Free There Weekend Trailer

There: The only place where even the Weekends have Trailers:

And, not only THAT, there’s a ”contest” for the best Trailer. So, not only is it Free, you can ”’Win Prizes”’! Learn more here!

  1. #1 by Mimi There on 2014.04.22 - 7:57 am

    I wish there was a place to vent.. so tired of “people” bashing THERE. Either complaining “There’s dead” or just saying cruel comments about anything to cause attention. This past week I have heard numerous people saying it won’t last and other snarky comments. Michael Wilson something else is being spread as well. Because you haven’t posted any “numbers” here in a while, rumor has it that we will all fail.. anyway you can fix that by posting something positive? WE Thereians know better BUT some just annoy the crap out of me with comments that are simply uncalled for.. (back to my corner)……………

    • #2 by Michael Wilson on 2014.04.22 - 8:27 am

      I’m actually kind of amused at the “Michael Wilson something else is being spread as well”.

      Seriously, do people think I, or we, are pocketing all the fees and using them for wild vacations in CanCun?

      In all honesty, I’ve just decided this is some people’s form of ‘enjoyment’, sad as that is. For example, I ran into one idiot (yes, idiot) on the first FTW that was bragging to me that his wife (or girlfriend, or sty-mate, or whatever) had somehow ripped us off during the last T$ Buyback, and how stupid I was. I’m like “Ok…so why does this person think this is a good idea, and what do they think they’re going to get out of it?”. In the end it’s like “Ok, well if this if fun for you, then have at it. If you didn’t have here to come, you’d probably be pulling wings off of flies, or something”.

      Seriously, if they think it won’t last, I’m not sure how that affects me, or anyone else – I dunno, are they shilling for another service? Are they secret agents recruiting from IMVU, World or Warcraft, or, um, what’s that other place? Vahalla? Venerhoid? Apparently, it’s important to them that we don’t fail, because where would them come to complain? What would they do with their lives?

      I think it’s positive that There members are holding their own events (like Camping Around The World), the There Games, Buggy Bash, etc, all without depending on the staff to hold it for them. The CCU and and revenue numbers from FTW’s is also encouraging, which is good news too.

      And, we’ve started playing with Google Adwords again (though honestly, it has had little impact compared to the organic search traffic we already get).

      So in the end, I suggest my response to those folks would be “Well, aren’t you glad There is here now so you have somewhere to come and complain about it! Maybe you should subscribe for another month to make sure you get all your complaining done before it closes!”

      • #3 by Mimi There on 2014.04.22 - 10:33 am

        Sorry you can’t get to Cancun anytime soon BUT Hippie Island Community pool is now up for your pleasure 😉 thank you

  2. #4 by Mimi There on 2014.04.16 - 7:42 am

    I have to say, this month so far has been awesome! The community gathered at each “Camping site” and really had fun getting to know eachother and just socializing! One more week left lets make it great! Thanks again pHluid for all you did with video and the up coming contest!

  3. #5 by mademoisellefifi on 2014.04.15 - 12:06 pm

    Not to forget………..QUESTING!!!!!!

  4. #6 by Bobby on 2014.04.13 - 5:06 am

    There: The only place where they even make trailers for the weekends lmao.

  5. #7 by pHluid13 on 2014.04.11 - 3:41 pm

    Thanks Michael. I really appreciate this.

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