Common Questions And Answers

Q. Why does PayPal say I was “Suspended”?
A. Your avatar subscription is a PayPal “Recurring Payment” which will draw $10 each month from your PayPal account. If PayPal is unable to pull the funds, they will try again periodically for about 10 days. After that point, they will suspend the subscription, notify us of that fact, and you will lose the ability to log in to the There 3D world until you create a new subscription (you will be prompted to create a new subscription the next time you try to log in). You only need a new subscription, not a new avatar. PayPal does not explain to us why they were unable to collect the funds (guarding your privacy), so if you have any questions as to the “why” of it, you need to contact PayPal directly.

Q. Why did you take money out of my account?
A. There doesn’t take money out of your account. When you subscribe to There, you’re telling PayPal to give There $10 each month, on or about the monthly anniversary of your subscription (so, if you subscribe on March 5th, PayPal will take money out of your account on or about April 5th, May 5th, June 5th, etc).

To STOP PayPal from taking money out of your account for your There subscription, you need to cancel your There Subscription.

Q. How do I CANCEL my subscription?
A. Your monthly subscription payments will continue to be collected by PayPal until your subscription is cancelled. To cancel your subscription, just sign in to your PayPal account, click MY MONEY and look at your “Recurring Payments”. Your avatar subscription will have a name like “Monthly subscription for avatar ‘xxxxxx'”. Just find that and click ‘cancel.’ Even after cancelling your subscription, you will still be able to log in until your final payment is “used up.” Your avatar will be waiting for you should you resume your subscription later, but you probably should relinquish all your rentals (if any) and pick up your pazes before cancelling your subscription.

Q. Why doesn’t my action bar/IM boxes/etc work?
A. If you cannot open your ChangeMe, Compass, or MessageBar windows, then the chances are high you have the incorrect ‘flavor’ of Flash installed. We depend upon the ‘activeX’ flavor, and the easiest way to get that is:

  • shut down the There Client
  • open an Internet Explorer Window (must be IE, not Chrome or FireFox)
  • visit the “Flash Download Page” (you can google that)
  • let them pick the proper version to install

When you visit with IE, they will know to install the activeX version.

Q. I was the landlord of a Hood in Old There, why did you remove my hood?
A. Actually, we didn’t remove it, we just didn’t automatically restore it in advance of your asking for it. If you were a landlord in Old There and would like your Hood restored, just send an email to “” with the subject “I am a returning landlord who would like their hood restored” and be sure to include your avatar name in the email. It’s also nice if you can describe the hood in question, especially if you had more than one.

Q. How do I reach you guys?
A. The best way to contact us is via email to and not to individual avatar names. This way we can all read it and get to keep a paper trail.

  1. #1 by claudia on 2014.09.30 - 10:45 pm

    will be free like before again or never

  2. #3 by Lexi on 2014.07.30 - 2:02 pm

    Hello there, All I’m getting is a distorted image when I try to log into There, any suggestions that’ll help me actually log in to There?

  3. #4 by Darius on 2013.11.09 - 8:55 am

    Hello, Mr Michael Wilson, can you make aviable to pay with DaoPay ? So me and allot of people ca join Many ppl have problems with PayPal.

    Thank you, old player Thats_mr_420_2_u.

  4. #5 by ant123789 on 2013.05.05 - 9:29 am

    Recently subsribed & cant find no more than 5 or 6 people on there at any time? whats going on, has everyone gawwwn……

    • #6 by Blax on 2013.06.06 - 2:14 am

      Yes, nobody plays that shit game anymore. Plus, how dare you pay money for a game administrated by a gay faggot?

      • #7 by Michael Wilson on 2013.06.06 - 6:29 am

        Bravo! Good Job! You have my permission to print this out, and run down to the other end of the trailer and show it to your Mom, who I’m sure will ALSO be very proud of you, and not mind at all that you’re not like, looking for a job or something instead of living with her.

      • #8 by Blax on 2013.06.10 - 2:01 pm

        I’m under 18, faggot. Why should I be looking for a job? Plus, I’m not living with my mom. Are you?

      • #9 by Michael Wilson on 2013.06.10 - 2:06 pm

        Living with your Mom? No, I’m not.

        Keep it up, we’re all REALLY impressed by you.

  5. #10 by GreenAngel on 2013.04.14 - 1:14 pm

    Hi MW, I want to say thank you for bringing back There for us to enjoy. I am so much enjoying There, I had bought a Hood and I am building a private neighborhood which I invest around $300.00 or maybe more a month, but I do have a problem and that problem is Developers. Developers are leaving the game because to my knowledge where developers cant convert there t-bux to dollars where they can money. Its very hard to decorate a hood with limited items on auction to buy. In the near future will the Developers would be able to convert t-bux to dollars? Thank you

  6. #11 by Jayr on 2013.04.08 - 8:28 am

    Will there ever be free? Cause I really miss this game.

  7. #13 by railrunner on 2013.03.24 - 3:14 pm

    from what i understand from other people who have been in there since itre opened its not doing very well odf course m wilson will tell you yes were doing very well hahaha yeah right i give here till end of this yr to close might as well close sl is takeing all the people and no monthly charge. there will never be like it was with a monthly charge

  8. #15 by Devon_is_Awesome on 2013.03.21 - 3:23 pm

    so this game is shit. you favor people michael wilson not only that but u dont ban ip anymore why is this? to get more money cus u know only fucking dumb asses will come back? not me. its okay some one will sue ur old ass one day anyway. fuck you. and kiss my ass. mother fucker.

    • #16 by Michael Wilson on 2013.03.22 - 11:41 am

      Thank you for your comments. I’m looking forward to posting them as the “Comment of the Week”, along with the usual information you get as a prize for posting things like this.

      • #17 by Blax on 2013.06.05 - 2:50 pm

        So Michael Wilson is gay too. Some good information to know. is being administrated by a gay faggot.

      • #18 by Michael Wilson on 2013.06.05 - 3:14 pm

        Thank you for visiting from (a.k.a., You have a good day now!

      • #19 by Blax on 2013.06.06 - 2:09 am

        Didn’t I tell you before that looking after my IP is useless? Some gay dumbass old faggot. Good job on detecting a VPN IP address and ISP.

      • #20 by Michael Wilson on 2013.06.06 - 6:27 am

        Yes, I know it’s a VPN, and I’m very proud of you for learning how to use one.

        I (and, I’m sure your parents) are also very proud of how brave you are be posting anonymous attacks on people’s blogs. I mean, really, that really IS a great use of your time, and EVERYONE admires you for it.

        You should really do more of this, since it obviously raises your self esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. And we’re all happy to help you.

  9. #21 by veritasincognito on 2013.03.07 - 8:00 am

    Anyone know why there not online today? all I get is a distorted image??


  10. #22 by mssusan1960 on 2013.01.07 - 12:01 pm

    I’ don’t understand why you stop using credit card debt transfers . i’ hate pay pal… sorry….i’ been in ” there ” since 07 . i’ miss it.. ””””””’ please ”””””””” bring back credit card transfers.

    • #23 by brandon527 on 2013.01.13 - 10:30 pm

      Taking credit cards and PayPal would cost Makena more time and money, they’re working on becoming more on track with their business and PayPal is truly the #1 company for secure online payments and transactions. It would be an unreasonable business decision for them to go back to credit card processing, which would make them in the end lose money per transaction when PayPal is way more reasonable and easier for merchants and customers.

  11. #24 by Thereian on 2012.12.16 - 7:18 am

    I have a question, could you possibly reduce the age requirement of Because truly you would be making more money now wouldn’t you? If moderation is an issue, I know you can do what had done and make volunteers moderators. Or if you could even reduce the age limit.

  12. #25 by feuhfu fuiehggg on 2012.12.02 - 10:13 am

    I refuse to go to There because i must pay a monthly subscription. It’s so “hard fucking”…

  13. #27 by seckoa92 on 2012.11.28 - 11:10 pm

    Just curious, will There be compatible with MAC OS X by the end of 2012?

    • #28 by Michael Wilson on 2012.12.02 - 10:16 am

      Probably not. 😦

      • #29 by brandon527 on 2012.12.04 - 8:58 pm

        Darn. I guess there are more important things on the list though. Mac is a pretty complex system. That’s most likely why there are less games available for it. When that day comes though I will be in the world daily. Last question, any way that There IM will be available? That would tie me over for a while.

  14. #30 by Not a there member, wont be until its free. on 2012.11.15 - 6:27 am

    Are there really no comments??

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