Here’s a general update on things:

Buying T$, Subscriptions, “Trash Bug”, etc

  • We really hope to have Buying T$ this week. We’re really close, we just have to put in a few more “security measures”
  • That will also finish up another piece of subscriptions, which makes opening that much closer.
  • We haven’t really fixed the “Trash Bug”, which is the problem that occurs when someone logs in with hundreds or thousands of items they didn’t have before. The problem is, the system has to do something special the first time it sees these items, and there’s a problem in there which can cause (a) server to become unresponsive. The good news is that it “heals itself” over time as the system processes those new things. The bad news is that the “Claim Alt Inventory” tool has exacerbated the problem since it causes people to amass hundreds or thousands of items all at once, instead of “over time” as it would happen in “real life”. Since this isn’t fatal, I’ve decided we’re going to focus on getting money into the system right now, then we’ll go back and address this.
  • There have been rumors that “the new Cloud Servers make me lag more”. SamSyn has investigated this over and over and over, and we’ve consistently found the Cloud Servers are faster than the old server, and we’ve yet to see them overloaded anywhere near where people are reporting lag. We’ll keep looking at it, but we have not seen evidence of it yet.

Lost Items

Over the past few months we’ve examined scores of reports of missing items. With the exception of Cars with custom paint jobs losing their paint jobs, we have not had a single case of us losing an item. Now, it may be that people are fuzzy on where their items were when we closed, which may cause them to believe they’re “lost”:

  • If you gave you item to a friend before we closed, then it’s still with them. If they haven’t resurrected their avatar, your item hasn’t been resurrected, either. It will not reappear until your friend re-registers, resurrects their inventory, and gives it back to you.
  • If you gave your item to an Alt before we closed, then it’s still with your Alt. You will need to resurrect it, or claim it’s possessions to get it back.
  • If the item was on a TryIt or a Loaner before we closed, then it’s gone. It was a loaner, and it’s been taken back. Sorry.
  • If you sold the item in auctions, or returned it before we closed, then it’s gone. You returned it.

Each time we have to do this, it takes time, sometimes up to a 1/2 hour or an hour. That’s 1/2 or an hour that we’re not doing things we need to re-open.

Since we’ve never found a case where an item’s gone missing, we’re going to slow down looking at these reports by quite a bit, and will probably start charging you for looking into it if it turns out we didn’t lose it. I know that this isn’t popular, but I’d guess we’ve spent over a man-week chasing these geese, and haven’t caught one yet.

Age Verification Moderations

I will admit, we have been very agressive about underage bans.

First, There’s not open yet. We actually not interested in people, especially underage people, enjoying themselves in There. We’re happy you are, but it’s not a right, it’s a privilege. We’re happiest with people like Okalnix and others, who tirelessly try different things and give us complete and through reports of what works and what doesn’t. Okalnix is one of many, but if you see him in world you should give him a ‘hi5, ‘hug, or whatever for all his good work.

Where was I? On minors. Also, we only do it when we have pretty good proof that someone should provide proof of age. I’m not going to tell you what the triggers are, but they’re pretty solid.

If you are moderated for age verification, Mackie will send you a very specific list of qualifying documents. When you get the list, you’ll see that it doesn’t say “Your brother’s documents”, or “defaced documents”, or “fake documents”.

Finally, we won’t be processing age moderations until we open, we have too much to do.

Other Moderations

We’ve been moderating for another reason: Hate Speech. We – and we’ve discussed it as a group – don’t tolerate hate speech, racial slurs, or what I call “sexually” agressive speech (any sort of speech implying forcing acts on another person).

My rule of thumb is “If you can’t go up to a stranger on a city street and say it without getting in trouble, or ending up in a hospital, then you can’t do it in There”. As I said on Facebook, you can tell me to Fuck off, call me a Fuckhead, a dick head, and offer to kick the shit out of me. But if you call me the “N” word, threaten to rape me, or kill my children, then you’re outta There, for good.

I will say that the only people we’ve had to moderate for that are also probably underage. Imagine that!!!!

By the way, when we ban an Avatar, we’re banning the person behind it, not “the avatar”. So If you’re banned, we consider your Alts banned too. The TOS says that you can’t give out your Avatars to others, so the behavior of all of your former and current Avatar(s) and Alt(s) reflect on you.


We’ve heard some doozies:

  • No, we’re NOT “Closing Space” when There opens
  • The OSX/Mac version was used in virtual congress, and when you see me in world, there’s a 50/50 chance I’m using a Mac client. It doesn’t mean it will be available when we open, but it won’t be forever, either.
  • There will be no refunds for anything. Sorry. We’re trying to get into the black here.

When will There Open?

We’re not going to say. We don’t want a mad rush, so one day, it will just “be open”. I’m not even sure if we’ll pull up all PAZs before or after that – we need to think about that.

When will new members be allowed in?

Once the dust settles from getting all the former members in.

That’s all for now. I wish I had a happier post today, and a better picture. Maybe the next one :-).

  1. #1 by StarFirePhoenix on 2012.01.24 - 2:56 pm

    So if I get in There IM which I can do ..i that ll we have got do far I was talking to Yozh on Facebook he ha s pictures n allsorts how come is that m he says it all works ?? so I dunno does anyone know a direct link that does not piss me about ? his is worse torture than the game going own in the first place grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. #2 by StarFirePhoenix on 2012.01.24 - 2:53 pm

    Ermm Ive tried everything I can think of , an now I give up coming in to try an get in here

    Hi ya’all anyway ,try again next year I guess

  3. #3 by Mike on 2012.01.21 - 7:27 pm


    Check my transaction log. I purchased. some There$ recently. I believe there are left over dollars from before that you sent me a check for, I do appreciate that but thought I would bring it to your attention. I might not be the only one, Thank you and the team for bring back the world.


  4. #4 by lilsneekie on 2012.01.19 - 8:46 pm

    well for the love of god i was exsepted back but im having a problem with logging in i dont no if i am doin some thing wrong or what but my password was reset an its not lettin me in this is lilsneekie by the way an ty very much mike for lettin me come back i love ur place an i will stay well be haved

  5. #5 by Alexandra on 2011.12.07 - 8:22 am

    hey MW .. i got a question .. when im trying to log on, its says ” A moderator has suspended your login privileges ” i would like to know what are the causes for the suspention, Thanks. i miss playing on there.com

  6. #6 by Jubi on 2011.12.05 - 8:42 pm

    For some reason, even though I have never tried to cheat, steal, hack, or scam anyone or anything in There, I get moderated and the drop of a hat because of what some idiot tells them. I have given away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff to help newbies in there. Or jsut help anyone in there.

    I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on There. But some unemployed guy helps me run my funzone and now he gets me moderated and takes my funzone.

    It was my money that paid for it and kept it going and paid for all the tracks and items.

    I email and email for help to get my original avatar in world and I hear back nothing and get no help. This bum sends one little email and gets my avatar and my funzone.

    I hope he got a job somewhere along the way. But I highly doubt he’s going to be spending the amounts I used to.

    I cant believe I came back to this game after you always treated me so badly. I guess I thought things would have changed. And all must because I dont have a p enis. geez.

  7. #7 by mimi06 on 2011.12.05 - 12:39 pm

    Perfect timing for Christmas gifts for my ADULT “kids” rofl πŸ™‚ yay……….

  8. #8 by Jasdeep on 2011.12.04 - 12:05 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhYa9DPT_mU Really need to fix this lag we are experiencing while paintballing.

    • #9 by Michael Wilson on 2011.12.04 - 1:54 pm

      We’ve been very clear about this:

      1. We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing.
      2. We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing.
      3. We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing.
      4. We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing.
      5. We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing.

      We’re not charging you at this time. Until we start charging people, we’re not going to add more servers, especially during the test.


      • #10 by SNIPERBAIT training new dog on 2011.12.04 - 5:12 pm

        Lol Mw, seeing you repost We’re running on a limited number of servers for testing. so many times made me think back in time to when a record on a player would get stuck or a scratch in it. I actually still have mine. Need to find a way to get new tubes for it though lol. Ah the sound, nothing modern can touch it.

        Quote: We have no promise of another day.. so what if this was it.. What are you leaving behind.. what will others remember about you? Would your life leave an impact hard to fill, or would it be easily forgotten cause you never did anything with it? think beyond just your kids and family and immediate friends.. think further.

      • #11 by Linwood on 2011.12.04 - 6:08 pm

        I appreciate you reiterating this. I have brought up the rubberbanding/lag issue to many people, none of which knew anything about a limited number of servers running; myself included. I was under the impression that previously you had indicated that the servers were running well under capacity and would not create the sort of issues we have been experiencing (its nice to know that there is a simple explanation for it).

      • #12 by Michael Wilson on 2011.12.04 - 8:14 pm

        Yes, I guess that is confusing. If they’re doing what we expect them to do – that is running a few zones each (or less), they do great. But as the population of active members in world has grown (due to the nice idle-logoff feature), they’re ending up run far more “active” zones than we can expect them to.

        Also, the “Trash Bug” is also a problem – people are logging in after retrieving/restoring hundreds or thousands of items, which the server has to work to “re-instantiate” (or, re-animate) for the first time, which also makes the servers do “not what they’re expected to do”.

      • #13 by Osee on 2011.12.05 - 3:05 am

        Good luck MW.
        Lost a customer here with your childish behavior/comments
        Your game will not be perfect as you say, nothing is!
        Report problems and get that for a reply? Why?

      • #14 by Osee on 2011.12.05 - 5:46 am

        This is the comment my reply was relating!
        See below

      • #15 by ant1977 on 2011.12.05 - 6:02 am

        I never heard or read that Michael Wilson claimed there would be perfect Osee, however you can find a few VR Worlds out there that do make such frivolous statements, let us know how that goes for you.

      • #16 by xSnoopy on 2011.12.05 - 9:57 am

        Speaking of childish comments!
        You just had to get your childish dig in, huh?
        It’s kinda like the kettle calling the pot black.
        Don’t let the virtual door hit you in the virtual ass on the way out.
        Give Yow-Now a try. No bullshit there… one wrong comment and your banned.
        You might not like the owner here, but you sure as hell ain’t going to find a better virtual world than There!!!!

    • #17 by daniel on 2011.12.05 - 6:38 am

      lol jazz whats up…remember me…from……………..2 weekes ago we went to a movie

  9. #18 by HiddenTalent on 2011.12.03 - 8:46 pm

    I hope the lag clears once it open, the lag is much worse than last time it was open.

  10. #19 by Joe_R203 on 2011.12.03 - 12:03 pm

    Anyone else having a problem teleporting? I get the “The popular spot is full” message…..when I try to go to my PAZ. And I KNOW it’s not full because it’s not popular. lol

    • #20 by Cef on 2011.12.03 - 6:43 pm

      Yes, it happens to me once in a while when i use the map to teleport somewhere. It doesn’t last long though. I will try a minute later and it will work.

    • #21 by ImageMaker on 2011.12.03 - 7:10 pm

      I see that message from time to time, usually when trying to ‘port from somewhere like Comet to one of the main islands like Caldera — since Michael is saying the servers aren’t anything close to “busy”, I can only presume it’s a population density limit in place to encourage “testing” of the outer islands (I’ve ever gotten the message for an outer island location other than Egypt). Or a glitch of some kind. There’s no crash log to send along, but I’d certainly suggest e-mailing feedback@thereinc.com, saying where you were (as precisely as possible) and where you were trying to go (tell ’em what bookmark you were using, I think they can look at the actual coordinates it points to), and what time the problem occurred. If it’s not intentional, this is the kind of problem we’re supposed to be testing for.

    • #22 by Achenar on 2011.12.04 - 12:23 pm

      Yeah I get that quite a lot. Then I drive over there and the place is deserted!!

    • #23 by shezbanjo on 2011.12.04 - 12:51 pm

      same here carnt get back to my paz even though i know there is no one there

  11. #24 by Corey_Lee on 2011.12.03 - 10:58 am

    That would be great to see world for a min, unfortunatelly it still says A moderator has suspended your login privileges. Please try again later. πŸ™‚

  12. #25 by LeeLee on 2011.12.02 - 7:57 pm

    Thank you for the update, MW! There is snowing here at my home right now. Gorgeous and fluffy… (finally!)

  13. #26 by Mike on 2011.12.02 - 6:47 pm

    I try and drop a Radio and it keeps vanishing. World looks great MW and Team.

  14. #27 by Juli on 2011.12.02 - 5:37 pm

    I just want to say I am very impressed by how the reopening of There has been handled. I am so appreciative to have my home back! The reclaiming possessions tool is awesome! I got all my inventory back THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am ready to PAY and enjoy the Thereian Life!

    Thank you Michael Wilson so reopening my beloved THERE!

    • #28 by MattDillon2005 on 2011.12.04 - 4:50 am

      I have 2 alts and will be paying for both as I don’t think a white lace body stocking would look good on a male avatar and males cant wear female clothing,yet,that I know of and in the old client there was this curious empty file marked transgender,in the part where all the files looked like orange traffic cones,curiouser still.

  15. #29 by Merry Prankster on 2011.12.02 - 11:32 am

    MW – This wasn’t a bad post, or even a negative one. Thanks for the update.

    • #30 by Merry Prankster on 2011.12.03 - 12:41 am

      Just a wee bit of a follow up … Could someone please put in the ability to mute the typing sounds? Thank you.

  16. #31 by Robert on 2011.12.02 - 8:12 am

    I hope that There will be reopened till chrismas.
    I want beautyfull chrismas in There πŸ™‚

  17. #32 by Aion on 2011.12.02 - 7:46 am

    Thanks for the clarifications, and for the picture.

    There were once 20 to 30 million bison roaming the country. Now, this keystone species that dominated the landscape for thousands of years, consists of a population of about half a million.

    The genetic diversity of the remaining bison may not be sufficient to prevent future extinction, no matter how hard we try to maintain and protect the survivors…

    The price of progress and the expansion West ?

    For some reason, it makes me think of There. We should appreciate what we can see and touch now, as nothing lasts forever, and there are no guarantees…

    • #33 by Michael Wilson on 2011.12.02 - 10:06 am

      Well, there are different versions of the story of the Bison.

      One of the most interesting (and the one I believe), is this: Prior to Europeans bringing (inadvertently) smallpox and other new diseases to the Native American population, you never heard of the enormous herd of bison of Western Lore. It’s probably true that the Native Americans “tailored” their environment with fire to create many of the prairies we see today (it’s lots easier to hunt on a prairie than it is in the wood) but they also kept the bison in check since it was a staple for many raw materials.

      After 90+% of the native american population was wiped out by disease, the bison no longer had any natural predators, so, they exploded in population, leading to the legendary herds of Western lore. It’s not clear the that a population that size was naturally sustainable over time.

      Interestingly enough, they also think this is what happened to the passenger pigeon. The various early explorers of North America never reported the huge flocks of passenger pigeons later observed by the colonists and in the west.

      If you’re interested in this subject, I highly recommend 1491 and 1493

      • #34 by dakotaman on 2011.12.02 - 4:15 pm

        Fascinating to watch the growth of Bison herds here in SD. From small herds being managed by the Sioux tribes across the state (and in Tribal land out in the Black Hills). To the larger herds, including the ‘Dances with Wolves’ herd near Pierre and Ted Turner’s herds in SD along with the most visible herd out in Custer State Park. Out in Custer State Park, they have a Buffalo Roundup every year to cull the herd (of 1500+) down, selling off animals to maintain the health (and genetics) of the animals. Animals from the Wind Cave Herd have been used to further strengthen the genetics of the Custer herd.

        There is a pretty strong market for Bison meat, which is not only delicious, but healthier than beef or pork. (having a higher protein content and lower fat content). Nothing like a well-made Buffalo Burger!!

        There is something primeval that you feel when you have the chance to stop and watch a herd of Bison in their natural surroundings. Hiking in Wind Cave N.P., I came upon the herd grazing in the early morning, just after sunrise. The picture above reminded me of what I saw (with less snow on the ground, it being early spring), and also of the feeling of awe the herd inspires.


  18. #35 by Rick on 2011.12.02 - 7:40 am

    Mr wilson, if i have a banned account, when Game “starts” will i be able to pay membersship for it and get it unbanned? since the ban reason isnt even anything that bad?

    • #36 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.02 - 1:08 pm

      He said quite a while back that as long as a banned user doesn’t try to be sneaky to get in, that after opening(doesn’t mean the same day or 1st week of opening, but sometime after opening) they will take I guess I’ll say appeals for banned members who did not do the more serious stuff like stealing or hate speech etc. I’m paraphrasing a bit of course. All cause it’s 18+ now and some members were probably banned for cursing too much in general conversation but not at people. Some but not all banned ppl will get their bans reversed I’m sure though.

      • #37 by Rick on 2011.12.03 - 8:29 am

        well im not a banned member, but i do have an account that got banned not because of me , but for me letting a “banned” friend log onto it, so yes i hope i can get it back

      • #38 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.03 - 10:56 am

        Umm just admitting that can make you a banned member on all of your accounts, did you know? Actually it did. He just said oh so very recently if one of your accounts are banned they consider them all banned.

  19. #39 by JasonMK on 2011.12.02 - 5:19 am

    One of the clearest, to the point updates yet. Thank you, Can’t wait for There2 to be “open”, let me restate that…I will be waiting, but excited and eager none the less. Great work.

  20. #40 by patiently waiting..kinda on 2011.12.01 - 10:30 pm

    i recently just reclaimed an avatar that had goldpass but it has been a day and so far the avie’s clothes still have not arrived and the funpass is still bronze. when will they be restored? do you do these restorations manually, because if so it is understandable why my stuff is not coming. please take your time but i would still eventually want my stuff for my avatar back.

    • #41 by ImageMaker on 2011.12.03 - 7:13 pm

      Give it time — two or three days is a reasonable period; if it’s been three business days (which doesn’t count Saturday and Sunday — There staff needs rest time too) and your stuff still isn’t restored, a friendly, polite e-mail to feedback@thereinc.com is likely to improve the situation.

  21. #42 by erick758 on 2011.12.01 - 8:53 pm

    If someone gets moderated for using the “N” word What happens next? is there a way they can get the moderation Lifted? or do they have to wait until the Moderation ends?

    • #43 by Analogrival on 2011.12.02 - 2:31 pm

      Might wanna re-read the post

      “But if you call me the β€œN” word, threaten to rape me, or kill my children, then you’re outta There, for good.”

      Don’t really think people dropping that kind of language should be on There anyway, so why lift the ban?

      • #44 by erick758 on 2011.12.02 - 7:51 pm

        But if its going to be a 18+ website, i believe people over 18 can handle the”N” word.
        Don’t You Think?

      • #45 by Michael Wilson on 2011.12.02 - 8:57 pm

        Handling it and tolerating it are two different things.

        We don’t tolerate it. Period. The End.

      • #46 by erick758 on 2011.12.02 - 9:09 pm

        So then there will be no way in lifting the moderation? my only question.

      • #47 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.03 - 8:25 am

        Again you need this repeated β€œBut if you call me the β€œN” word, threaten to rape me, or kill my children, then you’re outta There, for good.” Yes it’s 18+ now, being adults we can probably handle the n word, but as adults I think we should be better people than those who use it. So no he aint going to lift bans for using the N word as he clearly said “We don’t tolerate it. Period. The End.” If you’re black and use in in a “friendly” sense have more respect for yourself, if you’re another race and use it in a derogatory sense welcome to 2011 and get a clue.

      • #48 by justagreatguy on 2011.12.03 - 10:43 am

        Most of us want to play in a friendly world where we wont be called names or made fun of, where we all get along and have fun and go to bed thinking of all the great times we had playing There. Not in a place of hate where there is no respect for no one, where race or color is not important or if we can’t talk, walk, or what ever. All of us just want to be treated the same and if name calling or making fun of others is your thing then I don’t think your not wanted much around these part of the woods, so maybe you just might stick to Second Life where nobody cares! 18+ don’t mean you can do or say what ever you like, It’s not rated X. Just treat people with respect and everything will be great!! See you all in There and please say hi if you see me πŸ™‚

      • #49 by erick758 on 2011.12.03 - 6:40 pm

        It was just a question, and some people use the word in their daily life you know, but since you guys seem to be bothered my me asking this question ill just drop it.. How’s that? And the word was not used to disrespect some one.

  22. #50 by Taelos Katran on 2011.12.01 - 7:39 pm

    Thanks for the update…. I am lining up new people for There! Mostly SL people. (Yes I know it will be a while still before they can actually register, but these things take time anyway.) Imagine a reverse migration? Hah! Very cool.

  23. #51 by shanghei on 2011.12.01 - 7:33 pm

    thanks for the update and for all the work you and your team continue to do to bring us home !!! and i am VERY happy you clarified the no tolerance for hate speech… some people seem to be under the impression that since it is 18 and over, that they can “talk however they want”… i hope some of them read that post. ‘tu

  24. #52 by HiddenTalent on 2011.12.01 - 5:06 pm

    How come the reclaim tool doesnt work for avatars that cant login, i mean i have silver pass avi with clothes and things in it, but i registered the avi before this reclaim tool came out, and i cant login to the avi to get my things back, and i dont wanna use that avi as a main but i do i wanna get my items out of it but i cant login because its silve. i think that tool should work for avies that cant login. it says it already reclaimed when i try the tool so it pointless really. cause i got it back before this tool was made but have never been able to login to it

    • #53 by Rick on 2011.12.01 - 5:29 pm

      Yes Please do something about this , being able to reclaim already registered avies items would be a great help

    • #54 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 7:56 pm

      Well you recreated an avatar they will never be able to get rid of now so you have to pay 10 to get the stuff from it. The tool is only for avatars not reclaimed. In the email they sent you before you created the avatar they told you be prepared to spend 10 on it. That’s why they did the invite thing rather than let you just create the avatar so you’d know to only bring back avatars you’re keeping as they said beforehand they’d have to figure out something for the stuff from people’s alts.

    • #55 by justagreatguy on 2011.12.02 - 1:44 pm

      I have the same problem, so sad 😦

      • #56 by justagreatguy on 2011.12.03 - 10:28 am

        I reclaimed a avatar when IM first opened and we knew nothing about the tool then, I did it because we were told we would be able to transfer items in ThereIM, but that never happened. Then the transfer tool came out but by then I already claimed my other avatar that I don’t want and it has a silver pass.

  25. #57 by joeydantonio on 2011.12.01 - 5:00 pm

    Awesome news! Thanks for the update!

    I have a couple questions…
    1.) What causes the images not to show in auctions when searching just full categories and not specific words?
    2.) Why can we no longer search for items in auctions specifically by designer name?

    • #58 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 7:59 pm

      I can tell you from scrolling thru dozens of pages of auctions the other day landed me on a page that loaded weird at 1st but then it was perfect with the thumbnails snowing as they should. But when I clicked the next page and also back to that one they were back not showing. So something is stopping them, but the images are still in the script to the web page

    • #59 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 8:01 pm

      Sorry, and the designer part is cause the designer items aint been linked to the creators yet. Nobody has their old submissions yet, I think that part comes after opening.

    • #60 by Pandie on 2011.12.01 - 8:05 pm

      Yes, I am curious about the first question as well. I thought I was the only one– I’m glad I’m not alone! I think the reason for your 2nd question is because the designer names have all been changed to There. I’m not sure if you noticed this, but when you go to the full categories and it doesn’t show the images and such, it says the designer is “There” for everything. I’m not sure if the items will get their original designer names back, so that may be another question MW can answer. However, if the designer put their name in the actual product name, you should be able to search that way! I hope this helped a bit πŸ™‚

  26. #61 by Adam Macy on 2011.12.01 - 4:33 pm

    Jim still missing lots of things plus change me isnt working or tp offers .

  27. #62 by Jane on 2011.12.01 - 2:59 pm

    Thank you very much for the information. Several of the questions I had wandering about in my head have been answers in this post. Keep up the great work ‘tu.

  28. #63 by ImageMaker on 2011.12.01 - 1:42 pm

    I’m not sure how you could have a much happier update, Michael — you’re telling us we’re getting close enough you have to consider some nitty-gritty tradeoffs, close enough you have to consider that you won’t announce a date because you don’t want to get into a time crunch — to me, that all says we’re close enough to taste. Heck, I’ll be able to buy T-bucks to reload my PAZ and/or pay rent in a few days, barring unforeseen problems (twenty bucks isn’t much from your end, but that’s about six months for the one PAZ I currently have out, or three months for that and a small house, and I’d guess there are hundreds of others who are waiting to spend a similar or greater amount).

    Meanwhile, I’m *hoping* that the “not forever” status of the Mac client implies a “not quite forever” status for a Linux version — it shouldn’t be a huge difference from the Mac version to do Gnome and KDE builds for Debian and Ubuntu, which four permutations would probably cover something 80% of non-business Linux users — and, with Windows and Mac, give you coverage on the top six or eight OS flavors in the world. No, not zero effort, not even a simple recompile, but likely a lot easier than porting from Windows to Mac, even with Macs running Intel machine code now. Right now, There and some iffiness with YouTube videos are the only significant things that force me to jump from Linux (MEPIS 11, a Debian/KDE distro) back to Windows every day — and the YouTube issues aren’t that big a deal. It’d be spiffy not to have to reboot just because I want to log into There — and I’m about out of ideas for trying to get the Windows client to run under Wine.

    Meantime, I’m still getting memory leakage from the compass — both Myrmex GPS and the original There compass do it at about equal rates, and I’ve had a short e-mail exchange with Samsyn, so I know he at least understands what’s happening. It’s not terrible if I turn the compass off as much as possible (and BtSt’s compass manager doesn’t seem to cause any issues at all, as long as there isn’t an actual compass open), but with either compass or GPS open, I’ll run out of memory or handles at around 610-640 MB There client process size, typically in around a half hour to an hour (depending what I’m doing — the compasses eat memory even if I’m standing still, it just goes faster if I’m seeing a lot of stuff). Not a real killer, now that I can relog without much difficulty, just something I hope can be found and fixed eventually.

    • #64 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 3:23 pm

      Actually I didn’t catch it earlier today when I read it, but now I’m thinking he may have meant he wished the update was telling us tbux were for sale or the world was open. But I do agree, I really like this update myself. I now predict(unless he goes pic happy in posts to make me wrong) that within 3-4 updates the world will be open. No rumors off this please lol it’s only my lil prediction which doesn’t have any time line as he can go weeks between posts of course.

    • #65 by Puddlefish on 2011.12.02 - 4:48 am

      Oh yes! A linux client would make me beyond happy! …. but I’ll not hold my breath πŸ˜‰

    • #66 by Camel on 2011.12.02 - 9:55 am

      For the record, the Windows client runs flawlessly in wine, with no special configuration, if you switch to OpenGL. There’s no such thing as DirectX for any platforms beside Windows and Xbox, because it’s implemented in the graphics drivers (this was a deliberate vendor lock-in move by Microsoft), so wine tries to convert all of the DirectX commands to OpenGL, which is inefficient and exceptionally buggy.

      • #67 by ImageMaker on 2011.12.03 - 7:20 pm

        Last time I tried it (a week or so ago, via PlayOnLinux), There wouldn’t even install in Wine under MEPIS 11 32-bit (2 GB RAM, dual-core E5200 processor). Can you supply more details about either “no special configuration” or how to get it to install so I can use ThereTweaker to change to OpenGL? There actually are DirectX drivers available to install within a Wine prefix — but I’m pretty sure their presence or absence wouldn’t make the difference for being able to install There, since the installer doesn’t do any 3D rendering that I’m aware of.

        You might also want to update the information on the Wine List, if you’re running There under Wine, since they claim it will install, but not run (but their listing is from something like 2006).

  29. #68 by GreenAngel on 2011.12.01 - 1:31 pm

    Great News!!! yeah!!!! I am ready to buy some t-buxs πŸ™‚ I love to build and buy new things, so having t-buxs will help. I hope that There is very profitable that it will never, ever, close again. I just love There so much

  30. #69 by SaltySilver on 2011.12.01 - 12:57 pm

  31. #70 by soledadnegativa on 2011.12.01 - 12:54 pm

    I wish to chime a in on the lag issue. Only have seen it act up during certain hours and in certain areas. I usually frequent PB enable areas and zones and it has been different in every zone. I ahve submitted several tickets when it becomes unbearable to the point the rubber banding is so bad I am forced to log out in order to leave the zone.
    Zephyr was difficult for the 1st few days I was able to login again, but after a few tweaks and upgrades it’s becoming progressively easier to pb there also. Other areas like Duda, my old hood in Aurora, the boneyard and Tyr to name a few have been relatively lag less.
    Even the night we had VIPs measuring the in game activity in the zone it was confirmed that it was not a game servers issue but a possible hardware settings problem instead.

    About your update Michael, it was very refreshing to see some passion in your words, the priorities we should expect from you and what you would like from us.
    Thanks for all your hard work and please let us know if there are any additional requirements from us that would help make the transition smoother.


  32. #71 by Camel on 2011.12.01 - 12:07 pm

    I’m not generally a proponent of having alts, but I do have one that is differently gendered. I very rarely use her, so I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay $10 every month until the end of time, but I would like to have the ability to pay $10 and log her in occasionally. Will this be possible after There opens? The alternative (hah!) would be that I’d have to spin up a new avatar each time I want to test something out, which you’ve made clear is exactly what you don’t want to have happen.

    • #72 by ImageMaker on 2011.12.03 - 7:23 pm

      What I’ve been hearing ever since the idea of reopening started to float is that you’d be able to have an use as many alts as you were willing to pay for. You might even be able to pay for an alt only when you actually want to log it in (i.e. let the account go dormant, then pay when you need it and get a month), though I don’t know how much of a pain that would be for There staff.

      I’ve never had an alt, but a developer who needs to have the opposite gender to test clothing would have one of the finest reasons for an alt that isn’t a mule.

  33. #73 by SueZ on 2011.12.01 - 12:06 pm

    Things are great, I’ve found things running very smoothly and lag free. The one issue I found with some pazes not being visible was promptly fixed by Samsyn. ‘tu Great work team Phoenix! Ok, I think I’ll go jump off Avie Sacrifice, just because I CAN again, thanks to you all. Hugz and see you in There πŸ™‚

  34. #74 by Achenar on 2011.12.01 - 11:38 am

    Nice pic. Reminds me of a nice quote:

    ” What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset”.
    – Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator.

    Enjoy it while you can πŸ™‚

  35. #75 by B_A_B_S on 2011.12.01 - 11:29 am

    ”’yay. Thanks for the update. They are appreciated even if they are not of the “happier” type. πŸ˜‰

  36. #76 by findingscotty on 2011.12.01 - 11:10 am

    I’ve been off work ill for the past 2 days and have tried logging onto There and had no luck 😦 It could’ve sped up my recovery if I could’ve re-lived my ‘former’ life lol! HOPEFULLY I’ll get on soon – getting jealous hearing of my old friends logging in et al.

    Thanks for the update and great work!

  37. #77 by Okalnix on 2011.12.01 - 9:28 am

    WoW …….bit speechles……….Hi5 to MW.
    Verry happy to help you and your great Phoenix Team Hi5
    Thank you.
    Its great to be There for all great friendly people of There.

    • #78 by Bronnieb There on 2011.12.01 - 11:26 am

      Well done Okalnix πŸ™‚ ‘hi5

      • #79 by maverickfred on 2011.12.02 - 1:44 am

        great job you deserve the points okky HI5 MATE

      • #80 by Okalnix on 2011.12.04 - 2:02 pm

        Thank so much for the all Hi5 and hug in the game and on this Blog from the people.
        I be There for you.
        Thank you,

    • #81 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.12.01 - 2:37 pm

      Okalnix! You are a great person and you really DO SO much! You have helped me a few times too, kinda cool that you are doing so much more than running around bitching, griefing and turning in EVERYONE for anything. *laughs*
      Hi5 Sir!!!

    • #82 by LeeLee on 2011.12.02 - 7:52 pm

      ‘hi5 πŸ™‚

  38. #83 by SunnyMusic on 2011.12.01 - 9:13 am

    Thank you for the update! So appreciate you and Team Phoenix!

  39. #84 by GaryBob on 2011.12.01 - 9:11 am

    Thanks for the update! It’s great to hear that we will soon be able to buy some $T and help pay the bills πŸ™‚

  40. #85 by Punkster OfThere on 2011.12.01 - 8:57 am

    Thank you for the update guys!

  41. #86 by IndyLou on 2011.12.01 - 7:07 am

    Thank you MW! I am actually very happy with this update and I think the picture is a very good one. Because I am not comfortable using Facebook, this blog and what you and your team post on Thumdar’s site is my only connection to what is officially happening with There.

    • #87 by Escape on 2011.12.01 - 1:09 pm

      Facebook was never my “cup of tea”, recent announcement of selling personal info backed up my suspicions….

      On the other hand, thumbs up to MW and his Team…let the Banking begin.

  42. #88 by Sassybeme There on 2011.12.01 - 7:06 am

    Sure hope I didn’t start trouble over one item I bought just before closing. I have ALL my favorite toys back to play with (when I can get in) I’m totally happy about. For what I get in and do, no troubles at all. I’ve only had maybe some loading issues in some areas that caused me a bit of lag. Not like the old texture loading thing. More like objects just not popping in right away. I’d say thats a huge improvement really. Just reminds you to stop and take a better look. πŸ™‚

    I think it would be cool starting a new year with a new THERE. Kind of is a new THERE. Happy Holidays to all. πŸ™‚

  43. #89 by Francis_7 on 2011.12.01 - 6:51 am

    Thank you for the update! I am happy that therebuck sales will be avaliable again soon as a lot of people have been wanting to buy more.

    I have hesitated so far in reporting missing items. I suspect others have too, not wanting to take up your valuable time. Sad to hear so many precious hours are being used for this.

    I had a full Sojka spaceship (I think it was like 5 parts) of which I only have one section currently. I do have a bridge, but it is a different type of ship. I have checked the transaction history of my alts and have cataloged all the Sojka parts I could find. It could be though that some of the Sojka items don’t have the name Sojka in them I suppose. I had this ship hanging over Lagoalnd during the next to last sci-fi week. I forget which year that was though now. However there is a posibility that Rick_Slick might have it. There is a picture of it about 1/2 way down this page:

    Should anyone know the name of the items it would be helpful to me. So Rick_Slick is going to reseruct his avatar and check his inventory. I did give him some Sojka sci-fi items that final week so he could build a movie set. I may have given him the spaceship parts as well, so it may be a while before I find out what happened to them. That last week was pretty confuzing. I suspect I just gave him everything I could find with the name Sojka in it.

    Anyhow it is great to know things are moving closer to the homecoming day, though I am not sure about the motivation of possibly clearing the PAZ’s ‘after’ There is open.

    • #90 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 8:30 am

      I think the motivation for waiting till after opening to pull the paz’s is to be slightly more fair to all for the land grab as us silver passes have a zero chance at it if they are pulled on opening. We may not even have a paz yet, or have an area saved on our destinations to put a paz while those in world have paz put back locations saved. I could be wrong and he may have a totally different reason behind that option, but that would be my reason if it were me. Don’t worry though people I have no desire to snatch up the wanted land cause I’d prefer a spot with less people for mine when I get one. But some silver passes may feel differently.

    • #91 by Bronnieb There on 2011.12.01 - 12:00 pm

      Well Francis I have no idea about your spaceship but your link goes to a you tube movie not a pic …funny thing was I started to watch and had to see to the end…hahahaha loved it…who knew the Danish were so funny!

    • #92 by Redeemed on 2011.12.01 - 12:37 pm

      Francis, I need you help, I tried to do what they said to get online with ThereIM, but it will not do so, and I don’t know how to get help from Michael’s helpers.

      Can you help me?
      Please leave me a message in Reallife+


    • #93 by Dan Samuel on 2011.12.01 - 1:03 pm

      To add a little detail to the “nothing has been proven lost so far” (with the exception of certain customizations where you receive the stock version of the item, without its customization (as in custom car paintjobs, and some interactive objects, the text contents of ThereDocs and Quests, etc.). The data migration process buys you a brand new copy of each item you owned as of the date of closing.

      Now, having said that, it would be foolish to claim that nothing could ever be lost, and we can only make definitive statements based upon researches carried out so far, where we had a clear description of the object in question (in particular, it’s ProductId). Obviously we can’t have an opinion about “all my stuff is missing!” and “half my stuff is missing” or “that thing I don’t seem to actually remember the name of is missing”.

      But for those researches where we had the ProductId, I feel we have had a 100% success rate in determining whether or not you owned one on ‘closing day’ and, if not, what happened to it. And, so far, in no case has an item simply ‘gone missing’ in the “do you own one” sense.

      Now, when we show a record of you buying something in 2006 and selling/giving/trading/auctioning it in 2009, and you disagree, obviously it’s a case of “your memory” vs “our databases” and so far we feel the databases have been more accurate than our collective memory. But we want to (eventually) investigate everything, since it’s always POSSIBLE something could have gone wrong during the migration. (For example, if a server crashed in the middle, it could interrupt our purchase, but we would have a log of the failure, which so far we have not seen).

      But many searches have not been satisfying because we have been unable to resolve a description like “my care bear” when no product exists with that name, or if multiple products exist with similar names. Again, if we can’t properly identify what you’re talking about, then we can’t give a definitive opinion beyond “there were no errors recorded during your data migration, and you ended up with X items”

      We have also encountered “Sord Issues” where something you DO own (and WAS migrated) doesn’t appear in your Organizer because, for example, the name had ‘extra quotes’ in it. We resolve those as we encounter them. Initially there were many, many of these, but probably not too many remaining at this point. (We found 300 more of them on Monday though). Again, in such cases you DO own the object, but just can’t see it in your inventory until the underlying Sord data is repaired.

      Obviously, you’re not in the best position to know if your item is affected by a Sord issue or something else. From your perspective, it’s just gone. Given a productId, we can resolve it. Sometimes the resolution is a happy one (“You gave it to your alt avatar X”) and sometimes less happy (“you sold it in auctions”) and occasionally (“Actually, THIS avatar never owned one of those, but did TryIt them multiple times”)

      Way too many words, but I wanted to clarify that we ultimately need to be able to resolve the productId to give a clear opinion on the migration of individual items, and that so far all such ProductIds have led to a complete picture of what happened, whether the answer was a happy one or not. These searches take time, which is at a premium at the moment, so we don’t want to get too distracted with this, but we also don’t want to gloss over anything that actually goes wrong. And if YOUR missing item is one of the ‘bad sord’ items, then we’ll only find that out if you report it, so we WANT the reports (the ones with productIds, at least), sent to feedback@thereinc.com

      We want New There filled with Happy People, not Angry People.

      • #94 by Namron Therian on 2011.12.03 - 5:04 pm

        Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never had a large number of items so I wasn’t planning to bring my issues up prior to the re-opening. If bringing them up sooner will help someone else I’m happy to do so.

        Since the ProductIds appear to be critical to your research, here are some ideas I’ve thought of that would be useful in finding the id:

        1. If I remember my item well enough I can look it up in shopping or auctions.
        2. I can talk to friends on here or facebook and ask their help in finding the id.
        3. I can visit zones or paz and look for items I think I’m missing.
        4. I can load my ‘Outfit Favorites’ and confirm that everything loads.
        5. I can load my layouts onto a paz and confirm that everything nothing is missing.

    • #95 by CardSharkRay on 2011.12.02 - 11:24 am

      i missing some stuff over 1400.00 in real money but i know i will never see it …

  44. #96 by Thomas on 2011.12.01 - 6:46 am

    I’m looking forward to There opening but your really going the wrong way about how you open it. You need as many subscribers as you can get and yet your ignorance pushes people away, trust me. Its really weird, its like your not advertising a game. Its like your happy that there will be few people playing. If you want customers you don’t say things like ” We actually not interested in people, especially underage people, enjoying themselves in There. We’re happy you are, but it’s not a right, it’s a privilege.” What a ridiculous thing to say. If your not interest in people playing and don’t have the customers best interest the game will just close again. You need to treat your customers better. Fair enough be strict about under-agers but don’t come out with complete bull**** sentences. Also, learn to spell and check your spelling mistakes, its unprofessional.

    • #97 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 8:21 am

      Nobody is being pushed away, most of us should understand what is going on. Why advertise a 3d world to new ppl that will not be able to log in yet? Makes zero sense Thomas. His comment about ppl enjoying themselves in There is cause it aint open yet, they want ppl to test things to find out what needs fixing and what doesn’t hence they limit who can enter so far. When it opens, then and only then will he care for people having a blast in There. Yes he’s sarcastic, but personally I like that part. If I showed my true sarcasm here or the world I’d probably get banned so it’s fun getting to see him do it. As for his spelling mistakes or missing words at times, I’m sure he’s a very intelligent and accomplished person from what I’ve read about him. It’s very possible he has mild dyslexia(not all dyslexic people have any type of learning disability) as I have mild dyslexia and sometimes I’ll be writing and even though I know what I’m typing at times my mind will leave a word out or put the wrong word in. You cannot fault anyone for that, you have any idea how common that is? You ever see how horrible the majority of people actually type and you wanna complain about small mistakes that you’re still able to comprehend what he was saying?All he done was live “are” out. It isn’t that serious. I bet if he didn’t use “exacerbated” in a sentence that made it as easy to understand you’d have needed a dictionary to know what it meant. Oh you also seem to think your is the same as you’re btw. Check your own SIMPLE mistakes before complaining about other’s.

      • #98 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 8:24 am

        See my dyslexia made me type “live” instead of “leave” haha, see how that works?

      • #99 by Puddlefish on 2011.12.02 - 5:28 am

        Let’s also remember that this is his PERSONAL BLOG. We are very fortunate that he has even put up with all of the people posting their rants here and that he goes through the trouble and time to read and respond to any of it. He has said, time and time again, that their objectives are to have a product back up and running that will be in the black… and they are going to do everything they can to make sure it does (hopefully go WAY up in the black πŸ™‚ ) They have had years and years of experience now observing the market and have been able to determine what works and what doesn’t. What the man says makes sense.

    • #100 by Joe_R203 on 2011.12.01 - 12:19 pm

      Umm, just to point out some “unprofessionalism”, Several times you typed “your”, when in fact it should be “You’re”. As in….. “you are”.

    • #101 by xSnoopy on 2011.12.01 - 3:38 pm

      It sure doesn’t sound like your looking forward to There opening!
      He owns the place and is entitled to say anything he wants.
      Those of us who have been on-board with him, since he first announced There’s re-opening, understand where he is coming from.
      From the looks of the last part of your post, your feeding your ego by criticizing an adults spelling.
      It’s ok, we understand!
      Now, GO TO YOUR ROOM! No TV, Computer, Internet, iPad or iPhone, for a week!
      Hows that for a “complete bullshit” sentence?

    • #102 by Andy on 2011.12.01 - 9:17 pm

      Thomas how about you learn a little respect for Michael Wilson and the team

  45. #103 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.12.01 - 6:04 am

    You’re post and picture are just fine. Let the naysayers nay and say. I’m happy as a clam There is coming back – whenever it does – it’s a far cry from last year when we had no idea what would be happening. πŸ˜€

    • #104 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.12.02 - 10:09 pm

      Wow – huge typo! Should be Your* not you’re. I should really not type at 6 am, apparently.

      • #105 by Joe_R203 on 2011.12.03 - 6:48 am

        Read Post #60 and you’ll see what I meant.

  46. #106 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.12.01 - 5:42 am

    I hope nobody ever said those things about you or your kids but I guess on the net people do tend to get brave. As for the underage triggers, I assume they’re similar to the ones I used on Smeet and they were definitely solid with guessing who was underage. At least until the admins told us to stop kicking the minors for some reason. I think it would be better or more fair at least to everyone to do the land grab a week or just a few days after opening rather than on opening day to be honest. But before new users get in cause they should not have a chance in it. Keep up the good work and dang@a week being wasted on “lost” inventory….so we’d have tbux purchases back already and be closer to opening without all those items you had to check for lol.

  47. #107 by invu34 on 2011.12.01 - 4:46 am

    Thanks for the update MW!!!

    • #108 by invu34 on 2011.12.01 - 4:49 am

      any chance of lowering the fun pass to Silver before There opens?

  48. #110 by Jennifer Rickenbacker on 2011.12.01 - 4:35 am

    sounds great,, looking forward to the reopening…

  49. #111 by Yozh SunFlowers on 2011.12.01 - 4:14 am

    Woohoo! Another great update! ‘tu ‘bow
    There ultimate 3D life really close now!
    Cheerio folks, have a Wonderful Day,
    and I see you in There, anytime, anywhere! β€’β™ͺβ™«β€’*Β¨*β€’.ΒΈΒΈβ˜…β˜Ό

  50. #112 by mimi06 on 2011.12.01 - 3:53 am

    Thank you. I am very pleased (excited, happy) with the way things have come along. A bit dissapointed in the “greed” side of things. Not sure I understand or ever will why some think they got “screwed”. Or why didn’t this or that show back in my things. Someone told me they would have returned in their tighty whities with nothing at all, and I have to agree. Shame on all you selfish people for wanting it ALL.. Thanks MW and team.

    • #113 by softNdark on 2011.12.01 - 9:54 am

      I agree 100% with what you have to say about all the “greed” and “trying to make money” off of MW’s BACK….


      Thank You MW and Team

      • #114 by maverickfred on 2011.12.02 - 2:02 am

        some people should stop wining lol gee my spelling is not good ever lol keep up the great work mw the ones that love there are behind you and your great team %100 all the way . There are some great people i could name a few but they know how they are take yozh and okky . i would like the energy that yozh has i have nown that youg guy for over 5 years now and he has never had a bad word about any one he loves THERE I WOULD NOMANATE HIM AS A AMBASSADORE FOR THERE .

    • #115 by Joe_R203 on 2011.12.01 - 12:27 pm

      I wouldn’t call wanting what I paid for “being selfish”. I didn’t earn T’s by making and selling items. I paid from my own bank account. 5 custom paint jobs and 5 custom sets of wheels cost quite a bit. And with PAZ rent of $46,480T a month having been paid for over 2 months in advance, Yes, I’d say I was screwed if I can’t get that back. Is it going to cause me to cancel my account? No. I like There very much. Will I be pretty ticked off for awhile if I can’t get my rent issue squared away, and my paint job and wheels back? Yes. But I’ll still be a Therian.

      • #116 by erick758 on 2011.12.04 - 1:22 am

        I feel you on that one bro.

  51. #117 by sue_g on 2011.12.01 - 3:36 am

    Thanks for the update Michael πŸ™‚ We really, REALLY appreciate all of the hard work you guys are doing!

  52. #118 by _Overscore on 2011.12.01 - 3:21 am

    Michael Wilson, you’re a pretty cool guy.
    Thanks for the update.

  53. #119 by Sandy Wager on 2011.12.01 - 2:45 am

    I love it that you keep us all informed. You are all brilliant, thanks or your hard work πŸ™‚

  54. #120 by Todd Drexel on 2011.12.01 - 2:36 am

    Thanks for that, this was a good read. I thought I was missing some items myself but after playing for a couple of days I believe I’m not… It definitely has been a few years and I’m sure the majority of people that are saying they ‘have missing items’, when in fact they don’t have any missing items at all!

  55. #121 by justagreatguy on 2011.12.01 - 2:21 am

    What a great update! Tbux, “ALL RIGHT!!”

  56. #122 by Tassader on 2011.12.01 - 2:18 am

    Thanks for the update Team Phoenix!! You rock.
    I have been having the most enjoyable times of my life during the past two weeks, never imagined hoverboarding was such fun. And ‘yay I now got a gold ticket. I haven’t experienced any problems with lag or anything that other members are reporting. I will surely report something if I notice anything.

    For my friends who are getting impatient for the world to open I don’t understand the impatience considering you CAN log in now and have all the old fun without any restrictions. (except for the buying of TBux, which we all know the team is working on)

    Thanks again to MW and the team


  57. #123 by ant1977 on 2011.12.01 - 2:15 am

    ”’Yay’ T’s so desperately been waiting for you, lol Thank you Nice dude, for an awesome update πŸ™‚

  58. #124 by Pandie on 2011.12.01 - 1:56 am

    Yes, thank you for the update πŸ™‚ I look forward to be able to purchase some T$ >:P. Glad to hear that the “lost items” is, so far, 100% due to fuzzy memory. I have some questions though. I haven’t been reading every single post, I’ll admit, but I’m assuming minors aren’t allowed in because it’d cost more for moderation, etc. But is that the only reason? Also, why aren’t minors aged 16-17 allowed in (like SecondLife)? Is this also due to costs for moderation and such? Will minors be able to claim their legacy avatars once they reach 18? I just re-read the ToS I was linked to via my avatar profile and it says minors 13-17 are allowed to be members with parental consent. Is this the old ToS I’m reading and you have yet to update the links? The reason I’m so interested on this particular subject is because SecondLife did somewhat of the same thing not too long ago. Unrelated to the questions regarding age, when will the Auctions be fixed? When I go to the main page and go to a category from there, there are no images and no product titles. Maybe it’s just me, though :P. Sorry for all the questions MW, just a little curious and confused :).

  59. #125 by Frances Aquino on 2011.12.01 - 1:46 am

    This is great news ty so much for keeping up informed but I do have a question.
    There was a rumor going on that as a designer in the old there that we could contact someone and get our old designs that were submitted back. Is That true.
    thank you

  60. #126 by Guernseyman on 2011.12.01 - 1:39 am

    I think that update should answer quiet a few questions that have been asked, thanks for the update Michael Wilson. The long and winding road should soon be free of that road block ahead, who is going to be first to pay the subcription I wonder?.

  61. #127 by Bronnieb There on 2011.12.01 - 12:37 am

    Really like that you have touched on the issues that most people are wondering about. Thanks and a big ‘tu πŸ™‚

  62. #128 by 12mandy on 2011.12.01 - 12:26 am

    thanks michael for update and wonderful work done by all staff,best wishes,mandy

  63. #129 by martin71a on 2011.12.01 - 12:22 am

    MW i would like to rent a funzone but they are all reserved if the owners are not in the world as yet you could let others rent them untill they do come back in to the world and not leave them empty for along time as you will be loosing out on the tbucks they will be pulling in

    thanks for the update


  64. #130 by Minai on 2011.12.01 - 12:10 am

    I really wish I had heard sooner that There was reopening. I honestly don’t even know how I missed it. I saw a screenshot of an avatar, which piqued my interest, which made me google There and there it was!

    I took a long hiatus from There after I got laid off during “black friday” in 2004, but There still holds a very special place in my heart. I had always wished I had stuck around, and I was so disappointed to learn of the closure in 2010. I am so happy to see its return. I am currently going to school full-time and my schedule is a bit chaotic, but I will definitely pop in when I am able.

    I really hope to see some of my old friends. Though, I’ve only seen a few familiar faces here (Virtual_Vikki/Francis_7, Hugsalot, to name a few). Look for me in world. We got a lot of catching up to do!

  65. #131 by Buddy Schreiber on 2011.12.01 - 12:02 am

    If anyone tells you to “fuck off”, etc. I will gladly run them down with my chair. πŸ™‚ I’ve said it before. LOL!

  66. #132 by toufovou on 2011.11.30 - 11:15 pm

    Nice post. Thanks for the update.

  67. #133 by jimuari on 2011.11.30 - 10:15 pm

    Sounds great. Looking forward to rebuilding our hood and our home. If you mean byy you would end up in the hospital if you sid it on the street I take that to mean the type of sex talk we have heard in Cosmo where a guy offered to pull out his dick and ride my wife. We wont allow that type of thing in our hood thats for sure.

    • #134 by Andy on 2011.12.01 - 9:22 pm

      Same here Jim ….my hood rules are gonna be more or less the same despite THERE now being 18+

  68. #135 by Thumdar on 2011.11.30 - 9:55 pm

    I’ve always been surprised when I’ve heard people suggest the new There servers are slower. My personal experience has been that EVERYTHING has been faster. My lag has almost been non-existent. Most people I’ve discussed this with have agreed. Lastly, maybe it’s just me, but this time around, There feels more mature and I have been enjoying it. People seem to have a better, more grounded attitude about There.

    • #136 by Punkster OfThere on 2011.12.01 - 9:02 am

      I agree! πŸ˜›

    • #137 by vursala25 on 2011.12.01 - 9:11 am

      Same with me,,Thumdar,,it’s alot faster, seems more clear..i haven’t had any problems going too places.Rode my buggy..Bacio bike.. Just looking around,really. Plus,,i don’t stay on long,either. just saying again,,thank You,, MW,,Samsyn, and whoever else is doing all this work,, Thank you.

      • #138 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.12.01 - 2:41 pm

        Same here, I haven’t had any problems with lag, it cracks me up when people talk about lag cause I KNOW they haven’t been in SL ( a.k.a serious lag) before or they wouldn’t be complaining! it’s so awesome to go and run and buggy seamlessly πŸ™‚

  69. #139 by Scrooge on 2011.11.30 - 9:54 pm

    Interesting update. Everything has worked well for me so far, had some issues but I’m 99% sure that they were connection errors. I thought I had lost some inventory but now I’m sure that I sold or gave things away, so I’m glad I didn’t waste any time sending in a report. Mostly I’ve just been looking through my inventory wondering where the heck I ever got some of my items or for that matter why I have them. I think I may be a hoarder. Oh, and I would never tell you to fuck off, Michael. However, I would like to shoot you again. Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you in-world yet since I’ve been back. Come see me in Zephyr sometime, I’ll be out in the open avoiding all the junk. Don’t bother trying to run me down this time, I’ve learned how to jump really high.

    P.S. Where are you keeping the There Testers? I miss my silent friends.

  70. #140 by Sylverstone Khandr on 2011.11.30 - 9:44 pm

    Wow, very good read MW.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  71. #141 by stxdixiechick on 2011.11.30 - 9:22 pm

    thanks for the update πŸ™‚ Keep up the GREAT work πŸ™‚

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