Email of the Day

Here’s a nice email I got today:

Hello im (removed) ((removed)) I have been playing this game for a long while before it closed, as you can see this is a new account that i have made. There are alot of people unhappy with things in There, but oviously Mitchel Wilson doesn’t care about people here and he seems to only care about the fact that is one of the “best” virtual worlds now. Lots of people wanted to change their name tag colour but Mitchel does not alow that and so am I asking why? But thats not the main problem. The main problem is that he does not at all care about what the people want and I know what they want. Some people want they’re teens to play There again and some people dont want to pay a monthly fee also lots of people are getting bannded now then back when There was 13+ and i want to understand why? What do you care about the most? Your making this game boring now and now there are little people playing and that might not matter to you because all that matters is the money thats enables you to live. I have always wanted to do something in There, maybe help it grow or something but from what i’ve been hearing and from what I saw, I think that this game will soon close and this time temporaily. All I want is that you make There a better place and that if there is anything i can do tell me. Even though your saying that your doing all you can to make it a better place, there are things that people want that you dont know about and that i haven’t mentioned. People want alot of things in There and maybe you could change some things, infact why dont you appear yourself in zona island and answer a few questions.

Thank you for your time.

From: (removed)

So I wanted to respond to these statements publicly, since, apparently “everyone” has these concerns.

  • “viously Mitchel Wilson doesn’t care about people here and he seems to only care about the fact that is one of the “best” virtual worlds now.” I think my actions – supporting There when it never made money, then supporting it’s re-opening speak for themselves here. Well as much as I’d like to speak on the topic. Oh, but I do believe that’s community is and has always been the “best” virtual world communities there are.
  • “Lots of people wanted to change their name tag colour but Mitchel does not alow that and so am I asking why?”. The answer to that is that the There Games would become a far less fun, since you’d have everyone changing their nametag color to “join” the team they want, not to mention changing them mid-games. It would be Lance Armstrong all over again (“I NEVER used nametag coloring substances”).
  • “Your making this game boring now and now there are little people playing and that might not matter to you because all that matters is the money thats enables you to live.”. The problem with that statement is that I don’t make any money, heck, I don’t even collect a salary. And oh, I don’t know what to say about “little people” playing. Do you mean like “Short People“?
  • “Some people want they’re teens to play There again”. We’ve discussed that here many times. The fact is to allow people under 18 in world requires that we supply a level of Customer Support and Moderation we can’t afford, not to mention the liability aspect. I know that lots of people think if they, or their parents, or they impersonating their parents, sign a document agreeing that There is not liable, that’s “good enough”, but it’s not. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people have commented that There is BETTER when we ask teens to please go do something different with their youth than hanging out in a virtual world. I’m pretty sure everyone in There would rather see teenagers reading, or outside, or studying, socializing in Real Life, or even taking a class in spelling and grammar than spending all their time in any virtual world.
  • “some people dont want to pay a monthly fee”. We’ve talked about this a lot. If we don’t charge a monthly fee, two things happen: One, we get thousands of Alts, not to mention Alts of Banned Members and Griefers. Two, goes broke and closes, this time forever. Actually just one thing happens: There goes broke, and closes.
  • “also lots of people are getting bannded now then back when There was 13+ and i want to understand why”. I can’t quite parse that sentence, but we will continue to ban people that break the Terms of Service, abuse the Developer system, or Developer Submissions review system.

At the end of the day, the way you can support There is like everyone else does: Throw events. Greet newbies. Start a neighborhood (if you can afford it). Teach people stuff. There are LOTS of opportunities to help There, and some fantastic examples everywhere.

  1. #1 by GreenAngel on 2013.03.16 - 12:08 am

    I am just happy that There is opened,

  2. #2 by martin71a on 2013.03.05 - 4:13 am

    if i could shake MW and sam`s hand i would. to say thank you both for bringin back and most of us are back and happy once again to have fun and do there games and much more

  3. #3 by SaltySilver on 2013.03.04 - 3:18 pm

    ‘I hang my head in disgust. I have empathy for you MW.

  4. #4 by Soosi on 2013.03.03 - 3:46 pm

    To begin with, I don’t think Mitchel Wilson cares that much about There or the people in it but I know Michael Wilson does. I might be interested in what the poster said if he had written at least one intelligible sentence and wasn’t whining like a spoiled 2-year-old, Isn’t it awful that he/she can’t have everything his/her way and for free? What is the world coming to? Grow up and get real!

    For the record, I’ve been in There since 2004 and and know of many things Michael Wilson has done for There and it’s members on his own time and his own dime. And count your blessings for Samsyn and Bruce. If they didn’t care there would be no There.

  5. #5 by avatar name was Robynn on 2013.03.03 - 10:40 am

    Sorry I don’t play anymore but Amen to Wilson LOL People who don’t want to pay a monthly fee , go to Second Life , πŸ™‚ As for the 18 plus thing, I don’t agree πŸ™‚ My kids are 8 and 9 now and they know more about the internet stuff then myself and my hubby LOL Parents who actually pay attention to what their kids are doing on the internet shouldn’t be concerned about them playing There at all πŸ™‚

  6. #6 by Hugsie on 2013.03.02 - 9:52 pm

    Quite obvious the person who wrote this message was indeed a kid under 18. Like Thumbar suggested the “know-it-all-attitude” of a typical teen but completely unable to express it with out looking like a total tool. I assume this kid got banned? or at least is Mackie verifying this person is over 18?

  7. #7 by Daniel Rechia on 2013.02.28 - 11:33 am

    I’m willing to go back to There, but I have some questions!
    Well, first one is, Does run in Windows 8? :s
    Second, I’m from Brasil, do I need a special card to pay the fee of playing There? Like a international card or something…
    And can I claim my avie without paying or playing, just to claim it? I don’t wanna to have my avie lost forever πŸ˜›
    Thanks so much, and sorry for any English misspelling…

    • #8 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.03.03 - 5:18 pm

      Yes it runs on Windows 8, I use Win 8. You don’t need any special cards, just a Paypal account. Some countries do no offer Paypal services, Brazil is not one of them…so you should be good to go there. Yes you can claim your avatar and bring it back without paying, but obviously at some point inactive accounts like that will likely get deleted. If you’re under 18 though, do not reclaim it yet cause it may cause the account to get banned. Under 18 accounts are being held for later restoration for when they turn 18.

  8. #9 by brandon527 on 2013.02.23 - 11:54 pm

    I’ll be honest, once There releases a client for the Mac I’ll be online daily. I have There setup on bootcamp, but if I could get it on Mountain Lion I’ll be a much more active Thereian. I don’t like having to be on Windows lol.

    • #10 by Hugsie on 2013.03.02 - 9:48 pm

      You know WINE works on a Mac (since OS X is just unix), but it’s a toss up if it would run the There Client software. I’ve not tried on my mac yet.

  9. #11 by Hoverbiker on 2013.02.23 - 11:08 am

    “The answer to that is that the There Games would become a far less fun, since you’d have everyone changing their nametag color to β€œjoin” the team they want, not to mention changing them mid-games.”

    That could easily be remedied with some of Samsyn’s coding magic. You could offer an option to change your nametag color for a fee AND make it very clear that you could NOT change it again for a certain period of time. Say perhaps a full year from the time of the change. Or you could make it just a one time only option and never allow that account to change it again. EVE Online allows you a neural remap to change your attributes (Intelligence, Memory, Perception, Willpower and Charisma), for quicker skilling, but only once per year . . .

    I mention that only as an example. You could do the same with nametag colors. You could also provide the option for new signups to choose what color they prefer. It could be clearly stated that it could NOT be changed for whatever period of time you guys decide is best.

  10. #12 by Arbata on 2013.02.23 - 5:59 am

    Lets hope this all works out, and I hope the age limit stays where it is as well. There is fun to be in and alot of events going on, maybe not enough players but its getting there.

  11. #13 by Yarndoll on 2013.02.22 - 8:37 pm

    Hey Mitchel! I just want to know, when did you change your name? LOL

  12. #14 by shayna on 2013.02.22 - 8:33 pm

    Everyones starting to leave anyways in world people are canceling subs even my self also but hopefully one day ill come back and we will have more users Gl Mw

    • #15 by Michael Wilson on 2013.02.22 - 8:45 pm

      Well, let’s see. You posted from “”, which is either a parked domain name, is text speak for “I Don’t Know”, or is .. well .. fake.

      And your email is “”. Now, THAT sounds real.

      Other than that, your reply is COMPLETELY credible.

      • #16 by maanzaki123 on 2013.02.23 - 11:08 am

        Even though you are the “owner” of a game, you shouldn’t be giving out personal information like their e-mail even though he or she sounds like someone fake.

        P.S. I’d rather play a game I’d enjoy and have fun rather then pay for it to keep it going, cause basically that is what is going on right now. No one wants to pay $100 of their real money monthly to maintain a neighborhood lot, yet even try to get tenants that will be more then happy to stay. I bought a subscription a month back, and I regret it because the game is practically DEAD.

      • #17 by Michael Wilson on 2013.02.23 - 12:40 pm

        First, this is my personal blog, not

        Second, I believe you should stand behind your words and not hide behind anonymous or fake names.

        Third, I’ve said before that if you’re a jerk here, you’re a jerk in public. You don’t get to hide.

        Finally, I appreciate the fact that you don’t want to pay, so I’ll just tell Bruce and SamSyn I’d rather enjoy their services and not pay them. I’ll also be telling Amazon I’d like to enjoy their servers without paying for them. In FACT, I’ll go to a restaurant tonight and tell them I’d like to enjoy a nice dinner without paying for it, and then treat myself to a free movie.

        If you go here you can find instructions on how to cancel your subscription. We don’t want you to regret it any longer than you have to.

      • #18 by maanzaki123 on 2013.02.23 - 7:06 pm

        maanzaki123 is my username in, I’m not hiding anything. Please do put my e-mail address on your reply so you can amuse me.

        In addition to that, no sir, this isn’t your blog. This is WordPresses blog, and you are a subscriber. Does that mean because we have a subscription with, we own As for privacy, I would like you to read the Word Press Privacy terms, or might as well link to you since you linked a link towards my cancellation.

        We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or protect our rights.

      • #19 by Michael Wilson on 2013.02.23 - 7:47 pm

        Yes, I have read them long ago, and just read them again, to amuse me.

        The problem with your assertion is that privacy policy applies to Automattic, Inc, not their subscribers. There’s no transitive property there, implicitly, or explicitly.

        Also, someone’s email address, WordPress “Avatar Name”, nor IP address, are considered “PII” or “personally identifiable information”. Although Wikipedia is by no means authoritative, in this case it’s sufficient.

        As for whether or not I “own” this blog, yes, you’re right, I don’t own it any more than anyone owns anything on the internet. Technically, this blog (well the data that makes it up) is owned by whoever owns the servers that data resides on. If you follow that line of reasoning, Amazon owns, since that’s where There serves the virtual world from.

        But, these are my words, my view, and here, my rules. We have other rules on, which indeed do protect your email address and IP address. Believe me, the technology would be a LOT simpler if There operated under my rules.

        In any case, whatever you want to believe, this continues to reflect my personal views, and, my personal rules of the road. Which are: Act Like A Jerk, be treated like one.

      • #20 by maanzaki123 on 2013.02.23 - 7:08 pm

        Rest assure, I understand your statements about fake names or being anonymous, though not at a level where you have to post their email on a public blog.

  13. #21 by Valhala on 2013.02.22 - 4:15 pm

    Is there *REALLY* only 115 There avatars max online per day? What were the numbers in the “heyday”. I’ve been a member since 2003, and I always guessed there were maybe 3000-5000 max per day. That *other* virtual world (Stinky Lowlifes) has from 30,000-60,000 concurrent users constantly. There has only 115?!?! geez! I might cry!

    • #22 by Michael Wilson on 2013.02.22 - 4:21 pm

      Keep in mind you’re talking about two different things:

      1. Old There: Free to sign up, as many times as you wanted. New There: You have to pay to play
      2. Old There: No “Idle” timeout. New There: Idle timeout.
      3. Old There: Had to support thousands of “Free” users, who contributed little or nothing to revenue, a.k.a., the cost of running the service. New There: Everyone contributes.
      5. Old There: Closed. New There: Open.

      • #23 by Valhala on 2013.02.22 - 5:05 pm

        happy for all 5 … still … 115?! ;( … could u IMAGINE!!! 30,000 Therians per day! we’d need continents!!!

    • #24 by kalufrax on 2013.02.22 - 7:25 pm

      115 is a very decent concurrent user count for a close-knit community in a niche world/game. The larger a community, the lower its quality. As long as the size is sufficient to financially sustain itself, all is quite well.

    • #25 by Mimi There on 2013.02.23 - 1:42 pm

      @ maanzaki. You say NO ONE wants to pay? Odd, I have been in a hood now for many, many months. We’re still here and the hood is full. In fact across the water is another hood. FULL. Not sure where you go in game but must be somehwere I havent seen yet. Maybe a few don’t want to pay but by all means find a world you enjoy better. πŸ™‚

  14. #26 by Cwby4ever on 2013.02.22 - 3:56 pm

    I believe MW is doing his very best, Thank You MW!!! No business should have to use other assets to pay for another one, you don’t rob Peter to pay Paul, a business has to make it on its own or not make it.
    Now I read something about how great winter games are. There was a meeting posted a while back about having a meeting about winter games and anyone that wanted to help. I always try to help out in any way I can with things on so I went to the meeting. My name tag shows I don’t have voice because I’m deaf. Upon arriving at the selected meeting place my force field was automatic shut off. After I was there a few minutes I was rudely shot and slammed up against a wall. I have no idea what the meeting was about as it was in voice. I discovered later that I did have my red hand up and maybe that’s why I was attacked in such a rudely an arrogant manner. It was already cut and dried what and who in the little click of people was going to do what, the meeting was just a put on to say it was posted. I heard this before the meeting even started from a few members that things were already put in place. And you know what that’s ok at least things are getting done. However how can uncaring, rude, arrogant people be expected to greet, help or assist new members in anyway with this kind of action. I keep a folder with all Phoenix Stars in it in case I could use another persons help, such as foreign language etc. I keep a list of these helpful new member friendly greeters to there that wont even accept another Stars buddy list to be added as a Star. Again how can you expect a rude arrogant person to help a new member if the are stuck up and in there own little click of people. I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me when so many of us go out of our way to help others and some just want the star in front of there name. But that’s ok also because the nice ones WILL SURVIVE IN THE END!!!!!!!!!

    • #27 by samthere on 2013.02.22 - 4:39 pm

      REMEMBER: It takes money to make money !!!

    • #28 by samthere on 2013.02.22 - 4:40 pm


    • #29 by Mooly on 2013.02.23 - 7:27 am

      Just a suggestion…maybe try telling the members at the meeting that you are deaf. Surely they would offer to type instead of using voice while you are attending.

  15. #30 by Cwby4ever on 2013.02.22 - 2:31 pm

    Why not having any advertisement to get more people to join? I realize it takes money to advertise, but it also takes advertisement to make money. I have talked to several old there people that have came back and said they didn’t even know it was re-opened. Word of mouth or fb, twitter, blog, etc just isn’t getting the word out. I do know a lot of people are leaving because lack of people in the world. What to do, What to do?? I wish I knew, I wish I knew!!!!

    • #31 by samthere on 2013.02.22 - 4:37 pm

      REMEMBER: It takes money to make money !!!!

  16. #32 by Dave Ryder on 2013.02.22 - 1:58 pm

    I agree with the letter writer that is boring and that Mitchel Wilson only cares about is money. is boring because of the lack of people and the few that are there are sad boring people. If Mitchel Wilson cared about the people in the game he would take some of the money people have generously given him to play and pay for some advertising so that more people will play. I am led to believe that Mitchel Wilson prefers to keep all his money and not advertise because he likes his money more than us poor players. Then again after reading some of the above comments some people do enjoy a boring game, will survive on just those sad people for some time to come.

    • #33 by Michael Wilson on 2013.02.22 - 2:04 pm

      “I am led to believe that Mitchel Wilson prefers to keep all his money and not advertise because he likes his money more than us poor players.”

      Did you even read the post you’re commenting on?

      I don’t get any money. The money There makes all goes to pay for the servers, salaries, etc, etc that it takes to make the service run. What little is left over is banked for those months that we don’t break even.

      We’ve discussed advertising MANY times. In There we tried all kinds of advertising, but the problem is, if the people who DO come don’t stay, it’s just like throwing the money up in the air and lighting it on fire.

      But at the end of the day, I think you’re probably just a troll.

      • #34 by NathanAvis on 2013.02.22 - 6:48 pm

        Nah man some people just really are that stupid.

      • #35 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.02.23 - 4:45 am

        Are you saying you don’t plan to advertise at all or you’re waiting for certain things to be accomplished with the platform before advertising so it isn’t a waste? I have an idea that other places use that you may should look into. New people of course will have reservations abut spending money on a new site, why not have a “free offer” section. Where sponsors pay YOU $ and the member tbux when they complete an offer/survey. Peanut Labs I find to be a fairly trustworthy service for such a thing. Also people like changing their names. Maybe make it where you can charge say 15k tbux per name change, but in the user’s profile a list of previous names is stored so they cannot use it as a “griefing” tool. And to Dave Ryder, I don’t think it’s boring. Boredom is a controlled state of mind. You can only choose to be bored, it doesn’t just randomly happen. If you’re bored, host an event and invite people to play a game of cards with you. There’s a lack of constant card games in the event lists. There’s current member base consists mainly of one age group. Surprisingly it’s an age group that you normally see less of in online chat sites. Though that seems to be changing. My point is they are mostly mature and kind people. With the obvious exception of a few, as any group of humans would have. I say 2-3 years from now other sites will be imitating some of There’s new features including pay to play, cause There will rise up as time progresses.

      • #36 by User With Genuine Question on 2013.02.24 - 5:08 am

        “We’ve discussed advertising MANY times. In There we tried all kinds of advertising, but the problem is, if the people who DO come don’t stay, it’s just like throwing the money up in the air and lighting it on fire.”

        So the problem here is really user retention. Not advertising. Do you have plans to improve that? (Serious question).

    • #37 by Mimi There on 2013.02.23 - 4:43 am

      Bored? Obviously your not in the right places to see the many people that have supported THERE.COM to keep it alive. Last night was prime example of what this community does. more then 100 people in ONE event doesnt count as BORED. Sad people? I think not. The majority of us are thrilled to be able to log into such an awsome virtual world. You might want to look around a bit harder. And as far as Mitchel? Who is that? If your in world and unhappy take your complaints to another world, that brags they have 500,000 users πŸ˜‰

  17. #38 by Jimmy Kluding on 2013.02.22 - 12:45 pm

    Is it weird that when someone told me there was opening up again after being closed for a while, I dismissed it as a sick and mean joke, because that is exactly what I thought it was. When it became open again, I forsaw a bad thing happening to me. Becoming addicted to it all over again. There to me is an addiction compareable to being an alcoholic. I do not like being addicted to it. It eats up time that I could be using to do something constructive, like applying for a job. I wish there was some way that a user/player (dunno what is the correct term here) of this virtual wold could suspend their account for a while so they wouldn’t be tempted to login. The temptation to log in is far too much for me to take. I’ve thought about this many times but there isn’t an option to temporarily suspend your account. Facebook has an option where you can deactivate your account for a while so that you can’t log in, so why not

    • #39 by smzgreenie on 2013.02.22 - 11:12 pm

      Hi Jimmy, Every member has the opportunity to cancel the recurring PayPal payments and still access during the period that has been paid for.

      Example: Member_X pays the 10.00 subscription payment via PayPal on March 1st.
      Member_X cancels the recurring subscription payment via PayPal on March 2nd.
      Member_X has access to the avatar account, IM program and the 3D client until the March 1st paid period ends 30 days later.
      Member_X has the option to re-subscribe at any point in the reasonable future with the same avatar account.

      With the current system we have the option to cancel and to re-subscribe as we like. I hope that this makes it easier for you to be able to enjoy THERE and still keep some control of your time.

      Good luck with job hunting.

      • #40 by Jimmy Kluding (@LegionNinja) on 2013.02.23 - 10:25 pm

        So, let me get this straight, I canceled my account (the reoccuring $10 dollar charge) via paypal, and you’re telling me I can reactivate it at any time? Would I have to get a new credit card in order to do this or can I use the same one as before, just in case I change my mind? I have no plans to do this in the the future since I no longer have There or ThereIM installed but it is nice to know I can come back at any time. I was SonicWarriorXP in world, but I don’t think I want or deserve to come back at all.

  18. #41 by Phil Reinsmith on 2013.02.22 - 12:21 pm

    I’m not real big on events, although I have attended a few. I’m always running across people I haven’t met before, and Actually I think we have quite an interesting collection of people in THERE. I read stuff like this and am really saddened that some folks would rather complain than get off their Butts and MAKE There a better place. Oh, and if he/she doesn’t want to pay the subscription fee. See Ya. We’ll somehow manage to get by. “Rockinsurfer_Boy”

  19. #42 by pHluid13 on 2013.02.22 - 12:17 pm

    And I know it doesn’t really matter what I think, but I whole heartedly agree with everything you said in response Michael. There is all about the bonds and friendships you make. It’s what keeps us returning over and over again. One really needs to only apply themselves to reap the benefits of I have met so many wonderful people. I have become accustomed to the times that they log in and ensured I have been present when they are available. I treat all these people with the same respect and dignity that I wish to be treated with and that they deserve. Even in disagreement, a little care goes a long way in replenishing or maintaining relationships. I consider it a challenge to create long lasting friendships and also realize that it’s not the quantity of friends, but the quality and I can honestly say that the people I have come in contact with are quality people. If you as the writer of this email have not found quality people, then of course you would find it boring. I challenge you to find long lasting relationships. It would appear that you could be interested in for alternate reasons which may be the reason for your end result. I can’t stress enough that your main priorities should be about growing a community of friends and people who interact in a wholesomely dynamic way as to make thrive in all it’s glory. We will Lead, we will thrive, and we will support There until the end.

    Now if THAT wasn’t a slight tangent, I don’t know what is. There is just simply, NOT boring!

  20. #43 by EmmaJean on 2013.02.22 - 11:49 am

    to that i say… There is what you make it!
    ps love short people because i am one so i must be one of the little people. I’m the little old Italian lady. HA!

    • #44 by Mimi There on 2013.02.22 - 1:36 pm

      lol Emma. I am short as well. But I like to say “I might be little but I am MIGHTY!” lol

  21. #45 by coolnet560 on 2013.02.22 - 11:21 am

    I would like to reply to this email myself.

    The reason why they may seem “it’s boring” because they are not looking in the right places. Every Tuesday night I host the Themed Planning Meeting at 9:45pm EST ( Of course that is late for some people for those who are on the east coast or over-seas, but I try my best to send out emails to everyone using the mass-email in the group of what we’ve discussed in the meetings. Tonight (Friday February 22, 2013) is the There Winter Games Opening Ceremony Sign-Up link —->( There Games runs for 10 days which ends March 1st. After There Games we have St. Patrick’s Week! We are continuing discussing in events and ideas for that themed event and futures as we head throughout the year. Of course we wish we could give away free prizes, we know which isn’t possible, but instead we try to encourage members to come and meet new people and to have a great time. I get IM’s and emails from many people in the community who are enjoying the themed events. We have many more events coming along.

    Being able to have all ages from 13 plus would be nice again, but as you could tell isn’t able to have that at this time. There are many other virtual worlds that do accept 13 and over, but at this time There doesn’t.

    If Michael Wilson didn’t care about the members, than why did he take the time in re-opening He could have just been like, I’m sorry there is nothing we can do. Instead, he looked further in how There could run in a stable economy, by using the cloud servers.

    As Mr. Wilson pointed out about the NameTag colors,if they allowed people to change it than don’t expect There Games anymore. If you are in a desperate in a NameTag color change, than pay $9.95 until you find the right color that you want. Having it random, this gives you an opportunity to work with your fellow NameTag color peers in trying to achieve in a successful goal in achieving the Top 3 in There Games. If you all work together, it is possible for you to win. Look at Blue team. They came in first place for the first time in the last There Summer Games.

    Going through the monthly fee is the best way for There to continue. If I recall correctly, in 2004/2005 There were different types of membership plan that were monthly. Maybe something like this to have again? Example:, but instead, $4.95 – Bronze Membership, no voice, no developer page, no music, limit in explorer pack . $9.95, a Silver monthly with full membership plus 3,000 therebucks a month. Gold Membership which would be 49.95 annually with 15,000 initial signup plus 3,000 a month and maybe a discount in submission price. Something to drive the members to come back in-world. Of course these are all made ups which I don’t expect There would do, but a possibly to look into.

    As for starting a neighborhood, I know a friend of mine was looking to purchase a hood from There_Hoods. I know Samsyn, and Mackie are busy to come in-world, but maybe a possibility or Samsyn to come up with a feature that doesn’t need There_Hoods present to rent a hood? A similar feature with Houses, FrontierZone and FunZones, where they would walk up to the hood and click on “Rent It”. It would state before renting the hood that There is taking out the therebucks amount out of your account. When you click Agree, There takes out the money and gives you the hood automatically. If They can no longer afford it would go back into There_Hoods account until the next person rents it. Any possibility in looking into that?

    Just know that, if you don’t see anyone in there, and you are looking for something to do see what activities are taking place in the activities page that There made. This will help you in finding people in-world. πŸ™‚

    I’m currently in working on a blog to keep members up-to-date in what events, activities, and updates that are happening. πŸ™‚

  22. #46 by GrandpaRed on 2013.02.22 - 11:20 am

    I’m not a Greeter on the walkway, just a Therian that enjoys my in world life, and all that know me know I’m more than willing to help anybody anytime in anyway I can. THERE is not boring and to all that say it is, it’s only because you don’t get off your butts in world and join activities that are constantly going. As far as I can see, right now it’s a big Thank you to Mr. Wilson for what he has done so far resurrecting THERE and we know it can only get better

  23. #47 by Mimi There on 2013.02.22 - 11:06 am

    I LIKE short people. I LIKE greeting people on the WW. I LOVE supporting THERE. I LAUGH at emails such as that…. o.O

  24. #48 by Thumdar on 2013.02.22 - 11:00 am

    I’m guessing this member is 15, made clear by the childish know-it-all attitude.

    • #49 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.02.22 - 11:42 am

      I’d go as far as 12-13 on this one. Note they even said “I think that this game will soon close and this time temporaily.” They don’t even notice they’re saying the opposite of what they are trying to say, and even after they read this they won’t get it.

      • #50 by samthere on 2013.02.22 - 4:42 pm

        REMEMBER: It takes money to make money !!!

      • #51 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.02.23 - 4:29 am

        I’m quite aware champ. Not sure of the relevance of you repeating that all down this page though lol.

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