Do Not Abandon…

We’ve been getting reports of people creating events and then abandoning them. If you create and event, and don’t attend it, it’s not only unfair to the attendees, it’s also unfair to other people that may wish to use the Zone.

In many ways, it’s actually worse than inviting all your friends over for a party and then not bothering to show up. At least if you do this in real life, your guests can raid your refrigerator.

In the Old There, Customer Support could help enforce this since we had more C/S.

As you know, we don’t have as much C/S coverage as we did before, but this is still an offense. Not to mention just plain rude. Doing it for a 4 or 8 hour event is beyond rude.

Yes, it’s an offense to reserve an zone for an event, and then either not show, or show up and then abandon the event.

SamSyn is going to work on an automated way to enforce this, but in the meantime, please don’t do it. If you feel like someone has abandoned an event you can report it to Please remember to include photos or video showing the event has been abandoned.

(We have records of who was in the zone when, so we can verify any claims of abandonment).

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Clarification: If you own the Zone, then if you want to schedule 8 hour events and never come (or come, and leave), then have fun. It’s your Zone so you can do what you want with it.

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  1. #1 by Vanessa on 2012.06.05 - 12:43 pm

    You need people to attend the events in the first place. If there is no active users I don’t see why anybody even cares.

  2. #2 by Robert Ricci on 2012.06.02 - 7:57 pm

    I agree….over the years I have seen events where “owned” zones,” There” zones, whatever you wish to call them and the creator of the event is no where to be found…probably because they got into something and then found out…….no one is coming and so they bailed…

  3. #3 by ARTIE on 2012.06.02 - 8:52 am

    Considering that I crash 2 or 3 times during a 3 hour event, it might be wise to be careful when building automated controls. Please give us time to log back in or THERE staff to fix a server that is down and has booted everyone off line. I liked and supported the old rules. Just be careful when automating them as lots of things can cause someone to be knocked offline and not be able to log back in quickly. Some people have a hard time coping with segmentation violations and getting logged back in. I have even needed to reboot my computer or even reinstall THERE.

  4. #4 by Sassybeme There on 2012.06.01 - 4:48 pm

    I’ll agree to stop having abandoned events if I can have the bird. The bird in the picture that is, that kind of bird. The one with the ivory spike feather style. Looking all poofy and cute.

  5. #5 by PcMan Hoverboat Pilot on 2012.06.01 - 11:20 am

    Hi all,

    This is just a quick note to those who haven’t checked out the revived Help Central.

    Here is the link to the old rules of hosting events in There owned funzones:

    I’m glad this is being addressed due to the previous problems had in a few of the open hosting zones. I wish that Team Phoenix didn’t have to waste there time on creating a fix for those that can’t follow the rules, but there will always be bad apples.

    It might be a good idea if the zones owned by There can do a couple things, such as be limited to the 3 hour time limit during event creation. This would automatically prevent people from creating anything longer. As for limiting how many times a single person can create an event per day in that zone is another issue. Another idea would be to include an abbreviated version of the zone hosting rules in the description of the zone on the info page.

    That’s my $.02 😀

  6. #6 by Francis_7 on 2012.05.31 - 2:41 pm

    I am guessing as well that this post is mostly about the controled funzones. I wonder if Mackie still has that hosting rules document. I went and looked at several zones and none of the ones I visited that were There controls had any rules for hosting posted:

    Aero Lounge
    Ash Field
    Benda Beach Raceway
    Burning Rock
    Camp Stage

    After that I decided to stop as I saw a trend forming. It would be nice to inform the members, since we now have some new ones coming in and all. One of the staff avatars must have a lot of old signs or books that could have some boiler plate text about hosting put on them.

    I disagree with further limitations on event hosting suggested in other threads. Especialy if it is something coded into the software. There already has way too many rules in place in the software to control it’s members. Its time the members of There learn some self control instead.

    Althought was there not a limit like that before in the old written down open hosting rules for open zones? I cant really recall what those rules were.
    I can think of quite a few occasions where I need to host more than one event at a time, though that would be more in rented zones.

    • #7 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 3:28 pm

      I totally agree!!!

    • #8 by soede on 2012.05.31 - 6:19 pm

      ‘hmm I think you’re right. I retract my other request. Coding additional limitations isn’t as good as people learning good event hosting manners. Written reminders are a good start.

  7. #9 by xSnoopy on 2012.05.31 - 2:30 pm

    To quote the Boss:

    “(We have records of who was in the zone when, so we can verify any claims of abandonment).”

    Seems to me that it should be pretty simple to put the scheduled event together with the starting time and the person that scheduled it and run a timer. If that person is not in attendance within 5 minutes of the starting time, the event is cancelled automatically. If that person leaves before the event is over, its again cancelled automatically. If you want a Co-Host to host your event then have that person schedule the event! Then there is no conflict.

    It seems pretty pathetic to schedule multiple events, at the same time, in different zones. How about this: If a person does that more than a couple of times, he/she gets frozen in the center of Duda with his/her Forcefield off for a few days. If he/she gets shot or bashed out of Duda, he/she is teleported back to start all over.

    OH!, I like that penalty!! That should discourage those that want to hog or cancel events early!

    • #10 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 3:23 pm

      thats consider people control and offensive… There has gone to far with alot of rules and I agree with Francis_7

      • #11 by xSnoopy on 2012.06.01 - 11:32 am

        It’s offensive for the people who show up, expecting a certain event / layout to be there, only to find out the person who scheduled the event is out fishing and didn’t care if they had a good time or not.
        It’s “considered” offensive if an event is terminated early even though there are people enjoying the event. How RUDE and inconsiderate!
        It’s offensive if there are people at that event, who are being griefed, and the person who scheduled the event, is out fishing and no one is there to control the griefers.
        It’s only considered “people control” if the person who scheduled the event IS in attendance and is still punished for scheduling the event, legally.
        That sounds vaguely familiar, like some ultra conservative, talking about to much government control. WOW, politics, right here in There.

      • #12 by arbatas on 2012.06.03 - 5:09 am

        LOL then they need to remove self running event, simple enough.

  8. #13 by Orielle Thereian on 2012.05.31 - 1:32 pm

    One of the things I would love to see added to funzones is a black list of those who can not host in that particular funzone. There’s already the ability to create a white list of those who can host. It would be extremely helpful for those who have open hosting turned on in their funzones to be able to create black lists of those who abused their hosting privileges so they can no longer schedule events there.

    When I acquired Party in the Park (aka Rainforest Plateau) a few months before There closed I decided to keep it as There had it, an open hosting zone, but I had issues with griefers creating long events, banning people for no reason, dropping their pazes right outside, holding scam events (of course I reported the scammer), etc. Even though I iggied these people as the zone avie, Hostess, that didn’t prevent them from being able to host there. I was tempted to throw in the towel and turn off open hosting, but a few people seemed to appreciate my efforts in keeping the zone open hosting. Luckily I haven’t had that issue much in the new There but that could all change when the unrented funzones get auctioned.

    Even if putting someone on ignore prevented that person from hosting in my zones I’d rather not have to put people who abuse hosting privileges on ignore as some people do change…. So the ability to create a blacklist of those who can not host would be great. No idea what staff did in old There to prevent zone abusers from being able to host there again, but think this would be a good solution for those who allow open hosting in their zones but want to prevent members from abusing hosting privileges.

    • #14 by Soledadnegativa on 2012.05.31 - 2:56 pm

      @ Orielle,

      I have had a similar book dropped outside the SNIPER’s zone named “Bad Boys and Girls” and that even created controversy. I used the ignore feature then they began dropping signs and flags. I banned them completely then I was criticized for doing so. You will never please everyone and as long as the co_hosting group is made up of people that share your interests you can count on them to do the right thing in your absence otherwise they will use every opportunity to grief you. (Refer to ALEX ARCTIC PAINTBALL ZONE THREAD for more info.)
      The book helps but wont if you cannot count on the other members.


      • #15 by xSnoopy on 2012.06.01 - 11:45 am

        How about telling everyone, who is not familiar with the reason that book was dropped, how that episode started.
        I don’t think it is fair to everyone, reading your post, to only get one side of the story.

  9. #16 by Sandy Wager on 2012.05.31 - 1:07 pm

    I have 2 Tyr Group homes which are both used exclusively for quests. I set out a new quest at least once a week, the quests run for 2 weeks, so I have a minimum of 2 quests running at all times with Tbucks prizes for random finishers. Sometimes I am commissioned to make extra quests for other people, so I can, on these occasions, have up to 5 quests running at one time for up to 3 weeks. It would be impossible for me to be present at all of these events and completely unessesary. (sorry spelling is bad). It would be a shame if I had to stop running quests as there are so many quest fans who adore questing and discovering the wonderful world of, and also to miss out on free tbucks prizes. I hope this rule will not apply to quest writers like myself but I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been to many events which are only an hour or two in length and never to see the host. Now that I can understand !

  10. #17 by Okalnix on 2012.05.31 - 12:40 pm

    For me I do normaly event on Dune Valley I like to build buggy tarck and some times a special event themed type of event.
    Most event are bookt day’s befor.
    I am alway’s there, 99% the 1% is some times a chancel but that have normaly not.
    What I have done is on a basic time of hour every day a event and in that hour more people find there way becorse I am for the people and the zone.
    You do not do that every day but say a monday every week same time that works better.
    You do not need to sent invites if you have bookt event day’s befor and on a basic time slot if you find 1 people show automatich to you events.
    Be there if you book events.
    Be actief.
    If you afk just for a min say it in the zone box.
    So people know you do real life stuff just for that 1 a 2 min.
    Book event with co host of your group of people to help you out if you have any problem to get online or a error in conation or pc problems.
    So that co host group help you with your event.
    choose the corect people that you have found in time not by random choice.

    And if you chancel a event sent a e-mail to your invites or sign ups if you have sent invites.
    So people know that its chancel.

    Just wanted to say have fun to book events becorse needed the event to get people actief and to stay online.
    More people more fun.
    After the event give the people info that the event is finsh and thank you to be there.
    Next time the be more people to show up to your events.

    For me a Thank you give me more fun and real good feelings to make and book more events.
    Thank You ))

    • #18 by soede on 2012.05.31 - 2:11 pm

      You are awesome =)
      When I see you’re events in the Happening Now list, I am assured it’s got at least one person there!! =)

    • #19 by Soledadnegativa on 2012.05.31 - 2:47 pm

      @ Okalnix,

      ‘TU, I always have a blast literally running away from the buggies….

  11. #20 by Soledadnegativa on 2012.05.31 - 12:38 pm

    I figured it just applied to Open Hosting Zones because of all the same reasons stated above. We all know to have a co_host grp in place and leave them access to modify, load or even cancel the event if desired. Like I said I know I am guilty of this and now that it has been raised I will follow suit.


  12. #21 by danby on 2012.05.31 - 11:33 am

    Yes,i can see how a there owned zone that could be a problem:) However if you own a zone and have the deed ,i dont think thats a gd idea because the events i make ppl come at all times during the day.I cannot stay there all day and watch them.Thats why i have a cohost group for responsible ppl that can if they are there get rid of troublmakers,lol.Ty for the email and have fun!

  13. #22 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 11:22 am

    Oh as of right now, I will end all my events in the funzones until clarification comes about where the rule of abandon applies

  14. #23 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 11:18 am

    Then self running events should be removed or set to allow you to use self running so many times per day and per hour per event. Like Soledadnegativa Said: “Why someone has to present on a self running event?” I have a feeling this post is towards me LOL I have alot of self running events, since this came up and I know who is complaining, I’ll keep my self running events to my clubs I pay for… Honestly hardly any of the open there funzones are being used at all, so is why I use self running events at a few of them to draw people like new comers to that area letting them know that this area is here… MW you made it clear so self running events will stop until further notice and please make it clear about abandoning events, which I know if you host a non self running and not be there or you leave yes its abandoning…Anyways Im glad I got this post sent to me and will comply.

    Thanks MW!!!

  15. #24 by Escape on 2012.05.31 - 10:48 am

    Sounds like a great idea for “There” (public) owned zones but I imagine this rule would not apply to privately held zones, right?

    • #25 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 11:19 am

      I don’t htink it applies to private owned clubs hoods and lots. If it does then its a bad rule and will make people not rent at all.

      • #26 by Escape on 2012.05.31 - 2:11 pm

        Growing Pains

      • #27 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 3:29 pm

        Growing Pains? LOL kindly explain..

  16. #28 by Soledadnegativa on 2012.05.31 - 10:34 am

    I will admit I have done this several times this month, hell these days I am lucky to get Danny50 or some buggy driver to try and run me over so I figured I make multiple events in different parts of There and have better chance of playing someone. In any case it has been duly noted and won’t happen again.

    This does raise the question of “Why someone has to be present on a self running event?”

    I can tell you with certainty where the origin of this complaint came from and all of you already know the answer.

    The second and last questions I’d like to raise is how many events did that person or individuals in this case have held in the last 3 months? I can count them with one hand. All this hoopla is just another opportunity to criticize and add to fuel to the fire after losing the battle over Zephyr, get over it.

    Since I am sure this post will generate a the usual coterie of reverberations I want to take this opportunity to invite everyone to FX4 Friday June 1st 2012, find the internal fortitude to take that force field off regardless of where your ventures may take you and above all have fun doing it, is a game after all… And yes I will be having a selfd running event at MY zone while fishing intermittently.


    • #29 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 11:20 am

      I agree with this! This does raise the question of “Why someone has to be present on a self running event?”

  17. #30 by soede on 2012.05.31 - 10:31 am

    Some self running events make sense. Most dont!
    Perhaps self running events could be limited to certain categories of events.
    While we’re on the subject, perhaps the ability to list more than one event at a time could be removed. How about one event and one conversation? Conversations already have that nice one per user limit =)

  18. #31 by TherePercy on 2012.05.31 - 10:25 am

    Good plan. Just out of curiosity, would that enforcement include “private” zones, or just the There_Hoods / There_Events owned zones?

    • #32 by arbatas on 2012.05.31 - 11:21 am

      I hardly doubt it, as I said above: I don’t htink it applies to private owned clubs hoods and lots. If it does then its a bad rule and will make people not rent at all.

    • #33 by RaceSmart on 2012.05.31 - 11:56 am

      I’d think that this does NOT apply to privately owned zones, just for the fact to allow my co-hosts control in the zone, there must be an event running. Also when I have a track up at my race kit fun zone, with pieces owned by one of my co-hosts, an event MUST be in place so those pieces do not disappear during maintenance time (e.g. – Carcus’ stockcar track pieces). Most privately owned buggy tracks do not need a host during an lapping event – people just come in and lap for their best time! I assume (and we know how dangerous that is to do!) that this applies to “open hosting” zones only.

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