Avie Sacrifice in a Shopping Cart

Found this on Facebook/YouTube, and I had to share:

  1. #1 by shezbanjo on 2012.08.01 - 12:05 pm

    always cool to have a laugh ty 🙂

  2. #2 by Jonathan on 2012.07.31 - 4:11 am

    Any news on the Mac client?

  3. #3 by trixie on 2012.07.29 - 1:44 pm


  4. #4 by Jimmy Kluding (@LegionNinja) on 2012.07.29 - 8:38 am

    I beleive this mythbusters said it best


  5. #5 by SunnyMusic on 2012.07.29 - 8:27 am

    Loved that video! There can be so much fun! Ok, now…someone try it on the hospital gurney!! ;P

  6. #6 by Mr_Perry on 2012.07.29 - 6:01 am

    That was awesome.
    brought back memories of my college days.
    me and some friends took a shopping cart up on the roof of my friends house
    and got in it and rode off the roof into the pool.
    what were we thinking?
    (do NOT try this! we were very lucky and survived)

  7. #7 by Soledadnegativa on 2012.07.29 - 5:15 am

    Well executed, saw a few new tricks in the I want to try . Nice video

  8. #8 by Greenie on 2012.07.29 - 1:29 am

    Fun video! Thanks for sharing it with us here and thanks for sharing it with the world on Youtube. What a nice way to introduce people to THERE!

    Sure is great to see people enjoying Avie Sacrifice! I’m glad that what I do with it still brings fun. I’ve rearranged this month. Added a deck and falls lifts, included Korrt’s Avie Slinger and Avie Cannon and included the Avatar hoverboard cannon! There’s also another ramp extending leaps higher and further. You can even play cards or gaze at the moon.
    All are welcome!

  9. #9 by Phil Reinsmith on 2012.07.28 - 4:13 pm

    Never thought I’d see my video here. Just a little fun attempt to get some of my RL friends to Join the fun in THERE.com. “Rockinsurfer_Boy”

  10. #10 by Cellophane Thereian on 2012.07.28 - 1:03 pm

    Makes those goofy Avie dancing teams look like canned tuna next to hand made gnocchi! 😀 Best video EVAH!

  11. #11 by SaltySilver on 2012.07.28 - 11:10 am

    Fun fun fun.

  12. #12 by ImageMaker on 2012.07.28 - 10:43 am

    Wow. Nice ride, Phil — especially given the ho-hum performance of a shopping cart… 🙂

  13. #13 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2012.07.28 - 10:19 am


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