What is wrong with people?

Sadly, this article is not an isolated incident. When we had to close There the first time (because, you know, it had been losing money for 10 years), I got threats like this, plus more run-of-the-mill threats (“If you don’t re-open There I’m going to go bomb your office”).



  1. #1 by BaphNagi on 2013.09.30 - 11:14 pm

    Bit of a random query here, but what happened to the monthly numbers reports?? Last one I can find was April or May.. Kinda curious how things fared over the summer..

    …..BaphNagi the Curious…..

  2. #2 by Aion on 2013.08.28 - 1:44 pm

    The internet is like public transit in San Francisco.

    It’s the who’s who of mental illness.

    I think a lot of us have received death threats, been stalked, harassed, and slandered.

    It’s only when those threats are written with punctuation, proper capitalization, and are moderately coherent that you can even begin to take them seriously.
    And even then…

  3. #3 by Lady_Tigrane on 2013.08.23 - 6:55 am

    I believe alot of this behavior we’re seeing is a result of 2 things. First is a lack of proper parental supervision of their kids online activities, and reprimand them when they do things like this. Kids nowadays don’t feel that there are repurcussions for their actions. This coupled with the anonymity that the internet provides means theres no “face to face” interaction on the part of the victim and the perpetrator. If alot of these kids were face to face with someone they’d probably think twice before sending online threats and bullying to people. What I find alarming is the fact that its not always kids doing these things. Many online bully situations are the result of so called adults. Once again, the result of typing an anonymous email from a grown person never facing their victim.

    Sucks that there are mean people. I worry for, and about our species.

  4. #4 by Punkster on 2013.08.19 - 3:15 pm

    Some people make me sick! Sick the FBI on them if you can.

  5. #5 by sam there on 2013.08.17 - 6:40 am

    i no i am not in game or will i pay @ the time you need to put it out there so you can get more in to the game its not like be for where there some 1 to talk to there way all way some 1 next to me to talk to and have a good time i do love there.com but its not the same as it was i hope 1 day there get back to how it was 1 day hope you gl and i im you to see if i can help bye help you put more money in to the game to get it back like be for but you did not get back to me i was going to try to help out in some was and i am sory mike now i got a lot in the game i am in now no name you no just dont let go of the 1 who love the game there a lot i no out tere who is puting money in to the game just to help and the old time1 love there .com do not take it a way from all the old time 1 in game hope you the best i love to see there .com back @ the top ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)

  6. #6 by GoldFalcon on 2013.08.16 - 5:12 pm

    Hey Mr. Wilson,

    Random question here; is the There.com Mac Client going to be released anytime soon? I just switched to mac and am unsure if I should sell the PC or not.


    • #7 by brandon527 on 2013.09.08 - 10:00 pm

      I’ve honestly purchased and sold 3 (Macs) since There 2 opened. I just received my 4th one since my PC crashed. So, I have the same question. I still pay the monthly dues, but at the moment I’m not able to play without purchasing a virtual machine software product. Any type of update or news in the works?

  7. #8 by Francis_7 on 2013.08.16 - 4:30 pm

    I don’t even know what to say…

  8. #9 by Soledadnegativa on 2013.08.16 - 8:54 am

    I am positive that this will be misconstrued as negative;

    Without the “bad”, there is no good
    Without mistakes, there is no learning
    Without disappointments, there are no accomplishments
    Without sadness, there is no happiness
    Without regret, there is no satisfaction

    Without all the heedless actions of some people we would not be grateful that we have this great opportunity.

    See you There

    Angels of death

  9. #10 by Jonathan on 2013.08.16 - 8:15 am

    The stupidest part of it is, it only happens because the people making the threats are behind a computer screen. I’m sure 99% of the time, the people making the threats wouldn’t say boo to a goose in real life!

  10. #11 by Kelayna Hilton on 2013.08.16 - 7:55 am

    I am thankful that There is opened.It is sad, I agree, that people are so hateful.

    I enjoy my time in there. This past week I have been earnestly playing there summer games pulling out of the vast numbers my fellow Blue Member.

    I am reminded of the song in The Muppet Movie and it is is very fitting to my feelings. Forgive the long post.. I am dedicating this to all my new “old friends” who I have just met and to all my dusty old Thereian friends and family.

    This looks familiar, vaguely familiar,
    Almost unreal, yet, it’s too soon to feel yet.
    Close to my soul, and yet so far away.
    I’m going to go back there someday.

    Sun rises, night falls, sometimes the sky calls.
    Is that a song there, and do I belong there?
    I’ve never been there, but I know the way.
    I’m going to go back there someday.

    Come and go with me, it’s more fun to share,
    We’ll both be completely at home in midair.
    We’re flyin’, not walkin’, on featherless wings.
    We can hold onto love like invisible strings.

    There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.
    Part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?
    You can just visit, but I plan to stay.

    I’m going to go back there someday.
    I’m going to go back there someday.

    Muppets – I’m Going To Go Back There Someday Lyrics

  11. #13 by Gary on 2013.08.16 - 7:27 am

    A grey place to be and place to make new friends so tale a look

  12. #14 by Gary on 2013.08.16 - 7:21 am

    There is a great place make new friends or just hung out with old ones http://www.there.com come take a look

  13. #15 by Gary on 2013.08.16 - 7:08 am

    I for one glad there is back it is a mica place to be and a nice place to meet your friends

  14. #16 by sam there on 2013.08.16 - 6:09 am

    wow mike some1 not happy i no where there comeing from but not cool for him to put it out there i no i put a lot in to the game and a lot more did to its was nice to you to have there back but you cant have fun if there no 1 there its y i am not in game i miss the old there i hope all go good for you mike i try to help i try to see if you need it money to get more in to game yoour not geting back to me it was fun back be for not now i hopeyou the best in you toy game and done take it way from the 1 who love there.com have a good 1 imike you need to rp (because, you know, it had been losing money for 10 years), I got threats like this, plus more run-of-the-mill threats (“If you don’t re-open There I’m going to go bomb your office”).no 1 shoould talk to you the way he did not good hope you good and thx for all the good yr i love there but i will not pay the 10 $ i put a lot in there a lot out there who put a lot in the game will not pay the 10 and its ok for me i just ty for all the yr from 2004 to 09 thx mike

  15. #17 by OzGate on 2013.08.16 - 5:59 am

    12 year olds don’t fear Mr. Faraway

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