August Numbers

Grand Canyon by starlight

The Grand Canyon by starlight.

Here are the numbers for August:

Income (this period) from all AvMans
Subscriptions: $15,860
TB Sales: $25,442 (avg $21.91/purchase, $820.7/day)
Gross Income: $41,302

Here’s another picture which might interest some of you:

That’s the “latest” OSX port on OSX Mountain Lion. The fact that Tori’s showing up at all is a feat – you’ll recall she (well, all of the world rendering) went on hiatus with the latest releases of OSX and Qt. It turns out that the OSX version is quite a tangle of Windows and Widgets, and getting them all to work together properly has been a challenge. But at least it’s progress!

  1. #1 by InsidiousX on 2012.09.13 - 5:41 am

    It’s an awesome thing to get the OSX version, for me, my friend doesn’t have a Desktop-PC and he uses MAC OSX only. (excited)

    By the way, this one is related to this thread, but I have to say it:

    “2 days ago, I was playing till it closed for daily system maintenance, then I tried logging in after the world was opened and I got this login error “Problem connecting to world to check your name, please try again later”.

    I tried logging in several times, I even restarted my computer several times and tried to login over and over again, but it didn’t work. I thought maybe if I re-install it would work, so I downloaded the downloader and installed it, tried to login, but I received the same error over and over again.

    I tried logging in all my ALTs, but they still get the same error over and over again…

    I thought maybe I can ask for help by communicating my “buddies” from the buddy list in ThereIM, but ThereIM didn’t let me login either on all my ALTs. On ThereIM I kept receiving this error over and over “Unable to look up server address. Please check the connection and try again.”.

    I restarted my internet connection although it was working successfully before, but I still got the same errors from ThereIM & ThereClient.”

    I tried looking at my avman and as you see, my avatar’s avman is working successfully.

    Notice that, there is not any kind of moderation on my avatar, I logged in successfully on There Central.

    May you help me, or give me any instructions on how to get on

    Thanks in advance to everyone’s concern.

  2. #2 by Kayleigh Lace on 2012.09.12 - 8:34 pm

    Fond memories of There Burning Man festival – trailers lined up as far as the eye could see… Set up in a canyon not too far from Zephyr. It had such an awesome feel!

  3. #3 by Zozky on 2012.09.11 - 10:27 am

    I cant WAIT for the mac version. Its been FOREVER!!!!!! To everyone at There makin this happen. Thank you, Gracias, merci, ありがと, 谢谢.

  4. #4 by Mark B. on 2012.09.09 - 4:01 pm

    I sent a help e-mail to find out what’s going on with my billing but I’ve twice now had my Paypal automatic payments canceled by Makena. Is anyone else having this problem is it just me?

  5. #6 by Deleight on 2012.09.09 - 12:56 pm

    MW… do you think the OSX version will run on OSX Lion? My Mac is just slightly too old to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

  6. #7 by toufovou on 2012.09.09 - 12:43 am

    With a small dose of imagination, that photo of the Grand Canyon could remind us of the desert in Caldera!!!! Under the starlight of course.

  7. #8 by Deb Sassybeme on 2012.09.09 - 12:07 am

    Congrats to you on your moon walk. I knew it was only a matter of time.

  8. #9 by Jonathan on 2012.09.08 - 4:15 pm

    Woop! Looking good! If you need any OS X Beta testers, I’m willing to help at any point.

  9. #10 by lee_adama on 2012.09.08 - 3:35 pm

    maybe it’s an argument to suspend hood rents or lower them..i personally don’t think it’s fair that we should have to forefit them if there isn’t in the condition in needs to be to support them, that or justify owning them by giving us all the drops upfront

    • #11 by DavyRocket on 2012.09.09 - 6:16 am

      Well think about this… 1 You knew/know how much hood rent is, and 2. No one forced you to rent a hood, especially MW or any other staff member. You should really consider if you can afford to rent a hood before just jumping into it. It takes alot of work to get a successful hood going. If everything was free in There, There would be like it was 1 1/2 years ago… CLOSED!!! Bottomline is accept it, or don’t. Hood rents as they are, are more than fair.

  10. #12 by martin71a on 2012.09.08 - 2:05 pm

    MW great job your all doing i no its a slim chance to do any changes on the terrain on the pic above with the huge mountains could you put some thing like that like snowy mountains as tall as the one on comit ??

    thx martin

  11. #13 by Mimi There on 2012.09.08 - 12:45 pm

    Might help for some of you to know, even this past week OLD members came back. Also THERE Games was a huge success! Altho community organized, even then “some” old members came back to participate. People? Well, last night on Zona it was standing room only. Could not even summons a friend. Not sure how many Zona holds but.. Just saying, I do see people expanding, exploring and all that THERE has to offer. When and if a trial offer opens it will only add to our world. And so many designers are so happy things are moving forward, be it carefully but still. Our world isnt for everyone, in fact it kinda irks me the slandering I hear going on. ( while I wonder why they still log in). I have high hopes THERE will be a great success. So now drop your paz’s, rent your lot’s, grab some tbuxs, because most of us are having a great time. Its YOUR world, it will be what YOU make it.. 🙂 And the THERE community is awsome.

  12. #14 by Tinirty on 2012.09.08 - 10:53 am

    I did wonder about doing the Mac when we didnt even have the developer program up, but I’m sure you are working on Both at the same time. 🙂
    I have heard some say they are considering leaving due to the dev prog not being completely up, yet here they stay. There are also Many not here who I have heard say they will be here in a second once the prog is in place. Then there is a whole wide world of people who do not design, we just Buy the designs, and we are not going Anywhere. And then there are those who said they would never ever be back, yet I know they are running around in their alter avies, one they didnt use that much, and they think noone knows its them…lolol. Yep, they are back.
    I do wish there was a two or three day trial, as there are those who will not pay up front for something they are not sure they want (especially if they do not already have a paypal). Yet, I’m sure there is a whole lot more to it than just, gee its a good idea. ~~Just Keep On Truckin!

  13. #15 by SlimShady on 2012.09.08 - 9:39 am

    As much as I’m delighted to see progress on the Mac.. I was a bit worried to see over the past few months the gross income started at $48,000 or so… the the next… $44,000.. and this month $41,000… Now clearly monthly it’s decreasing drastically… I know this may a question that you’ve been asked a dozen times but… is the developer program any closer to seeing light? Whether it’s true or not. I’ve heard people are leaving due to the fact that the dev program is taking too long to be finished… I fear the new There may reach the same conclusion as the Old There. I hope it doesn’t I really do… but we’re going to need some new features put into game to keep the community from leaving. I’ll stand by it all the way but something’s going to have to be done. New members too… I’m not seeing any.. have you considered a trial program yet? I’m not trying to tell you how to do your jobs, god no. You guys are great i’m just making suggestions.

    • #16 by Michael Wilson on 2012.09.08 - 10:37 am

      SamSyn continues to work on the Developer program with Real Developers actually doing testing in World. He’s looking to make another release this week (we had people out for Burning Man last week, so we didn’t do any releases), and if that goes well, gradually open it up to more testers.

      The “Trial Program” issue has been discussed ad infinitum on Thumdar, I won’t re-address it here. We’re not going to do a Trial Program until we know how to do it in a way that doesn’t just serve as an open door for Underaged folks, previously banned members, and people who would use it as a vehicle to grief.

      I’m not actually surprised by the decline in revenue. All of the the members in There are prior members, who already had inventory which we recovered for them. There was big spike when we brought back neighborhoods, and a corresponding decline as people realized that they’d perhaps reclaimed them too fast, and couldn’t find enough tenants to make them viable. You also have to remember that many people are still income-limited, so while they may have been able to “carry” a neighborhood before, that might not be true.

      I don’t think it’s quite right to compare our current financials to the old ones. The Old There lost money every month, sometimes losing twice as much as it made. The new There actually makes money, and continues to get better over time.

      Finally, as I’ve said, we’re going to continue on the course we’ve set. The Developer/Submissions system desperately needed the work SamSyn is doing now to make it work “right” (in our eyes at least), and I’m convinced it’s going to be a great asset to developers. For the first time in the history of There, Developers can actually TRY STUFF OUT in World before submitting it, which means they can make better stuff faster than before, and get it into the hands of members.

      Then, we’ll move on to other things. Remember, there are only 2 1/2 of us.

      • #17 by SlimShady on 2012.09.08 - 1:48 pm

        Thank you for your reply Michael. Yeah I do realize there is only a couple of you working on this! It’s great to know you have developers willing to test it out! I’m not a very frequent visitor to Thumdar as I find the scripts awful to run when accessing the website, but that’s my own problem. So I apologize for having you iterate what has already been said in the past.

        I do believe There has picked up quite well and as you say, finally making profit!

        As for figuring out a way to make a “Trial Program” an “Open Door” to griefers, under-agers & banned members.
        Surely something can be done with IP Checks? I realize IP’s can be changed but I don’t know how you guys work around that but i’m sure there is a way.
        I thought possibly allowing new members to create an account with their own chosen username and once the trial is over, if that account is not “claimed” as their own (as in paying the subscription to continue playing) then delete the temporary data saved with that account alongside the username to free it up for another member.
        Once again the same problem comes back when people could just repeat the registration program and continue playing free… maybe if removing their permissions to trade, give, use VOIP, purchase or sell in the auction… Would possibly be a way in making people purchase a subscription as they know they unlock these features… it also would possibly prevent “griefers” knowing that they don’t have many abilities that they can use against people in game.. Or limiting them to certain islands.. e.g Zona & The Welcome Walkway..
        I suppose there is a lot to consider when it comes to a Trial Program and also is difficult when they’re isn’t many of you… and your working on other parts of There… I just hope sometime when time is more free in the business to work a little bit more on smaller things that you can accomplish a successful trial program. Any hows. Thank’s for replying to the previous comment! Much appreciated for you to take time out of your work to do that.

      • #18 by Rockin Ran on 2012.09.08 - 2:27 pm

        Burning man??? now that’s funny .. I don’t care who ya are … rofl

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