April March Numbers and Next Projects


April March Numbers

Income (this period) from all AvMans
Subscriptions: $13,360
TB Sales: $22,379 (avg $19.47/purchase, $745.96/day)
Gross Income: $35,739

As you can see, these numbers aren’t as strong as we’d like. Let’s look at the trial numbers:

TOTAL (since we started, mid-Feb)
NumTrials Attempted: 247
NumTrials Accepted: 245
NumTrials Rejected: 2 (too many uses of same PayPal acct)
NumTrials that converted to subscription: 50 (20.4081632653061 %)
NumTrials that still have a subscription: 40 (16.3265306122449 %)

MARCH (current status of those begun in March)
NumTrials Attempted: 183
NumTrials Accepted: 182
NumTrials Rejected: 1
NumTrials that converted to subscription: 31 (17.032967032967 %)
NumTrials that still have a subscription: 30 (16.4835164835165 %)

FEBRUARY (current status of those begun in Partial month)
NumTrials Attempted: 62
NumTrials Accepted: 61
NumTrials Rejected: 1
NumTrials that converted to subscription: 19 (31.1475409836066 %) <– friendly testers, novelty, or good 60 day trend.
NumTrials that still have a subscription: 10 (16.3934426229508 %) <– this has been pretty constant

So, our trial conversion rate has stayed at 16% for a 3-month "trend", "trend" being used lightly. This is a really good number, conversion wise.

The good news is that the trial system is working.

Conversion and Retention

The problem we (or any other Virtual World, or any other Game, or Product, for that matter) face is conversion, and retention. As you can see, our Conversion rate is actually good for an online product. The problem is retention – will the converted member stay and spend money?

Keep in mind that There has been looking at retention since it opened, and has tried all kinds of things over the years, including:

  • Greeters.
  • Welcome Walkway.
  • Adding activities (paint ball, card games, etc) to landing areas.
  • Mentors.
  • Activity-specific advertising and destinations
  • Varying sign-on and progress “Gifts” including T$, clothing, etc

While some of these efforts (especially the Greeters) have been successful, none of these have been really successful.

Now, to get this out of the way, making There Free is not the answer. Converting a Free member to a Free member who doesn’t spend money isn’t “Success”. Sure, it might make the World fuller, but that means we spend more money on infrastructure, without a corresponding increase in revenue. And, no, opening There to minors also won’t work, because besides having lots of friendly members who don’t spend money (we have proof of this), we have the additional Customer Service costs and, yes, the D-R-A-M-A.

What we do know is that people who show up with friends, or meet friends, tend to stay. The problem is, if people are off in the World in their Neighborhoods, or Paintball or Racing Zones, the World will look “empty” to the arriving member, or the members who can’t find people. We know the world’s not empty by the CCU numbers, but we also know that people are having problems finding other people.

Again, this is a place where we’ve tried all kinds of things: Map Icons, Current Event Listings, etc, etc. For whatever reason, none have been successful.

So we’re going to try something new. It won’t be very hard to do, and it’s a time-honored tool: Global Chat. World of Warcraft used to have it, Glitch had it (one of it’s best features, I think), and numerous other worlds have had it. It’s a way for people to communicate and have loose sense of presence and community without being in the same place.

Of course, we’ll augment the global chat experience with the ability to post a teleport link (“Come join me here“), links to products in the store or auctions, etc.

And, of course, we’ll provide easy ways to ignore people, especially inevitable potty mouth who defines their existence by talking like a sailor (not that sailor talk is bad, but, seriously, ALL THE TIME?).

Retention is something we have to solve before spending on advertising. I’m sure you all see that if we spend $5000/month in ads, but we get $200/month in revenue from “new members”, we’re not coming out ahead.

Price Changes

Also, we’ve had suggestions that “Lowering the Rent/Price/… of X will triple the world’s population”. Keep in mind, we heard that a lot before (I remember when someone told us the Key To Success was Space PAZ’s – once we did those, millions of members and Aliens would flock to There).

I’m sure we all remember the suggestions that “If you just lowered the price of paintball refills, you’d be indunated with Paintballers and rolling in money”. Well, we got 1 out of 3 there :-).

We’re doing a little analysis of the contribution of various types of rental to see if it’s worth trying. I think we all agree that cutting our income by 50% or 25% to see if that will help hood ownership would be a very risky proposition.

Next Projects

All that being said, here are our next projects:

  • Real Money for Developer Sales (not T$ Buybacks
  • )

  • Global Chat
  • Avatar Deletion Script (this is to reclaim the ‘000s of Avatar names claimed, and sat on, who’ve never subscribed. Of course we’ll warn you before we delete an Avatar/Name, but we’re not going to let you camp on it).
  • Dedicated destinations from the Welcome Walkway for Paintball, Racing, etc

That’s about it!

  1. #1 by Matthew on 2013.04.15 - 5:24 am

    I like the idea of a global chat. I don’t see why people freak out so much at new features like this. If you don’t like it, there will always be the option to just ignore it as if it wasn’t there. It will not directly impact you or your There.com experience unless you choose to allow it to. Therefore, I think if it doesn’t effect you then you should not have to be so concerned.

    May I just make a couple of suggestions for this new global chat? If you’re going to allow the options to link to store and auction products, I think it would be wise to have separate channels. One for general discussion, one for trading, one for events, and one for new member questions. With the new members channel, perhaps you could limit it like the welcome walkway to only new members and phoenix stars. These channels could be separated by tabs or something. Is this the general idea you have for it or are you aiming for something more along the lines of just one big single chat?

  2. #2 by DanQue on 2013.04.09 - 11:29 am

    Concerning finding other people in the game…
    How about making more name tags show up, regardless of how far away they are.
    Perhaps with the further away tags being smaller.
    Yes you may not be able to read the names, but you would know that someone is out there in that direction.

  3. #3 by Bronnieb There on 2013.04.09 - 11:28 am

    Just for this dummy….does Global Chat mean that when people come in world they can see who is on? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I have no idea! πŸ™‚

    • #4 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.04.10 - 1:47 pm

      ” #28 by Michael Wilson on 2013.04.08 – 2:22 pm

      ” . . . will the user be able to close it . . .”

      Of course! We’re currently looking at some sort of side-panel, as opposed to in the main window.

      ” . . . will there be a way to remain unseen by this new EYE of There?”

      Of course!”

      • #5 by Matthew on 2013.04.15 - 5:10 am

        Generally, a global chat in games like world of warcraft do not show a user list, and the only way someone would be able to tell you’re on is if you type something into the global chat.

  4. #6 by MrScrooge on 2013.04.09 - 7:31 am

    Global Chat? YES YES YES! This is perfect for people like me who love to play around and explore. Crapverse has it and it’s probably the only thing about it that I miss. So thanks for this in advance!

    On another note, maybe some of us need to get together to brainstorm about ways to get There more paying members. I don’t have the answers but I would love to help this virtual world if I can because it’s the only one I play on now. I would love to hear from other members who might be interested in a discussion of this. One thing I am good at it is inviting people from other virtual worlds but I don’t think it really works that well since most of the invites I gave out in the other virtual worlds, Crapverse –aka Virtual North Korea, were accepted but we never got the people in world.

    Anyway, I want to help when I can. I love There and I don’t want to lose it again. Let’s populate this sucker ❀

  5. #7 by Simone tognon - subonline on 2013.04.09 - 1:16 am

    Hi all , just a quick post following up my yesterdays one to explain who i am and why i did not renew my subscription after testing again There.com in March :

    my main avatar was/is subonline ( not active ) and before closure i had other 3 avatars all IG and was paying for other 2 avatars “expenses” ( auction, hoods, … ) ; at the moment i am still paying the access to one friend who likes to have her avatar alive ; we both used to play more than 12 hrs a day in the game and had hoods 2, lots 6 ( out of the hood ) plus plenty of tbx spent in auctions and in the game generally ….

    last March i decided to check again the game to verify if it was worth to revive my main and obviously as you can read above i did not renew it because i think there are a few things that have not been taken in consideration during the revival of There.com and that are now creating this “great hole” of missing avatars around the world.

    Do not take this as a critic but just what i think and dont blame if you dont like what i post … we are not all the same πŸ™‚ ; but now lets see what it was there.com before closure to me :

    There.com was a community 3D world that represented a town, place, village where people used to meet; in this community we had all sort of ages of people ( i do like the idea of keeping out the -18) and all sort of segmentations avatar ( free, registered but not doing much, Ig, Greeters, … ) with groups reletaed to various activities ( buggy, pb, hoverboard, … ). All of this created segmented communities most of times closed related to the intersection of all these characteristics ( age, interest, hood, activity ) … in my opinion these were almost closed communities of about 20 to 30 “real and frequent buddies “. On the side of it there was 1) the IG program and the welcome landing zones ( Zona, Fisher, … ) allowing ppl of these smaller communities to get in touch with new players 2) teh events collecting ppl from various segmented communities together.
    The nice side of the game was that you could 1) sit with your friends in your hood or 2) go to fisher and meetup with other communities wanting to hang out or play or 3) meeting new players (newbees) to see if they could be part of your segment and add them to your community.

    There.com today keeps surviving thanks to the old “segmented communities” by age, activity, … but thats the only reflect of this so people stays in their hoods and keeps on playing with only their usual friends but there is not anymore the melting pot of avatars. This obviously reflects in an empty world because who is coming in is already in touch with someone of one community and ends up there, in their hood.

    I do believe that the world chat will not work for the simple reason that ppl in there.com is there for various reasons and is not going to be interested in what someone from other community has to say, it will work simply for invites at events but only if one avatar is bored and noone around so he opens the chat. If this chat had a reason to be, then we would see the “fisher/zona” places full of life of ppl wanting to meet others … but thats not the case because they know it will be empty and it is unrealistic to find someone with your interests now ( or maybe someone new to show him and teach him how to play )

    On the revenue side i can bring only my experience ( and someone should check how many others like me have left ) : i believe that free avatars ment griefers for sure but at the same time there were some avatars that worked as collectors for other paying avatars : i had 4 avatars plus i maintained other 3 avatars of friends to play together and all started as free avatar then upgraded to registered and then they started to get things in auctions), now i dont have one. the result of the segmented communities only brought to have an empty world and now it is boring to travel around because lots less hoods and events to visit ( most of the times with noone there ).

    I will keep on checking one month a year to verify how things are going but at this point the world, IN MY OPINION, is not worth the investment and, (hoping my english didnt kill you and i managed to give the idea of what i mean ) i would like to do some “thinking suggestions” to try and recreate at least life in certain points of the game :

    – we know no free avatars
    – we know no -18 players ( so we need a verify stadium )
    – we know world looks empty
    – we need more players ( that possibly will stay, start buying tbx, and fillup hoods )

    My personal, and underline personal, idea is to create a 6 months avatar with a small amount like 25$ subscription ; this avatar will be with less abilities ( voice, reduced emotes, … ) and will be allowed to visit only certain parts of the world ( Zona, Fisher, … that at the same time should be equipped with all tools to test game like buggy place, pb place, hoverboard place, … ); at the same time to give chance to full upgraded avatars to create events in these zones for them. As result of these we should expect a boost in new avatars ( if i can bring back some of my friends from philippines at a decent amount of money i will pay for them ) at the same time you bring back my avatar ( that is the “money” one ) and i would say almost for sure i would start to buy clothes for them and after 3 months i see my friends only in fisher i will start to think how to move them out of there to a upgraded subscription. On the assistance/safety side there would be only 4 or 5 places to keep monitored and i am sure many IG would love to do that and having the possibility to temporarly lock someone avatar if not behaving while you take care of the matter.

    I am sure it will end up in more costs ( much lower than before thanks to cloud system )… but are we sure you will not manage to cover them with all the way back people in the game ?

    Just my thoughts but wanted to share them

    Have good day you all


  6. #8 by rrtt93 on 2013.04.08 - 7:27 pm


    Great post, love the global chat plans, and appreciate you guys considering the adjustments to rent prices, etc. As I said, I dropped the hood I had cause I couldn’t pay the ($100) 180k T$ rent, but I could probably have payed say, $65 or something, which I’d assume would be better than the goose egg (0) that is my current rental spending in there.

    I’d bet there are others in a similar boat on this, but definitely think some research would be necessary.

    Look forward to seeing how things advance!


  7. #9 by Crazier on 2013.04.08 - 4:41 pm

    How about age verification?

  8. #10 by Ox64 on 2013.04.08 - 2:48 pm

    “Again, this is a place where we’ve tried all kinds of things: Map Icons, Current Event Listings, etc, etc. For whatever reason, none have been successful. ”

    I guess I am not paying attention to the site very well. These features seem to still be broke to me. I never see map icons that indicate where people are. And in the rare occasion I do see it work, it seems to be behind or out of sync. Hoods, where many people tend to congregate, are not even showing up on the links like “Where is Everyone” These are where some of the largest events, sometimes even up to 50+ people are. Maybe a little more effort should be put into the There Central, Where are people, etc since besides the Greeters and helpers is the next best selling point for There for newcomers trying to learn and explore and most importantly, find and make friends. Heck, the There Winter games link is still on There Central and how long has that event been over? πŸ™‚

    I’m likely in the minority here, but events listings needs a little revamping as well. Maybe add filter options that let you filter out the self-running events and empty events so you can view the REAL events. I think the repetitive never changing self running events tend to take away from the effectiveness of displaying an active community.

    • #11 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.04.08 - 6:58 pm

      Correct. None of the hotspot markers on the maps work for anything other than a teleport link to a dead area. And some of the self running events have no purpose at all but to trick a noob into thinking the event will help them. Like the ever running Fashion event(yes for a while I entered the salon thinking it was speeding things up lol) or the dog training events. Being in those events don’t speed up your skilling in them at all. Those are two of the easiest and fastest skills to max out on. I wish we could host events from a PAZ though tbh.

      • #12 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:40 am

        You know that the hotspot isn’t effective if during a game of hide a seek you can just open the page and see what hotspot just rose to the top by having one person there.

    • #13 by Swimgood on 2013.04.08 - 8:47 pm


    • #14 by MademoiselleFifi on 2013.04.08 - 9:45 pm

      I agree with you ox. I think there should be a map of the hoods (showing attendants) and members could just click and visit hoods, just as they can visit There locations. This way they could meet members.

  9. #15 by Cassie32 on 2013.04.08 - 2:22 pm

    How are there April numbers when were only just over a week into April … Odd. But sureee.

  10. #16 by FireTamer on 2013.04.08 - 2:21 pm

    MW not trying to complain or anything, but you haven’t mentioned anything about the Mac Clients in any real updates recently.. Is there any progress being made with that? i’ve spoken to at least a dozen people who own mostly macs and would find that very useful.

    Thanks for your work, I am seeing more and more new members around now.

    • #17 by brandon527 on 2013.04.08 - 3:03 pm

      I second this, my main and only computer is a Mac. I check the blog monthly to see mention of OS X client or progress. I am very un-satisfied with Windows and try to limit myself to the Mac. I also do not want to come off as complaining. I’m just eager to hear an update of some sort on that topic.

  11. #18 by Andrew Almeida on 2013.04.08 - 2:13 pm

    Start spawning everyone in one place when they enter the world or leave the walkway. This one place could be a spot with event signs out leading members to the current events, card games going, conversations chatting away, etc. Not everyone would like this idea, but there’s no reason to spawn us where we were when we logged off. Some virtual worlds spawn users all in one place. I know one in particular I can log into right now and be in a room with 20+ppl(some idle in this room though) and there’s hardly ever more than 150-200 ppl online at once. When you’re looking at retention, the biggest chance to keep a user past their 1st day on There is if they actually run into a nice group of ppl. If all new ppl pop up in say Phoenix Park, there’s a good chance it’ll turn that place or whatever place you used to spawn into a normal hot spot. And what are the best times that trial members sign up in Eastern time? I can idle in the Welcome Walkway an hour or 2 everyday. I just thought that was a helper thing, not for any of us to do. I’m also thinking of doing weekly new member events with prizes to let noobs win stuff like a new buggy or a house/PAZ. I just don’t know a good time that I could find a group of noobs on all at once and willing to race buggies for prizes.

  12. #19 by NathanAvis on 2013.04.08 - 12:16 pm

    Lots of info. Lots of positive info!

    MW, a question about the in-game browser (IE) – besides a more streamlined and user-friendly experience would changing it to something more efficient and new like Opera, Chrome or FF bring any further benefits? I often wonder why the browser has never been updated in so many years.

  13. #20 by Jonathan on 2013.04.08 - 11:12 am

    I highly welcome the global chat idea, it’s something that i’ve thought of for a while.

    I really think it should be implemented like the WoW one though – those blue/orange IM boxes would be very annoying on the screen all the time (even if you could close it..)

    the WoW one works well because its transparent, and only ‘comes to life’ when needed. I think you should use the ‘lower-third’ kind of things like you do for card games etc. That’d work well.

  14. #21 by soede on 2013.04.08 - 10:45 am

    LOVE this Global Chat idea!! It sounds promising! Any time I’ve ventured into MMOs in the last few years I’ve felt the distinct lack of Bubble Chat, but the reverse just never occurred to me for There. Hats off to whoever went ‘DUH! Why dont we try Global Chat!!’

  15. #22 by Mimi There on 2013.04.08 - 10:32 am

    I like that some “trials” and stayed, and become members, or rejoined. For the ones that I have met, being a curious person that I am I ask “how they found out”. The answers surrpise me. Most didnt know THERE had reopened and thru friends they came back. I also notice many are OLD accts. VERY old . Alot also appreciate “someone” being at landing point. So keep up the good work people. Visit the walkway often. You dont have to wear a star to represent THERE. Most maybe not all appreciate a smiley face when they land. Global chat! Interesting. Looking forward to what ever Makena has to offer in the future. I for one am very happy with the 18 plus system in place. Quick question. Paiz and Fisher, will they ever be completed? Would be nice if those tracks actually worked, and we could drop dogs in the park there. As it is right now, we take them either to our hoods/tracks and other places to teach them the how too’s. Thanks for the info!!

  16. #23 by EmmaJean on 2013.04.08 - 10:17 am

    I have always thought the key to keeping members is events, and making it so people can find the events. the good quality events with hosts that care. and to find the places where people are. currently you can click events should me happening now and theres a bunch of empty events running with no hosts or members. or you can click maps and look for people, it usually only has Phoenix park, and if you go there, no is there either. but there are people out there having fun. the problem is finding them, and getting to them. back in beta our maps (even though crude) opened right to the island and showed you were you were. you could teleport less places but it worked. now we have better maps, but alot of it is broken.

    On the plus side, global chat sounds promising… far better than depending on Facebook to announce our events. ‘woot ‘woot ‘rtr

    • #24 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:35 am

      Yes Emma, the idea is very exciting! I totally agree with all of your comments. The retention is all in the events. I do think that making it easy to find quality events is a big key in keeping members. Thus why I said in an earlier post, with some help from the company for certain groups perhaps there could be a way to have an event posted on the first page, small knickknacks given to members free of charge, and some way to invite all new members to these events. I know the greeters could, I also know privacy wise we should be able to see their names like the greeters could. But there should be some way for NewMember123 to get an invite to the There Christmas Party without being a member of a group.

    • #25 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:36 am

      I think it is key for NewMember123 to get an invite to a quality event without having to join a group or use a system to find it.

      • #26 by EmmaJean on 2013.04.10 - 7:58 am

        totally agree, thats where the greeters & their events were key, at least for new members, but once they have a taste of what they can do in world, it is important they move on from there, to the rest of the world and the other community events. the community (team, events, and/or members) is what keeps them here, There or in world, however you want to refer to it.

  17. #27 by Arbata on 2013.04.08 - 10:10 am

    NOt bad I guess and I really don’t like space paz’n just plain stupid really. Cutting back prices on hood and lots isn’t a bad idea, I would like to see more hoods. I one day would love to own a hood again but 300$ in real life money even 100$ plus your subscription is a lot to spend in a virtual world, however I know it isn’t cheap either to maintain servers for the virtual world either.

    • #28 by Escape on 2013.04.08 - 11:42 am

      Stupid beacuse you dont like something?

  18. #29 by Soledadnegativa on 2013.04.08 - 9:59 am

    I have to ask, what will be the impact of having an open active window all the time, will the user be able to close it if they do not want to see if the GTFO crew is in Zephyr, will there be a way to remain unseen by this new EYE of There?

    I agree with the There.com or representatives (Greeters in the past) holding regularly scheduled events, sometimes it was a PIMA not that it was bad welcoming new members BUT. When the same griefer would create an abnoxious or offensive name over and over and then coming running down the walkway to say hi as if he created the cure for TB I did wish my PG was active in that part of the VW. Regularly schedule events, classes, quests IMO is a wonderful way to welcome new members. I dont quest or race buggies but have in the past when my club wanted to do it as a scheduled activity. I am always willing to use Alex Arctic for any type of event, all I ask is that you leave the drama at the gate and come in to paintball.

    Angels of Death

    • #30 by Hoverbiker on 2013.04.08 - 1:04 pm

      ” . . . will the user be able to close it . . .”

      This is a valid question, will we be able to opt out and close the thing?

      ” . . . will there be a way to remain unseen by this new EYE of There?”

      Also a quite valid question. I turn down some buddy requests for a reason. I don’t want everyone knowing if I’m online or not.

      • #31 by Michael Wilson on 2013.04.08 - 2:22 pm

        ” . . . will the user be able to close it . . .”

        Of course! We’re currently looking at some sort of side-panel, as opposed to in the main window.

        ” . . . will there be a way to remain unseen by this new EYE of There?”

        Of course!

      • #32 by Mimi There on 2013.04.08 - 6:34 pm

        Wondered that my self. When THERE closed 😦 went to that other world… the “global” chat I think its called wasnt able to be closed.. Can I say I really disliked it.. lol..Land in the hub. chat opens and everyone and the brother is in it.. And of course the usual drama you get from tweens/teens was all out in public.. I dont think YOUR way will be the same, at least hope not.. because it irritated alot of us.. especially since we didnt have an option to turn it off rofl..

      • #33 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:30 am

        Mimi, I think the joy of the global chat will be everyone and their brother talking. Yes I likely wont like it but if there is activity in there a new member will realize, Hey! There are lots of people on here I just don’t see them. Allowing teleport links will allow those members to experiment and find where the people are that they would most like to be with.

  19. #34 by David on 2013.04.08 - 9:33 am

    I am not sure if this will help or not. I am a former member(new member and not a carry over from the old There). I have used several other worlds but here are some of the reasons me and my sweetheart left There. I apologize if I step on peoples toes or anything just trying to help. I will say the people greeting us and such and helping us was wonderful. We felt very welcome on that aspect. what we really did not like is we felt like we were being Nickel and Dimed a lot. A lot of the worlds for example have at least a free property or more to get you started For example and a few free clothes. Some even have significant rewards programs to help as well. I am not saying to make There free but help a person out a little to at least get started. Most people don’t mind paying a fee up front to be a member but it is the cost after that may be scaring some off. The Dances for example most people don’t want to sit for hours playing with giggles to put together dances so if you don’t want to do that you have to copy one person so that means that everybody does the same dances and that get kind of old fast.Giggles also tended to clash with some of the other programs on our Computers. I noticed that just recently they have been adjusting the rules to match an adult world. it seemed like we were supposed to be in an adult world but the rules were setup for teenagers and kids. I Am no virtual world expert but I don’t think that any change is going to make an overnight significant change but will most likely do so in the long run. Rome was not built over night. I can not tell you how anybody else feels all I can do is tell you why we left and hope that it helps

    • #35 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:18 am

      Thanks for the input David.

      In old There I took a long break. I will say why right here just in case maybe my thoughts could help in some way. I left There because I got bored. I always helped new members, but eventually the IG program got so big I felt I had to fight through a crowd to talk to a new member. I also noticed a huge increase in much younger players. I really was upset at the ones who would actually skip school to play There. This is why I am happy there is 18+ now. Not because we are shutting out younger people, but because as MW has said before, they need to enjoy those years somewhere else besides in front of the screen. A young mind is fragile, and getting them “addicted” to something like this would cause many to just quit school and sit on here. They would never focus on a career or family or anything besides There.

      Another reason I left old There was because I ran out of places to go. I don’t know if you ever got to see all of the amazing things in There, but there are hidden gems all over the islands. Unfortunately I ran out of hidden gems to find. I was always confused as to why new gems weren’t added regularly, I know even some members would be willing to contribute and create things to have in world to help tell a story.

      Lastly, the final reason I left there was because I opened my eyes one day and realized that the grass outside felt better on my feet than the grass on There. That the wind blowing through the trees felt better on my face than the wind on There. I basically realized that I was missing out on so much.

      Now if you condense all that down to what a new member would feel, perhaps they leave because they think that there are no older members. Maybe they are the type who would love playing spades, but they land on Zona and people are shooting one another. Perhaps they land on Paiz only to sit at a card table waiting for an opponent.

      Running out of places is something that could happen to a new member too. Once they find what they enjoy most in There they need to find friends and places that accommodate this. Sometimes the farthest they get is off the island and up a hill before they don’t see anyone and figure that the vast majority of folks just stand on that island paintballing one another. I have played countless games, logged in and saw no one, ran around for 5 minutes and never ran into anyone then just log off. No amount of Virtual currency they gave me or free things could’ve kept me there any longer because I just felt that the world was empty. (the global chat could really help people understand that there are many, many people online and encourage them to find each other).

      Lastly, maybe they leave because they just aren’t the virtual world type. I know that all of us veteran users have convinced someone to log in and play. Maybe you got lucky and they loved it. But every single person I have gotten onto There (My retired uncle, my sweet grandmother, my gamer little brother) none of them stayed longer than they had to and left. Some people just wont enjoy There.

  20. #36 by Mr_Perry on 2013.04.08 - 8:59 am

    well I think if there.com hosted an event like once a month
    it might be nice.
    I love There.com and never want it to go away again, however
    it isn’t quite the same without There.com’s presence. showing us you care.

    • #37 by Arbata on 2013.04.08 - 10:11 am

      I agree there.com should start hosting events again, those were fun.

      • #38 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:28 am

        I don’t think There hosting events is the answer per se. I think a key would be recognizing the existence of groups with a strong presence in the game. Example, the Themed events group. There should be some way for the company to allow after a review, the distribution of a free themed item. Remember back in the day logging in and there was a spring kite? How about the Makena 3rd anniversary drink? I think the thing that drew people to those events were not that the staff was running it. I think it was the idea that it was the “official” event. So I don’t think that the company needs to host events. I just think they need to allow the large groups a way to make events the way they used to be. Imagine this upcoming super hero vs villains month if you logged in and There central had it displayed on the front page that there was a huge Hero vs Villain event and then you noticed that you had a cape prop in your inventory. The whole thing was ran and created by members, just the company helped make it better from the background.

        We are capable of making There self sustaining.

  21. #39 by coolnet560 on 2013.04.08 - 8:26 am

    Thank you for keeping us posted. The numbers are from March i’m guessing and not april.

    The Maps page are outdated. A lot of the teleport links don’t work. Majority of them are the FunZones. The owners of the fun zones have changed as well.

    I think the rental prices for Hoods, and Neighborhood lots are fine, the FunZone prices are a bit pricey. It would be nice if they could be lowered but I understand if it doesn’t happen.

    Also, any possibility of updating the webpages with FireFox?

    • #40 by Orielle Thereian on 2013.04.08 - 5:08 pm

      Lets see…. The rent for a 100 drop 110×110 hood lot is 78k. The rent for a large social funzone such as Rainforest Plateau with 100 drops is 60k. Seems like the 60k funzones are a bargain compared to the largest hood lot. πŸ˜›

      • #41 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 4:01 am

        That is true Orielle, until you start looking at the cumulative drops. I don’t feel like digging but say that this hood could hold with lots a cumulative 1000 drops. I think the best thing they could do is try a lower priced rent a month and see what happens.

        The thing that bothers me the most is would it do anything? Sure I say a lower price would help but would I buy another hood like before? Probably not. People who have hoods should be people with expendable income. Folks who are deciding between a decent meal and hood rent shouldn’t have one. That said, would lowering rent on the smaller $100 hoods to say, $80 help anyone? These people with that income would enjoy the lowered rate but would the $20 be attractive enough to convince many many others to get a hood. I think the key lies in lowering the lot rent prices. Since those prices are already in price zone of many thereians, lowering them (perhaps a bigger discount as the lot gets bigger) would possibly attract enough new lot renters to make the owner a profit on their hood. Funzones? There should be some option of reimbursing the zone owner. Maybe some prompt after you’ve finished a race or when you enter the zone that can pop up or be in your face reminding you that someone is paying a lot of money for your favorite race track, would you like to donate? Even allowing the owner to have a suggested donation price to host an event. Make it so they have to donate 1T or more to host. There are always There owned zones that are free for hosting.

        I think that something that should be done is a lowering of the developer program prices. But heres the kicker, I would love to see the developer fee lowered for an avatars first X amount of designs. Possibly even 1 design a month be half off submission fee. Some kind of thing like that. A lot of members don’t bother to try and create custom items due to the prices. If they could figure out some way to lower the amount without causing some major loophole they would be golden. A huge benefit of this is that people after those X number of designs (would likely be clothing or vehicles) would start feeling more attached to the world, if someone bought one of their outfits they would feel the joy we all felt the first time someone liked our designs enough. Not to mention by like the 5th design they would be better and used to the program thus less likely to want to bother anywhere else. Not to mention someone who is newer in world wearing a shirt they created would feel a better attachment to their avatar.

        So to recap. I think that the larger zones should not be lowered in rent price. I would rather pay $100 a month for a hood and have the lot rents drop so more people could afford the much smaller rent prices. Drop my hood rent to $80 and I still couldn’t get people to move in. Lots should be priced to a point that a paz is nice but a lot would be better, thus more lot renters and more happy month to month hood owners. Also, I think lowering the cost of developing for new developers should be considered. I personally would love lower prices but I think lowering them for new developers would be more attractive.

      • #42 by coolnet560 on 2013.04.09 - 8:00 am

        “Lets see…. The rent for a 100 drop 110Γ—110 hood lot is 78k. The rent for a large social funzone such as Rainforest Plateau with 100 drops is 60k. Seems like the 60k funzones are a bargain compared to the largest hood lot. ”

        I’m not saying all FunZones, but more in regards to the 99k ones. Those will never be rented because there very expensive. If they were lowered down to 80k, more people would buy it.

      • #43 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 12:46 pm

        But would a $5 discount really make people scramble to buy a funzone?

      • #44 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.09 - 12:49 pm

        I meant to say $10 Discount. If you are capable of already spending that amount on a funzone what would $10 less be. The current funzone owners would be happy saving money but the exsisting people who want a funzone but cant get one would only buy a funzone if they were 50k a month or less. Even then once the price went up they would get rid of the zones.

        I don’t know how the metrics work. But even if the zone isn’t rented it still exsists and is using up space and resources right? Why not try and get all those funzones in the hands of people with an amazing price?

  22. #45 by shiningknbighgt1955 on 2013.04.08 - 8:13 am

    Awesome news…I do realize under 18 brings DRAMA…thanks so much for not including them.

    • #46 by Arbata on 2013.04.08 - 10:11 am

      IM very happy about the 18+ too!

  23. #47 by DLMcKenzie2004 on 2013.04.08 - 8:12 am

    This is great information, I feel like I’m a shareholder! I wish there was something I could do to help. I will keep my mind on possible retention ideas (not that I would come up with anything that someone else hadn’t). Maybe something would be useful. I think the walkway Idea is an excellent one. The global chat is also very useful! I look forward to seeing it all in action.

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