunately, like the morons in congress, I don’t have a better idea, I’m just bashing yours 🙂
        If there is NO demand for Widgets, throwing money at the Widget Company isn’t going to induce them to hire more workers to manufacture a product that there is no demand for. It will, however probably force the company into bankruptcy.
        If, however, you put people to work by creating jobs and paying those workers a FAIR wage, you will create demand. More workers will have money in their pockets which always creates demand for good products.
        To put this on a more basic level, when I look at a few of the leaders in the House, I get this overwhelming urge, given the opportunity, to slam them against a wall and ask them “WTF is your problem?” Well educated, well read, elected to represent the “will” of the people and they have NO CLUE! Of course, given the opportunity, is never going to happen. They are “our leaders” and I was not raised follow my emotions, like some do.
        I look at the list of potential candidates and I see nothing worth the 2 mile trip to the polling place, next November. How sad is that!!
        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      • #100 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.22 - 4:38 pm

        Hindsight is always 20/20.
        What say, if we are going to make this a debate, lets NOT worry about who was at fault! Actually they BOTH contributed to this mess we are in. Lets just leave it at that.
        How about we stop the finger pointing and try to figure out some way to pull ourselves out of this hole we, as a nation, have dug for ourselves. Right or wrong, we elected this group of morons and now, we can descend into chaos or figure out who we need to elect that has some clue how to fix it, and is not more interested the “PERKS” attached to the job than helping his country.
        WHOA! That was a lot shorter than I expected!! 🙂
        SMILE guys, at least we can discuss this without worrying about a knock on our door.

      • #101 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 7:51 pm

        Well, if there was a “1%” who made the presidential elections, they sure saved our butts by not letting the “Internet Inventor” be president.

      • #102 by ketchup2k3 on 2011.10.22 - 9:55 pm

        dakotaman, I wish not to get heavily involved in this conversation, but I must say I’ve always looked to you in There as a man with vast wisdom and still today you continue to inspire me with your ability to hold a calm, logical discussion. I hope I run into you in world soon, because it has been too long.


    • #103 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 9:19 pm

      Aren’t we supposed to send the issues to the EMail address? I know that’s what I did.

    • #104 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.22 - 3:03 pm

      To Davy’s post, though soem small things you stated i cannot agree with totally, yet you hit points I can and you also are able to carry a civilized discussion thus far. You don’t seem brainwashed but as one who is actually looking into matters. Im not sure who you are referring to as “pretty boy” for where i live that means a horn dog or one who has the wrong head in areas it does not need to be. I can vouch though that Herman Cains 9-9-9 may not work, but if any has listened to him for years and known his actual history versus the media version you have a man who truelly worked for what he has had. He has a focus and that is not soemthing i have seen in 3 years. I do agree on everybody gripes about who they voted for. bush was not perfect by no means.. but i do give the man credit in two areas.. everything he tried to do a totally democrat controlled house and congress blocked. And when we were hit, going off the info he had he fought back. To many take it lightly what happened that day. For Clinton.. they say sex makes it where it fogs your brain and is proven that total geeks start messing up if they are frequently having soem.. so maybe that is why he sold our tech to the Chinese to tract all our subs and many other things. guess he was thinking with the wrong head. i can bring up the flaws on many presidents and most certainly myself.. but out of all the ones our current has surpassed any i can recall or dig up info on. Even dear old jimmy Carter who for what ever the reason stated that he was the best president ever and gets into matters he is not authorized to handle still. on the main stream media being covered by the quote 1%.. yes and no. it was stated a while back ago and you can google this info of the majority of media sites being firmly instructed to make sure that obama is not down trodden and for most part to focus not on the bad of his presidency but when things happen to shift attention on another matter. He also created a governemnet position which is against our constitution that oversees his appearance. It is not supposed to be paid for by tax dollars yet it is. I cannot even count how many sights have been shut down for speaking the truth. Hears another thought.. everyone of his colleges from his days in chicago have either been arrested, are being investigated or have been tided up in soem other corrupt mess and named him.. yet later changed there story and said no he wasn’t invlolved.. see who looks into this and who just rants lol People, the whole point of my posting was to get your attention to think. You can tax every pimp or millionair there is but if you break down what our actual budget is, even if they were taxed at over 100% for ten years the amount of debt we are in would not vanish.. not would we make budget. i have no problem with taxes. they pay for the rds i use and more, and they help soem who honestly need it, and if times hit take care of elderely who cannot be taken care of ta home. Which that in itself is a flawed system but it is what it is.. So tax that 1% to death if it makes you happy, they will just leave. But permanent jobs still are not created for government has never been successful in that area. GM is not a success. That was actually another illegal move and last time I checked though put on media debt was paid off it was not. A thought occurred to me.. if we tax that in quote 1% and they end up in that in quote 99%.. then where will that needed tax revenue which was taken to write a bill of more red ink (money proposed but not in hand) then what will pay for them programs then? Its time that them protestors made a hit at stopping more red ink and more gov regulations. This jobs bill is just more red ink.. there is no guarantee of that money. i am also trying to figure out soemthing.. how does that top 1% pay less taxes when I as in quote classified as a small business have found that small business pay over 30 percent of our nations income. That’s alot of money and you wonder why it costs 20 bucks to change your light bulb lol. i like Ray Steven video about the obama budget plan.. is right on que.. yet if folks don’t get there act together he will be relected again. Did you know that the epa is fixing to expand but is holding off for sake of Obama and the upcoming election? I honestly think that this 99% versus 1% will later be found to have distracted a true fraud and the endeavors that were being undertaken to further sink our nation. its good to speak for what you believ, but don’t be sitracted and get your neck cut cause your head was turned away. They say history repeats itself.. its like we are back in the 70’s again.. if someone is curious about the 70’s just google protests and rallies and such.. you will find it. What ended up happening in the long run was more government and more unhappy people after they got off there leafy high. Welp if I have angered soem and you haven’t at leats looked into what I have siad, then please go rant to yourself. All that has been responded to me both here and email.. even though i have studied into what I am talking about, i personally go and read or reread into. Except one person (Dakotman) . Welp in closing, i do have to work and have had fun in this blog this time. Though it will be more fun with my friends and family and such when world does open.

      Thanks Yankee and Odile.. had an issue with Flahs and were correct on it being a bug filled update.. Have to love Adobe..

      • #105 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.22 - 10:24 pm


        I don’t know if you care or not but I will tell you anyways. You post more than 10 lines and I will not read it. Not because I do not care to or want to disrespect. you. It is simply a choice I make on everyone’s account.

      • #106 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.23 - 2:35 am

        Anytime Sniper 🙂

  32. #107 by daniel on 2011.10.21 - 2:19 pm

    hey can any developers that made buggys tell me if there is a site where you can download textures like hoods, under, window, wheels and so on?

    • #108 by SNIPERBAIT with a Voice on 2011.10.22 - 3:16 am

      yes Daniel. i personally hand drew most of mine but there were some things I got from On his site there was the models and soemtimes if you go to the creater of that model they will have textures you can use. Alot also from what i saw took an actual camera and set is sizing and then took pics of actual items like the bottom of there car, there rims, there motor or lights, and more. you can also google free unrighted textures and have a selection in that as well. If you find me on facebook feel free to im me and remind me and i may have some links. im sure others do as well with such a vast web available.

      • #109 by daniel on 2011.10.22 - 12:23 pm

        ok so i gave you a friend invite. so i have made what i think is what a buggy texture looks like. and i would like you to look it over and maby give me some tips on anything i could change. i could give you like 10k tbux for the trubble? so IM me in game if your interested.

      • #110 by Greenie on 2011.10.22 - 1:45 pm

        On *free downloadable textures and models*

        Please keep in mind that FREE does not necessarily mean that you can use it in a virtual world that does not encrypt the files which allows for re-distribution, such as, SL, IMVU…

        In fact, sites like TurboSquid and Daz3D STRONGLY prohibit the use of ANY of their materials in any manner that allows for the re-distribution of any of the files obtained from their sites without express permission/s from the artist/s.(this includes files obtained by right click/save as)

        Some artists allow unlimited use as long as the file is part of a free offering and they deny any/all use for any/all commericial items. This means that if you sell the item using the file, you are violating copyright and/or intellectual property rights.

        Resizing, cropping, cutting out bits and pieces, etc is still a violation. None of those actions means that the end result is YOUR work. All you will end up with is a collage of other people’s work and possible legal problems.

        There are very many THEREIANS as well as artists in other communities that are all too willing to help out others who want to learn to design 3D models and/or textures so no need to fret if you are not already skilled. You CAN find the help you need.

      • #111 by daniel on 2011.10.22 - 7:06 pm

        may i ask where?

      • #112 by Greenie on 2011.10.22 - 7:23 pm has a library of help files and supports many of the current online virtual worlds with downloads, library, forums and more.

        Starting from there you can go in a variety of directions depending on what you want to design, such as the buggies mentioned. There are posts in the forums which can help you get started and a Developer Group that you and others interested in developing for THERE are welcome to join and participate in.

        Check out the Downloads section and you will find templates, models and a variety of programs to help customize virtual worlds.

        That should help you find your way to designing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring to THERE.

      • #113 by daniel on 2011.10.22 - 9:44 pm

        ok so hears whats up so far.. so i downloaded a file on thumdar called buggy part (pspimages) and downloaded a special program to open it. and the parts seam good. so i put together a template that i think is correct. but im not sure.. if it is, it will be my first buggy. it contains the under and headlights, hood, rims, wheels, and so on. making a buggy is harder then i thought it would be. but not impossible. thanks for your help so far. if i find this a bit to much for me to handle on my own i will probably try to find someone who know how to make a buggy to talk to my on Skype and do screen share and look at the template and tell me what i should do. so i hope this will work out for me.

  33. #114 by JasonMK on 2011.10.21 - 2:05 pm

    Thanks for the comic, still haven’t been able to log in so this gives me something to read.

  34. #115 by Cellophane Thereian on 2011.10.21 - 2:02 pm

    <> <<—– Knew THAT was coming… 😀

  35. #116 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.21 - 2:00 pm

    Hi everyone, I have been on There a couple of time, and last night when I was on There, I started to cry to myself, glad that MW and Samysyn are doing a awesome job to bring us back home again. Yeah Yeah Yeah

  36. #118 by daniel on 2011.10.21 - 12:44 pm

    MW do you think me and my silver fun pass will get to log in by sunday?

  37. #119 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.21 - 12:04 pm

  38. #120 by Ubber_Geek on 2011.10.21 - 11:40 am

    I WAS IN!!!!! I was in :(( but I couldn’t handle the default resolution, logged out to change it real fast and 😦 “Sorry, the world is ‘full’ ” soooooo sad now

    • #121 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 3:45 pm

      Umm. You do know you can change resolution without closing the client or even logging out, right? Settings, click the Audio and Video tab, and there’s the video resolution; it changes immediately. Now, to change rendering engine, you have to close and reopen the client — too bad there isn’t an option to do that without logging out (hint, hint). FWIW, the DX9 looks great with all the extra effects, but it’s a much heavier load on the graphics hardware, and unless you’ve got something better than a three-year-old on-board video adapter, you’ll probably want/need to stick with DX8 (I can barely run DX9 at 800×600, while DX8 is quite snappy at 1024×768).

    • #122 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.10.22 - 5:19 am

      YAY!! I have been using DX9 and yeah the world pretty much stay full, unless you are into clicking the mouse 1000 times in a row : P
      Looking forward to throwing myself off Avie Sacrifice * giggles*

  39. #123 by watchlight on 2011.10.21 - 11:27 am

    What about some actual news instead of this?

    • #124 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.21 - 11:35 am

      All U.S. Troops will be out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

      • #125 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.10.21 - 11:47 am


      • #126 by Superjuice on 2011.10.21 - 12:31 pm

        Lol! Good one.

      • #127 by CpnBob on 2011.10.21 - 1:21 pm

        Hi, MW!
        hmm … Calvin & Hobbs…. Occupy Wall Streeters…. er …you’re kind of a strange fellow, huh?

      • #128 by mimi06 on 2011.10.21 - 1:38 pm

        Home for the holidays… Brings new meaning to those words for many, families.. 4,469 won’t make it home. God Bless those families..

      • #129 by SweetS on 2011.10.21 - 1:47 pm

        ROFL …… GOOD ONE MW
        ME MEOOOO DE LA RISA !!!!

      • #130 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 4:38 pm

        Maybe he should have said TRUTHFUL news, BTW we will not be completely out of Iraq the that timeline…

      • #131 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 4:43 pm

        Would be nice but not happening, just another political lie to boost the votes in their favor.

      • #132 by Tinirty on 2011.10.21 - 5:13 pm

        I try to be a “glass half full” kind of person, however, my cautious side is about to keel over laughing it’s butt off.
        Love the Calvin & Hobbs.

      • #133 by shanghei on 2011.10.21 - 5:35 pm

        right on !!

      • #134 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 6:07 am

        @ Tinirty: I’m a glass full kind of person; if it gets inder full I try to fill it back up.

      • #135 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.22 - 1:17 pm

        This is for soledadnegativa, that was some true news actually he posted. Bagdad did NOT reach a deal to keep any remaining troops. They wanted us to stay without diplomatic immunity from prosecution in Iraq and it just wasn’t happening. All troops WILL be home for the Holidays for sure. The Iraq war is over.

      • #136 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.22 - 1:19 pm


      • #137 by ketchup2k3 on 2011.10.22 - 9:56 pm

        You’re late on April fools this year.

      • #138 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.23 - 4:30 am

        Andrew Almeida,
        Sol is right, there WILL still be “troops” left in Iraq.
        Troops to guard the US Embasy.
        Troops to continue the sale of weapons to Iraq.
        Troops to train the Iraq troops on using those weapons.
        While not in Iraq, there will be a contingent of quick reaction forces in Kuait, to remind the Iranians that we are still around!
        Sol, how many others did I miss?

    • #139 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.21 - 12:08 pm

      Well for a simple comic ….it does touch in areas, don’t get me wrong, the other side of the coin has taken it’s toll on all of us as well….

      • #140 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 1:35 pm

        I tell you, I have listened to so many of these OWS kids talking about how they are so overwhelmed by education debt. I remember years ago, when I graduated from High School. It was so dangerous for me, what with all those banks sending out shot gun toting bounty hunters to drag me into their offices and trying to force me to sign federally guaranteed student loan applications. I mean there was one week, where I was kidnapped at gun point 4 times!!!!! In the end, I worked my way through college, and left debt free. Built myself a 250k a year buisness, and was so successful until about a year ago, when the Obamanomics forced me to shut down.taxed me out of existence.

        If they want equality for everyone, why don’t one of them give me their iPad, and then go home and get money from their folks to buy another. I really would appreciate it if one of the OWS group would give me their BMW rag top and get another one from their folks, so that I can have one too.

    • #141 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:33 am

      I was running the dx8 and had the strange pixel color effects , and the aerial views were messed up , I switched to dx9 and that’s fixed , I still get the black bar at the bottom

    • #142 by Craig Hartley on 2011.10.22 - 3:38 am

      You don’t consider something happening world wide to be news? lol

      Moreover, it’s his blog, if you don’t like what’s on it don’t read it.

  40. #143 by whitefeatherbeth on 2011.10.21 - 11:09 am

    I was able to log in yesterday around 2pm eastern time… first try and got in! Although prior to that I had no luck, world was full. Everything seemed to be like old times, I was able to fly my hoover board, ride my buggy, and hover pack, teleported all over… ran into a couple people and stopped to chat. So far everything seems to be perfect… all of my inventory and T-bux are there, that I can recall anyway. Only thing I noticed was some lag and a couple times my avie seemed to not want to move, then the screen flickered and all was good! 🙂 And yes I took several pictures as I teleported to some of my saved locations. Its getting very exciting…. cant wait for the official opening! Great job everyone!

    • #144 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.21 - 12:11 pm

      Somebody must like you ( lol )…been trying for a few days…eh-h-h-h-h realm/server full….no biggie, I know ” There ” is still working out bugs/glitches…..yada yada, but I drool over the day I can just similpy ……log in…

  41. #145 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.21 - 10:13 am

    Been trying to rent a house to do some testing… but it seems out of the 20 I tried they are all being reserved for previous owners? I realize that we wont be able to keep them when the world opens, just wanted to test layouts and stuff. Are all homes that were owned when There closed going to be saved for the previous owners? Anyone know if there are any that are able to be rented??

    • #146 by Escape on 2011.10.21 - 11:57 am

      Check out Twin Bridges…

    • #147 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 3:49 pm

      Try doing a search and select to show only houses “available to rent” — this seems to completely miss some islands (maybe those that have a server offline from the cloud due to zero occupancy?), but otherwise appears to work correctly. I haven’t tried to rent a house yet (still trying to decide whether I can afford to do so — an additional 3-4 bucks worth of T-bux a month on top of the membership could be a problem with erratic income), but there appeared to be a limited number of choices, suggesting they’re actually the ones that aren’t reserved.

    • #148 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.22 - 2:05 pm

      Thank you both for the reply! I did find one in twin bridges.

  42. #149 by James White on 2011.10.21 - 10:11 am


    i downloaded client


    but when i launch, it opens the window, then doesnt show anything in it, and it closes a few seconds later…

    tried uninstalling, re installing, installign in different directory… nothing works :S

    • #150 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 1:42 pm

      try going into tweektweaker in C:\makena\There\ThereClient\Resources\dlls and setting the client from it’s default DX8 to DX9 or OpenGL and see if that helps

    • #151 by migman on 2011.10.21 - 2:26 pm

      Make sure you got the complete download,i had to try3 times before i got.It should be 46.4 mb .,see if you got it all.

  43. #152 by Sputters on 2011.10.21 - 9:55 am

    Wasn’t this just to show for the expenses, saying MW can charge whatever amount he’d like? I don’t think he’s saying it will be 15.00 a month…

  44. #153 by DreamingGirl on 2011.10.21 - 9:35 am

    You guys are lucky, I don’t even have the client yet! (Download keeps failing :/ ) Any tips on how to get the client?

    • #154 by softNdark on 2011.10.21 - 10:25 am

      I haven’t been able to download either… just not screaming about it. There will be complete soon. I’m just hoping it’s not a problem with my computer, (my baby’s not new) I’ve heard others say things about getting in through There IM, but since I had uninstalled that, I wasn’t able to give that a try.

      IF… I need the IM in order to download There Client….. I sure hope I see it here or MW lets us know. Other wise, I’m just chillin’ till either one of my “clicks” gets me the download or There Opens!!! See U all There

    • #155 by Make Some Halloween Treats on 2011.10.21 - 11:14 am

      im asking around we dident forget you you must have reclamed your acount

    • #156 by DreamingGirl on 2011.10.21 - 11:56 am

      Managed to get the client via a friend of mine who sent me a copy of her setup-file. And I made it in! ^^ Had a quick look around, everything seemed to work fine, so I logged out again to let other people in.

    • #157 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.21 - 12:01 pm

      DreamingGirl….not sure if your doing it this way….when you get the option window to ” save or run ” if you choose save it will not work… have to choose run…

      • #158 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 3:51 pm

        Beg to differ, Aerial9 — I saved the download to the archive location where I have versions of the client going back to at least 2008, and it installed and (eventually) logged in successfully. If you save, especially if you have multiple old versions as I do, you need to be sure you’re running the newest installer; older versions of the client won’t find the cloud servers, because they had a hard coded address (that no longer belongs to Makena).

    • #159 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 1:47 pm


      Open There IM

      Click SHOP and click Catalog.

      At the top of the screen is a link to “Get There”….

      I tried doing it as they recommended by loging in the page and then downloading, but kept getting the “Server is full” message, and unable to download the client.

      At least this way you get the client and a better chance of loging in.

    • #160 by DreamingGirl on 2011.10.21 - 2:24 pm

      I had no problem getting the download file itself.. but it would always be stuck at 100% and not complete.. eventually I would just get an error message.

    • #161 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:38 am

      try the direct download link provided : .. it should work

  45. #162 by martin71 on 2011.10.21 - 9:11 am

    MW i may have fun a bug i have been sorting my items out but it wont let me move them to folders any more any ideas..



    • #163 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 1:48 pm

      Had same problem. and submitted a report on it. second time I logged in, it let me sort things.

    • #164 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:45 am

      I had that too and it sorted itself the next time I got in … it happens after you’ve been in world awhile , I suspect it’s lack or resources with the memory issue , There is using about 8000k of memory each time you click log in , it’s best to close out and re-open there after clicking it 4 or 5 times … those that keep mashing it without closing might get in , but they have burned up lots of resources trying … your resources are limited , so log in wisely

  46. #165 by calliekitty on 2011.10.21 - 8:58 am

    I finally got into last night….however I wasn’t able to access anything from my “change me” file….other than that, things seemed fine, but sadly empty. I’m very excited for to be open for good, and for everyone over 18. Thank you Michael Wilson and crew!

    • #166 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.21 - 11:41 am

      Hey there Callie,
      Like I told you and need to allow your things to load ( shift/control P), Keep in mind also the previous posts of MW and team phoenix ” you’re a New Member with Inventory” so it needs to load. I sometimes head over to the Crack and let my inventory load.. Then I had to Organize them all into folders that really helped with the loading issue.

      I am so glad you got in to game.. Hope you enjoyed yourself while there .. did you see my hounted castle? and Hot air Balloon club? Oh BTW the Nightclub in the sky is up too.. everything is sooo smooth in game.

      take care,

      Leilani ( IMAKOS)

      • #167 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.21 - 11:42 am

        HAUNTED *

      • #168 by calliekitty on 2011.10.22 - 11:14 am

        It all good now, I got in last night for a bit and my “change me” file was working. But I got so excited about being in game that I didn’t even set up my files yet…(blushing) And yes, I did checkout your area, looking good ^5

  47. #169 by Chanel White on 2011.10.21 - 8:42 am

    shouldn’t there be like a flush out or something every hour so people can get in the world and try it out cuz Im so excited to see I cant log in online or the game itself it always says servers are full :[

    • #170 by mimi06 on 2011.10.21 - 10:07 am

      There is. 🙂 but like every 2 hours or so..

      • #171 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.21 - 11:15 am

        Sad to say but the people who like staying in world, having to to themselves, have figured out how to get around the “flushing” also.
        No matter how well intentioned, those that want to stay, still do.

      • #172 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:47 am

        When I timed it , it was 3 hours … and everyone gets logged out … a message appears telling you everyone will be logged out so others can join … There is being as fair to everyone as possible

    • #173 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.21 - 10:09 am

      They do log everyone out every hour or two to make room for others? They have been doing that for awhile now!!

  48. #174 by Xcal Urradio on 2011.10.21 - 8:42 am

    That is my Fav Comic I love this one thanks Big Mike!!!

  49. #175 by ChevyCobb on 2011.10.21 - 8:04 am

    LOL at the people who are reading WAY too far into this comic strip, but at least you aren’t as bad as those occutards out there “protesting”. Those people REALLY dont have a clue.

    • #176 by teri on 2011.10.21 - 9:46 am

      i understood the original intent but the fact that middle to upper class, jobless teenagers are protesting is ridiculous.

      • #177 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.21 - 12:17 pm

        True in a way there Chevy…..what they say ” may-y-y-y-y-y ” have a touch of truth to it, but-t-t-t-t-t……they have no sound answer…..

    • #178 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.21 - 11:38 am

      Think back the last couple of decades. What age group usually took to the streets, to protest injustices first?
      I meet a lot of people at work and there has not been one of them who are not totally pissed off about what is going on in Washington.
      It’s not just limited to “wall street”, it has spread world wide.Look at Italy and Greece!
      If something isn’t done to connect those “in power” with the rest of us, I think the present protests will pale in comparison to the future ones.
      I doubt that there are 10% of the 535, who were elected to “represent our best interests” that don’t have their hand out and are having their campaign finances and/or daily lives not paid for by lobbyist’s that sure as hell don’t represent ours!
      Just my opinion.

      • #179 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.21 - 12:30 pm

        I don’t need to think about it. Lemony Snicket already has.

      • #180 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.10.22 - 3:57 am

        okay, MW, a school librarian is so thrilled that you said that! haha

  50. #181 by jake_jackson on 2011.10.21 - 7:41 am

    I went home and its a little rusty dusty but that is what happens when you leave for a year or so. Try it in the real world and see what happens.
    The place is improving fast and I have my Home Sweet Home sign ready to hang. Big TU everyone; almost There!

  51. #182 by Tatatanto09 on 2011.10.21 - 7:27 am

    Deberian hacer “” en varios idiomas.. asi podria entrar mas gente

    • #183 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 8:58 am

      En There se hablan varios idiomas, solo pregunta y alguien te ayudara.

      • #184 by Tatanto09 on 2011.10.21 - 9:27 am

        no lo digo por mi.. lo digo por personas nuevas.. los juegos ed hoy en dia estan en muchos idiomas… y este solo esta en ingles.. deberian tenerlo en mas idiomas y asi entrara mas gente y no lo cerraran de nuevo =)

      • #185 by SweetS on 2011.10.21 - 10:25 am

        Solo un comentario que quisas va con lo que dice Tatatanto09, cuando yo comense en There nadie me ayudo porque no sabian espa~nol y lo hice aproposito para saber si habia personas que hablara este idioma y no hubo que me ayudara y me guiara que hacer.
        Si tu y otros formaramos una buena organizacion para ayudar nuevas personas que no saben hablar ingles, seria algo maravilloso para asi dar la oprtunidad a estas personas y participen en este mundo tan chevere que es . Mi avi es SweetSacrifice , SweetS puedes comentar esto a otros si conoses mas latinos.

    • #186 by SweetS on 2011.10.21 - 10:10 am

      Hay gente que si hablan espa~ol y otros idiomas, el problema en mi opinion y mi experiencia es que muchos que hablan o entienden el idioma espa~ol no se identifican como latinos , solo lo sabras por sus nombres que usan en sus Avis, Si hay grupos que hablan el Espa~ol.
      Yo como unos de los Therian de varios a~os quisiera que se juntaran o formaran mas grupos latinos por ejemplo Team de Paintball latinos, para asi poder ayudar a muchos que quisiera jugar pero no saben como hacer o preguntar como mejor jugando Paintball, tengo buenos amigos en ” THERE ” pero son los pocos latinos que juegan Paintball.

      • #187 by Tatanto09 on 2011.10.21 - 1:58 pm

        si, pero a lo que voy.. es que el juego deberia estar en varios idiomas.. como “secondlife” tu elijes el idioma lo mismo que en la pagina web.. tu elijes el idioma y asi pueden entrar… mas personas.. o sino estaremos oda la vida pagando 10 dolares.. en cambio si le ponen multi-idioma atraeran mas gente.. ¿no crees?

    • #188 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 9:31 pm

      A continuación, cree un traductor que se pueden utilizar para que pueda entender lo que se dice en otros idiomas.

      Yo era un guía de la isla por un tiempo – y cuando conocí a alguien que hablaba un idioma distinto del Inglés Puedo usar Google Translate para intentar por lo menos hablar con ellos. ¿Por qué no hacer lo mismo?

  52. #189 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 6:55 am


    • #190 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.21 - 7:49 am

      Who said it was $15.00 a month?

      • #191 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 9:53 am


      • #192 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 10:20 am

        Young man, are you over 18?

      • #193 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 12:39 pm

        nathian lmao i can be ya gradpa im 51 jackass

      • #194 by StingrayJames on 2011.10.21 - 1:19 pm

        i dunno think about all the big gulps you could buy if we all paid 15 dollars a month lol 😀

      • #195 by sognarxo on 2011.10.21 - 2:00 pm

        LOLOL “ALL YA BE HIPMATIZED” l2spellkthnxbai 🙂 ❤

      • #196 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.21 - 4:55 pm

        I think we all would love it if There was free, but in the real world we all know that There could not survive for free or a to low of a amount. I’m not crazy over paying a big monthly amount but then again I don’t like paying my house payment or other bills! I will pay what ever it takes to keep me in There, There is my home and we have to pay our bills. MW Thank You for bringing back There and I want to thank every one that’s working so hard so we can all go back home!!

      • #197 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:13 am

        MW did you not know that Thereians would start freaking when they saw your cartoon rofl rofl hahahahahahahah …..

    • #198 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.21 - 7:52 am

      I’d pay 5 dollars a month for a small island of There on my pc with an ugly buggy and no people. So yeah you get the idea

    • #199 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 8:14 am

      Oh, wow, a shouting post. :/

      I’m digging a game where you tell ‘ya buy clothing’ and you just get the free clothing! What game is this? (I miss the MSN angel face…)

      Hipmatized = hypnotized? Or maybe it’s a disease of the hip?

      Well, don’t let the door hit ya… I’m sure someone will miss you in There! ‘crickets Right? ‘crickets

      • #200 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 12:45 pm

        sorry wasnt good in spelling in highschool ah the 70’s i miss thouse days skippin class smoking lol

      • #201 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 1:41 am

        “skipping class smoking” That explains why you can’t read either. The cartoon wasn’t about There, it was a reference to the Wall Street protest. MW has already said it will be ten dollars a month – done deal. He certainly isn’t going to tell us he changed his mind by using a cartoon as some kind of passive-aggressive explanation as to why he is going to charge 15.00.

        The cartoon would have the opposite effect; comparing There to a jar of murky water with an unpealed, unsqueezed lemon in it? I am amazed people have jumped to such outrageous assumptions; maybe it is only those who want to discredit There who are pushing that opinion?

    • #202 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.21 - 8:39 am

      Card Shark Ray,
      why are some of you just looking for a reason to complain, bitch and grumble about are you that threatened by its return?
      NO one said it will cost $15.00 we’re just say if it did.. We’d pay it. Many of use would because we believe the program, its worth it.

      you have choices, Its clear you chose to complain , moan and groan about nothing.

      BTW if we choose to pay $50.00 bucks a month for this game that is non of your Business why do you care? you’re looking for freebies/handouts.

      here is my wish for you. “May the Bird of paradise fly over you and Bless you with a load of bird poop while you’re with someone special just so they can see your full of _______ !

      My Name is IMAKOS and I approve this message. 🙂

      • #203 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 10:05 am

        And IMAKOS i didnt say i wanted there free i think 10.00 a month is fair im on low income i was b*tching about the 15.00 and i didnt need a comment like that from u so that why i left that one up there anyho its not happening its going be 10.00 a month i can do that and just watch out if i see ya better have ya force filed on run ya over if not ROFL>>>> JK 😛

      • #204 by mimi06 on 2011.10.21 - 10:12 am

        rofl.. Them dirty birdies did it again! All it takes is ONE! good grief.. hugz IMAKOS!

      • #205 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.21 - 10:22 am

        Bring It Bird Poop boy !!!! I will send you to Duda beach wearing nothing but your super Bunnies Muhahahahahhahaa

      • #206 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 10:24 am

        Who said it would be $15 a month, let alone $10? 10 is the forecasted amount for a subscription fee.
        And also, it’s a political cartoon!

      • #207 by SweetS on 2011.10.21 - 11:41 am


      • #208 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.21 - 12:11 pm

        OMG IMAKOS!!
        And your telling me that I am passionate about what I believe in?
        YOU GO GIRL!!!!
        Hugs, 🙂

        My name is xSnoopy and I approved your message!!

      • #209 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 1:56 pm

        CSR is just like those OWS losers. They don’t like paying off debts they chos to accept? they should listen to Dave Ramsey, or read his book.. Total Money makeover and learn a responsible wat ro get out of debt themselves by themselves.

      • #210 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.21 - 2:52 pm

        Nathanavis 10 is the set amount for membership. Has been for some time now. Originally he said no less than 10, but eventually by time we were downloading thereIM it was 10 for sure.

    • #211 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 8:59 am

      $50 a month, no problem.

      • #212 by Mercuria on 2011.10.21 - 10:52 am

        Thank you. I soooooooooooo needed a laugh.

      • #213 by Mercuria on 2011.10.21 - 10:53 am

        Oops I think I replied to the wrong post. Oh well, the thread made me giggle, shouting and all.

      • #214 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:19 am

        Hush your mouth!!!!! hahahahahahah

    • #215 by Hugsie on 2011.10.21 - 9:33 am

      u mad? or just an idiot? It’s a comic strip; it has nothing to do with the fees at, let alone anything to do with This is a blog page, not some official page, and find your capslock key rageboy.

      • #216 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 10:08 am

        ok ragegirl sorry cheap keyboard maybe i should go out and buy a new one and skip there for a month ROFL Not happening

    • #217 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.21 - 9:59 am

    • #218 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.21 - 11:15 am

      I don’t recall MW ever saying it would be $10 a month. If I remember right he said at least $10 a month, every one just keeps saying $10 a month. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

      • #219 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.21 - 10:23 pm

        look at the welcoming email when you reclaimed your avatar. It verified they picked 10 dollars, and it’s been said several times.

      • #220 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 1:44 am

        He did eventually verify it will be 10/ month.

    • #221 by Superjuice on 2011.10.21 - 11:18 am

      He never said anything about it being 15$ a month……..*facepalm*

    • #222 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.21 - 12:21 pm

      Dang Card…if ya wanna play for free on ” other ” games….go right ahead. I’m not gonna flame ya or blame ya….But dude, to flame the room here…….come on-n-n-n

    • #223 by Ltbigdog There on 2011.10.21 - 1:08 pm

      If your going so crazy about haveing to pay a fee then why did you even bother to log in as a GP3D? The way your talking you dont sound like you plan on sticking around so why even log in.

    • #224 by thereuser on 2011.10.21 - 2:52 pm

      PS Home isn’t free… it costs $350.00 (for the console).

    • #225 by freecreed on 2011.10.22 - 12:54 am

      silly people … can’t you see that it just means that sludge lemonade will be on sale in world for 15 bucks once the world is complete ( if your going to read something into nothing , read it right )

    • #226 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.22 - 3:51 am

      With 3 Therians in our house it will be $30 a month(I wish there was some sort of family membership) we could just all take turns on one avie, but there were times that the three of us liked to get on all at once. Two of us are retirees and one will be 19 in nov, and has yet to get her first real job! I think we will all be looking for work soon just to support our virtual as well as RL needs ! 🙂

    • #227 by Jonathan on 2011.10.22 - 6:16 am

      *face palm*

    • #228 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:10 am

      As I said in another comment here!!!! : ” let’s not try to read too much into this cartoon! LOL LOL ”
      Rumors! That’s how they get started….sheeshhh !

    • #229 by moondustmadness on 2011.10.23 - 3:30 am

      You seriously need to learn to type using proper grammar and punctuation.

    • #230 by Ali on 2011.10.23 - 7:48 am

      $10 a month… $0.33 a day… hmm.. much cheaper than the bar >.>

  53. #231 by daniel begis on 2011.10.21 - 6:36 am


  54. #232 by daniel on 2011.10.21 - 6:21 am

    thank you MW for not selling

  55. #233 by Puddlefish on 2011.10.21 - 5:53 am

    Was in a couple times last night. Felt awesome to see the world again, and everything ran like clockwork. Was DX9, tried various resolutions. started re-organizing items, teleported all over, dropped bikes, spent some time in the spa. ‘tu team!

  56. #234 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 4:55 am

    I am happy with the lemon sludge water I am drinking but for $15 I’d like an auction house and the ability to invest in sludge water stocks 😉

  57. #235 by MarcUK on 2011.10.21 - 3:56 am

    I managed to get in once, I had graphics problems all the avatars were completely messed up for me, anyone else had this problem? I will try THERE tweaker for some different settings when I can get in again. PC is a new laptop Toshiba intel dual core Intel HD graphics.

    • #236 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.21 - 6:48 am

      dx9 set it too dx8 makes ya see triangle avatars and stuff

      • #237 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 4:07 pm

        Some of us (possibly mostly those with older graphics hardware) have no problem with DX8. It works just as well for me as it did six years ago (on a previous computer). It’s DX9 that causes trouble for me; even with my video RAM sharing maxed (256 MB), I can only run DX9 at minimum resolution and still be able to move well in a dense area (Ootay forests, etc.). Kick up the resolution even to 1024×768 and in DX9, I run in slo-mo if I can get into running at all, and in a tree-infested area, I’ll wind up jerking all over because my commands stack and the client can’t keep up with rendering the scene.

        Use what works for you (and don’t forget you can raise and lower resolution from inside the client without logging out; only rendering engine changes require closing and reopening).

  58. #238 by Kontumnam on 2011.10.21 - 1:01 am

    Hmmm 50% increase already 50% loss of customers, depending on part of world you from this is expensive, no one expects anything free, but please look at other options to generate extra income.

    • #239 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.21 - 7:50 am

      lol there’s been no increase in membership. The idea of increasing would be if the 10 dollar model did not work. Which has to actually happen before you can come to that conclusion. But let’s keep it real, if you’d pay 10 you’d pay 15.

  59. #240 by Mr_unbelievable on 2011.10.21 - 12:38 am

    I have a mac, installed parallels, so i can run windows. Installed there and there im, got all the problems with direct x worked out, got my account, verified my address and tried to log on, its been full for the last 3 days i tried. Patiently (kind of) waiting for my lucky opportunity to log onto there again. Anyone know the best time to try?

    • #241 by daniel on 2011.10.21 - 6:49 am

      lol how can you ask people for the best time to try. when they will just tell you when they will be on witch makes it more full.

    • #242 by Brainziac on 2011.10.21 - 8:00 am

      Best time to try is right after “Kick out” time. I think this is about every 2 to 3 hours.
      if you are logged in to ThereIM all the time, you will hear some chimes as the in world people are getting the message that they are being logged out now, to allow others to have a try.
      Start up the There3D and try to log in, if you are quick enough as the ThereIM logs out, you might just get in.

      Should i have really given this little cheat out?

      • #243 by Hugsie on 2011.10.21 - 9:37 am

        What really? Sessions are limited to about 2-3 hours? I still can’t get on, kinda gave up on trying anymore.

      • #244 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 4:03 pm

        I’ve been getting in, first try, several days in a row. You just have to know when. And no, I’m not telling; I’ve gotten in precisely ONCE at any other time.

    • #245 by teri on 2011.10.21 - 9:50 am

      i’m in the exact same situation, haha. i tried early in the day, but i have yet to try super late at night. (or morning however you want to look at it).

  60. #246 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 12:17 am

    Calvin’s so wise.

  61. #247 by Make Some Halloween Treats on 2011.10.21 - 12:10 am

    Welfair is whats killin us to ppl need to hold thair own pants up for a wile mabe we should send birth control pills in stead of food

    • #248 by teri on 2011.10.21 - 9:50 am

      this may be the most ridiculous post i’ve seen on this entire blog.

      • #249 by Make Some Halloween Treats on 2011.10.21 - 11:21 am

        im sorry this wasent ment for this blog thing i was talkin to my brother he was asking me for more help for his friends please forgive me

  62. #250 by Make Some Halloween Treats on 2011.10.20 - 11:59 pm

    M Wilson Do a Family plan for 5 avatars so my friends can get on to and i wont go broke thanks

  63. #251 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.20 - 10:47 pm

    Sad thing is kids cannot even sell lemonade or muffins on the sidewalk anymore without having a business license. Evidently some have no idea what is going on in the world especially OWS = Occupy Wall Street. Wake up people. No where has MW said anything about subscription being $15.00.

    • #252 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 6:58 am

      I’ve been following the protests. Scary.

      About people looking into the $15 thing seriously – they need to stop thinking of this as a “There” blog. It’s a personal blog. I mean, if MW posted a political comic about Gaddafi people would see it as him claiming victory over Iford!

      • #253 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 1:50 am

        No contest. Iford can’t hold a candle to Wilson. Iford’s a Wilson wannabe.

  64. #254 by Fallax on 2011.10.20 - 9:51 pm

    ROFLMAO…….that is all……..:)

  65. #255 by Superjuice on 2011.10.20 - 9:17 pm

    Perfect Picture!

  66. #256 by debs4u on 2011.10.20 - 9:15 pm

    Yes! I could do $15.00 🙂

  67. #257 by Reo on 2011.10.20 - 8:35 pm

    There some to be a lot of people who think that MW went back in time, became Bill Watterson, wrote and published this comic, and then came back to the present and posted it in order to very cryptically announce a new subscription price on his blog.

    Human stupidity is really incredible.



    Of course, if you’re the kind of person who needed that explained to you, then you didn’t understand what I just wrote anyway.

    And this is why I could never work in customer service. Or any kind of job where you have to deal with people.

    • #258 by Reo on 2011.10.20 - 8:36 pm

      * some = seem

      • #259 by That Guy on 2011.10.21 - 6:44 am

        I’m so glad someone else posted this.

      • #260 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 6:51 am

        Occupy There 🙂

      • #261 by Hugsie on 2011.10.21 - 9:38 am

        LOL Occupy There, with only 50 avatars!

      • #262 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.21 - 12:25 pm

        My name is xSnoopy and I am going to OCCUPY There, in protest of ….
        WAIT, what was it that I am suppose to be protesting?
        Oh, Ya, Overpriced Lemonade?
        How ridiculous!
        “Human stupidity is really incredible.” .. Indeed it is Rio!!

    • #263 by softNdark on 2011.10.21 - 7:44 am

      ~I so understand what you are saying~

    • #264 by Superjuice on 2011.10.21 - 11:24 am

      THANK YOU REO! Jesus some people are incredibly stupid on here… lol but I do get a kick out of it.. 🙂

    • #265 by Percepti0n on 2011.10.21 - 11:54 am

      You’re all interpreting it wrong.. I perceived it as being a way to describe greed among corporations. Nothing to do with and not solely to do with lemonade. You people have no clue, do you? You’re probably out spending $20 on something at walmart that they probably only paid $2 for. Good job!

      That is what I think the little comic is about. I’m sure if MW was going to increase the price, he would officially announce it. Stop being ridiculous, you’re making yourselves look like underage children. Sorry, its 18+

    • #266 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 1:56 am

      I’ve come to the conclusion that those who were claiming the belief that MW was saying he is raising the price were just trying to stir trouble. They only stirred my pity for their seeming misunderstanding.

  68. #267 by David H on 2011.10.20 - 8:34 pm

    I laughed, then I cried

    • #268 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 8:15 am

      I laughed and then cried at the people who thought the comic was Mr. Wilson’s covert way of telling us he upped the monthly fee by $5 bucks.

  69. #269 by Andrew Harris on 2011.10.20 - 8:12 pm

    I have no qualms about putting up money for “There” – let me know where they need to go!
    I saw the amount from last month that was the charges for the servers – good lord! Thats a whole lot of cash!
    Now I understand the need for capital and income for this.

    When you guys start paying, buy at least 100 dollars in ThereBux! That way you have Therebux and the company gets a jump –
    Unless MW says otherwise, I will be buying 100 dollars in ThereBux when they are available on top of my membership!

    • #270 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 1:58 am

      I just know there is going to be such a huge demand to buy Tbucks when There opens. I hope they don’t run out before I get mine.

  70. #271 by CalDude on 2011.10.20 - 7:30 pm

    Plenty of people will buy lemon sludge water if it’s advertised w/ a celeb or teens who seem to have better lives and just SO much fun chugging it. Scary really. BTW, I have gotten in a few times. First thing I did was fire up my buggies. Good thing I winterized them.

  71. #272 by daniel on 2011.10.20 - 7:05 pm

    well i just hope that i will beable to get in with my silver funpass by sunday that was going to be the whole point of this weekend

  72. #273 by MR_BUGGY on 2011.10.20 - 7:03 pm

    MW I am not sure were I need to post questions, or technical problems so i’ll just post it here. When log onto my main account there is no problem, it works fine, BUT when I go to log onto my alt account, it will say “The world is full” No problem. Then sometimes when I should be able to log in it will say “Sorry the world is now closed for maintenance” I am unsure why that impeticualr account cant log in. So if I could get help it would be highly appreciated.
    Thank’s MR_BUGGY

    • #274 by thereuser on 2011.10.20 - 8:38 pm

      If you get the message “world is closed for maintenance” anywhere from 2:30am-6:00am PST it is because, the world is closed for maintenance 😀

    • #275 by Andrea Ku on 2011.10.20 - 10:45 pm

      Join the club lol … at least u managed to get in with one account rofl .. I have 4 accounts and never managed to log in since they opened the thing … so lets wait and see .. maybe one day i will manage to jump on my board again 😦


    • #276 by Jinxed_Karma on 2011.10.21 - 4:01 am

      I’ve read a scattered few posts on this blog, so I’m an expert on this matter. It’s because your main avie is more popular than your alt avie. I’m almost certain I’m right about this. 😉
      Or, your avies are on different avman servers, and one might be full at one moment while the other has room. Best bet is to keep trying every so often.

      • #277 by MR_BUGGY on 2011.10.21 - 12:06 pm

        Well see when I should be able to log on it says “World is closed” no not because it’s actually closed otherwise my alt would not be able to be on….Anyway so it’s like a glitch or somthing. I was able to log onto there central, but when I loged into the 3D world RIGHT AFTER THAT it told me it was closed. Which is why I know that a spot is open to log into, BUT for some reason my AVI wont log on. So….I do not know what to do now.

      • #278 by jimony on 2011.10.22 - 7:56 pm

        It sounds like the avie that can’t login doesn’t have the higher pass level required.

      • #279 by PcDoc on 2011.10.24 - 3:22 pm

        If your avatar is seeing “World is closed” then it is not eligible for beta testing. I have one like this and i am unable to log in with it.. and unfortunately it is the one with all my inventory lol my avatar that IS eligible, is running around with nothing but skill award items 😛

  73. #280 by migman on 2011.10.20 - 6:33 pm

    Dont freak out people,this explains things for some that dont quite get why some things are being done,and some things being cut.(does not mean raising price).

  74. #281 by Adam Macy on 2011.10.20 - 6:29 pm

    Ive been able to get on a few times now im still missing lot if stuff. And cant open my change me or buddies. But besides that its workin good and glad to be back.

  75. #282 by MR_GREENLIGHT on 2011.10.20 - 6:16 pm

    Ben to two time’s now every thing is going good in both ogl and dx8
    oh and Space look’s great too

  76. #283 by Joselyn on 2011.10.20 - 6:03 pm

    So Sad! I keep trying but always full 😦 Oh well, hopefully it will be open for everyone soon 🙂

    • #284 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 2:09 pm

      It is like that, I have been trying to get in for the past 4 hours…. no luck.. remember to keep restarting your client, there is a major memory leak there, and every time you try logging in, it will increase the amount of memory the client needs. If you don’t restart it, when you finally get in, you will be kicked right now with the message that you do not have enough memory…….

  77. #285 by Crawford Bob on 2011.10.20 - 6:03 pm

    It was a sad day when Bill Watterson stopped this fantastic strip..Guess, if I remember correctly he hated having Calvin and Hobbes on lunch pails and posters.
    What a total sad loss. No strip ever had the “style” like his.
    Oh yeah, lost three days of my life trying to get into the world, and realized I am a mere Silver…Pfft
    Ya may wanna check MW’s allowance on who may enter. Silvers…a sad lot we are. sigh

    But, what a cool thing to wait for, and all working on this, thanks soooo much!

  78. #286 by daniel on 2011.10.20 - 5:43 pm

    wait so your really making is $15 or was that just the comic i cant pay 15 thats just going over

  79. #287 by OdileS on 2011.10.20 - 5:15 pm

    let’s not try to read too much into this cartoon! LOL LOL
    >>>>>>>>>> goes to google subsidized… 😉

    • #288 by soledadnegativa on 2011.10.20 - 5:40 pm

      $15.00 No problem. Put me down for two.

      I have no issues with some murky water. As a matter of fact iodine tablets used to be standard issue back in the days. LOL OdileS, I am right there with you on my way to google.

  80. #289 by Rakja on 2011.10.20 - 5:07 pm

    I bet with the right lobbyists There could be subsidized. Or maybe there’s grant writers out there….if the government insists on throwing away money, it may as well be on us. At least until somebody gets off Facebook long enough to enter politics and really start fixing something. 🙂

  81. #290 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.20 - 5:06 pm

    Ok $15.00 I can still do fine

    • #291 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:15 am

      IMAKOS Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

    • #292 by OdileS on 2011.10.22 - 11:16 am

      Oh and I forgot to add:
      Behave yourself 😉

  82. #293 by GaryBob on 2011.10.20 - 4:50 pm

    Weird! I was thinking, randomly on the train home, if you would mention the Occupy protests on your blog. I get home and voila. You did.

  83. #294 by 12mandy on 2011.10.20 - 4:41 pm

    just a taught i wonder if it was possable to put a search area in MY THINGS to type in item you required as through spending hours searching for it,

    • #295 by Greenie on 2011.10.20 - 8:19 pm

      If tablatronix bboy My Gear can be adapted to the new client, we will be able to search our items in build mode. The bboy My Gear software worked most excellently, offering search and more!

      tablatronix has a group at where you can find updates and more.

  84. #296 by daniel on 2011.10.20 - 4:41 pm


    you’re not racest or ageist but i must say that you are funpassist

    so what if i have a silver fun pass i started there in 2007 i cant get in just because i was not a good paint ball/buggy/all the other skills player?

    this post was not a beg. i was just trying to put another opinion out there.

    • #297 by Analogrival on 2011.10.20 - 5:45 pm

      I think the point of the funpass status is level you actually DO something.

      I was never amazing at paintball, or hoverboarding, or much of else, but I did it often.

      Those are the kind of people beta testers crave.
      People who just stand around and look at the clouds pass by that don’t try any functions, or give feedback, are terrible beta testers.

      • #298 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 12:17 am

        What if you stood by and looked for the alien spaceship? (Which sadly, I heard years ago, was taken out of the game?) I was lucky enough to have seen it on occasion. 😀

      • #299 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.21 - 3:57 pm

        Kayleigh, I just visited the UFO site yesterday (north end of Monkey Crater, east side of the gap) and confirmed it’s still there. Is that the alien spaceship you were talking about? If so, look me up in game, if/when we ever manage to be in together, and I’ll teleport there and summon you. 🙂

    • #300 by Hugsie on 2011.10.21 - 9:45 am

      not all the gold and platinum funpass users can get on. It’s open to beta testers, but they can’t see who really has beta privileges. But most of us beta testers have platinum funpasses since we started playing over 8 years ago. Has nothing to do with being “funpassists” they need to control the amount of users in world since they are STILL WORKING ON IT. Iy’s not ready for full time usage, so please calm the hell down.

      I am a beta user from 2003, and I’ve yet to be able to get on with out constant “we are full” messages. So i don’t need to read your crybaby messages about how you’re not allowed to get on when I can’t even get on my self. Boowho-whaawhaa. So go suck on a pacifier and grow up.

      • #301 by daniel on 2011.10.21 - 11:05 am

        your telling people that they have a choice a pay for the game.. well you had a chice to read this

    • #302 by alexandria3178 on 2011.10.21 - 2:14 pm

      Ok I have been reading your desire to get in world, and have been very sympathetic about your plight…. But you were in There for 3 years, and didn’t get beyond silver fun pass? I have an alt avi who was only in world for 9 months and was gold, bordering on platinum. She got gold within 3 months!.. What did you do in There???? sleep?

      • #303 by daniel on 2011.10.22 - 12:17 pm

        yes. but now being active is needed. and i would do what ever i had to. knowing the more bugs i find, the faster there gose up. and FYI i talked and explored and you know. i have a life outside of there.

  85. #304 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.20 - 4:25 pm

    I got on 430 am this morning for 5 mins my avie looked like a bright star lol should took a picture but had to logout any one else had this problem?

  86. #306 by Kattwomann on 2011.10.20 - 4:05 pm

    So are you saying you’re going to charge $15/mo?

    • #307 by jimony on 2011.10.21 - 3:22 am

      If the lemonade was 5 dollars a glass I wonder how many would ask if you’re saying you are lowering the amount you said, MW.

      • #308 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 8:10 am

        When I left this thread it was 30 posts – now it’s 70 – and some of them have people having a freaking COW because they can’t appreciate a comic for what it is and must read into it meaning There’s raising prices. And we are the 18+ group!?!?!

        Maybe I’ll just hope that all those asking about it being 15 bucks are 17-…. although sadly, I think they probably actually DID get it…


    • #309 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 4:47 am

      I don’t think you should read into the comic strip…

  87. #310 by Matt on 2011.10.20 - 4:03 pm

    just a thought…maybe the “GIVE” feature IS WORKING hahahahaha As I CANNOT get in world I wouldnt know for sure 😦 ( maybe one of you “there” hogs could let me know) hehehe

    “Nothing tastes sweeter that sour grapes”

    • #311 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 12:19 am

      There hogs? I haven’t logged in as a bovine yet – am I missing a patch or a new skin? Is there a new color at the spa I missed???

  88. #312 by Eric D. Copeland on 2011.10.20 - 4:01 pm

    the first? been on client 3 times now,,,,everything is working perfectly !

    • #313 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.21 - 12:20 am

      I’m having issues with my change me box popping up or not popping up… But other than that – been a smooth ride. Even that ferris wheel!

  89. #314 by Matt on 2011.10.20 - 3:58 pm

    Maybe M.W. should get the “GIVE” feature working so all us selfless avatars can give all our stuff away. well at least to our alt avies???

    • #315 by thereuser on 2011.10.20 - 5:14 pm

      It works great in There3D… so just hop on and “give” away! (heh)

  90. #316 by migman on 2011.10.20 - 3:52 pm

    Self explanatory.

  91. #317 by bignoize on 2011.10.20 - 3:52 pm

    I was hoping for better news, but I guess this will have to do …it was a good laugh

  92. #318 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.10.20 - 3:45 pm

    we’re TRYIN to subsidize, but you won’t let us PAY you!!! Dad-blamed game designers TRY to help….

    • #319 by Skyefire on 2011.10.20 - 4:09 pm

      Demand Therebux!

      • #320 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.20 - 5:47 pm

        I was told there not going to sale Tbux untill world opens and there charging us to play.

      • #321 by Skyefire on 2011.10.20 - 8:38 pm

        Yeah I know, just seemed the best response there.

      • #322 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.21 - 4:52 am

        Man I’m so glad MW permitted that last comment I’m laughing so hard right now!

      • #323 by Andrew Harris on 2011.10.21 - 4:28 pm

        At least most of us are not demanding refunds…. LOL

  93. #324 by stxdixiechick on 2011.10.20 - 3:45 pm

    heheh cute 😛

  94. #325 by thereuser on 2011.10.20 - 3:38 pm

    Hah! So true.

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