Work in Progress

SamSyn/Bruce will be putting out a new client / server release today, to cover:

  • Hopefully the final fix for Flash windows “going away”. This is not the fix for the “Black Bar” issue.
  • Fixes for high server load in certain situations, mostly associated with giant inventories for people that have not spent much time in world yet. Recall that, unlike the old There, people are getting their inventory objects all at once, rather than over time as they purchase them. This causes the system to behave very differently than it did before, and can cause problems. It is not associated with slower servers, more lag, # of people in world, etc, etc, (as I turn a glaring eye at certain well-known doomsayer).
  • A bunch of other fixes, which I don’t have handy.

Hopefully you’ll all update with a patch, just like the good old days.

Other notes:

  • You probably don’t need to report the “Black Bar/Border” issues with Flash any more. We’re aware.
  • Thanks for the crash dumps, we appreciate them. I’m hoping the SegVios we’re seeing are all a common issue with DX8 introduced with the “materialization” code, but that’s a guess. It sure seems consistent.
  • We know there’s a problem with some vehicles bought with custom paint jobs, etc. We know we can restore the various “parts” you’d bought for cars, but we did not (and are not sure we can) restore these pre-configured vehicles. We’re not saying we can’t ever, but we’re not sure we can actually make them come back. We know this is disappointing, but remember, the fact we are able to restore most of what everyone had was a gimmee (we were happy to do it, but it’s still a gimmee). So no threats of lawsuits, calls to the BBB, demands for refunds, etc. Thanks.
  • We know the “Groovy Buggy” is now the “Transparent Buggy”. That’s actually a side affect of the code now doing something right and honoring a transparency that was always there. We’re not sure if we’re going to “fix” (or, re-break) this. It looks pretty cool like it is, I think, but that’s just me.
  • Remember, we plan to pick up every PAZ dropped during this period before we re-open. So don’t get attached to them.
  • While I’m enjoying political discussions here, be warned, I’m allowed to chime in too, and I have editorial power here (it’s my Blog, after all). I may even require the use of punctuation.

Our next things to address are (barring illness and various internet failures at our distributed office :-):

  • Do what we can about the Black Bar Bug. Converting the rest of our controls – Message Bar, Change Me, etc – to Qt is not going to be on the agenda before we re-open.
  • Resurrect ThereBanker with PayPal.
  • Add PayPal subscription support to PayPal.

That is all.

  1. #1 by HiddenTalent on 2011.11.01 - 6:41 pm

    I am coming for yall in Paintball. Be prepared

  2. #2 by sanagustin on 2011.11.01 - 12:29 pm

    MW , My acc got hacked.. someone changed my pass . .talk to me on my email


  3. #3 by vaughn_2 on 2011.11.01 - 9:35 am

    Woah i actually tried to log in yesterday and i got in for the 1st time,Thats it though today not so lucky,must have caught the limit increase just right. Now its back to waiting for one of those logged in to lose power or crash thier computer to make room,lol..AFK peeps log out let some others in.

  4. #4 by Sassybeme There on 2011.11.01 - 7:53 am

    My first log in today!! I am one happy camper! I have all my favorite toys. Especially my avaboard from kittenkat that looks like Sonny. πŸ˜€ Woot! Catch y’all later.. I be flying!! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for re opening. πŸ˜€

    • #5 by Basya on 2011.11.01 - 10:18 am

      Sassy!! Welcome back, Girlfriend! How I’ve missed you!

      Cya in There!


  5. #6 by pinkhellokitty3 on 2011.11.01 - 7:39 am


    I dont know if this has already been answered but there are alot of comments to go through to check.

    But i have a problem….. I logged into and managed to get in but because i had seen the DX9 was better i changed my current DX8 to the DX9 then logged out.

    Now after changing to the DX9 i get the Segmantation Violation error message and cannot log in to, can anyone help me fix this?

    I wish i had never changed it now.


    • #7 by Sputters on 2011.11.01 - 9:07 am

      I get those aswell.. You get them from rapidly clicking the log in button. You either get the Seg Vio, or your memory is full error. Don’t rapid click the log in. For best results just click a couple times every hour.

    • #8 by Basya on 2011.11.01 - 10:16 am

      Just go into the Tweaker in your There folder in your start menu and change it to DX8 before logging on. Or if you get in, you can go to Settings on the menu and change it there.

      Good luck!


      • #9 by pinkhellokitty3 on 2011.11.02 - 12:06 am

        Thanks Basya, i have changed it back to DX8 which will now let me log in and doesnt bring up the error msg no more, however nothing happens it stays on a black screen for a short time like its crashed and then a scene setting in appears where i cannot see my avatar and thats it just stays like that. Any thoughts on this at all?

        Thanks :-)) x

    • #10 by Spiritus on 2011.11.01 - 11:53 am

      Pink, you can find your ThereTweaker settings in Program Files -> There -> ThereTweaker. This will let you change your settings. πŸ™‚

      • #11 by pinkhellokitty3 on 2011.11.01 - 11:31 pm

        Thanks guys i am now able to login again brilliant :-)) xxx

  6. #12 by Missiselle on 2011.11.01 - 4:24 am

    just glad to hear everything is going OKay. (: ‘tu

  7. #13 by Aion on 2011.11.01 - 1:36 am

    Wow… I’m impressed with how well things are working…

    It’s been nice meeting “new” people.
    A little stunned that I’ve added new pals already, and at how noticeably nicer most people are.
    Some great conversations, too !

    There’s something about visiting my saved places, places that I’ve actually had vivid DREAMS about after There closed, places I had regarded as gone, and felt very sad about – it’s hard to put into words without sounding kind of silly.

    Maybe it’s because I had moved and changed jobs IRL, and hadn’t been on in a while and didn’t find out There had closed until after the fact, and didn’t get to say goodbye, IDK…

    Know what I mean ?

  8. #14 by George_Bush on 2011.10.31 - 9:08 pm

    I am having trouble with some of my items. I can not sell, auction, trade or give away stuff that was from There. Prizes for this leveling up, my original newbie shirt, stuff like that. I can trade or sell or auction or give individual designer items like a Christian T-shirt or my Autism awareness T shirt.

    I have also had a LOT of trouble with the Spas. The sliders weren’t showing up. Logging out and logging back in solved this.

    I have had ChangeMe stuff just not work either. Logging out and logging back solved it. When it was dead, you’d check it and you saw the checkmark but nothing appeared. Then out and back in and it would work.

    I am really grateful to have this much work and I appreciate all the efforts by the whole Project Phoenix team. But these are bugs I thought they should know of.

  9. #15 by taylorleigh on 2011.10.31 - 6:06 pm

    omg!!!!! i got on tonite it looks great.All my inventory was loaded in,I went too a few places its so clear and my avitar moved good even made her run. One place i dropped a paz out then got a notice,they were going logout people on then,so more can enter,which is fair. I forgot how too pick the paz up, then when i got logged out,i remembered you go too a post of the paz. I shouldnt of dropped it. I am smiling like crazy now just because i got too get on for a lil’bit .Want too Thank you guys for all the work you have done for the site and for us,,bringing the site back alive,again. Cant wait for the grand opening of :))))

    • #16 by taylorleigh on 2011.11.01 - 8:00 am

      i went back in and picked that Paz up. got it back now.. if i get back on I’m not dropping anything till the site completely opens up. again,,MW Thanks so much and your crew there.

  10. #17 by JS on 2011.10.31 - 5:46 pm

    I was standing too long in Duda and I got a Segmentation error. Similar to the ones we got back in 2003 lol. Maybe I should have been walking around some. Not sure what happened.

  11. #18 by JS on 2011.10.31 - 1:03 pm

    I forgot to mention a problem I have been having logging on. When I log on sometimes it goes into full screen. But when it is in full screen it only shows like 1/3 or my screen the upper left side. Not giving me access to the full screen/window button to get me out of that mode. Or access to the bottom of the screen to get to the functionality. I try logging out and rebooting and sometimes that will work if I can even get back on at that point. Or if I am in with the full screen I can hit the windows button on my keyboard to get out to the desktop. Then the only thing I can do is open a second client and try and log onto that. Then that second client if I am lucky enough to get on with that will be in window mode.

    Maybe this problem is something to do with Windows 7. But everyone I asked don’t have this problem. So I don’t have a clue. Anyway I thought I would tell you about it. Not sure where we are supposed to submit issues like this. Please let me know if there is an email you want us to write to tell you about something of this nature. This might not be the place for it. I appreciate your efforts. I know all this will be ironed out soon. Maybe by Christmas.

    • #19 by ARTIE on 2011.11.01 - 3:12 am

      Windows 7 is working fine for me and 2 monitors. Check the settings in ThereTweeker, I bet you have something set wrong.

  12. #20 by JS on 2011.10.31 - 11:28 am

    Everything seems to be running real good in There. Driving around. doing things. But like it has been stated sometimes the communicator won’t open. But mostly it does. At any rate it is running good. It isn’t slow in my opinion. I read you mentioning how you had your eagle eye on this guy for trying to downgrade your world. Something like that lol. Yeah it would be annoying to hear some idiot say it is slow when you know it is running good and it isn’t slow at all. What the problem is is his computer is slow and is a piece of garbage. Doesn’t he know that? Please let him know.

    Also I know this isn’t something you should deal with now but would you consider tuning the physics on the buggies? I would like a more realistic ride. Not all bouncy and cartoon like. I know you have numbers to tweak in the code very easily to change this. When we drive down a bumpy road allow us to stay on the ground instead of bouncing and fish-tailing all over. That isn’t something I appreciate. It seems childish. In real life we would just take the bumps with our shocks. Slightly get airborn maybe. But not bounce so high and whip around so much. See if you can tame that down so if we are driving accross country we can get to point B a little easier instead of fighting the bouncing fish-tailing situation.
    That is my hope anyway. I know this can be easily fixed. I know this isn’t of the essence though. So keep it in mind for the future. Thanks

    • #21 by COSMlC on 2011.10.31 - 1:36 pm

      The physics for the buggies are perfect in my opinion and I’m sure many others would agree. As with most things it just takes practice and once that is done you realise how amazing the physics really are..

      • #22 by JS on 2011.10.31 - 10:44 pm

        I am not cutting down the physics engine. I find the physics great. I was just flying around a hoverboard and I was enjoying some great tricks. But for you to say the buggy has perfect settings basically and it takes practice is ridiculous. Practice with what? There is no practice to stop the fish-tailing bouncing situation. The only thing that will is the engineer changing a few numbers in the code. Very simple. Changing it to be more realistic and not cartoony bouncing and fish-tailing is something that I believe should be done. I am not by any means cutting down their physics engine. I know nothing about how good it actually is as far as how it was built. All I know is I have a good time with flying around hover boards and boats. Walking around or running as an avatar. It is great. But driving a buggy I vote YES on making a few changes for realism. I vote NO on bouncy cartoony fish-tail driving. Plain and simple. So don’t be silly please. Now I am going back to my enjoyable hover board riding using the much appreciated physics engine now. Thank you.

      • #23 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.11.01 - 6:47 am

        JS you’re being silly repeating this crazed idea yet again lol. It’s been commented on in the past, I think my memory tells me a response was “they don’t flip on paved roads” lmao. I was not very good at race tracks with a buggy but I got to be able to control the things pretty well on the roads, I could travel long distances without fishtailing or flipping it so yes practice does help. If your issue is that it takes so long to get somewhere cause of the flipping and stuff, try another ride, the hoverboat will get you anywhere faster.

      • #24 by daniel on 2011.11.01 - 1:20 pm

        yea man. you cant say it has purfect physics. when you say that it takes practice.

      • #25 by xSnoopy on 2011.11.01 - 2:56 pm

        Becoming a competent Buggy driver doesn’t mean changing the Physics, it means more time practicing.
        The same is true of Paintballing. Just complaining about not being able to hit someone isn’t going to make you better!! Practicing is!
        Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • #26 by Achenar on 2011.10.31 - 5:38 pm

      You can’t fiddle with the physics of the buggies without changing their dynamics for lapping and racing – so that is a real no NO!
      The buggies actually have a very smooth ride on smooth surfaces , so maybe what you want is to have some roads with smooth surfaces so you can drive from place to place without spilling you beer πŸ™‚
      For the rest of us the wild ride over the terrain is all part of the fun and a matter of upgrading our driving skills to avoid flipping πŸ™‚

    • #27 by toufovou on 2011.10.31 - 9:26 pm

      Yeah there is an issue with the communicator. If you shut down ‘There’ with the communicator open, next time you log on you won’t be able to see it although in the ‘People’ menu you will see that it’s ticked. What you have to do is make sure it’s unticked and then shut down ‘There’ and open it again, which of course is a big risk these days since u might not be able to get in again πŸ˜€
      One other solution is to teleport somewhere making sure the communicator is ticked before you do so.
      I have already sent feedback to ‘There’ about this issue and hopefully it will be an easy one to solve since it’s a very important problem.

    • #28 by daniel on 2011.11.01 - 1:17 pm

      i hate fish-tailing.

  13. #29 by Jay_Lynn on 2011.10.31 - 11:20 am

    Is anyone else getting this message when they try to log in on the client?

    “Problem connecting to world to check your name, please try again later”

    I know they have my legacy name and it’s correct because they have sent me about 5 e-mails about my account with my avatar name and password.
    Any help would be great. Thank you.


    • #30 by ARTIE on 2011.11.01 - 3:09 am

      Did you read all the emails and follow the procedures exactly?
      Did you get the email stating your user name and password?
      Did you log your Avie into ThereIM to reclaim your inventory?
      Did your do the confirm your email process?
      Did you get an email confirming that you are a GOLD Member?

      • #31 by Jay_Lynn on 2011.11.01 - 6:00 pm

        I have done all of the above. I cannot log onto ThereIM either. I get the following message “HTTP connection to port 0 for timeout reached, canceling connection” .

        I have followed the directions in all of my e-mails from them.

        Still cannot log onto either There client or ThereIM. I get those same messages repeatedly.


      • #32 by ARTIE on 2011.11.01 - 6:36 pm

        You must log into ThereIM first to reclaim your inventory. Try reading that email again about seting the properties of the URL in the shortcut. Then check any popup blocking settings and firewall settings. Perhaps something in your computer security settings is preventing ThereIM from reaching out to the internet.

  14. #33 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.31 - 11:16 am

    I just wonder how close are we for There grand opening:) anxious here to be home

  15. #34 by luckyjunior2005 on 2011.10.31 - 11:06 am

    Does anyone know how i can fix the issue with DX9 and telling me that the shader has not compiled?

    It says specifically: The shader C:\Makena\There\ThereClient\ren\ubershader.fx did not compile

    I have already sent an email to support, but was wondering if There is anything I might be able to do to fix it? DX8 works fine for me though.

    • #35 by cindy83 on 2011.11.01 - 12:52 am

      i have the same issue dx8 works fine but im a messy avi and dx9 gives me that same error so no idea

  16. #36 by Glynni on 2011.10.31 - 9:14 am

    I got in!!! First time for me! I am so excited to see my friends again, and to look around! Thank you so much!

  17. #37 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.31 - 8:23 am

    If I have a suspicion some might be under 18 playing There, where do I send it to for someone to investigate it?

    • #38 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.31 - 1:03 pm

      • #39 by justagreatguy on 2011.11.01 - 12:54 pm

        Thank you! I did not wan’t to post this on the blog in case I’m wrong. Not that I would ever be wrong, cough, cough.

    • #40 by Missiselle on 2011.11.01 - 4:28 am

      what’s actually the real problem they can’t play under 18?

      • #41 by NathanAvis on 2011.11.01 - 6:30 am

        It’s been covered extensively in this blog that it is an issue:
        *Not a profitable venture.

      • #42 by ForTehLulz on 2011.11.01 - 8:04 am

        Depends who’s asking? Missiselle, Minor or not??

      • #43 by daniel on 2011.11.01 - 1:37 pm

        i have said to someone befour. my brother is 14 but he was 12 when there closed. and got banned. so our mom faxed in something saying that he could play. and all that. and he was unbanned so i dont see how now is any different. i dont see. but im sure it is.. at first i told him that he could play on my avatar but i want someone from customer support to say that.

        CS: yes that would be ok. as long as its not his account.
        me: ok cool. thanks for your information
        CS:no problem is there anything else i can help you with today?
        me: no im ok
        CS: ok well then you have yourself a nice day now
        me: ok by.
        CS: good by

        but im going to asume that this would also be not allowed.

      • #44 by Michael Wilson on 2011.11.01 - 3:15 pm

        Sure, just give us the appropriate Avatar names and we’ll ‘process’ them immediately. And as a special deal, you’ll be saving at least $10/month. Probably more.

      • #45 by daniel on 2011.11.01 - 5:32 pm

        your funny MW……to funny.

        ok thanks for the help mw. im happy you told me so i now know for sure

      • #46 by daniel on 2011.11.01 - 5:33 pm

        but i did not understand the Probably more..dose that mean… well im not going to guess ill just wait for you to tell me. lol

      • #47 by justagreatguy on 2011.11.01 - 6:35 pm

        Way to funny! lol rofl !!!!!

  18. #48 by Eatings, Sputters, Pneumonia, ect. on 2011.10.30 - 3:03 pm

    I don’t know if this has been asked or not…

    When I go to places like Mirage and Duda, my client says “Client has stopped responding” then closes out. Any Idea why? Maybe it’s serverside? Or clientside? No clue.

    • #49 by ARTIE on 2011.10.31 - 1:16 pm

      Most likely it is your computer, but then I have stayed away from those places because lots of things can cause the memory leak to fill the memory stack and crash your program. If you want others to help, then post more info, type of computer, Operating system, processor speed, amount of RAM, what else is running on your computer, what type of ISP connection. All of these things have an impact. Those high impact areas will cause you to download lots of textures and your ISP may be shutting you down and stopping communication or your anti-virus program may be halting communication to scan all the files being sent your way. Be specific about the areas and then other people with other computers can try to find out is they have the same problems or not.

      Are you reporting these problems on the Facebook and Thumdar forums as well? Remember that we are still in BETA TEST MODE.

      • #50 by Eatings, Sputters, Pneumonia, ect. on 2011.10.31 - 8:19 pm

        Alienware, Windows 7 Premium, Quad Processor, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce Bridged Video Cards, Broadband Internet boosted. And my Anti-Virus isn’t blocking it.

      • #51 by ARTIE on 2011.11.01 - 6:28 pm

        Well next time I am in I will turn on Host HUD, FPS Meter, Performance meter and go to those areas to see if I can crash and get a screen shot and crash dump to sent in to FEEDBACK. I am sure you have done the same.

    • #52 by justagreatguy on 2011.11.01 - 2:30 pm

      I have the same problem, I got a AMD 4 core 3.4 with 16 Gigs of ram and 1 gig of ram on my video card (gforce 8800GT) with 21Mps to 30Mps cable internet running Windows 7 64 bit. I don’t see how it could be the computer unless it don’t like the 64 bit.

  19. #53 by ella882k6 on 2011.10.30 - 12:39 pm

    Just curious if anyone else is having this issue… but every time I try to log in, it starts the download update, then trys to open a web page that is expired– http://www.(null)/patcher/backdoor.html — Is what is coming up… and then the There client is back to the log in screen?? Any ideas?

    • #54 by ARTIE on 2011.10.31 - 1:20 pm

      What type of operating system, and what anti-virus/firewall do you have? one of them is waiting for you to give permission to open that page and run the download. The popup screen may be behind other open windows. It might also be blocked by a popup blocker that you have running.

  20. #55 by Cody on 2011.10.30 - 5:21 am

    Is anyone else having this issue, When I am playing I HAVE to switch to first person because my avatar is extremely deformed, and its like a beam of light its so bad, sometimes its to terrible my avatars SHIRT blocks out the screen and i cant see anything, I cant interact because this is so bad AND avatar i seee looks like this, Like right now I am at Paiz, and there is a random person in the middle of the ocean so far away I cant see them only the nametag, and whn i turn the way they are, my sceen turns the color of their skin!
    example (hope i can psost links)

    • #56 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.30 - 7:49 am

      There Tweaker > DX9?

    • #57 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.30 - 9:57 am

      get ya glasses on and read the blogs

      • #58 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.31 - 9:52 am

        Is abusing people really the way? Just wondering…

      • #59 by ARTIE on 2011.10.31 - 1:31 pm

        Is it abuse to suggest that people read and learn what to do, before they try to log in and beta test ? Would it not be smarter if they let expert computer users who know how to read and keep up with what needs to be tested be the ones who actually do the testing. If people do not read the email from or know how to use the There Tweeker, should we really help them get In before the world is ready?

        But Ray? Go test a few more areas or get your butt out of THERE so that I can log in!!!! I say … keep all the complainers (and non-readers) out until the world is fully ready … LOL Or is that just my halloween jackel talking.

  21. #60 by kazza123 on 2011.10.29 - 3:17 pm

    been in now a few times and things are running great but have came across LAG BIG TIME when i leave sutters plateau funzone and also mesa funzone they are in the same location plus martin71 is also having same probs too in this location but once you leave one to go to the next the LAG is BAD but when you drive back into the funzone the lag goes straight away…Out side the funzones you seem to freeze up then slowly come back plus it takes a while for every thing to load back up .. But outside these funzones there is nothing only sane and hills no buildings just a few trees going up on the hills thats about it .. is there anyone else having same issue at these places?

  22. #61 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.29 - 12:39 pm

    When i reregistred my avie, i registred it as henrik0303 with a small H letter. And it was not that way before. Is it any way i can get it changed to Henrik0303? Its no big issue really.

  23. #62 by OdileS on 2011.10.29 - 11:50 am

    Ok…..A MUST SEE !!!! ~~~~~~~~~ SHOUTING IT FROM ‘THERE’ ROOFTOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What the heck is this?)

    • #63 by PcMan Hoverboat Pilot on 2011.10.29 - 4:55 pm

      Here ya go..

      The reason it shows on There maps is because Google earth was used as the mapping system for There, so some of the There islands will show up along with Real world Islands. A good portion of the main Tiki Islands shows up in Antarctica. Hope this helps!

      • #64 by OdileS on 2011.10.30 - 10:35 am

        Too Cool!!! Thank you so much for the Info on Jan…Now I don’t have to loose another minute of sleep!!! That is neat…Now too bad its not in THERE LOL LOL
        ‘Hint Hint MW !!! πŸ˜‰

      • #65 by OdileS on 2011.10.30 - 10:37 am

        ‘hm As I further comtemplate the question, maybe if I Google ….Google earth (in real life)…., I might just find Frosty Island????? ROFL hahahahahha

    • #66 by thereuser on 2011.10.29 - 5:20 pm

      That’s the snowman island. Been there many many times πŸ˜€

    • #67 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.29 - 6:03 pm

      Some interesting and informative video surfing began with that link!! Thank-You!!

      …..BaphNagi….. (Taking a few hours breal to give others a chance!!)

  24. #68 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.29 - 10:40 am

    Anyone has an idea about what or who Jan Mayen is ? lol. Odile found a little island on the map right over frosty island named Jan Mayen… lol?

  25. #71 by martin71a on 2011.10.29 - 9:14 am

    hi where can i get the template from for the buggy and tuv any ideas guys thx

  26. #73 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.29 - 6:01 am

    I have been talking to people who are trying repeatedly to log in, and getting β€œClosed or full” messages. Then on checking their profiles I see that they can’t get on anyway as they don’t have a high enough fun pass!

    A don’t expect the log in window to be able to detect their skill level, but is there somewhere on there that you can make a note to the effect that you are only accepting those with certain fun passes right now and that they should check their profile if they forget what they have.

    That may help cut down on some of the clicking and might make up for some of my overzealous attempts. Thanks Agape’

  27. #74 by freecreed on 2011.10.29 - 5:04 am

    I opened a group today , in the buggy category … then decided to join a few buggy groups … When I try, I get the message that says I’m not allowed to join this group because I am already a member of that group category , or something like that … I wanted to join a few buggy bash clubs … is anyone else getting that message or is it just me ? .. thanks

  28. #75 by jan_lauren on 2011.10.29 - 4:07 am

    Finally got “in world” around 12 AM est!!! Hoverpacked, bacio’d around for a bit, after marveling at all the friggin’ golden tickets & inventory of yesteryear. LOL πŸ˜€ Unfortunately, all my favorite places are barren & none of my buds were around (or maybe even aware of the resurrection?!) It really was the people that made there so cool. But now that there’s only a handful of peeps online at a given time, it seemed kinda sad. I was only “in world” for maybe an hour (to give way to others)…looki’n good though, stuff seemed to be working alright on my end. Great job, MW & staff! I am stoked to see more people & places on there real soon!

  29. #76 by clarence on 2011.10.28 - 10:55 pm

    Hi two more question πŸ™‚
    Ive noticed al my things are still not here will they get returened soon?
    And my mom keeps trying to log in and it says the world is closed please try again later but if I type in my avie name and log in it lets me why cant she get in?
    Oh i got that OGL proble fixed thx artie and everyone for your help!

    • #77 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.29 - 3:54 pm

      Have yer Mom check her profile thru ThereIM.. If her FunPass level is Bronze or Silver, she will get the Closed report when trying to log in..

      …..Steve987….. (only a Silver.. Phooey!)

  30. #78 by Vanessa on 2011.10.28 - 10:19 pm

    Got on for a half hour for the first time tonight. Black bar problem and change me did not work. Also Fullscreen kept minimizing every time i tried to use it. Everything else seemed to work fine though.

  31. #79 by freecreed on 2011.10.28 - 4:22 pm

    it’s nice to see … … updated , and the added information is helpful … rock on

    • #80 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.29 - 6:19 am

      “Freecreed” I thought that your picture was adorable, but is that child looking at something he shouldn’t be !?! 😦

      • #81 by freecreed on 2011.10.29 - 7:30 pm

        fear not , it was only photo shop , lol … this little fellows not lifting hundreds of pounds either

  32. #82 by JasonMK on 2011.10.28 - 11:58 am

    Is there suppose to be another new patch? I already patched the other day, but it required and fetched a patch today. Now it says v18156 while this morning it was reading v18148. regardless, I still can’t get in to expereince any of the improvements. Keep up the good work out there for those of us hoping to get in There.

  33. #83 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.28 - 11:14 am

    hmm woke up today and i get a updae i already have done the one ealyer this week and i got anthour one is there one MW or is it a hacker getting in

    • #84 by ARTIE on 2011.10.28 - 3:16 pm

      I am glad you woke up today! But, seriously … hackers … really??? ….I have not been able to get back into THERE Production since Tuesday … perhaps it is a real update. I can’t wait to see what happens the next time I get lucky enough to get logged in.

    • #85 by ARTIE on 2011.10.28 - 3:21 pm

      Yep I am getting another 11.20mb update too not sure if it is the same one I got Tuesday or a new one. Well … let’s see what other people report.

    • #86 by Geoschroy on 2011.10.28 - 5:19 pm

      No it’s another update …leave the paranoia at the door please k? thanks! have a great day πŸ™‚

  34. #87 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.10.28 - 2:33 am

    Hey, can we have the sparkles quest back πŸ˜€

  35. #88 by SNIPERBAIT on 2011.10.27 - 10:14 pm


    I decided to go over all my items that I do have though many are missing and check to see that each object worked. Sadly they do not.

    1: Couches/beds, the tags now only allow sit down, there is no lean back, slouch, etc. just straight up sitting.
    2: Message bar has bit the dust. Can not pull an item from another spot for it doesn’t show.
    3: Every time voice keeps not working. I have Windows 7 and mike works on pc, but THERE is not picking it up. Have got it to work before, but this time no luck.
    4: More missing items from my Saturn Planet etc
    5: If I download THERE IM, it overlays THERE 3d and makes THERE 3D into THERE IM.
    6: These may have been covered but to tired from working to look. Have a good morning.,

    quote: work is tiring, sleep is wakeful, how did this happen lol

    • #89 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.28 - 3:47 pm

      When you sit down, a menu should appear below and you click “back” and that makes you look more comfortable or “slouching” as in the case of the male avies. Mine is working ,but if you say you can’t see your menu bar that is probably why you can’t see it. Although I believe you can adjust those settings for the menu bars to appear or not . I think if you brouse arround you may find them , maybe they are just shut off.

      Im not in world now so I can’t look at my screen to see where those things are , but I believe I ran into them earlier.

      And as far as missing items, I am finding more by actually putting out a paz and going through the “This place ” and “gear” menus. If I don’t remember what things were actually called i just put them out to look at them. But I still haven’t found the new picture surface I got right before There closed,were those recalled or something?

      Everything that works or that i find is a joy,it is never good to take too much for granted anyway, I think we just need to be patient and by happy with what we got for now. The fact that is even back is a miracle and /or a dream come true depending on your perspective. Agape’

      • #90 by SNIPERBAIT on the weekend on 2011.10.29 - 9:28 am

        In my case, as stated, a dream cone true. Was not able to be in world last part of THERE running. Was getting a house, and as expected.. delays. Painting just odes not work well when it is very damp and rainy outside and of course we were trying to move in during that time lol. On the message part and them being turned off. nope. It is as though the command does not exist. i went and in every setting I could find and almost all were on except for auto join chat group etc. Redid it all anyways and still no luck. Voice is also being a problem still. But all is good. On the picture surfaces, am not sure. I know anything i had that had a transparency to it is gone along with paints, engine 3’s and some other items that still haven’t connected why they were effected. Thankyou for responding to my post. Maybe soembody else will have had this issue and there’s a fix, or Team Phoenix will and can go from that point. Well, back to work… not real work, the I need to get it done but do i really want to do it today list lol.

        quote: Life is like a bed of roses till you try to lay down in it. Then its just a bunch of thorns.

  36. #91 by daniel on 2011.10.27 - 7:05 pm

    i love the theam music that played when my client was updating

    • #92 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.28 - 1:34 am

      yes me as well , what is is?

      • #93 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.29 - 5:55 am

        It’s the song they used in the TV like commercial There had made in the fall of 2009. I do not know what it is called.

    • #94 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 4:52 am

      that music hurt my ears! WAS SO LOUD and cheesy midi.

      • #95 by martin71a on 2011.10.28 - 6:18 pm

        i liked the old music when we did updates lol

    • #96 by softNdark on 2011.10.28 - 6:30 am


    • #97 by SonicWarriorXP on 2011.10.28 - 9:59 am

      I actually have the exact tune they used. It’s “Fields of gold” by Sting.

    • #98 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.28 - 11:48 am

      daniel you are a sick just kidding around.. the music is great once or twice but after that.. I am looking for the switch to turn it down..LOL

      • #99 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.28 - 3:27 pm

        “Fields of Gold ” by Sting was the song they used a long time ago . Not long before they closed it was “Shut up and let me go ” by the Ting Tings. I’m not sure what this new song is , but I’m sure it is something appropriate.

    • #100 by daniel on 2011.10.28 - 4:09 pm

      lol i dont care what the haters say… im going to go right now and delete there and redownload it for the update

  37. #101 by Dustin4040 on 2011.10.27 - 6:40 pm

    Everytime i log in i look disfigured. Does anybody know how i can fix this?

    • #102 by toufovou on 2011.10.27 - 10:21 pm

      If you are using DX8 version try using DX9 or vice versa

    • #103 by ARTIE on 2011.10.28 - 11:12 am

      a. stop looking at your self.
      b. clean your glasses
      c. clean your computer screen
      d. Use a spa to change how you look
      e. use the THERE Tewwker before you login to shange the settings. My Avie was a mass of Triangles under DX8, but worked just right when set to DX9.
      f. buy a new computer


      • #104 by ARTIE on 2011.10.28 - 11:20 am

        Drat, looks like I need to clean my glasses . . . or get a better keyboard … Use the THERE tweeker to change the settings.

        I find mine by going to the Start menu … then All Programs … then There Production … then There Tweeker

        It just occured to me that you may be talking about your image in ThereIM …. because it is using one of your odd old looksets … the same happened to me. If that is the case, all you need to do is to log into production, open ChangeMe and then select a different LookSet.

  38. #105 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.27 - 6:13 pm

    From looking at my old calendars, today was’s big launch day back in 2003! Wow eight years have gone by so quickly! I can recall the excitement in the air when opened it’s doors and there was a massive media push! There was even a page in Time Magazine that month.

    As I sit here looking towards the future, I can’t help be think how exciting opening day will be in there this time around! The community coming back together, being able to hang out with quite a few old friends, not to mention all the new freinds we have made in other worlds and hangouts. Thanks to the hardworking staff, It looks to be an exciting time indeed!

    • #106 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.27 - 9:00 pm

      When There first opened I bought a video card and it came with a There CD, wish I still had the CD.

    • #107 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 4:56 am

      doubt there will be a big media push this time. Lots of ppl thought went offline years ago (around the black Friday times, or was that a Monday?) and the only fan fare we have about it’s return is us. I don’t think MW can hire a PR Staff (well unless you count Thumbdar?) So hopefully all of us can spread the word that it’s coming back online!!

  39. #108 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.27 - 3:16 pm

    Whether we regard difficulties in life as misfortunes or whether we view them as good fortune depends entirely on how much we have forged our inner determination. It all depends on our attitude or inner state of life. With a dauntless spirit, we can lead a cheerful and thoroughly enjoyable life. We can develop a “self” of such fortitude that we can look forward to life’s trials and tribulations with a sense of profound elation and joy: “Come on obstacles! I’ve been expecting you! This is the chance that I’ve been waiting for!”

  40. #109 by dragonpimp on 2011.10.27 - 2:23 pm

    Hey, haveing some problems logging on to there website. Apparently my name/pw is incorrect i have changed it twice and it says its incorrect. No it is not spelled wrong πŸ˜› don’t know im eager to see my there profile page i miss it!! D:

    • #110 by ARTIE on 2011.10.28 - 11:05 am

      If you have your original email account and saved all your emails, then you should have a record of your old username. If you follow the directions on reregistering your legacy avatar and downloading THERE-IM you should get in. If you have trouble remembering stuff, THERE has a web page to help you out. This this:

  41. #111 by LeeCarmen08 on 2011.10.27 - 12:43 pm

    I logged in today and My Places were COMPLETELY empty. As if someone had gone on my account and deleted every last location. Maybe this is a bug, I don’t know. But I’d like my places back… Could someone clarify this? Has it happened to anyone else?

    • #112 by LeeCarmen08 on 2011.10.27 - 4:05 pm

      Just found out, it was just a bug.

  42. #113 by SNIPERBAIT on THERE on 2011.10.27 - 10:38 am

    Amazing, posted in agreement with Soed and I fail moderation? Wow…

    • #114 by SNIPERBAIT on THERE on 2011.10.27 - 11:18 am

      my comment now approved.. am quite confused on this but thankyou for posting it.

  43. #115 by jst4martini on 2011.10.27 - 6:32 am

    so close and yet so far!!! = P I got in briefly,I didn’t rez although my coke buggy did! and i drove it thru the ocean before i got booted off. seg violation! lol it’s all good! can’t wait till It’s up and running.. I hope I won’t have to go get a new computer to be able to use there ? Michael Wilson your my Hero! = )) ”’yay !!

  44. #116 by seany35 on 2011.10.27 - 4:32 am

    Iv’e been in world about 3 times now and everytime i keep finding most people standing there with the afk glasses ive gone off in my buggy and come back later to still find them afk why not log out let someone else do some testing.

    • #117 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.27 - 10:46 am

      I was soo-o-o-o close…got to the update screen and-d-d-d-d poof….back to the main window and the dreaded ” sorry-y-y-y-y server full “…..Gr-r-r-r-r

      • #118 by Elliot on 2011.10.28 - 5:25 am

        i cant get on at all because of the server is full 😦

    • #119 by Escape on 2011.10.27 - 12:38 pm

      I imagine ppl are sorting out inventories etc and don’t realize they go afk automatically after 5 min. ‘wave

  45. #120 by clarence on 2011.10.27 - 2:53 am

    OK so i can get logged in but when i get in it crashes everytime cause it switched to OGL i cant stay in long enough to change it what do i do ive uninstalled it and deleted all files can somone help

    • #121 by CardSharkRay on 2011.10.27 - 6:00 am

      set it to dx9

    • #122 by ARTIE on 2011.10.27 - 6:16 am

      Clarence, use the tweeker when you are not logged in. If your computer has had most recent updates, my hunch is that DX9 will work best. It took me a few trys as well. After you download the client and before you log in go to your START menu (All Programs … THERE Production … There Tweeker

    • #123 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.27 - 6:24 am

      Use the There Tweaker.
      Its in the There directory: Makena/There-prod-2011_10_06/There client/ Resources/DLLs.
      Make a shortcut to it, put it on your desktop, start the tweaker and set it to DX8 or DX9.
      That should fix your problem

    • #124 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.27 - 9:05 pm

      Mine was working fine until I did the update, then it crashed every time I got to log in and booted me out. I uninstalled There and re-installed There. Now it works fine.

  46. #125 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.27 - 2:13 am

    Fix a bug, introduce a new bug. Since the client update, I no longer have ability to load or clear a layout, though I can apparently save one successfully (hard to be certain since I can’t clear or load). Yes, I’ve sent this to feedback, but just want to check if this is a new quirk for everyone, a significant minority, or just me (I’ve been playing with Linux on a separate physical hard disk and the boot menu seems to have caused Windows to log straight in instead of waiting at the user list screen, so I’m not ruling out that the load/clear problems are related to some subtle Windows quirk).

    • #126 by McKensy on 2011.10.27 - 7:50 am

      Bug confirmed; Clear Layout don’t work – Load layout don’t work.

    • #127 by thereuser on 2011.10.27 - 8:20 am

      I couldn’t clear layout prior to the client update, and only the day before the client update… I don’t think its related to the new client, but something server side.

      • #128 by mimi06 on 2011.10.27 - 10:13 am

        hey guys πŸ™‚ I don’t think alot of the things we’re seeing right now are bug, but perhaps because they are working so hard on many lil issues? my last time in was last night aand the many I spoke with had no action bar, could not summons, some didn’t see screen messages. I also had the same experience, no name tags, no decorate tags, many things. But I know these ALL functioned properly, so I am guessing it has something to do with Sir Samsyn sneaking in and out of world a bazillion times. Also for those of you that can’t seem to log in, I saw many many NEW people in world these last few days, so don’t give up, your spots waiting πŸ™‚ Hope to see you all soon!

      • #129 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.27 - 3:10 pm

        @Mimi,, I found that if My version of Flash players is out dated or the wrong version .. I had no action bar, no Fun finder , No compass ect.

        so its important for people to read the blog and suggestions given by a few of the members in regaurds to flash player.

    • #130 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.27 - 2:56 pm

      This bug with clearing a layout seems to happen to me atleast 70% of the time and I have to (attempt) to relog and if I am successful with that-even then it still doesn’t work.

  47. #131 by CK on 2011.10.26 - 9:49 pm

    Yay, I got into game, and everything worked nicely!..My only issue was rendering my character, as well as my buggies. They were blurry, but other than that everything seemed fine. Thanks for the hard work, and I can’t wait until it opens.

  48. #132 by Dei on 2011.10.26 - 7:12 pm closed, I was like.. w/e… ever since then, I have dreamed it would come back to us all. When announced it was reopening, my memories of the place flooded back… (as did my latent addiction) open up already!!!, I feel like a dirty junkie that can’t get the fix I need, because the “drug” is unavailable… When I played in that’s all I played in my spare time… I have had to fill the “gap” with a multitude of games since then… I need to be clean! please open now:P so I can cleanse myself of all these other dirty games LOL

    (actually, when you’re ready to open, is fine with me, thanks for bringing back a good game… it’s the ragdoll physics I miss the most… oh and some people… Avie Sacrifice here I come!!!)

    See you all There!

  49. #133 by wavgirl on 2011.10.26 - 4:56 pm

    Sorry if I missed it, but was a time frame ever given for the official opening? I’m being patient, I swear. πŸ™‚

    • #134 by Basya on 2011.10.27 - 9:14 am

      Hi waygirl– Nope, There hasn’t officially opened yet. We’re still in the Beta phase. If you are a GOLD member or above, you would be allowed to enter now! But, since we’re still limited to 50 members at any one time (during this Beta phase), it might be difficult to log on. Just keep trying!!

      Cya soon in There!

      • #135 by wavgirl on 2011.10.27 - 11:40 am

        I think I just had silver… I can’t remember. Hmm.

  50. #136 by soede on 2011.10.26 - 1:48 pm

    As we get closer to the world going live I am increasingly concerned about the lack of Trial/Basic accounts!

    It makes zero long term sense to me to not offer them. That’s the precedent of all the social worlds (that I can think of) and an increasing number of MMOs! I Really dont think the trial/basic accounts in and of themselves could have been the problem. IMO It was that Premium was WAY too cheap. This is being corrected now. Yay. The Thereian way in the past was to keep every account, even if they hadn’t even actually made it into world, so I also am very curious about exactly how much of a drain on the system those accounts could have been if they were so worth hanging on to.

    Keeping a world alive requires equal attention to new member acquisition AND current member retention =/

    Getting rid of trial/basic seems like an huge over correction…the kind that results in a car crash. I dont want it to come back just to die due to lack on influx! That doesn’t seem like something that should be on the backburner. I am hoping that the Phoenix team has that well worked out and is just choosing not to divulge the details. (Though there was a request for us to report any pages that contained references to premium accounts that doesn’t give me hope in this area) I would have expected there would be some sort of relevant stats from the funnel project that points to a free trial period being crucial. How are they going to entice people to come and play HERE when the other options let them play at basic level for free?

    Colour me confused and concerned. They aren’t seriously going to be relying solely on current members to be pushing their world? Are they?

    No voice. Limited time only, No gifting, Limited inventory. Annoying Guest marker in name. All that and more. But people need to be able to get their feet wet before they’re expected to give money. Y’know…kick the tires.
    I’m guess there will be at least a little virtual world press from the world coming back. If people who read about that aren’t able to come and try it without commitment, that publicity is wasted! I want There back up at full speed but this seems like something that needs to be figured out BEFORE it comes back up.

    • #137 by Kattwomann on 2011.10.27 - 3:31 am

      um…ditto this! ^^^^^^^^

    • #139 by timcraven on 2011.10.27 - 7:51 am

      If i was a new member that has never used there b4 and i found it on a search site the 1st thing that would make me look for another game is that u have to part with money even before u can play it. It was better the other way where u can try it for free and if u really wanted to play it properly then u need to pay. I know that i have a lot of friends that would love to come and try but as soon as i say u need to pay first they had to think twice. I agree with soede You need to make a free version or i can see there staying open for a year or 2 before it closes again because they didn’t have the brain power that people need to try b4 u buy after all its just common sense.

      I have been on there for years and i enjoy it but i still think u need to think more about more members. Would u pay for a car without looking at it and without test driving it???
      you are making it seem that everyone that joins when it opens will like it just from a few pics and a 5 min video.

    • #140 by SNIPERBAIT is hooked on Waffle House on 2011.10.27 - 8:37 am

      clicks the like button.. wait sorry not Facebook. I agree Soed, that has been a big concern of mine as well. I have been talking to literally hundred of folks on other sites and games i play when i have time and I can think of but a few who sais they would pay to try it out. All replyed about the same in they would not pay ten bucks before they were able to at least see what it was about for themselves. There has to be a way to show that you are not a current member, for if were then charged up front to bring another on. Maybe a 4 hr trial or something of that nature with a block to current IP’s current legal names listed to accounts and such. I know some use IP blockers and all I can say in that is that there will always be those who find a hole somehwere. PayPal to prove your account is valid does a 1 cent option where they try to deposit 1 cent into your account, maybe switch that and have a 1 buck fee to try it out via PayPal.. Then all things for most part are verified. One way of blocking abuse of this would also be that once that 4 hrs is up, to be able to log back in they then have to pay the 10 bucks and make account valid. No more ability to do the buck option after that 4 hrs. After 24 hrs that name be erased from the system and they if they decide they want in world would have to come up with a new name, or really to fix even that, if on trial then there tag read trial member 1, 2, and so on for that day. On there screen they could see the timer of how long they have left and maybe that timer could be seen by other permanent THEREieans if they click on persons profile. Instead of having a profile pic the timer could show in that area. To prevent any type of them being plowed over, shot with paintballs and such to point of them saying forget this, a confined small Island could be where they got to stay during them 4 hrs other than that walkway. In it there would be a paintball arena done up nicely, a hoverboard park area, dogs and such that can’t be picked up, cars either donated for this cause or with member created paints and more. Large billboards of things in THERE other than what THERE designed. These are just thoughts, there is programs out there that verify and such and there is lots of options on this, but I agree with you 100% Soede on the new member part. That has been bothering me and others in world for no guarantee that all those that sign up at first will be bale to pay every month. So income has to be able to keep goig up so a reserve stach to cover 6 months of down is at hand. I’m sure though that Team Phoenix has been looking at all venues but maybe just maybe I or someone else may put out something that will truelly make the system work. THanks for the update, glad to see it and looking foward each day to being back in world with my wife and friends.

      QUOTE: if we count on what is not, and state that it is then what we have is not faith, but lack of good judgment.

      • #141 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.27 - 11:09 am


      • #142 by SNIPERBAIT on THERE on 2011.10.27 - 11:21 am

        in Response to Mw’s comment so many words so close together can’t read it.. my apologies, i will repost with spacing between every few lines. on my screen is is quite large but guess not same view to all.

      • #143 by SNIPERBAIT on THERE on 2011.10.27 - 11:26 am

        Reposting in hopefully a more readable form. Spacing does not represent different subjects, just spacing for easier readability in such a long post.

        Clicks the like button.. wait sorry not Facebook. I agree Soed, that has been a big concern of mine as well. I have been talking to literally hundred of folks on other sites and games i play when i have time and I can think of but a few who said they would pay to try it out. All replied about the same in they would not pay ten bucks before they were able to at least see what it was about for themselves.

        There has to be a way to show that you are not a current member, for if were then charged up front to bring another on. Maybe a 4 hr trial or something of that nature with a block to current IP’s current legal names listed to accounts and such. I know some use IP blockers and all I can say in that is that there will always be those who find a hole somehwere. PayPal to prove your account is valid does a 1 cent option where they try to deposit 1 cent into your account, maybe switch that and have a 1 buck fee to try it out via PayPal.. Then all things for most part are verified.

        One way of blocking abuse of this would also be that once that 4 hrs is up, to be able to log back in they then have to pay the 10 bucks and make account valid. No more ability to do the buck option after that 4 hrs. After 24 hrs that name be erased from the system and they if they decide they want in world would have to come up with a new name, or really to fix even that, if on trial then there tag read trial member 1, 2, and so on for that day.

        On there screen they could see the timer of how long they have left and maybe that timer could be seen by other permanent THEREieans if they click on persons profile. Instead of having a profile pic the timer could show in that area. To prevent any type of them being plowed over, shot with paintballs and such to point of them saying forget this, a confined small Island could be where they got to stay during them 4 hrs other than that walkway.

        In it there would be a paintball arena done up nicely, a hoverboard park area, dogs and such that can’t be picked up, cars either donated for this cause or with member created paints and more. Large billboards of things in THERE other than what THERE designed. These are just thoughts, there is programs out there that verify and such and there is lots of options on this, but I agree with you 100% Soede on the new member part.

        That has been bothering me and others in world for no guarantee that all those that sign up at first will be bale to pay every month. So income has to be able to keep going up so a reserve stach to cover 6 months of down is at hand. I’m sure though that Team Phoenix has been looking at all venues but maybe just maybe I or someone else may put out something that will truelly make the system work. THanks for the update, glad to see it and looking foward each day to being back in world with my wife and friends.

        I hope this is more readable now. didn’t think about the fact that though it is huge on my screen, on other screens the type may be way smaller and thus harder to read. Will post with spaces in future.

        QUOTE: if we count on what is not, and state that it is then what we have is not faith, but lack of good judgment.

      • #144 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.27 - 12:41 pm

        That is odd, I dont see his text like that. Are you sure its not showing that way only on your end? He even used punctuation! lol Only thing I would make him remove is being hooked on Waffle House, that place will kill you! haha

      • #145 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.27 - 9:15 pm

        I have quite a few new ppl joining willing to pay actually, and a couple that wanna try it 1st.

      • #146 by justagreatguy on 2011.11.01 - 6:57 pm

        I repair and sale laptops and I would love to give out some kind of trial preloaded on the laptops. It’s hard to get someone to sign onto There and pay when they never played before and really have no idea what it is. But with the trial there will be other problems like people already playing There having 2 or 3 trial accounts for other reasons like they have already done in the past. It would be great if it can be done in away where it works for everyone.

    • #147 by Basya on 2011.10.27 - 9:11 am

      Yes, I agree that there should be a LIMITED trial account for those who want to see what There is all about!

    • #148 by tubz707 on 2011.10.27 - 10:37 am

      wow, wall of text

      but i agree here, they should make it so that someone can join as a basic member without paying for a week so they can see what is like.

      and yes, the publicity is wasted if people cant even try before they buy

    • #149 by Reo on 2011.10.27 - 2:23 pm

      All this time I’ve felt like I was the only one saying this. You put it very eloquently.

      • #150 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.28 - 1:12 pm

        I dunno I quite enjoyed the the simpleton-looking newbies. Cats would do fine though πŸ™‚

    • #151 by Reo on 2011.10.27 - 2:30 pm

      Ah! I have the perfect solution: Instead of avatars, guests show up in the world as CATS! ^_^

      They get to walk around the world and people can see them, but they can’t talk and can’t interact with most things.

      This way guests get to see the There world for free, and everyone else gets cats. And they’ll disobey commands and act like hilarious idiots just like cats are expected to.

    • #152 by freecreed on 2011.10.27 - 3:52 pm

      sadly when I mention pay to play with no trial , the answer is always the same … having read MW’s side also … Time will Tell , and things can be changed

    • #153 by dakotaman on 2011.10.27 - 4:27 pm

      I would agree with Soede, on the eventual need for a way for an new member to ‘try’ the service. Where I differ on most opinions, is the immediate need for such a system. Unlike other worlds/MMO’s out there, There2 has literally tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people who were members before and/or have ‘trialed’ There in the past. Hopefully, the number of past Thereians who join in the immediate future will surpass that important ‘break even’ point, by a large margin.

      So, Phase 1 of the reopening will reintegrate past members back into the world and continue to stabilize and improve the world for people who essentially are ‘veterans’. This will also hopefully raise revenue to the point where you will be able to hire additional staff to handle new member services. It will also give staff the time to evaluate the scaling of the world and devise a new member system that avoids all the pitfalls of system under the ‘original’ There. So Phase 1 could give There staff time to ponder this issue, improve/stablize There, and prepare for Phase 2, which will be the opening of There2 to new members. Current members have a ‘golden ticket’ to re-enter There first and will generate lots of ‘Buzz’ for new members.

      I would much rather see There become profitable and stable first, and absorb all returning past members (and the thousands I believe will pay their $10 based on the recommendations of current members), while carefully considering how (or whether) a ‘free trial’ system should be implemented.


    • #154 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.27 - 7:44 pm

      My initial introduction to THERE was on a trial pass that was advertized as 3 days access.. It lasted a week, and when it expired I went and tried 3or4 other virtual worlds.. After a few months, I decided THERE was the best of the bunch, and came back to THERE fully expecting to pay the $10 a month that was in effect during my trial.. I was amazed and pleased to find it was now $10 for “life”!!

      As I have noticed in other “lifetime” internet offerings, the life it refers to is simply the life of the offer itself.. In this case that was about 5 years!!

      Now that that offer has expired and we are back to the $10 a month fee, I would expect the 3-day trial offer would be brought in again as well, though perhaps not immediately…..

      …..BaphNagi….. (who was Nagilum on that 3-day trial)

      • #155 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 5:01 am

        Really 3 days? I thought trials were 2 weeks back then?

    • #156 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 4:59 am

      I believe MW made the point that free trials aren’t completely gone, they just need to be out of the picture for now. I assume once opens up, we users rebuild the world over time, and the money starts rolling into, then they can open the world up to newbie free trials. Maybe I can get my old job back as a mentor then?

    • #157 by soede on 2011.10.29 - 7:12 pm

      It’s very good for There that there exists such a dedicated hard core group waiting in line to hand over cash. My concern about WAITING to implement the Trial/Basic program is this. HOW long will this group of people sustain There without new blood? Having gone through a business start up and coming up with all the worst case scenarios made it very real to me that you have to take your very worst case scenario and quadruple it.

      It’s not enough to have a fabulous product and a dedicated core group, unfortunately.

      Here’s what I’d Love to see regarding a trial without it being a drain.
      – LAND ON THE WW (it’s a great set up IMO. Keep it just as it is)
      – LIMITED GEOGRAPHICAL ACCESS. Be able to teleport to one or any of the 3 starter islands and get a feel for racing, paintball, connecting with members etc, but can NOT leave the islands or be summoned away (Stole that non-summoning bit from HP. =) (I like to think of it as a newb fishtank!)
      – TEMPT PEOPLE by adding Big shiny signs and those fabulous miniatures to the starter island travel centers! (You know, the mini ferris wheel, tyr mountain etc etc)
      – ABSOLUTELY ZERO gifting or item transfer. This eliminates the use of non paying trial accounts as mules.
      – ABLE TO BUY T$ and buy from auctions. Hey, if they want to be limited to one place and still give money… COOL!
      – NO VOICE. This would cut down on alt as griefing tools.
      – LIMITED TIME? I’m on the fence about this one. If the clock runs out, I’d be one of those likely just to start another alt if I wasn’t ready to hand over my credit card info. Personally I think limiting mobility is enough, but I thought I’d put limited time on the list just to be fair.
      -ACCOUNT DELETION. IF no T$ are purchased. A friendly reminder email that their account has been inactive and will be deleted in X amount of time if it isn’t accessed. (This has brought me back to many a world!)
      -GRAND OPENING. Any big press announcements, I’d hold off until people Can trial. Everything until then is “Early Access”.

      Any other ways I’ve missed to limit basic membership but still allow people to develop a taste for There??

      • #158 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.29 - 7:47 pm

        The problem continues to be Griefers. If you land people on the WW, and they’re Griefer which has been banned (and banned, and banned, and banned), they’re going to be in the perfect position to Grief new customers.

        Unfortunately, none of the restrictions above addresses that.

      • #159 by soede on 2011.10.29 - 8:12 pm

        There will always be griefers. I dont know that there IS a way to keep that element out completely.
        But there were griefers before and people still went premium.
        I dont see how the existence of griefers negates the need for basic/trial membership.
        Is keeping out these problematic few really worth risking the business of the many?

        There are people who are willing to help out for free. Harness the power of Free I know organizing such a group requires staff to oversee them, but perhaps those who have been with the program longest, like senior island guides or another additional level of clearance, could be given the ability to mute problem people for a limited time until paid staff can attend to them.
        It’s just an idea and I’m sure others can come up with more and better proposals.

      • #160 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.30 - 10:30 am

        What about this:
        “FREE” one month Trial…… Here is how it would work.
        Make your avatar and sign up with PayPal. 10$ will be paid.
        The Avatar would have all the same benefts the members ( voice,shopping, buying T-bux). But NO gifting and giving.
        At the end of the month they would have to choose.
        1, Get my 10$ back. At that time, the avie would be Eliminated with all T-bux and items bought in-game for the month.
        2, I will join later, save my stuff. ( keeps the 10$)all T-bux and things bought would be saved for a Limited or non-limited time.
        3, Sign me up! I’m ready to pay to play.

        With PayPal connected, would this be helpful and away to stop Banned and Griefers?
        On the paypal account we would have all our Avatars listed?
        Those that have gotten the 10$ back, would be blocked from making an other free trial account.

  51. #161 by Silky_Kitten on 2011.10.26 - 1:37 pm

    So I’ve been in a few times and haven’t come across any real problems. But my avatar (and every other avatar in game) all look deformed to me. I don’t know if you guys are already aware of this but I do know of some other people who have the same problem. But other than that everything has been great so far, keep up the good work guys!

    • #162 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.27 - 6:28 am

      Try changing the rendering to DX8 or DX9, that should solve the blury problem. DX9 should be better.
      Its under the There toolbar: There, Settings / World.
      Good luck,

    • #163 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.27 - 10:45 am

      Well, that’s not a bad idea for the near future. Methinks ” There ” wants/needs to get all the bugs/glitches out before ” perhaps ” they consider a free trial…

  52. #164 by Bobbi Anima on 2011.10.26 - 1:18 pm

    I’ve been trying to log in ever since I heard the world was open to a lucky 50. I don’t have all day every day to sit and try (I have to sleep and go to work) but have tried many times at different times of day. However – so far I’ve not once managed to get in. Shall I just give up and uninstal the client – or is there actually a vague chance of being able to get back into the There world again?

    • #165 by Faunarose on 2011.10.26 - 3:32 pm

      Why would you uninstall the client?There isn’t even open yet, it’s just a testing period. It will be OPEN to all before you know it. Just be patient and you’ll eventually be able to get in whenever you aren’t sleeping or working. ; )

    • #166 by Basya on 2011.10.26 - 3:54 pm

      Oh, don’t give up, Bobbi! You will get in soon and enjoy yourself! I have a feeling we’re very close to finishing the Beta and will be open soon.

      Hope to cya in There very soon!


    • #167 by seany35 on 2011.10.26 - 4:49 pm

      why would you ununstal it everone will be going in world soon.

    • #168 by Charles Davis on 2011.10.26 - 5:49 pm

      I think we all have to wait. I have tried myself repeatedly with no luck. Yet i see these posts where the same people are logging in over and over again. like the post be for you. ARTIE logged in with 4 different avies in one day. i think there is a select few of people who are allowed to log in and we are not one of them. So i guess we will have to wait for the opening. I have no clue when that will be. But if that is not the cause and the servers are full because the same people keep logging back in, I would like to plea with them to give it a break for a few days and let some of the rest of us log in. Like lets say Saturday if you have logged in be for restrain yourself and let others have a chance. just a thought.

      • #169 by Charles Davis on 2011.10.27 - 1:17 am

        I made it in my 1st at 4am tonite. was in world for about an hour. changed my outfit, tried a few of my rides, chatted with another and dropped my paz. I did not see any issue. But it was strange that in “MY THINGS” my pazs, rides, dog and house stuff was all together. For some reason i remember them all being in different like folds. Bobbi i am sure you will be next. After an hour i was booted out. So when you get in i would rush and try everything you wanna try. Cause that hour goes fast….lol

      • #170 by ARTIE on 2011.10.27 - 3:13 am

        It is just a matter of luck and timing. Nothing special about me and MW does not know who any of my alt avies are. But lets be clear, only GOLD members or above can get logged in. If you are trying with a Silver or Bronze legacy avatar then you are wasting your time trying to get in.

        Yesterday I was just lucky and got logged in on 2 different computers on my desk. Most days, like today, I am not so lucky. When I go get in I try to do what testing that I can do. Yesterday I was trying to test a few theories that I have on why the ChangeMe is still sometimes not there. Since I have many GOLD level and above avatars, I can see how each responds from the same computer. I usually keep each one in about 20 minutes, then try another. But with so many people trying to log in, most often when I log off I do not get back in.

    • #171 by tubz707 on 2011.10.27 - 10:40 am

      I have been in a few times myself, however the last 2 days i haven’t been able to be one of the lucky 50… everyone keeps getting in before i have a chance to click Log in now so don’t worry you are not the only one, patience ^^

    • #172 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 5:03 am

      Yeah i was on the verge of giving up, but i didn’t get in a half dozen times. But since this last update I’ve not been able to get on yet. I’d keep trying as often as you wish too.. no need to remove the client software unless you need the disk space.

      • #173 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 5:04 am

        oops i mean i DID get online about a half dozen times. Dang it i wish i can edit my own comments.

  53. #174 by ARTIE on 2011.10.26 - 12:29 pm

    This morning I tested the updating process on 2 of my computers. THERE updates fine under Zone Alarm and under Windows Security Essentials. As awlays ZA asked more questions. Then, very early before leaving for work today, I logged in 4 different Avatars. two of them still had problems with the ChangeMe being off screen and unusable and 2 had it appear on the far right hand side. So the problem seems to be Avatar specific and not client specific. I wish I could test this further to see if it is related to specific avaman servers databases, but it is very hard to log in 50 different avatars without getting a lot of “the world is full messages.” Over the next few days I will try and journal the data that I collect.

    One other glitch that I sometimes see, but not on all my avatars, is that when I build the folders in the Organizer. It is really freeky, for some avatars, the unique folder names that I create for each catagory, will revert to “New Folder” after I select “create a new folder” While on other Avatars this works perfectly without any freeky glitches. Once again this might point to a problem in particular Avman databases not accepting new information. Before I speculate further, I will want to retry the same avatars to see if it still happens after the 2nd or third login. In all cases, this has occured where the Avatar had minimum inventory but a massive amout of level up tickets.

    Is anyone else seeing this glitch in inventory folder creation?

  54. #175 by OdileS on 2011.10.26 - 10:49 am

    **** Is it my imagination, or has There not reset today to kick others off in order to make room for more Thereians?????

    A Non Clicker ……….. ( There are OTHER ‘MW Friendly’ ways to get into THERE ) πŸ˜‰
    I am a REFORMED Clicker…..

    • #176 by OdileS on 2011.10.29 - 11:03 am

      *** Have fallen off the wagon!!!! ;P

  55. #177 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.26 - 10:44 am

    Sadly walking through Duda Beach today I saw just what I said would happen. Everyone throwing paz’s all over. I was hoping people respected it how it once was and realized out of all the land in world, they would build elsewhere and leave it the way it was but hey you know how they can be. Anyhow, I’m wondering if once world opens if Duda will be returned to the way it once was or is the free for all paz dropping allowed? I believe paz’s have to be so far apart from each other? I know many didnt care for Duda because of Peter7 paz’s but I for one loved his set up, especially the fire pit.

    • #178 by ARTIE on 2011.10.26 - 11:47 am

      Clearly MW has stated that before THERE goes public, all pazs will be picked up. I bet mine expire for lack of funds before that happens. While I do not have any pazs at Duda, I am not worried about the clutter just yet. It is all part of the BETA experiment and testing. If such clutter causes server stress or client stress on your local computer, it is good for the engineers to find out sooner rather than later.

      If it is really an ugly eye sore then stay away and we did before. If it is a LAG jungle that is impossible to transverse, then avoid it. I remember that once upon a time I avoided all paz structures and Hoods because to the awful LAG I experienced becausew of my crap computer. It is what it is. I just learned to play in different areas, or to show up for events early so that I had 20 minutes for everything to download.

      Theria is huge, there is plenty of land for everyone. There will be plenty of empty houses to rent. There will be plenty of new friends to meet. Let’s be adults and not worry too much about policing all the areas of THERE. Remember, that what ever is built now is helping to determine how the cloud servers handle the loads.

      Gee, if you think it is bad now just wait until more than 50 people are allowed to log in at the same time. Rather than complain about someone’s paz, please give concrete examples on how your computer responds to the mess you think someone else has made. If you want to complain about my mess of pazs, then go to Castaway Village MotuMotu and try the buggy jumps and ramps.

      • #179 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.26 - 1:40 pm

        I know what MW said, incase you missed it… I asked “after” world was open. My inquiry was just that..a inquiry. Being a adult would be allowing someone to ask MW a question. Wipe the chip off the shoulder and breathe. πŸ™‚

      • #180 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.27 - 4:12 am

        Hey Yankie I totally understand your concerns. I left my pazes empty and in the middle to preserve what used to be the centre of Duda Beach’s spawn but as you can see it didn’t take very long for the entire beach to be cluttered in portazones. Last time I was in world was about a week ago and by then the paz count was near 50 (6 of which were mine and mostly small). Even when we were super busy and had a massive bridge going across the ocean there wasnt much more pazes than say 70.

        I think where people have lost their hoods they are looking for a community to call their own or looking to jump at the opportunity of hotspot real estate.

      • #181 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.27 - 6:40 am

        Hi guys,
        Looks like Duda Beach is about to become, Zephyr west πŸ™‚
        Sure hope the people in Duda are less intransigent than some of those in Zephyr.
        I can hear the scramble to get to the dictionary already πŸ™‚
        Here, I will save you the effort:

        Definition of INTRANSIGENT
        : characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude : uncompromising

        Are we having fun yet? πŸ™‚

    • #182 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.27 - 5:56 am

      I can see that completely, being homeless as we all are at the moment, lol. I just hate seeing people put time,energy and money into something for years like Peter has and then people come take away at the first chance.In my opinion, Duda will no longer be Duda, it will not be a hot spot but instead a hot mess. I dont know its just a bummer is all… I guess it will be what it will be… still sad.

      • #183 by NathanAvis on 2011.10.27 - 8:52 am

        I asked Mackie to place a 100×100 where one used to be not sure what good that will do. It used to keep us folks in check. If it does become a free for all by the time the world opens I will do the WildBilly thing and just put an empty there πŸ™‚

        Totally understand what you are saying. peter put as much if not more on his places than I have and for someone just to take it so quickly it would be downright rotten. Hopefully by the reopening things will be more organised where we are. The one good thing coming from all these pazes being out is it’s a useful stress test on the new servers.

      • #184 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.27 - 10:56 am

        I just in a way hope, the old Zephyr is not allowed to be flooded with billboards. When I first appeared many years back, everyone started in Zephyr and the floor of Zephyr was-s-s-s fairly clean back then. Oh sure ppl dropped a paz around it’s outter rim ( good for building a fortress/ sniping from ), But when the billboard freaks started going wild…..ppffttttt…..

  56. #185 by Debs4u on 2011.10.26 - 8:46 am

    Hi.. since the new client I have not been able to log on . Are you doing the LOG OUT intervals now so people just dont sit there for hours..not fair. THANK you

  57. #186 by Elaur on 2011.10.26 - 8:19 am

    So very wonderful to have There back.

  58. #187 by Basya on 2011.10.26 - 7:14 am

    After doing the upgrade patch, I got into world for about 2 or 3 hours last night! I even flew the original BABS route and enjoyed it so much! However, flying from Karuna to Zephyr was quite bumpy. Especially as i neared Zephyr (crossed the ridge) my plane kept rubberbanding, etc.

    • #188 by PcDoc on 2011.10.26 - 8:04 am

      I was wondering if that was around still. I dont see the old Zona Tower (?)

      • #189 by Basya on 2011.10.26 - 9:28 am

        Nope, none of the BABS towers are in world yet — just flew the route.

  59. #190 by MrScrooge on 2011.10.26 - 6:52 am

    Looking very promissing. Miss checking the blog everyday but at least I am catching up on my reading. Finished the Harry Potter series last week. This week read I am Legend, oh so awesomely good. The movies SUCK. Currently reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and loving it.

    Oh and about the politics part(yes I actually read the blog) I’m going with Obama again.Why? Because I want to and it’s my vote.

    Hopefully I will get to lof into There very soon and chat with some of you. I really chatting and sadly I have become one of the Text Messaging Zombies you see walking around texting(well, at least I’m not driving!).

    Peace and ❀ to you all. Keep up the great work Makena!

  60. #191 by whoopcdaisy on 2011.10.26 - 5:33 am

    Woooooooooooooooooooo! Finally figured out how to reply in these posts (duh, register…lol)!! Anywho – so glad to see there coming back, I’ve reclaimed my legacy avatars, Whoop_C_Daisy and mizmizchel (go olive team!), I’m going to check when I get back home to see if mizmizchel is a platinum pass whatever or other (can’t remember). I have downloaded the client onto my desktop but haven’t been able to log in as WhoopC. I did get several errors when I downloaded it but ignored those and it appears that the client is installed, however the ‘world is full’. I don’t try very often to get on I just read these forums every day and have been for a long time.

    I look forward to seeing all my old buddies and meeting up with new ones. I’ve heard a rumor that ginstars will not be returning? If so, shame because that’s where I spent a good deal of my time (read long marathon holiday fun times matches). As far as my shooting skills, I’m sure I’m rusty as heck but I never was an extraordinary shooter anyway – just absolutely LOVED paintballing friends when they least expected it. Driving skills – eh again not much to brag about there either, but ohhhhhh how I miss my buggies and my custom buggies from ZachC and Tink(??-I think that’s her name). I mostly miss DECORATINGGGGG!! I love love love to decorate in there.

    Question, for those of us returning, will you still maintain your avatars on any new sites that you played with while was gone? I went to second life, and at first I HATED IT, but now I’ve grown a lil attached to my avatar there as well, and although I probably will still play second life I can’t see uploading real money into both games. The choice of where I will spend my money is obvious (

  61. #192 by DodgeBoy101 on 2011.10.26 - 5:22 am

    Whats the precentage we’re at with There being complete?

    • #193 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.26 - 6:30 am


      • #194 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.26 - 10:29 am

        Funny, that number 42 keeps popping up. Michael, is there some reason your so hung up on the number 42?
        Oh, WAIT, That’s it, Perry has a new tax plan that will balance the national budget by 2014.
        Don’t tell me…. 42-42-42 😦 BUT, there will be NO tax increases. πŸ™‚
        AND, he promised to not bring up the Birth-er (sp) question until March 2012.
        Scrooge, you just might have the answer about who to vote for!! Nothing promising on the other side of the isle. They just keeping shooting themselves in the foot.
        The Zephyr Beagle,
        xSnoopy (D) LOLOL

      • #195 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.26 - 10:38 am


        You know, there IS some minimum “Cool” standard we have to maintain here, and you’ve managed to fall off of it. Why don’t you ask on your MySpace account what “42” means.

        Shakes head, walks away.

      • #196 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.26 - 1:07 pm

        42 (forty-two) is the natural number immediately following 41 and directly preceding 43. The number has received considerable attention in popular culture as a result of its central appearance in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.

      • #197 by thereuser on 2011.10.26 - 3:32 pm

        @xSnoopy: You really need to attend a Vogon poetry reading.

      • #198 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.26 - 7:57 pm

        I thought “the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” was Professor Stephen W. Hawking’s thing.
        We have already discussed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a long time ago, on this very blog.
        Never enjoyed that movie.
        I suppose I am now going:
        To the end of the line?
        The end of the line to start another line?
        To the back of the mob?
        Out of the mob?
        DAMN, some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed!
        xSnoopy, staying here for more abuse from the boss πŸ™‚

      • #199 by thereuser on 2011.10.27 - 8:24 am

        @xSnoopy: many fans of the book(s) didn’t enjoy the movie either πŸ˜‰

        Read the 5 book trilogy (maybee not the 5th book πŸ˜‰ ) to get the real deal.

      • #200 by MrScrooge on 2011.10.28 - 7:48 am

        Just finished The Haunting of Hill House and now know which book I should read next. I feel terrible about having never read the Douglas Adam books, especially since my mother bought them for me when I was a kid. Can I be in the ‘cool kid’ club if I read the books, Michael?

      • #201 by DodgeBoy101 on 2011.10.28 - 9:13 am

        thanks. πŸ™‚

      • #202 by AquaFresh on 2011.10.28 - 11:01 pm

        Uhhh as to There beeing complete I like that MW says 42 that means we have lots to come in the future πŸ˜€

        As to how close to reopening I would have hoped for 95 percent, and since so close to 100% he’d OK’ed on those minor bugs and opend for the weekend πŸ™‚

        There is allso another cool number; 73:

        73 is the 21st prime number it’s mirror 37 is the 12th prime number and it’s mirror 21 is the product of multiplying (hang on toο»Ώ your hats) 7 and 3.
        In binary 73 is a palindrome 1001001 which backwards 1001001, exactly the same.

        That is if you allso love Sheldon Cooper and his friends, yipper yapper, in The Big Bang Theory show.

        Actually he calls it the best number, I thought he would have said 42 when I saw that show since they are such scifi nuts, but I guess he’s Math brain won that fight πŸ™‚


    • #203 by daniel on 2011.10.26 - 8:45 am

      lol i would have guessed like 72

      • #204 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.26 - 10:35 am

        I don’t think you get it Daniel… 42 is the answer to life/everything.

      • #205 by Fallax on 2011.10.26 - 12:03 pm

        Life, the universe and everything

      • #206 by soede on 2011.10.26 - 12:27 pm

        Dont forget about the Universe! It’s the answer to THAT TOO!!

      • #207 by daniel on 2011.10.26 - 8:31 pm

        (don’t think you get it Daniel… 42 is the answer to life/everything.) o WOW i just remembered that and i was making such a big deal about it. and i didn’t even remember the meaning in 2 simple numbers… what kind of thereian am i ? ‘sad

        im so disappointed in myself now… but really. i hope there is done soon

      • #208 by ford on 2011.10.27 - 5:49 am

        The original BBC TV Series is where it’s at, not the movie (though I never saw the movie)

      • #209 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.27 - 11:00 am

        42….it’s a conspiracy….the aliens have abducted Elvis…The Mayan doom calendar….( looks frantically around for my aluminum foil helmet…) LOL

  62. #210 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.26 - 4:57 am

    I just wondered if we are still skilling up right now, and is it possible to skill in socializer through the use of the IM? The reason that I ask this is because although my husband always had a premium account, he did not get in world enough to get a fun pass above silver.

    Once he discovered how much fun the quests were however that is what drew him in world. Unfortunately as soon as he got β€œhooked” There closed! He guess he could wait until the official opening ,but I think he is feeling a little left out as he is the only family member that hasn’t been able to get on.

  63. #211 by Aaron Lee on 2011.10.26 - 4:28 am

    Awesome news!

    But, is the only payment method for subscribing in There going to be PayPal ONLY? , Can we pay by credit card too?

    • #212 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.26 - 6:31 am

      Sorry, but no. We’re not going to keep credit cards on file any more. It triggers all kinds of expenses and overhead, which goes against the plan.

      • #213 by Aaron Lee on 2011.10.27 - 4:13 am

        lol, Damn.. I guess somebody is not going to join ‘hu.

      • #214 by WizardK on 2011.10.27 - 12:17 pm

        Aaron Its Free To Join Pay Pal you will lov it use your card there and dont miss out on the grand opening we can all go drop lots on duda beach

      • #215 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.28 - 12:21 am

        That does not surprise me one bit, do what you have to do… ‘tu

    • #216 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.26 - 7:01 am

      Unless something changed which is possible cause MW didn’t mention it, paypal accepts credit cards and you won’t require having an actual paypal account. But even if you do, to my knowledge you can set one up using a credit card cause credit cards can do adult verification. That way it’s paypal who pays those types of fees and expenses that come along with having a merchant account that accepts credit cards.

      • #217 by Greenie on 2011.10.26 - 9:05 pm

        Not quite correct. Merchants pay fees to paypal when they accept CC payments so when you send that 100$, keep in mind that the merchant will not recieve ALL of the 100$.

    • #218 by PcDoc on 2011.10.26 - 8:06 am

      It costs little to nothing to open and maintain a Paypal account. I have been using Paypal for years without fail.

      • #219 by JoshuaRay on 2011.10.27 - 4:21 am

        Paypal is not legal in some Countries.

    • #220 by Puter_Head on 2011.10.26 - 10:32 am

      I have made many cc payments through paypal without actually having a paypal account. If I am not mistaking… I believe it depends on the type of account the person RECEIVING the money has. Correct me if I am wrong here. I think that with basic unverified accounts you are not able to send to them without you having an account also. I think with verified business accounts you are able to send by credit card without actually having your own account. I believe it is an optional setting the account holder must toggle.

      A clip from a site I order off of through paypal, without an account…

      “TIP: Attendees who register for a paid event are NOT required to have a PayPal account. They can pay using their credit card, much like a normal merchant processing experience.

      You, the event holder, must use the PayPal optional setting in your PayPal account to allow customers to pay by credit card without logging in to a PayPal account.”

      If this is the case I would think they would toggle this option because not doing so would, in my opinion, keep some folks out. Pay Pal is widely used and loved by the masses, but sadly still hated by many for one reason or another. I believe Pay Pal ONLY is going to loose customers. But that is just my opinion. I could easily be wrong?

  64. #221 by cindy83 on 2011.10.26 - 2:10 am

    yay mw will this patch fix my sick cindy lol avatar

  65. #222 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.26 - 1:17 am

    MW I have 2 suggestions I thought of earlier that I think would benefit everyone including you.

    Every main account could have 1 alt account for either A. Free (not likely) or, $2.50 that would share the same email address as the main account.


    Later on after There is open and running smoothly some sort of “storage paz”. When you put stuff in the storage paz, it removes it from your inventory, but you still own it. Its like a renting a portable storage unit in real life. If you want an item to use to decorate, remove it from the storage paz, and just like in real life, the more you have the bigger the space you rent.

    Please respond.

    • #223 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.26 - 5:11 am

      I was thinking that we could also have special “alt days” where we could bring an alt on for free or for a tbuc fee. Once we start accepting new members, maybe there could be a day or week of free trial where they could try out the world and we could also get on alts at that time.

      This doesn’t have to be that often , maybe one day a month or 1 week every 6 months or something like that. It is like with getting new shoes, I won’t buy a pair i can’t try on, and I think new members should have a chance to see what they will be paying for . Agape’

      • #224 by CpnBob on 2011.10.28 - 1:47 pm

        Agape ~
        I’m surprised at you … using the F word like that. (Free).

    • #225 by fulkenstien on 2011.10.26 - 5:15 am

      for me MW has not really clearfied how much of a drain on the system one avatar is.he has broke down the cost of running THERE and thats where i understand the 10usd per month.but how much of that 10usd pays for your actual avatar to run around in the world?

      for now i understand one avatar for 10usd’s a month sounds fine.
      maybe later on after the world is up and running smooth a tier system could be formated with say 10usd for a very basic one avatar account then maybe the next step up 20usd for 3 avatar account then so on to maybe a very top ???usd account with a max number avatars or maybe unlimited avatars.

      as for your second sugestion about the “storage paz” would’nt the stuff still be listed as belonging to your avatar?if they could make it separate maybe it would work.
      i mean make it where you as a person have one account does not mean avatar is just one part of your account’s inventory.
      you log in to the world and pull your avatar out of a storage file just like anything else or you can log in with your emial addy/avatar name.
      for example if i wanted to log in a fulkenstien today i type or if i wanted soybean the avatars i make would be on one account so one person equals one account not one avatar equals one account.
      .even make different avatars for different actions.say you make one avatar just for buggy racing with all the settings saved for optimal buggy racing.then have another avatar for dancing lets say and so on.
      this is where the tier system come in.

      this is just an idea for real far in the future.

      • #226 by fulkenstien on 2011.10.26 - 5:18 am

        i didnt realize the would there a real email addy like that?if there is i am very sorry.

      • #227 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.26 - 5:53 pm

        Check it out..
        this@aint.real will probably show as email due to the @ sign, and the “.” extender..

        ….BaphNagi…. (whose name now shows up as an error, possibly due to using firefox instead of IE)

    • #228 by soede on 2011.10.26 - 1:44 pm

      I love the storage unit idea!! If that was to be set up the way I think you’re intending that would have the double benefit of reducing the drain on There and making avies load faster/smoother. I’m guessing it’s not an in world style paz you’re suggesting, but a secondary inventory that wouldn’t load until accessed.

      • #229 by PcMan Hoverboat Pilot on 2011.10.27 - 1:21 pm

        Omg, it took me forever to find this old comment… WordPress needs a way to search blog posts or something!

        Anyway, I found this old post describing almost exactly what you guys might be thinking of. Just wait for the Q&A section to finish loading and it will take you to my post. πŸ˜€

      • #230 by Hugsie on 2011.10.28 - 5:10 am

        i recall back in the day that Samsyn made a change to the inventory system so that when you login you DON’T actually have your inventory loaded.. just a list of items.. when you want to drop something like a buggy it is THEN sent to you.

      • #231 by Sassybeme There on 2011.10.28 - 7:18 am

        Bring it up as much as you like. πŸ™‚ It has been brought up a lot on his blog. Other games have a main account plus 2-3 sub accounts for storage. I know a couple that had a section of game you paid for storage space to transfer items from one sub account to another. I don’t think THERE has to be so complexed as others. But if inventory continues to be a bad issue with THERE I sure hope they at least after opening build us storage units. OR at least some other great alternative. THERE could be the first virtual world to offer virtual storage units!! How cool would that be. πŸ™‚ Pull us out of one to reopen the world, to giving us one in world. :p

  66. #232 by Lela on 2011.10.26 - 12:57 am

    There installer right off the web site gives me

    NCIS Error

    (X) Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

    More information at:

    I logged into ThereIM to be able to get into the web site. I went to

    I followed the instructions.

    This is on the HP DM1 2010 NR on Windows 7 Home Ultimate using IE 8.

  67. #233 by Lela on 2011.10.26 - 12:50 am

    I sincerely would like a transparent buggy. I always hated how you could never see out the windscreen because the designer always put dirt, cobwebs and way too much sun tint on them. Keep the groovy transparent buggy!

    • #234 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.26 - 8:03 am

      well, now my Vercetti cobalt blue dragon is too.. ugh.

  68. #235 by Abigela on 2011.10.25 - 11:33 pm

    Thanks for the update, too bad I can not still be there, log

  69. #236 by IndyLou on 2011.10.25 - 10:26 pm

    There has been a lot of discussions regarding PAZ’s. What I would like to know is what will the status be on Hoods? Will I and others that had hoods when There closed have those deeds returned to us? I know I still had time on my hood when There closed. How can we reclaim our hoods?

  70. #237 by mushh on 2011.10.25 - 9:07 pm

    Default to action mode seems broken, now, after the update. Check box or not, the default fails. I have to use control to get action mode. I hope this can be fixed. Reminds me of VMTV., with no default to action mode.

    • #238 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.27 - 6:45 pm

      Go into the inworld settings page and check the box about the ALT key.. Set it so ALT toggles Action mode!

      Does that help??


  71. #239 by freecreed on 2011.10.25 - 6:54 pm

    I love that scaffolding , can you imagine something like that in america … about you getting into the politics thing … I find it interesting that ( and refreshing ) a CEO seems to be pro occupy … that with the fact that I can click ” There operating Costs ” is encouraging and makes me believe THERE is in good hands and will probably operate at a cost that’s fair to everyone

    • #240 by softNdark on 2011.10.26 - 9:23 am

      Yep… a rare thing.

  72. #241 by VoniLei on 2011.10.25 - 6:44 pm

    Can somebody help me? I can’t dl the There client. It gets to 100% and then fails with the following message: Download Failed: Transfer Error: read 0 byes, wrote 0 bytes in 0 loops, readErr: 12002, writeErr: 0

    So…what do I need to do to get back in world?

  73. #242 by Xcal Urradio on 2011.10.25 - 6:31 pm

    Remind me to put my force field up when MW shows up in zypher lol. He came…. seen……… and ran my butt over lol…..

  74. #243 by Twofastforu There on 2011.10.25 - 5:29 pm

    hey i have just tried to download the new update two times and i keep getting a error that says.Download Failed: Transfer Error: read 0 bytes, wrote 0 bytes in 0 loops, readErr: 12002, writeErr: 0.
    What can i do to try and fix this?


  75. #244 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.25 - 4:35 pm

    Update error Help, When I tried to log into There I got the update right away but when installing it I got this error (see link).
    I had to cancel the update because I did not know what to do. Pushing ok just gave me the same error.

  76. #245 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.25 - 4:21 pm

    Why in Zephyr I get hit by a paint ball I fly away but when I shoot them they just move a little bit and look at me like that was a dum thing to do?
    Why do I fly away and they don’t? I know I suck at paint ball but it’s FUN!

    • #246 by thereuser on 2011.10.25 - 5:09 pm

      Do they have their forcefield on?

    • #247 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.25 - 5:27 pm

      Do you really expect an answer?
      Stick with it, you will figure it out!
      All the fun is in the learning!!

    • #248 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.26 - 7:38 am

      No force fields on, and no I don’t have the hang of it but yes I was hopping to get a answer. Ok guys stop laughing I know it’s fun to watch me fly across the place shooting while I’m flying. But really guy can’t you just stand there and let me shoot you? I will try to hang out more in Zephyr so if your looking for something easy to shoot I might be around! When it’s all over and I’m all bruised up I hope you take pity on me and show me how to shoot other then aim and shoot (that don’t work for me to well).

      • #249 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.27 - 5:58 pm

        And never walk backwards when paintballing, You`ll get dropped fast. : )0

    • #250 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.26 - 3:07 pm

      Justagreatguy, What you have to do is, hit the avie 3 times in a row with paintballs. That will make them fly back and slide.

      • #251 by justagreatguy on 2011.10.26 - 10:22 pm

        BIG THANKS!! I needed that!

  77. #252 by softNdark on 2011.10.25 - 4:18 pm

    MW & Crew…. Big Thanks for the Return of “”………. Free return of my inventory……….. etc. etc. etc.
    (can’t remember the name of that movie)

    Thanks so much really

    • #253 by Aerial9 on 2011.10.27 - 11:07 am

      And aim for the knees or lower, that will send them skidding on the ground, then just aim at their head and that will keep them moving….(A former Sniper )…

  78. #254 by Hugsie on 2011.10.25 - 3:48 pm

    But no fix on the memory leak when trying to login in repeatedly with this update. Seems to be about 8mb gets eaten every time i click the login button.

    • #255 by thereuser on 2011.10.25 - 5:14 pm

      Interesting! I gain around 16Megs per click… how much ram do you have? 8 Gigs here.

    • #256 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.27 - 6:38 pm

      On my setup I have noticed the 16 meg per click is only under DX9.. When I go to OGL via the tweaker, that drops to 8 meg per click!


  79. #257 by BuzLtBeer on 2011.10.25 - 3:21 pm

    Ok There just went belly up for me, I can’t even get a login screen.

  80. #258 by William Grass on 2011.10.25 - 3:17 pm

    Tried to log into there. NO go. after multiple attempts….could the proprosed update and prompt to download the new client update be part of the problem?

  81. #259 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 3:15 pm

    Anyone else getting this:

    “Site off-line
    The site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you are the maintainer of this site, please check your database settings in the settings.php file and ensure that your hosting provider’s database server is running. For more help, see the handbook, or contact your hosting provider.

    The mysql error was: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 101.”

    And when i try to log in it returns:

    “Multiple attempts to login failed, please try again later”

    And no, I am not one who has been clicking and clicking until i get in. I suspect an update is in the works or too many people trying to grab the patch?

    Just reporting what I see.

    • #260 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 3:34 pm

      Must have been a temporary hiccup, because the There launcher is up and running again. I even got the patch downloaded andnow the all too familiar “too busy, end of the line buddy” message. Oh well, I shall try again tomorrow.

  82. #261 by Know_More_About_There on 2011.10.25 - 3:10 pm

    Mr. Wilson are things still working?? I Bet Not!

    I wonder if the paz’s still have all the building enhancements that There spent time creating and the tricks and hacks. Seem to be, most of the lucky folks who login are spending their time playing not actually doing beta testing like be good little ginny pigs. I don’t have the luck to do real testing. As in the past 7 years, I pushed building to the maximum! Our good There still maybe broken and you people don’t even know. There are so many little things Paz’s do. Have you really tested all the enhancements, tricks and hacks. I would bet many Tbucks that most of you who are lucky to be the ginny pigs this past week and this week. Never spent much time or money building Paz’s daily for years! Like some of us hard core There players!

    Are you sure Mr. Wilson things are really working????

    • #262 by thereuser on 2011.10.25 - 5:04 pm

      We’re not lucky, we’re popular… haven’t you heard? πŸ˜€

    • #263 by Xcal Urradio on 2011.10.25 - 6:49 pm

      There are no longer “guinea” pigs And how in the heck do you even know who knows what about anything? To make a general assumption like that is truly uncalled for….It seems to me that if you where bright enough to be a master at Paz building that you would be able to figure out that you “can” log in. Takes some effort but I am sure if you try you will be able to. Then you can be the Best Ginny (guinea) Pig on the Block lol. Calm down I am sure MW and the rest of the staff has everything under control.

  83. #264 by Eric D. Copeland on 2011.10.25 - 2:48 pm

    I have been trying to get my alt avi online to get his inventory to my main account. This avi is not gold,or platinum,or which ever fun pass they need to be at to get on.I seen your comment about probably not letting the lower fun passes in before opening. My question is, will you give a few days for us to get these things in order before There becomes a paid service? Or will it be a paid service at the time of opening?

  84. #265 by Linwood on 2011.10.25 - 2:07 pm

    I seem to remember something being said about this but I cannot find it. When I load a track in a funzone, Items which were once aerial are now on the ground. This is true of at least 10 tracks that I had saved. Is this an issue with the saved layout or is the ability to load aerial objects turned off?

    • #266 by maverickfred on 2011.10.25 - 2:32 pm

      great news mw ive been in world building like mad we are home guys every thing for me is great only the dreded black box lol

    • #268 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.25 - 2:53 pm

      Using the Nudge feature in saver layouts has been a problem. It’s possible that is the problem.

    • #269 by FOX30 on 2011.10.25 - 3:26 pm

      MW , i do have a problem if you could look into it sir. but i really would rather not post it here or on thumdar. If at all possible if you could contact me via e-mail at your earliest convenience <–spell check.. I would be willing to tell you then. If not i'll have to wait till the opening and seek out the help options for another employee to check into it for me..thanks

    • #271 by Ant1977 on 2011.10.25 - 4:11 pm

      Under This Place and Layout Options, did you make sure the “Freeze Layout” is checked?

      • #272 by Linwood on 2011.10.25 - 6:12 pm

        I don’t appreciate you making me look like a fool!!!!!!!!! But thanks for the fix =)

      • #273 by Ant1977 on 2011.10.26 - 7:12 am

        I didn’t mean to make you look a “fool”. Sorry if that’s the way I came across.

    • #274 by freecreed on 2011.10.25 - 7:59 pm

      Thanks for opening a bike track linwood , they are my favs .. keep me in mind if your looking for a host , I have all the parts and a few layouts saved

      ps : slow down I can’t catch you

  85. #275 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.25 - 1:22 pm

    Thanks, for the quick response to my questions, Yeah!!!!!! GreenAngel’s SpaceSerenity Community is going to be sooooo awesome

  86. #276 by bignbad on 2011.10.25 - 1:20 pm

    Bless you guys, this work load has to be daunting. Keep it up!

  87. #277 by martin71a on 2011.10.25 - 1:20 pm

    if i bought a funzone now would i still have it when you restart there??

    • #278 by ForTehLulz on 2011.10.25 - 3:06 pm

      I too, want to know this?

  88. #279 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.25 - 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the update MV:)

  89. #280 by timcraven on 2011.10.25 - 12:32 pm

    when is the update as i have yet to get it?

  90. #281 by pcdoctor on 2011.10.25 - 12:00 pm

    I have a question. If the pazes are picked up, will they be cleared out such as the stuff in them or would the stuff still be in it if I were to drop the paz?

    • #282 by Hugsie on 2011.10.25 - 3:50 pm

      the layout of your paz is actually saved on your computer. I forget where the files are located at so you can back them up, but as long as you don’t lose that you should be okay.

    • #283 by thereuser on 2011.10.25 - 5:06 pm

      He stated in the update to save it just in case.

      • #284 by thereuser on 2011.10.25 - 5:07 pm

        Sorry not in the update but in the comments below πŸ˜€

  91. #285 by SaltySilver on 2011.10.25 - 11:46 am

    MW, What is the story behind your picture? Do you know what the theme is, that the man was painting? What city was this taken in. (if you remember).

  92. #286 by Alease on 2011.10.25 - 11:26 am

    The spas aren’t working for me ~ anyone else having this problem??? Non-responsive…

  93. #287 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.25 - 11:24 am

    Hi MW

    A few questions about pazs. When the pazes are picked up before There opens, would the items inside the pazes be saved or lost, would we be able to do a put back on the pazes to the original place when There reopens πŸ™‚ I am more concern about getting a paz back up space. TY :)) BTW Thank you for the updated news on There, and I hope we can start enjoing There before christmas. ( I love to decorate my paz for Christmas) Penny

    • #288 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.25 - 12:16 pm

      You should do a “Save Layout” if you want to save the PAZ’s layouts for sure.

    • #289 by McKensy on 2011.10.25 - 1:58 pm

      Although I would appreciate being able to “put back” our paz’s after the “lifting” prior official reopening, I don’t think it should be so possible as that would surely give some people the advantage to “pre-occupy” the best spots before others. In my opinion it ought to be a kind of “land rush” like in some of those old westerns where settlers are chasing over the prairie to claim some land. Think it would be fair to most people.

      • #290 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.25 - 3:13 pm

        Your sooooo right!
        You should suggest that the “Put Back” command be removed, for a few hours/days, after the official opening!
        That would make it fair for everyone, especially the ones who have not been in game, prior to opening.
        However, there are a couple of things that I might miss!
        The targets on the balloons
        My picture on that sign.

    • #291 by freecreed on 2011.10.25 - 8:09 pm

      Greenangle .. make sure you do this beside saving your layout ,, click places / add to favorites .. then name it .. when the world is re-opened you can then go to that favorite and be back in outer space just by clicking it .. then take your paz out as you fall … then click my things .. find your paz and click teleport … it will save you hours of flying ..

  94. #292 by Hott_Chickk_513 (Jessica) on 2011.10.25 - 10:45 am

    Great Update! I’v Logged In Several Times & I’v Had A Lot Of Fun. I’v Only Had ONE Problem & That Is In Fact The Black Bar. I Knew It’s Been Reported Several Times So Now I Just Learn To Ignore It πŸ™‚ Wait, Change Me & Communicator Bar Sometimes Decides It Doesn’t Want To Work, Which They Are Aware Of.

    Other Than That, Everyone Be Patient Because Things Are Really Coming Together. I’v Met Several New Friends So Far & Have Had A Great Time! Can’t Wait To See Everyone Back!!


  95. #293 by Basya on 2011.10.25 - 10:30 am

    Thanks for the update! Umm.. should we do a complete uninstall then a clean install with the new client or just copy over or what?

    Thanks again,

    • #294 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 10:57 am

      MW did say “patch”, but in the same sentence as “hopefully”. I suspect there will be a post with instructions when the update is ready.

      • #295 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.25 - 12:15 pm

        The patch is served up automatically when you try and log into the 3D world.

      • #296 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 1:03 pm

        When you try to log in, or when you successfully log in?

      • #297 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.25 - 5:34 pm

        Why would they add the patch AFTER you log into world when you need it TO log into world?
        The Client is updated by the patch. Only after you update the Client software are you allowed to log into world.

      • #298 by JasonMK on 2011.10.26 - 4:54 am

        xSnoopy, what I meant by that was did you have to be one of the lucky 50 to “sucessfully log in” to get the patch, or anyone who tries to log in (including those who get the ‘all full’ message) could download it. As I found out last night, I was finally able to log in, required to get the patch, updated, but then when i tried to go iin world I was once again told the world was full.

      • #299 by Skyefire on 2011.10.26 - 6:36 am

        I did not have to successfully log in to get patched yesterday. Just trying got me the patch.

      • #300 by JasonMK on 2011.10.26 - 9:16 am

        Skyfire, good to know. Maybe I never did get to log in yesterday, and just thought that I was but was merely getting the patch. Regardless, I now have v18148 and ready to go.

  96. #301 by Retief on 2011.10.25 - 10:22 am

    I have 5 200×200 pazs an a 100×100 paz and all of them the time left on them are down to one hour. I know that I had 25 days left on all of them when there closed. It gets rather expensive to refill them at 72000tbx for 200x200s, is ther any way to get the time back?

    • #302 by AKAUK on 2011.10.25 - 6:48 pm

      i also have 2 50×50 pazs both had over 45 days on them both and are now showing 1 hour and i have a 200×200 again at 1 hour wich had over 20 days on i was going to wait till there opened proper before asking about this but as someone else has allready mentioned it i took the opertunity to mention mine ? btw the world looks great and cant wait for more people to be in ust like old times

    • #303 by freecreed on 2011.10.25 - 8:17 pm

      MW has stated that the my gear and time on the PAZ were a GIMME .. considering they did close and are re-opening .. I’m pretty sure your stuck with the time that’s on it and have to buy more later … my 100×100 is down to 7 minutes and I can’t refill it until they are open … I have bought things from companies that have closed and ” reorganized ” and have been SOL , meaning I got nothing and lost the investment .. be grateful for just getting the gear back ..

  97. #304 by Okalnix on 2011.10.25 - 10:06 am

    Great info and update Thanks you and your team.
    Good work guy’s.

  98. #305 by shanghei on 2011.10.25 - 9:56 am

    ‘tu ‘clap ‘rtr ”’yay nuff said.

  99. #306 by NRC on 2011.10.25 - 9:55 am


    Will There be letting non-gold/platinum fun pass users in prior to the actual release of There or no?

    An answer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • #307 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.25 - 10:50 am

      Probably not, no.

    • #308 by David H on 2011.10.26 - 6:46 pm

      Really happy I’m a gold.
      Be interesting to see how many concurrent online people fit in a server instance on Amazon and how much it costs in the end.

  100. #309 by Kelayna Hilton on 2011.10.25 - 9:34 am

    Thank you for the update keep up with the great work!

  101. #310 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.25 - 9:27 am

    If you think the black bar is a problem,whatever you do don’t click “music mixer” under activies! Also why are some juke box’s disspearing right after putting them out ? I still can’t put one out in kantana. What happens with the books is important to me as that is how I spend a lot of time in There. I used to be able to put a link to a paz in a book and use it as a teleport link; that isn’t working yet as a direct link but only if it is copy/pasted. Agape’

  102. #311 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 9:17 am

    “Hopefully you’ll all update with a patch, just like the good old days.”

    In the good old days we’d be prompted to accept the patch as we were logging in, is that what we should expect this time around too?

  103. #312 by toufovou on 2011.10.25 - 8:58 am

    Are you planning to change the Favourites and inventory menu in order to make it more user friendly? I don’t know if you have it in mind but they way they are now doesn’t really help. It might be a good idea to completely redesign them. Perhaps make them open in seperate windows like the IM window and also have a type in option so it would be easier to find what we are looking for. Something like in SL for example. Of course this isn’t for now but I thought I would ask since you mentioned that you will be working on the controls later on after you open.

    • #313 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.25 - 10:02 am

      Oh please ,I think the SL inventories are horrid I don’t think going in that direction would be an improvement!

      • #314 by Hugsie on 2011.10.25 - 3:53 pm

        totally agree. Organizer, however, has been much improved since I was a regular on There. I can now re-size it larger so i can see more things. It would be nice if everything ELSE was deleted (ChangeMe, Buddy list, My Things) and all inventory interaction was done via organizer.

      • #315 by 12mandy on 2011.10.26 - 12:18 pm

        i have stated before in these boards that name search in my things would be wonderful,i spend hours before there closed searching for items to decorate
        hoods not funny all your time wasted searching resulting in big headache,i hope michael will consider this as to me would be best update of all for new
        might be ok for some with not many items in there inventory but im sure most of us have thousands,i do hope and pray if its possable to add search to
        my things,thanks,mandy

  104. #316 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.25 - 8:55 am

    Good cause my bank called me and said my money was getting a bit moldy sitting there. :-/

    • #317 by jimony on 2011.10.25 - 1:24 pm

      Have your bank send me all your money and I’ll do some mold mitigation on it.

      • #318 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.28 - 12:24 am

        LOL, Jimony!

  105. #319 by Ltbigdog There on 2011.10.25 - 8:51 am

    Not sure if this was asked but was wondering, was Therebanker going to be up and running to buy Tbux before There officially opens or will we have to wait until it opens. (I’m running out of tbux’s lol)

    And a side note you should look into making 2 versions of the Groovy Buggy one the way it was and the other transparent. I think its kind of cool but in know there are some people that are not a big fan of it.

    • #320 by jimony on 2011.10.25 - 1:26 pm

      It sounds like the official opening with the activation of Therebanker and open enrollment are going to be very soon.

  106. #321 by martin71a on 2011.10.25 - 8:45 am

    i problem with the radio it was workin fine untill last night now when i bring out happy days jukebox i can see it one min then next poof gone invisible
    and it wont play any ideas ????

    • #322 by PcDoc on 2011.10.25 - 10:25 am

      I submitted a bug report for that.. did you?

      • #323 by martin71a on 2011.10.25 - 1:18 pm

        yea i have sent one in

      • #324 by PcDoc on 2011.10.26 - 8:10 am

        Looks like the new client fixed it.. I put my radio out and it stayed

  107. #325 by daniel on 2011.10.25 - 8:34 am

    excuse me if im wrong. but did he raise the number of people allowed in. or just fix bugs?

  108. #326 by Sarah Monroe on 2011.10.25 - 8:14 am

    OMG this is awesome thanks for the update!!!!!!!

  109. #327 by MademoiselleFifi on 2011.10.25 - 8:11 am

    Oh no…..there i was, watching my p’s and q’s….and all along…it was punctuation i had to worry about….no wonder i have such a hard time trying to get in world.

  110. #328 by Superjuice on 2011.10.25 - 8:05 am

    Excellent News! Can’t wait to start paying to play! Congrats again MW on you and your teams hard work, you guys have come along way… πŸ™‚

  111. #329 by Thumdar on 2011.10.25 - 7:57 am

    Demanding punctuation is a fine idea.

    • #330 by Skyefire on 2011.10.25 - 11:42 am

      I demand more paragraph breaks.

  112. #331 by timcraven on 2011.10.25 - 7:54 am

    For all those that have the black bar problem i have found a temp fix for it. if u go to there>customize>toolbars and tips then click message bar then click on the x and that should make the black bar disappear.

  113. #332 by QuickSTEp on 2011.10.25 - 7:40 am

    MW i am not able to receive mails delivering my new pw ..can u fix this problem

    • #333 by Namron Therian on 2011.10.25 - 6:01 pm

      I think MW might need some more details. You say that you’re not able to receive mails delivering your new password.
      -What email service are you using?
      -Is your email service currently working?
      -Some email services are blocking emails from There (They think There’s trying to spam you). Have you checked your spam folder?

      I suggest you contact them directly at When you write them, be sure to include information such as your avatar name and the email address that you’ve used.

      I hope you’re able to get on soon!,


  114. #334 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 7:32 am

    Very exciting, even more exciting than the 100,000 T$ that appeared in my account (MW, I don’t recall having any money left after that sad day I cashed my final check from There).

    • #335 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.25 - 8:09 am

      We’ll be retrieving money like that. You can look at it, but don’t spend it.

      • #336 by soede on 2011.10.25 - 10:19 am

        Hypothetically: If we were to spend money that shouldn’t be there cause of the buyback, could there be an option to buy enough T$ to replace it instead of having the repo men come and reclaim whatever was purchased…y’know….hypothetically?

      • #337 by Deleight on 2011.10.28 - 5:52 pm

        That would be a cool idea Soede… I didn’t do the buy back thing and didn’t have that much in t-bucks for it to have been worthwhile but might be a nice option for those that participated in the buy back… I did try doing the refund of the Ultimate Game Cards I had bought the last two months of There (one of which was bought the day before the announcement of the closing) but I never received a refund… (I’m not asking for refund now.. it’s a mute point.. just glad I can enjoy There once more πŸ™‚ )

      • #338 by Orielle Thereian on 2011.10.29 - 8:44 am

        Kind of know how you feel soede. During the final days someone gave their Therebucks to my alt Hostess in case There ever reopened. When his items migrated over he complained a few times about not getting his Therebucks yet, so instead of making him wait for me to see what Makena will do about those with alts where we just want the inventory off of them and not the avie I gave him some of the Therebucks off of Orielle. Now I have to wait and see if they consider the Therebucks on Orielle mine or theirs. You see, I never cashed the BuyBack check. It just didn’t feel right knowing There lost money. Each time I log on I check to see if I have a negative balance yet. πŸ˜›

    • #339 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 9:01 am

      Is there a way to roll around in it like in “Indecent Proposal”?

      • #340 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.25 - 9:30 am

        I had envisioned something like this:

      • #341 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.25 - 10:09 am

        ROFL! I don’t watch South Park but that is funny….A visual of where our money is going…. thanks alot! haha

      • #342 by JasonMK on 2011.10.25 - 10:58 am

        Next time I log in I’ll give it a shot, but looks like I’ll need help (can’t recreate alone).

      • #343 by OdileS on 2011.10.29 - 11:00 am

        There is something missing from that video :

        Paintball &~~~~~~~~~~

  115. #344 by 12mandy on 2011.10.25 - 7:25 am

    thanks michael for update and thanks to all staff

  116. #345 by suziequeen on 2011.10.25 - 7:19 am

    Awesome, thanks for the update. Yes we are getting closer to going home. Happy happy dance.

  117. #346 by softNdark on 2011.10.25 - 7:12 am

    Sounds Good!

  118. #347 by JoshuaRay on 2011.10.25 - 7:12 am

    I have been trying to retrieve my Alt pass bt its not coming i waited more then 48 hours Still it didnt came my friend is having the same prob Is there any solution for that?

    • #348 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.25 - 11:11 am

      I couldn’t get an answer about that either. My good friend wants to reclaim her legacy avatar but her email is on AOL and no emails are being sent to AOL accounts from There atm, is your email an AOL?

      • #349 by JoshuaRay on 2011.10.26 - 2:59 am

        no hotmail I aleardy claimed the legacy bt i forgotten the pass. and i m not getting there mail for new pass

  119. #350 by Cerenela on 2011.10.25 - 7:08 am

    I still have the deformed avie issue… Any who knows how to solve Γ­t?

    • #351 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.25 - 4:26 pm

      I was in DX 8 when my avie looked like crap log back in when you can Cerenela and change it to DX9 it worked for me might just have to play with it:)

  120. #352 by Jeff on 2011.10.25 - 7:03 am

    Any possibility of increasing user count after the new client is released?

    • #353 by David H on 2011.10.25 - 6:42 pm


    • #354 by Innie on 2011.10.30 - 5:45 pm

      +1 I havent been able to log in for at least 2 weeks now. I like Glitch and all, but I would really LOVE to log in to There at some point!

  121. #355 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.25 - 6:59 am

    Hi everyone,
    A word to the wise or, NOT so wise, about Zephyr.
    It’s a place like the old west, but with some distorted rules. You put those rules in the hands of disturbed players and it sometimes gets a little ugly.
    It’s a free fire zone. If you have your Forcefield off, you could become a target or get caught in a cross fire.
    That is true for EVERYONE who ventures into Zephyr unprotected, unless your a masochist. We do have a few of those also… giggles LOL
    If your standing in a group, talking, with your forcefield off, you still could become a target of a few demented people, who do not care about ethics or common sense.
    If that happens, calmly turn your Forcefield on, walk back to the individual, tell him whats on your mind and go rejoin your group. Remember, this is no longer PG13 so let him or her have it. πŸ™‚
    Bear in mind, these rules apply, to EVERYONE!!
    Your name is Michael Wilson, to bad but probably unwise πŸ™‚
    You been in game 30 years, to bad
    Your a 2003 Beta tester, to bad
    Your a GP3D, to bad
    You own 6 neighborhoods, to bad
    You have 10 paz’s, to bad.
    Oh, and my very favorite, “I don’t have a paintball gun”, TO BAD πŸ™‚
    The Zephyr Beagle,

    • #356 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.25 - 10:08 am

      coming from a beagle that makes me shiver NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

      whats with the pinksquiditude? Muhahahahhahahah

    • #357 by Hott_Chickk_513 (Jessica) on 2011.10.25 - 10:43 am

      LOL!! I found that out the hard way yesterday. I was a little irritated at first, But then I went up to the Person who done it & Laughed My butt off because I knew He had a heck of a time with Me while I struggled to put My forcefield on! Rofl! I was told just like You stated, It’s something They all do! Guess I’ll join in on that fun & Get a noob! πŸ™‚

    • #358 by William Grass on 2011.10.25 - 3:20 pm

      that you hear is zypher trying very hard and at light speed to go down the tubes. Swoosh.

    • #359 by David H on 2011.10.25 - 7:25 pm

      The term is “too bad” < note the two o's, as in too much, not as in, to be or not to be.
      Are you sure you're over 18?

    • #360 by CpnBob on 2011.10.28 - 1:59 pm

      xSnoopy ~ You just misspelled “Too” 7 times. Your replies seem more mean-spirited and hurtful than any other in this Blog. I hope we never run into each other in There, because I really don’t like you.

      • #361 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.29 - 6:29 am

        Hello to you CpnBob and David,
        Well, I don’t like you either!
        Wait, I don’t even know you, except from this blog.
        How can I judge you without ever talking to you?
        Sorry about the spelling guys, I never did spell very well. Hopefully, even with my atrocious spelling, you got the jest of what I was saying?
        David, I just checked my birth certificate and it definitely says I am a little bit over 18.
        Snoopy walks away, shaking head, betting he is old enough to be David’s father.
        It’s so very easy to be judgmental, when sitting at home, looking at a monitor.

  122. #362 by Susan Van Brundt Redlin on 2011.10.25 - 6:51 am

    I finally got in (Thanks, Orielle for the help) last night, had tears in my eyes while I hoverboarded around Upper Tiki Canyon. Looking forward to the new fix. Actually looking forward to PAYING, because that means that There is really back!

    Thanks, kids!

    — Jane Austen

  123. #363 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.25 - 6:48 am

    Great Progress and very exciting. Thank you for the Update.

    Been playing aound alot with the pazones I am happy to see everyones builds,.its like relaxing drug building if a great way to ease stress.

    A hui hou,

    Leilani ( IMAKOS )

  124. #364 by Xcal Urradio on 2011.10.25 - 6:46 am

    Seems to me you still have a huge amount of work to do my friend and we all thank you have already achieved. I do have one quest Mike will be the first cloud based 3D world?

    Thanks Again

  125. #365 by Yozh SunFlowers on 2011.10.25 - 6:39 am

    Closer and closer! Awesome update! ‘tu ‘bow

    • #366 by Matt on 2011.10.25 - 7:42 am

      Re custom vehicles.:-
      When/IF the developer program and auctions re start, I would assume all old Product files will be available???
      Therefor it would seem the people who are missing paint jobs could… “COULD” ….be allowed to buy them back at “NO COST”
      (PROVIDING they can PROVE they did infact lose a paint job from a “prepped for sale” vehicle)
      from the developer program or the auctions,
      (after all they have paid once and it wont break the budget for Theres revival)

      In instances where the lost files are not available maybe the member could be given an “open choice” of available paint jobs to
      replace the lost one. therefore making it more fair for everyone……
      ( personaly I only produced 4 custom designs and only lost the 4 [1 SUV,1 muscle and 2 coupe] I believe i still have the original files on my PC
      and would be happy for THERE to use them as “free”alternative choices for people whos paint jobs are lost for ever)

      In saying all this i am assuming that all Previous developer items will be restored to the program and auctions (if the original developer comes back to THERE 2)
      OR..will it be a totaly fresh start..all previous clothing, transport, buildings, furniture,etc be gone for ever, apart from what members have in there invetory as on the day of closure.?

  126. #367 by Mercuria on 2011.10.25 - 6:36 am

    It’s nice to see we’re getting closer!
    I can’t wait to log in again πŸ™‚

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