Almost heaven…

Update: I have emphasized the 18+ aspect here. If you’re not 18 or older, don’t log in. If you do, when we find out (and we will), you’ll be banned, your IP and machines will be banned, and there will be NO refunds. That also means that anyone else in your house won’t be able to use There, even if they are over 18. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now, a short update from SamSyn:

No, we’re not fully re-opened yet, but here’s your Socratic FAQ on the subject…..


We’re ready to test the 3D Client Installer process on wide scale, and to let more avatars into the 3D world. One of them could be you!



Any (non-banned, 18+) legacy avatar (i.e. your old Avatar) that has been recreated on the new, can take part in the download/installer testing.

And, of those, any avatar with the “Beta Test” privilege can then log into the new 3D world!

So, do YOU have the beta test privilege? Meh, we dunno, just try it. If you had a PLATINUM funpass then you likely have the beta test privilege. If you had a GOLD funpass then you *might* have the privilege. If you didn’t have at least a GOLD funpass, then probably you don’t have the Beta Test Privilege.

But please try the download/install of the 3D client in any case! If you turn out to not have the Beta privilege, well, we still appreciate your testing the avatar creation and client installation. You’ll get in soonish, honest!

If you have not yet re-created your avatar, please visit and click the “Invite Me Now!” link in the lower left. This will send you an invitation email with detailed instructions on how to re-claim your legacy avatar.

You must do this first, before you fetch the 3D client.



We want to test the REAL client download process, so AFTER you have recreated your legacy avatar (see above), then:

* visit
* log in via the name/password field at the top
* click appropriately to open your Avatar’s Profile
* Note the far right “tab” called “Get There”
* click it!

This will download a small program (quickly — about 1 megabyte) which will itself then fetch the full installer (more slowly. it’s about 50 megabytes)

Please watch the progress meter and slide show and take notes about anything you think we ought to know.

If you just can’t get that to work, please let us know via an email to and tell us your Windows version, a description of “what went wrong” (include error message snapshots if you like) and maybe a description of your Firewall/Virus checker software (no, don’t tell us any secrets, and we never need you to tell us your password)

After duly reporting the failure, you can then fetch the full installer directly from this URL:

Just download it to your desktop, then execute it. You might need to right-click on it and “Run as admin” (particularly if you have User Account Control enabled)



Technically you can install it to any folder you like, but using the default folder is generally a good idea.

Please do NOT install it on top of your OLD There client (if you still have it). We don’t want to contaminate the experience with old files merged in. This might be a good time to re-name your old client folder if you have a sentimental attachment to it and want to keep it around, but not actually ever run it again.

Also, you want to be careful to preserve your old Gamekit and House Layouts. YOU HAVE THE ONLY COPIES. (They are NOT stored on the servers) and eventually you will probably want them back. They are stored in:


and you might want to make a backup of that folder before you start.



Well, we want everyone to download their own copy (don’t just send someone an installer EXE file). But please share this announcement with anyone you like.

But remember that only legacy avatars can take part at this time. (i.e. avatars which existed in Old There, and have been re-created in New There.)



If you are able to log in to ThereIM, you should be able to log in to There3D using the same name and password. One thing which would prevent you from doing this would be if your email address was not successfully verified (ThereIM doesn’t care).

If that’s the case, the 3D client should give you an error message and offer a page (or a link to a page) to request a new email verification letter.

Other reasons you might not be able to login include:

* You didn’t recreate your old Avatar and/or follow all the other miscellaneous instructions we tried to provide.

* We’re down for maintenance (usually around 3am California time).

* We’re “Full” (we will be limiting the number of simultaneous 3D logins to a low value at first, then raise it as we draw confidence)



It’s there, see if you can find it! ALL of the old ‘scene file’ data has been reloaded on the new cluster. However, you will find none of your old PaZes, Lots, and Neighborhoods will be there. (Your PaZes and Lots will be back in your pocket, Hoods will need to be recreated one by one as people return to the service).

Things you will, however, NOT find:

* CC Metro is gone, even the very dirt itself. (Turns out all those red pixels are expensive! (That’s a joke))

* CosmoGirl! Village has become “Phoenix Park”



Please send all feedback to:


and please include as much information as you can, INCLUDING YOUR AVATAR NAME IN A CLEARLY MARKED WAY (in every email you send, please. Assume we have absolutely no memory at all from one email to the next).

If your comment is about a particular part of the world (say you find a ‘floating tree’ or something), please turn on the hostHud (ctrl-shift-H to toggle it on and off) and include a screenshot (of the tree) in your report.

That way we know WHAT your talking about and WHERE it is (the hostHud shows your x/y/z position) We also enjoy seeing your ‘performance meter’ (ctrl-shift-P) and ‘frame rate’ (ctrl-shift-F) meters in the screenshot.



If your client crashes (segvio), it should leave behind a couple ‘crashdump files’ which it would be nice for us to see. At this time, we’re mainly interested in the smaller files (with an extension of .TXT or .DMT) and not the larger one (.DMP) The crashdumps are left in your client folder. So if you installed to the typical c:/Makena/There, then your crashdump files will be in:


When sending in a crashdump, please indicate what you feel was going on when it happened and any screenshots you might have of error messages, etc, that you think might help use understand the cause.

You can actually look at these files yourself (they are just text files) and at the end is a log of what it was doing right before the crash. Note that some 3rd party compass replacements have been crashing a lot. Could be our fault, but we’ll probably blame it on the 3rd party code if you’re using any. It’s nice for US if you don’t use 3rd party stuff, but we know it’s often nicer for YOU to use them. It just complicates bug reporting.



A uudob is a “usually uniform distributed object” (think ‘tree’). And this client starts out with most, but perhaps not all of them. So as you walk around and get close to (invisible) things, they should pop into existence (so don’t freak out, that’s normal for this client).

Once you see a uudob once, it is cached on your computer and the next time it should appear ‘right away’ (well, ‘promptly’).

This paragraph is still roughly true, but our current client now includes pretty much ALL of the scene uudobs. We just include this info in the case that when you THINK you are “rubber banding” that you might ACTUALLY be bouncing off of some (invisible) uudob!



You really shouldn’t. It will confuse US, and it will definitely crash after you’ve used flash for any time at all. Also, don’t freak out if your login puts up a “mis-matched client” warning. That’s to be expected with the new client (for now).



Anything you like (other than griefing), and let us know what didn’t work for you.



The Welcome Walkway has a few Spas at the moment, but you can teleport to Karuna Plaza (The Fashion Stage area) for all the Spas you will ever need.



We’re glad you asked!

This is also our chance to test the “Can we all get along” policy where all members do their best to not aggravate each other, and try to tolerate the inadequacies of others as best as possible.

There is currently not much stopping you from defacing the world, as it were. Use your own best judgement, and understand that we will feel free to pick up anything for any reason at any time, according to whatever ineffable moral judgement we come to. But use your own common sense first. Please don’t intentionally drop stuff that you KNOW we’re just going to have to clean up. (Other than for temporary testing purposes, of course.) We assume that, at least in certain areas, we probably WILL pick up pretty much everything you’ve dropped before we open the world completely, and the Great Land Grab begins.

Again, just because an area is not yet ‘protected’ (by a ‘sacred paz’ sort of thing), doesn’t mean you should go ahead and stick your paz on top of it.

If you were renting a House or FunZone in Old There, that location should be back in world now and ready for you to rent it again (in fact, such locations are being held IN RESERVE for you and no one can rent them BUT you…. Other than us, and if we did, we’re sorry, and we only did it to give people 3rd party hosting privileges somewhere at this time for testing purposes. Please forgive us.



Yeah, ok, no one is asking themselves that, but we wanted to point out that ths is a very small world still, with only twelve sectors. Sector 1, in partcular, spans the world, INCLUDING some of the loaded scene areas (like Club Makena). So you might find you cannot drop things in some areas that you otherwise could. You can use ctrl-shift-H to toggle your hostHud on and off. It will tell you which sector you are in, if you’re curious.



You’ll remember that you confirmed you were ’emotionally prepared’ to start paying a monthly fee. That could start up at any time (but is currently not enabled). But you can’t be charged without setting up payment info first, so you should never be ‘surprise-billed’

You’ll know when billing starts by:

* When you try to login, you will be redirected to a PayPal ‘subscription’ page.
* You will be able to purchase TB again, which as of this moment, you cannot.

In both cases, you will have to go through the PayPal process before any money is taken from you, so you, again, should never be ‘surprise-billed’

Note: It has come to our attention that people can go to PayPal and send us money already, but you won’t get anything in return for that, so don’t do that! Wait until you see us ask you to do it.



The Therebux you got as part of your Account Data Migration are REAL. If you spend them, they are gone. This is not the old Beta cluster where you could spend ‘virtual’ ThereBux. These are non-refunded.

Note that some members took advantage of a buy-back program when we closed the service in 2010. Such members will find that their avatars are still carrying the ThereBux they had BEFORE the buyback (i.e. ThereBux that, strictly-speaking, no longer belong to you). THOSE ThereBux will eventually be reclaimed from you. We hope you feel that’s only fair.

You will eventually be able to purchase more Therebux using the normal commands, but as of this moment you still cannot.



The official word is that PaintBall refills *will* eventually cost TB again, though they are currently still free (um, mostly).



There is no longer any such thing (and please report any references to “Premium” that you find in the product). Since you will (eventually) be paying a monthly fee, EVERYONE is ‘premium’ now.

So you should have Explorer Pack, Voice, and Music and can do all the things reserved for “paying members.” Because that’s what you are. Or will be in any case.

So when you see the “voice glyph” in an avatar’s nametag, that’s all it means: They have Voice enabled. It doesn’t mean “They think they are better than you because they are premium and you are not” as some people seemed to feel in the past. It means they have the voice feature enabled and just might hear you if you speak. If they do NOT have the voice glyph, then they can NOT hear you when you speak. And that’s what it’s for, to let you know who can hear you.



When you use the ‘Change Station’ option to pick your shoutcast radio station, you will need to (one time) use the Shoutcast HELP/SETTINGS option to select how you want to hear the music. You want to select “Use my default media player” for the music to come out of the music box in world. Otherwise, it will come straight out of your browser and no one else will hear it.



We know we’re not done. And we know about many existing less-than-perfections you might run into. The easiest to explain are:

* Problems with “Flash”. Adobe has spent the last year busily injecting new bugs into Flash for you. These currently manifest themselves in the form: “Flash 11 drawns big black squares around everything” and “Sometimes when I tell a flash window to open, it doesn’t” The client uses Flash for these controls: ChangeMe, Compass, The MessageBar, The FunFinder, The Shortcut Bar. We’re trying to work around these, but some are just insoluble without Adobe fixing Flash bugs.

* The Chat History window needs some TLC. clickable URLs are rendered in crazy locations, and if you drag the Chat History outside of the client window, and then shut down you client, you probably won’t be able to re-open the Chat History.

* Some as-yet-undiagnosed “Decoration Failues” where you find yourself unable to drop a particular item (without having to restart the client first)

* It is possible to select the DX9 rendering choice, even if your display card/drivers can’t really handle it. This can lead to a client crash on launch. In that case you will need to use ThereTweaker to set your render mode back to a working default. You will find ThereTweaker here (if you can’t find it in a menu):


That’s with the default install location. If you installed the client elsewhere, please adjust accordingly

* The DX9 renderer, while mighty and powerful, and enabling exciting new options like bumpMaps, glossMaps, and environmental ‘reflections’, still has some bugs and will render some things oddly.

* Lots of other things, including some we don’t know about and that YOU will tell us about, as you become an exciting part of history itself!

You should expect fairly frequent client updates for the foreseeable future, as we resolve these and other issues.



It turns out that a very popular brand of cable modem (“Motorola SurfBoard”, and possibly other models) has a serious bug, pretending to be a feature called “IP Flood Control”

Clearly they thought they were being helpful and added the feature to ‘protect you’ in the case you came under a Denial of Service attack from someone sending excessive data to you. However:

* They think packet data is such an attack
* They think video streaming is such an attack

Their response to these ‘attacks’ is to start throwing data away. But they don’t just throw away data from ‘bad people’ they throw away any old data as they see fit. This makes fail, and makes your movie stream fail, until you wait or reset your modem. Basically, they commit suicide to prevent from being murdered. Kinda lame, IMHO

IF you have one of these modems, your life (Not just will be immeasurably better if you turn this feature OFF. You will have to consult your modem documentaion as to how to do that.


OK, you now have enough information to be dangerous! Go out and conquer the new world!

– Team Phoenix,

  1. #1 by dawn reynolds on 2011.11.13 - 9:49 am

    I was able to test on the IM when it first opened, so some of my friends who are able to get in and test now are wondering why I would not be allowed to test in There.. Yes my silver pass is only silver, but some are saying that I should be able to get in….Just wondering your thoughts on that?….. πŸ˜€

  2. #2 by michelle on 2011.10.29 - 6:33 am

    uhm everytime i click login it updates? -.- why does it do thatt?

  3. #3 by Missiselle on 2011.10.26 - 4:46 am

    actually wondering why there is a limit of logins? i can’t EVER log in!

  4. #5 by Missiselle on 2011.10.25 - 11:01 pm

    * We’re β€œFull” (we will be limiting the number of simultaneous 3D logins to a low value at first, then raise it as we draw confidence) << it happens all the time! 😦

  5. #6 by Mr_Donenzone on 2011.10.24 - 3:24 pm

    Awesome…. If only I can get past the “world is full” screen..

  6. #7 by Ashley on 2011.10.24 - 3:00 pm

    Will there be a mac version for the world?

  7. #8 by DodgeBoy101 on 2011.10.19 - 6:14 am

    So I guess my question is, how do you re-name all the folders so it wont be mixed with the new files? And how do you keep your game kits with the new when you switch from the old to the new?

  8. #9 by vaughn_2 on 2011.10.18 - 3:33 pm

    Day 3 not in yet,then again i only try 2-3 times a day,lol…

  9. #10 by rgwg on 2011.10.18 - 12:01 pm


  10. #11 by michelle on 2011.10.16 - 6:40 am

    omg how do you get past the servers are full thing

  11. #12 by RockinWolfman on 2011.10.16 - 4:38 am

    Maybe MW should make it so evry few hours they dump the batch of avies, so then those who are rude and stay in forever don’t let others not get to see how it works on there computer.

    • #13 by Greenie on 2011.10.16 - 9:05 am

      They have been doing that this weekend. Keep hope and patience close. The Adventure Continues!

  12. #14 by SapphireRose on 2011.10.15 - 5:09 pm

    wow , i don’t no why i keep reading these updates it’s makes me very depressed ,

    i just hope you will hear my appeal , i was banned for something minor , and i just wish to be back in my home where i belong ❀

    please think about it MW , i promise never to do anything like it again , xo have a great day team phoenix ❀

  13. #15 by jerzeesweetheart on 2011.10.15 - 4:05 am

    okay im going to send a screenshot to the email address given…but i FINALLY got in and its all distorted. it looked like a sunburst or something lol. i dont know. is anyone else having this problem when they log in? is it my avi just loading or do i have to :::gasp::: log out and log back in??

    • #16 by _Taz on 2011.10.15 - 8:16 am

      Yeah, I think it has to do with DX8/DX9. Im trying to figure it out as well

    • #17 by Cerenela on 2011.10.15 - 9:37 am

      Same problem here. When i log in i see my avie completely deformed O_O and a couple minutes later i get SegVio. I’m sending a screenshot.

    • #18 by Greenie on 2011.10.16 - 9:12 am

      When you installed THERE, THERE Tweaker was also installed. You can access the tweaker via the Programs\There-prod-2011_10_13 folder . Try switching between DX8, DX9 and Open GL.
      It works differently for each pc so you have to choose what is working best for you. Unfortunately, as I understand it, we have to log out to make the change and log back in to see it. OUCH for sure during this period with limited access.

      If we don’t have to log out to switch, someone please post about it.

      There has been some discussion of the causes both in MW’s blogs here and at Don’t forget to check the other postings for more information on the problem.

      Great job on sending in the report! ‘tu’

  14. #19 by Pilot_51 on 2011.10.14 - 10:58 pm

    Very exciting progress. Can’t wait for the world to stop being full!

    If anyone’s curious, the installer and login screen work almost perfectly in Linux with both Wine and VirtualBox.
    For the installer, the only issue I noticed is that Wine doesn’t play the MIDI music and VirtualBox has laggy music.
    For the client, Wine likes to create shortcuts with escaped characters instead of quotes, which breaks the command line and causes the client to not have connectivity. I fixed it with a simple launcher script.

    I’m feeling optimistic about the rest of the client working.

  15. #20 by Vanessa on 2011.10.14 - 7:49 pm

    Still Can’t log in to ThereIM nor the 3d world =( What a letdown. Least I got the client downloaded.

  16. #21 by joeydantonio on 2011.10.14 - 7:38 pm

    I haven’t been able to log in yet, the world has been “full” every time I tried. Although I should be some sort of sad I can’t log in, I am happy the world is “full” because thats one big step in the right direction. What a great birthday present this is, today is my birthday. October 15th πŸ™‚

    • #22 by Greenie on 2011.10.16 - 9:19 am

      Happy Birthday Joey! What a great outlook.

  17. #23 by That Guy on 2011.10.14 - 7:34 pm

    Hopeless clicking! Oh well, just wait for it to seriously open I guess.

    Keep on working guys, we appreciate it!

  18. #24 by Munp on 2011.10.14 - 7:34 pm

    Sorry if it has been answered already, I did quickly browse to check. Before There closed we was given free super bunny shoes, are we allowed to keep these?

    • #25 by Missiselle on 2011.10.26 - 4:43 am

      i really don’t know anything about this… :o?

  19. #26 by ReluctantX on 2011.10.14 - 6:47 pm

    These updates have been fantastic. Great work MW! I hope all the G3PD’s are having fun testing out the world :).
    Tried a few times to log in. I might as well wait till morning or later tonight for when people sign off.
    Thanks for the updates though. (:

  20. #27 by brainstew on 2011.10.14 - 6:47 pm

    do you people ever sleep?! servers are always full

    • #28 by Missiselle on 2011.10.26 - 4:44 am

      yea, u’r right, the peeps just keep being online, while their sleeping or something, just to keep their place in there client, or it’s just fake, and no one can log in to the client Yet, i think the peeps are sleeping. kick their butt! hehehehe. ‘rofl

  21. #29 by VM on 2011.10.14 - 6:20 pm

    Wow! Thanks soo much for the effort put into re-opening There!! I’m very happy we’ve gotten this far!

  22. #30 by JohnOzzyOsbourne on 2011.10.14 - 6:16 pm

    MW , would you please post a link to download the IM client . The one I have from a month ago didnt work then and still doesnt work . Also mabey you could post a link to download the There client here so we can at least have the client ready to use when you raise the limit or open the world . It is next to impossible to get in now . Thanks

  23. #31 by jerzeesweetheart on 2011.10.14 - 6:14 pm

    I’ve been trying to get on since about 5pm its now 1114 pm 😦 ‘vash

  24. #32 by Wendy Stoll (Wendy50s) on 2011.10.14 - 5:01 pm

    very excellent news πŸ™‚ I can’t d/l the client from cuz of full servers, but I can wait! Very exciting! Thanks so much!

    • #33 by Suicidal_Psycho on 2011.10.15 - 4:41 am

      Hi Wendy , try logging in There IM , then at the bottom click profile , that should open your There page , then click Get There at the top , that should send you to the client download , thats how i had to do it .

  25. #34 by William Grass on 2011.10.14 - 4:28 pm

    The few times I could log in to There, I visited a few places and there was no one there. Not a soul. but yet the servers are full. most of the AFKs are probably at the walkway. i think its un fair for people be stuck on the outside looking in. also these crashes are pain. i hope these all can be fixed soon.

  26. #35 by joseph on 2011.10.14 - 4:21 pm

    this sux i really wanna log in for gods sakes whoever is afk better stop

  27. #36 by Justen on 2011.10.14 - 4:09 pm

    The world was full. I just kept clicking and eventually got in. Now I’ll probably fall asleep tonight before I log off LOL. W00T!!!!
    You guys rock. I am speechless. Thanks so much!

  28. #37 by William Grass on 2011.10.14 - 4:07 pm

    I get in for a few minutes still my avie disappears and then i crash. haven’t found anyone around yet. at the walkway probably. Where is that at? never got to it because of the crashes from yesterday. If somebody knows where its at let me know please. these seqvio crashes becoming a pain

    • #38 by Karenga Anderson on 2011.10.14 - 7:26 pm

      Be grateful you got in. Their are about 80 percent of us still trying to get in!!

      • #39 by OddFutureWolfGang on 2011.10.15 - 6:12 am

        Yes Karenga, I’ve been trying to get in for a while now & these people on here that got in is complaining? Like really thought. There’s alot of people that haven’t even got in William.

    • #40 by Cerenela on 2011.10.15 - 10:12 am

      Oh well thanks God I’m not the only one with this problem. I’m not sure what to do either but I’m sure they’ll solve it soon.

  29. #41 by imsfan on 2011.10.14 - 4:05 pm

    I was able to get in a few times today and I have to say DX9 looks really nice! I organized my things and visited Astrolgy Pavilion, New Kansas, Karuna Gardens and the Gathering Tree. I didn’t notice any major issues minus the solid black bar atop my toolbar. I hope everyone get’s a chance to get in beacause after all There’s no place like home! ‘tu

  30. #42 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.14 - 3:47 pm

    Got in… ‘yay!! Have to go to work in 20 minutes… ‘boooo!

    Don’t worry… no afk here!

    Thanks to EVERYONE who has made this possible!!

  31. #43 by BuzLtBeer on 2011.10.14 - 3:33 pm

    Why do I get that old familiar feeling that a ‘certain crowd’ is being allowed in

    • #44 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 3:44 pm


    • #45 by Jon Brohaugh (puter_head) on 2011.10.14 - 3:51 pm

      Could it be… paranoia??

      They wouldn’t do that… they have been most honest so far. What would be the purpose? If that was the case they would have simply said that instead of that long post MW made. I am rather sure he has other things to do other than writing all of what he wrote for no reason.

      Count to 10 and try again!! Just my thoughts on the matter.

    • #46 by mimi06 on 2011.10.14 - 4:18 pm

      hey buz, didn’t I see you logged in last night on the welcome walkway with the rest of us? Actually, I spent the day trying to log in. I get the same message as all of you. BUT did get in for a little while. In my short time tonight in world, I saw 9 people I had never met in 4 years in world. I am sure there are many more, but had a seg vio so didn’t get to far.

      If I am part of a certain crowd thats news to me rofl.. I think some here forget right now its still a TEST. And as I said above, rather it say FULL then CLOSED. You are not the only one waiting. πŸ˜‰

    • #47 by rakja on 2011.10.14 - 4:54 pm

      Cuz you are paranoid?

    • #48 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.16 - 5:52 am

      You are 100% correct. We’ve been lied to all this time. Well, you have. There are only 51 people who play – and 50 of us have gotten in. Sadly, you’re the 51st. He’s on to us! Oh noes!

  32. #49 by Superjuice on 2011.10.14 - 3:27 pm

    Sometimes i get “The world is Full”, then other times I get “problem connecting to world to check your name” Are both of those just because the world is full? just wondering…

    • #50 by c25inc on 2011.10.14 - 4:18 pm

      I’m getting the same two messages as well.

    • #51 by mimi06 on 2011.10.14 - 4:20 pm

      Getting those messages as well. Remember THERE is still in test mode.. keep trying!

  33. #52 by xSnoopy on 2011.10.14 - 3:12 pm

    Hi everyone,
    After reading the frustration in many of the comments, I have a suggestion.
    My suspicions are that there are some people that go AFK just trying to keep their spot in game.
    If, in fact, this is the case, I think it is very inconsiderate and rude. That spot your taking, while your not at your keyboard, could be being used by another member, anxious to see the world after more than 18 months of patient waiting.
    Try to put yourself in their shoes.
    If your not doing something, please leave game to allow someone else to share that grin you had, after you first logged in.
    Michael, during this period of testing, how about a timer on AFK avies.
    The Zephyr Beagle,
    GP3D, xSnoopy

    • #53 by Achenar on 2011.10.14 - 4:20 pm

      Or maybe try posting the names of Avis who are afk for more than a few minutes on this blog?
      I’m thinkin that if this was done no one would go afk more than once. πŸ™‚

    • #54 by JDin707 on 2011.10.14 - 4:34 pm

      I have to concur its a little bit ridiculous, Ive been trying for the last 6 hrs off and on….at this point I may just say F**k it and wait for final release….Im not going to sit all weekend and press the damn log on button…..Im sure this is something they had to of thought of prior to opening it, but I dont think they expected the volume…..I thought computing in the cloud should not limit us to server space, I guess im dumber then I look…..

      • #55 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 6:15 pm

        The problem is not the servers. We wanted to control (which we have) how many people we had in world so we could more easily diagnose problems (more users == more chaos).

        We’ve succeeded in that we’ve identified some problems, and now we’ll fix them. I’ll outline this in a post in a bit.

      • #56 by David H on 2011.10.14 - 6:44 pm

        Can’t wait till it is increased, got in yesterday and cannot get in at all now, been trying for hours!

    • #57 by daniel on 2011.10.14 - 6:09 pm

      thank you for posting this. you took my exact thoughts and made a typed it out.

      • #58 by daniel on 2011.10.14 - 6:09 pm

        thank you for posting this. you took my exact thoughts and typed it out.

  34. #59 by Vanessa on 2011.10.14 - 3:09 pm

    Would be nice to be able to download the client without needing to log in to the server. πŸ˜‰ Please and thankyou

  35. #61 by 12mandy on 2011.10.14 - 3:01 pm

    greetings everyone can anyone tell me how to overcome the error message =this program can harm your computer,as it wont let me download the client,thanks mandy

  36. #62 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.10.14 - 3:00 pm

    In conciderate people who are AFK all day and dont let any other have a chance ! Id pay to play now!

  37. #63 by jerzeesweetheart on 2011.10.14 - 2:57 pm

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve been trying to get in for hoursss and its still full! take turns people lol! I’m so excited and i can’t share this experience with anyone right now b/c i can’t get in 😦 sad.

  38. #64 by calliekitty on 2011.10.14 - 2:46 pm

    Opps….sorry for the typos. I was so excited about allowing us in that I didn’t read what I posted. I ment to say, Michael Wilson and team, thank you so much for all your hard work in bring back to us. And I can’t wait till I’m able to get in and start enjoying it all again!!

    • #65 by rakja on 2011.10.14 - 4:56 pm

      Callllliiiiieeee!!!!! =^.^=

  39. #66 by calliekitty on 2011.10.14 - 2:42 pm

    Thank you so much Michael Wilson that team for all your hard work!! I can’t wait till I’m able to get in to start enjoying once again!!

  40. #67 by GreenAngel on 2011.10.14 - 2:35 pm

    Hi everyone, waiting to get into There, its full right now, but I am being patience, yeah!!!!! home, home

  41. #68 by cometoplay on 2011.10.14 - 2:25 pm

    i have downloaded there from website and the link in the post i have 4gb of memory and it says i dont have enough memory i was running off a 3gb memory last night and got on now i have a 4gb and cant get it 😦 could someone help me out .. thought i would let the staff know on here cause all servers are busy on the website and there client

  42. #69 by BuzLtBeer on 2011.10.14 - 2:24 pm

    Have not been able to get on all day 😦

  43. #70 by Crawford Bob on 2011.10.14 - 2:23 pm

    We waited almost twenty months. We all are excited but limits were set and we all gotta be patient and let them guys tweek the world close to specs. Look at all the stuff they already found. Broken scripts, memory leaks..etc.
    I have been on a couple beta projects and I think they got all this running actually fairly fast as complex as this world is. Lets all take a deep breath, and let it roll for now. Stiff salutes for the teams!
    click … lol

  44. #71 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.14 - 2:22 pm

    To add a little levity to the situation:


  45. #73 by 12mandy on 2011.10.14 - 2:16 pm

    thank you michael and all staff for wonderful news and hard work you have done,hope see you all soon, thanks again,mandy

  46. #74 by chaotico on 2011.10.14 - 2:16 pm

    i’ve just recreated my old avatar, but i don’t use thereim and wasn’t planning to install it. is it necessary to log into thereim before running the 3d client?

  47. #75 by _Taz on 2011.10.14 - 2:16 pm

    No one else having the deformed avatars problem? I remember an earlier GP3D posted this problem before but I just can’t find the post. Grr

    • #76 by mimi06 on 2011.10.14 - 2:58 pm

      I did.. looked all twisted and funky.. rofl.. I had to change to dx9 for what ever reason my laptop didn’t like dx8.. πŸ™‚

      • #77 by _Taz on 2011.10.14 - 3:50 pm

        I changed to dx9 using Theretweaker, but it still looks the same.

      • #78 by _Taz on 2011.10.14 - 4:03 pm

        Or maybe I need to re-log so dx9 can take it effect?

  48. #79 by maverickfred on 2011.10.14 - 1:48 pm

    hi guys got in for 1 sec but have been trying now for houres still get this message lol frustrating sorry the world is full

  49. #80 by Buggy Monster on 2011.10.14 - 1:41 pm

    Patience is a virtue… who has it? Click Click Click cliiiicckkkkkkk clickkkkkkkk clickkkkkkk clickkkkkkk clickkkkkk clickkkkkk clickkkkkk clickkkkk clickkkkk clickkkkk.

    • #81 by jimony on 2011.10.14 - 2:19 pm

      I’ll give you some of mine for 100,000 tbucks; I am down to only 200 tbucks and I want more RIGHT NOW!

  50. #82 by shezbanjo on 2011.10.14 - 12:56 pm

    was ace to get back there if only briefly lol ty ill keep trying

  51. #83 by mimi06 on 2011.10.14 - 12:36 pm

    Much rather see “FULL” then CLOSED!!

    • #84 by GaryBob on 2011.10.14 - 1:37 pm

      So true! That’s a really great way of looking at it πŸ™‚

    • #85 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.16 - 5:55 am

      SO SO very true! And well put. πŸ™‚

      All of this negativity by some around here, and to think – we’re the 18+ crowd. :/

  52. #86 by MademoiselleFifi on 2011.10.14 - 12:33 pm

    I was at walkway last night to see all the folks come in….what a moment that was. Today, i get the “full”…i clicked a few times, but then….decided not to try too much,
    its just time to let the new peeps enjoy themselves….and…guess what….i can hang in the IM again…lol…so not all is lost, while i wait.

  53. #87 by LeeCarmen08 on 2011.10.14 - 11:57 am

    Mine just says to check my Name/Password and try again later.

    • #88 by Joe on 2011.10.14 - 12:45 pm

      I’ve gotten “The world is full, try later”, “Cannot connect to check your name” and “Verify your email…” It’s been a few hours now and I still haven’t gotten an email from There so I can verify my email address. Someone said there were 5000+ people logged in. If that’s “Full”, then it really is a small “world” after all.

      • #89 by David Eich on 2011.10.14 - 1:07 pm

        Who is someone?
        I think they would be very happy with 5000 as a start.

      • #90 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.14 - 1:51 pm

        What they’re doing is allowing a temporary 50 avatar limit. If that goes ok, then they’ll add more avatar servers and allow another 50 or so. And so on.. and so on.

      • #91 by GaryBob on 2011.10.14 - 2:27 pm

        I think the 5000+ you saw was in a comment about They said they saw 5900 viewing that site, less than 100 or so actually logged into that site (with the remaining 5800 as “Guests”). It has no direct relationship to the number of avatars logged in to right now.

      • #92 by LeeCarmen08 on 2011.10.14 - 6:45 pm

        lol I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 5000+.

  54. #93 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.14 - 11:49 am

    Me: Are we there yet? Michael: Almost Me: Are we there yet? Michael: Almost Me: Are we there yet? :Michael: (Pick what you want to say Michael)

  55. #94 by AgapeLove on 2011.10.14 - 11:37 am

    Although this past Monday was Columbus Day “observed”, I believe that today the 14th in is the actual Columbus day ! What an appropriate day to rediscover the world of! Also what is the song played during the download?

  56. #95 by DavyRocket on 2011.10.14 - 11:28 am

    I hope this limit is lifted soon other wise gonna start seeing some pissed off people due to so many trying to login for the first time for hours or half a day or even ALL day, and can’t because some are logged in, go afk and leave just so they will still be there when they return. Just my opinion of course. I try to limit myself on how long I stay logged in just so someone else can have a chance to login.

    • #96 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.10.14 - 12:07 pm

      I just even said that too

      • #97 by Lady_Tigrane on 2011.10.14 - 1:54 pm

        I managed to log onto game for an hour before alot of animated objects laid out made me seg vio. I do know I saw about 4 people sitting around a campfire in Duda Beach while flyin around with afk glasses on. It’s absolutely insane tryin to get back on. Constant clicking after an hour and a half got me in tho.

      • #98 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.10.14 - 2:20 pm

        Tigs i did for a few mins then got in but its been 8 hours since i cant get on lol

  57. #99 by jonathan5k2006 on 2011.10.14 - 11:23 am

    What about people giving others a way in with out setting their self up as away?? give everyone a chance ?? I got in by sheer luck today for 5 mins then had to go :S but cant get in now

  58. #100 by Therefan123 on 2011.10.14 - 11:21 am

    So I used that link up there in the post to download it and when i download it and try to run it it says Installer integrity check has failed. common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy. More information at and the window says its a NSIS Error i’ve tried to install it twice now.

    • #101 by Spiritus on 2011.10.14 - 11:41 am

      Hi Therefan123, try deleting the file and then clear your browser cache and download again. That happened to me and I figured out my download was only about 100K.
      I also kept deleting the file, even rebooting didn’t fix that (oddly) but after I cleared my browser cache it installed painlessly on the first try.

      My power adapter died during my last login, so I can’t see what the size I downloaded was. Waiting for a new adapter I ordered off of ebay…

  59. #102 by Superjuice on 2011.10.14 - 11:02 am

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Cant wait until i see everyone back in there again! We literally are ALMOST THERE!

  60. #103 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 11:00 am

    Sometimes, when trying to log in at the browser, it just says: the service is not available, and if i try again in just some seconds, it says the server is full, as usual..

  61. #104 by JasonMK on 2011.10.14 - 10:40 am

    The installation went smooth, but when i tried to log in i was told the 3D world was full at the moment and cannot accept any more logins. [I know…back of the line…]

  62. #105 by Jennifer Rickenbacker on 2011.10.14 - 10:40 am

    great news, waiting for the there madness to calm down to see if I can get in,, says servers are full…thanks everyone for all your hard work, I am sure now your work has just started. lol

  63. #106 by JasonMK on 2011.10.14 - 10:32 am

    It says the servers are full, but the download link is working, every so slowly…

  64. #107 by wicked_dreamz on 2011.10.14 - 10:27 am

    How about raising the number of people allowed in world.The server should handle it with no problem.Kick the afk’s out.there is no reason to stay afk for hours at a time.

    • #108 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 10:56 am

      Well, actually, no, we’re shooting some problems – which is great because they’re easier to shoot now than there would be with more people in world.

      And remember, this is *TESTING*. It’s all going to be different once we start CHARGING.

  65. #109 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 10:18 am

    There is a HUGE HUGE memory leak with the client. Every time i click the “Log in now” button, and it fails due to the servers being full, about 20k of RAM is taken up, and eventually you’ll run out of ram and the app crashes. I’m using windows 7 64bit with 4gb RAM. It seems to crash after about 1.2gb of usage. Geezuz!

    • #110 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 10:21 am

      oops that’s about 20mb of ram is taken up after every failed login. MEGAbytes.. not Kilobtyes.

      • #111 by ketchup2k3 on 2011.10.15 - 5:16 pm

        Goes up by 35-40mb per attempt for me.

        Win7 64bit 8gb ram client in DX9 mode.

    • #112 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 10:56 am

      Yup. Just for you, special.

      • #113 by The_Specialist on 2011.10.14 - 1:55 pm

        im getting same thing it crashes out at 1.2gb, im running XP home 32bit with only 2gb ram 😦

    • #114 by Riot_Girl_1 on 2011.10.14 - 5:08 pm

      That same thing is happening to me. I’m also on Windows 7 64bit but with 3GB RAM.

  66. #115 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 10:02 am

    So the client doesn’t seem to be remembering my login and password. Every time i launch the client, the login is blank. I also see a dropdown button on the username; i assume this stores alt log in accounts? (nice) But again it’s not saving any. I assume i have to have a successful login for it to save.

    • #116 by Spiritus on 2011.10.14 - 11:45 am

      You need to successfully log in before your password will save. If you succeeded in logging into the 3d world that might be an issue.

      • #117 by Andrew Almeida on 2011.10.14 - 5:01 pm

        My password saved but I have not gotten to log in lol. I’m probably in the list who cannot but since it only tells me it’s full I cannot resist to try. But I’m getting the same issue as the girl above, after so many tries my virtual memory is low and There gives me a message saying not enough memory and may be a bug, then crashes.

  67. #118 by Mercuria on 2011.10.14 - 10:00 am

    Thanks for the intense update.
    Sorry servers are full though. 😦

  68. #119 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 10:00 am

    Ah i love it how it TEASES me saying “Logging into world….” for about 5 seconds, and then just gives the full message. D’oh!!

  69. #120 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 9:57 am

    i guess constantly clicking the [Log in now] button over and over won’t help, would it?

  70. #121 by Emma There on 2011.10.14 - 9:56 am

    Thanks for getting it even more ready!!! servers are full tho :(( at 3 in the afternoon lol sooo ‘cries i’ll keep trying

  71. #122 by Hugsie on 2011.10.14 - 9:53 am

    yay the day has arrived i can get back on….. if the servers weren’t so full. I guess everyone wants to get on it now.

  72. #123 by JonmiChel There on 2011.10.14 - 9:49 am

    Grrrr I can’t log in. too late T.T I hope you guys raise the limit a lil bit moreee ! πŸ˜›

  73. #124 by YankeeintheSouth on 2011.10.14 - 9:25 am

    Yay! So happy to see you all in world! Facebook really was useful to meet alot of you but rather chat with you all in world! πŸ™‚

  74. #125 by softNdark on 2011.10.14 - 9:19 am

    I saw this posted on today~~~~
    I Logged in this morning and thought these numbers were insane…
    in total there are 5904 users Online :: 92 Members and 5812 Guests

    I didn’t think I would be the only one going to with taking in so many yesterday. (I’ve been trying for weeks) Are there any here that are unable to get an acct at ? I cant ask for help with in the Blog it’s self (already sent emails)

  75. #126 by RockinWolfman on 2011.10.14 - 9:04 am

    What happened to Feilds of Gold by Sting? When I downloaded it back in ’09 it was Sting. Is he out? lol

  76. #127 by seany35 on 2011.10.14 - 8:57 am

    stopppppppppppppppppp being full lol

  77. #128 by Neema on 2011.10.14 - 8:50 am

    Thanks for the update MW!

    I think I found a memory leak, of sorts. I am trying to log into world and am getting the world is full message. Every time I click the Log In Now button, the memory usage of the There Client increments by 16MB even though the login was not successful (as the world is full). I experimented and I was able to get the memory usage over 1.2G over the span of attempting to log in. (Yes, I really want to come in world, lol)

    I am using DX9 on version 18110 on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.

    If you need any other info, please let me know.

    • #129 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.14 - 10:26 am

      Neema Aloha !!!,

      Wow you’re right,
      I was unable to get in and did check to see how much memory usage for There was.. OMG !! I’m using version 18110 dx8 on windows 7 64 bit quad core and when trying to log into I see memory go from 298,000 + to 329,000 + and I got the There is full message and it hangs on this until I close out the page.

  78. #130 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 8:45 am

    Im thinking that i might have the wrong client, since on the right side when i open it, it says: Farewell we know that There will continue to live in our hearts and minds bla bla bla… As, the old client said. (before it closed).but still, when i try to log in it says that it is full, and then it gotta be the right client right? i dont THINK that the old one from 2009 or 2010 or what ever, would say that..? Its is the (v18110) Dx9 client, and its named: There-prod-2011-10-13. Not really expecting an answer on this, just wanted to express it.. lol. after thinking a little bit more, the date 2011-10-13 says it all.. I think im getting dizzy.. lol nvm..

    • #131 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 8:48 am

      Correction: Dx8 client..

    • #132 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.16 - 5:59 am

      Mine has the farewell message as well – however earlier today I was able to get in for a bit (yay, back to caramel skin! ha). I iimagine that’s probably one of the least of their concerns updating that text. The most important words to see are the ones in orange that say the world is OPEN. πŸ˜€

  79. #133 by AquaFresh on 2011.10.14 - 8:36 am

    Hi Michael,

    just a headsup.

    I noticed that the There client steals memory every time I try to do a login.

    I have the client open and just hit the login button time to time, suddently the client reported a memory error not being able to get the memory it needed.

    For every hit on the login button it eats from 32816 to 32939 KB acording to Task manager.


  80. #134 by Juls Tessmer on 2011.10.14 - 8:35 am

    Clicking away lol Sooooo close! Well off to work will try later! have fun u lucky cluckys that get in! hugs your jamt πŸ™‚

  81. #135 by Jdin707 on 2011.10.14 - 8:35 am

    Er um …Hey mainland folks get off the server so us Hawaii Island folks can play……lol

  82. #136 by migman on 2011.10.14 - 8:24 am

    Please do not go AFK for a few hours,i noticed some were for fear of not getting back in.(You Know Who You Are)

    • #137 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 8:46 am

      Agree.. other people are waiting impatient πŸ˜› (like me)

    • #138 by Dollbaby07 on 2011.10.14 - 8:49 am

      I think There should limit the in world time to give others a chance.AFK is not helping.

      • #139 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.14 - 9:21 am

        Please, I mean. I’ve been up since 5 this morning and it’s noon now. Spamming that login button the entire time. Well, aside from breakfast. Kick those who are AFK for more than 10 minutes off PLEASE so the rest of us can go and have some fun.

    • #140 by fulkenstien on 2011.10.14 - 9:25 am

      it should be if you go AFK for like 10 or 15 minutes it logs you out and you have to try to get back in like the rest of us rofl.

      also have to wonder how many the servers say are logged in but dont show on the client sceen.this used to happen your avartar would show up in world with the AFK glasses on but your client running on your computer says there is some problem and you dont know to log out.after awhile your avatar disapears but has anyone tested if this working correct?

      but if you remember trying to get into a zone during the There summer games there is always someone just standing around with their thumb up their butt trying to look cute.rofl

      just the way people are

    • #141 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.14 - 10:16 am

      So many people are arranging their inventory into folders and it might seem they are afk..when in fact they are just Organizing their Folders..

      • #142 by Bronnieb There on 2011.10.14 - 2:02 pm

        Sooo true IMAKOS …I spent about half an hour in the middle of nowhere trying to arrange my things in folders (so may have looked AFK but definitely wasn’t)…this is so the next time I am lucky enough to get on it will be easier….still only got less than half done.

  83. #143 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.14 - 8:06 am

    Aloha From the Beautiful Islands of Hawai’i,

    I was happy to see so many members being added , We GP3D’s Met The Members at the Welcome Walk Way Lastnight.

    You all will be so very proud of all the Work Michael Wilson and Team Phoenix has put into this Re-opening. So be sure to read everything before you download and cross your T’s and Dot your i’s so your coming home will be uneventful.

    I hope to see you all in World Have FUN!!!!

    Oh! and Keep an eye out for a ” Pink Squid ”

    A hui hou ( Until we meet again) ,

    GP3D IMAKOS ( Leilani )

  84. #144 by NateTheStar on 2011.10.14 - 8:00 am

    Error messaged changed from ‘full’ to “Problem connecting to world to check your name, please try again later”. Any idea what change in message means?

    • #145 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.16 - 6:00 am

      What time was it? I got a message similar to that and it was server down time.

  85. #146 by biggiedude420 on 2011.10.14 - 7:56 am

    wow must be alot of people login in keep getting server full lol

  86. #147 by NateTheStar on 2011.10.14 - 7:56 am

    Some of you guys want to let the rest of us in? Once you’ve had a chance to play around?

  87. #148 by SueZ on 2011.10.14 - 7:38 am

    ”’yay! Great news, thanks sooo much! Looking for an opening when the servers are not full lol see you in There! ‘wave

  88. #149 by spot751 on 2011.10.14 - 7:36 am

    clickety click click CLICK!!!! O.O its ok deep breaths are helping…. i think CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! *pants* O.O

  89. #150 by spot751 on 2011.10.14 - 7:27 am

    😦 ohhhh click, click, click and click, click, click, click, click ,click Sorry, the world is ‘full’ at the moment and cannot accept more logins, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, lol

  90. #151 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.14 - 7:16 am

    I managed to play for 5 hours last night. Had ablast flying around in my helicopter and getting to drive my coupe again. Realized that I forgot how to fly and drive! Got up this morning and the servers are too full to let me on! So glad I got to play last night and can’t wait to see you all THERE!

  91. #152 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 7:07 am

    Im almost spamming the *Log in button :L*

  92. #153 by spot751 on 2011.10.14 - 7:05 am

    Thank you Michael , you had to make me eat my words about being soon hey πŸ™‚ all is good, did have a little prob with the install, has to go round 2 with it but i think that had to do with my computer, there was some updates backed up that needed doing.
    All went well on the 2ed go round, still not in as yet as its β€œFull” will keep trying and hopping a spot opens up…

  93. #154 by bignoize on 2011.10.14 - 7:00 am

    i’m not sure if this helps at at all. I got on for an hour then thought I’d log off an give others a chance to get on an beta test…It might be cool if others did somthing like that. we might get better testing info which will enable a stable structure for the client, for us all in future times..imho

  94. #155 by shanghei on 2011.10.14 - 5:55 am

    wonders how many people called in “sick” to work today lol…. ”’yay ‘rtr ‘patch…. and.. yeah, i’m still tryin to get in with “servers full…” sighhhhh almost home.

  95. #156 by Kevman95 on 2011.10.14 - 5:52 am

    Thanks for the update!

    Hopefully, i can join you all soon.

    • #157 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 6:18 am

      Let’s see. Weren’t you banned before?

      • #158 by 3cMaldito on 2011.10.14 - 6:58 am


        I could have sworn I saw you last night in world, apparently not, LMAO.

      • #159 by kevman95 on 2011.10.14 - 10:46 am

        I am appealing that as soon as you open up some kind of help desk.

        Thank you.

      • #160 by Michael Wilson on 2011.10.14 - 10:54 am

        Why? Weren’t you banned before we closed?

      • #161 by kevman95 on 2011.10.14 - 10:57 am

        Yes i was banned before you closed, there is no shame in me hiding anything.

        But it was unright, and i dont feel like this should be in open discussion.

        I am up to contacting you guys about it, but not in a public space and only if i am allowed to.

        Thank you.

      • #162 by Kayleigh Lace on 2011.10.16 - 6:02 am

        I’m sure everyone who was banned thinks it was ‘unright’.

    • #163 by freecreed on 2011.10.14 - 12:19 pm

      we all age , but we all don’t mature .. it sounds like he is , think about it MW

      • #164 by kevman95 on 2011.10.14 - 1:09 pm

        Hopefully, they can reconsider my ban.

        Thanks for supporting.

  96. #165 by Jypsi on 2011.10.14 - 5:47 am

    Do i need to have the there im to log in?i had to restore my pc couple weeks ago and havent downloaded the im back in yet? .when i log in on websight it always says sorry servers are full.

  97. #166 by mimi06 on 2011.10.14 - 5:46 am

    Be sure and read this last update.. “Full”… rofl is a GOOD thing.. we’ll all be in soon.. keep trying! Thank you MW and staff.. what an awsome night it was to see so many.. so excited. one even said “she couldnt breath” rofl.. some cried.. some didnt say a word.. as if it was a dream… This surely has been one of the best things to happen to many of us this past year!

    See you all soon! Welcome home

    GP3D Mimi06

  98. #167 by jake_jackson on 2011.10.14 - 5:30 am

    Kicking, scratching and rolling over in the dirt, the server is full!!!!!!! Did anybody see me do that? rofl Top notch work Team Phoenix…thanks for the updates
    There is almost there.

    • #168 by softNdark on 2011.10.14 - 5:42 am

      Nope…. too busy, doing the same thing

      (everyone have fun, I’ll be THERE soon)
      Thanks MW & Team

  99. #169 by Yozh SunFlowers on 2011.10.14 - 5:26 am

    Awesome news, wonderful Phoenix Team! ‘tu ‘sunflowerbow


  100. #170 by BaphNagi on 2011.10.14 - 5:01 am


    7am Friday and the servers are too full to let me log in to get the client!! :p

    Nice to see things are progressing nicely, but it seems I must still be patient for a while longer…..

    …..BaphNagi is STILL waiting patiently…..

  101. #171 by David Eich on 2011.10.14 - 4:53 am

    Paz loaded now, might have just been a bit of lag.

  102. #172 by Puddlefish on 2011.10.14 - 4:43 am

    You rock team Phoenix! Thanks for all the hard work!

  103. #173 by FaMeOuS on 2011.10.14 - 4:37 am

    You guys have to login to your IM client first and then click Profile , then go to Get There on the tab
    that way will be alot easier πŸ˜€

    I’m there!

  104. #174 by David Eich on 2011.10.14 - 4:26 am

    Awesome, worked a treat, got all my stuff back and working perfectly! Apart from loading paz’s which just gives a timeout message, but hopefully that is just because they are restricted for now….

  105. #175 by William Grass on 2011.10.14 - 4:18 am

    I am getting alot seqvio what can i do about this?

    • #176 by Dean Caballero ( Bumpin42 ) on 2011.10.14 - 3:02 pm

      Iam running Dx9 with no seqvio`s. Good luck

  106. #177 by brian gallagher on 2011.10.14 - 3:37 am

    what do ya want me to say

  107. #178 by Amy on 2011.10.14 - 3:33 am

    Awe I don’t have beta test privileges πŸ˜₯ ‘boo ha-ha but I’ve downloaded the client any ways, just need to wait! x

  108. #179 by pcdoctor on 2011.10.14 - 3:11 am

    Good news is that I’m in. Bad news is that the black bar bug still exhists for me.

  109. #180 by Phil on 2011.10.14 - 3:10 am

    Its great but people gone CRAZY !!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  110. #181 by watchlight on 2011.10.14 - 2:43 am

    Well done well done. But the servers are full.

  111. #182 by fulkenstien on 2011.10.14 - 2:43 am

    has there been any sugestion of for the time being of daily time limits?this would give more people a chance to come in.

    as a long time There member i know there is a lot of us that will say “ONCE I AM LOGGED IN I AIN’T LEAVING TO THEY KICK ME OUT”.rofl

    lets say for now a daily time limit of 2 hours.

  112. #183 by cindy83 on 2011.10.14 - 2:29 am

    omg omg omg omg i love u hugs hugs hugs if u ever want a free massage lol mw and all the team u rock woohoo

  113. #184 by lionsheart on 2011.10.14 - 2:22 am

    thankyou for this incredible journey(experience).
    lol following your blog from the start has had its ups and downs emotionally .
    i dont care if i am at the back of the list or not its just very excited to wake up and read that there is now open.
    alot of people will be vey happy today and you can just picture there smiles
    you took a brave decision to open there up in a finiacial world depression so really now theres only one way for and thats up up up
    as they say start at the bottom and the only way is up
    well done to you and your team

    p.s can you active the stylemaker download so i can try some graphic illustrations on some tops and buggys.
    also gives thereians something to occupy that small bit of frustrtion while servers are full

    once again well done

  114. #185 by ImageMaker on 2011.10.14 - 2:07 am

    Well, that was an interesting bug — the installer couldn’t find vc_red.msi in the directory it expected (with a folder name that looked like Martian); I had to use Windows search to locate it in a similarly (but not identically) named folder on another drive. Must send this one to feedback…

  115. #186 by WizardK on 2011.10.14 - 1:51 am

    I Did it i loged in to there this morning im very happy now thanks to every one that made this happen the first time i loged in i got bark line and woudent load but i did it second time and i made it all seems to work exlent thanks again so i ran down to get free shirt and pants and not there lol so i ran back up to get Samsons audograph and he was out to lunch so i talked a little to ppl there and i loged out to give others a chance to log in and see it again i know its hard to log in lol i did it and i know it works now thanks again

    • #187 by softNdark on 2011.10.14 - 6:54 am

      Very kind of you to log out and give other a chance, you are the type of person I want to live in ANY WORLD with!!!

  116. #188 by Dolphin on 2011.10.14 - 1:47 am

    LOL I finally get pass the page that says servers are full….download everything go to log in and the world is closed for maintenance rofl. Oh well I’ll wait 2 more hrs for it to open up πŸ˜›

  117. #189 by TherePercy on 2011.10.14 - 1:36 am

    Since you referenced Clucky’s temple……. in DX9 (which is the only renderer that does NOT crash for me) Clucky’s temple, the Artifact and Egypt’s Tomb are almost completely dark. It is almost as if DX9 leaves out a frame or two and not showing the ‘lighting’. When you first arrive at Clucky’s Temple, it shows normal for about a second and a half.. then it goes dark and Clucky is in the shadows.

    For the rest: grand job, Team Phoenix πŸ™‚

    • #190 by IMAKOS on 2011.10.14 - 3:32 pm

      Percy Aloha!!,

      Yes I agree I went in to see it again since the lastest install and its very very dark.

      Nice to see you.

  118. #191 by MysteriousYouth on 2011.10.14 - 1:33 am

    hey i downloaded it fine in the end but had a few problems with it downloading, like it kept freezing so i had to keep pausing it and play again but i eventually got it to download but this might be a result of my pc being stupid or there are so many ppl trying to download it lol

  119. #192 by Danz on 2011.10.14 - 1:27 am

    I can’t log in to the website .. The page just keeps loading forever :/
    Why’s this happening ?
    + I used to be able to log in to thereIM , but not anymore , I’m getting the error message .

  120. #193 by Basya on 2011.10.14 - 1:17 am

    Fantastic! A momentous occasion indeed!!!

    But, I’m wondering, as a GP3D, I downloaded and installed the updated version from just a few days ago. Need I download another at this time or is the one mentioned in Samsyn’s report the same one?

    Cya all in There!!!


    • #194 by Basya on 2011.10.14 - 11:07 am

      First of all, let me welcome all our friends back to There!!!!

      Last night (or shall I say early this morning) I downloaded and installed this latest version and was able to get right in! I had no trouble whatsoever. But, alas, I had to go to bed and shut down for the night. I just tried again and got the “World is full!” message. Oh, well, I’m glad that other members that were not GP’s were finally able to enter world once again!

      Thanks to MW, Samsyn, Mackie, all the GP’s and the rest of the Phoenix Team for bringing this marvelous world back to life once again!

      Fox 20 — Hairier Legion Flight Team

  121. #195 by thereuser on 2011.10.14 - 12:31 am

  122. #196 by dakotaman on 2011.10.14 - 12:31 am

    Thanks for the tireless work of the Phoenix Team (samsyn has been faithfully monitoring the influx of avies at the walkway all nite). We all appreciate the extra effort that you all are putting into making sure the rebirth of There is as smooth as it is exciting for its returning residents.

    Now if I can just log in…….


  123. #197 by Andrea Ku on 2011.10.13 - 11:33 pm

    just to let you know i tryed to log in with the client of a few days ago when it was already possible to download ( so an old client ) the install went all straight : system recognized old client and redirected to a new download for the rest of the parts … update install went straight and all worked fine … now i hope to find a hole in the world to manage to enter when it is not full 😦 …

    thank you all to make it true

    good day you all – subonline + others lol

  124. #198 by Jonathan on 2011.10.13 - 11:06 pm

    Loving the new music in the installer! I noticed it’s the same song as the one thats in the video on the website. What song it is? I love it!

  125. #199 by Riot_Girl_1 on 2011.10.13 - 10:38 pm

    Thank you very much to everyone involved! I just spent the last hour on There, easily the most exciting thing I’ve done all week! I’m so glad to have the world even part-way back and to have a chance at beta testing it. πŸ™‚

  126. #200 by LArocks4me on 2011.10.13 - 10:18 pm

    I got to the part to File Download but I’m getting this NSIS ERROR : Installer Integrity has failed , Common causes includes incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy. More Information at :
    My window version is 5.1 Help me MR. Wilson pls.

  127. #201 by MademoiselleFifi on 2011.10.13 - 10:06 pm

    Hey…Welcome Home Everyone.

  128. #202 by NoBioN on 2011.10.13 - 10:06 pm

    Maybe im just assuming. But i belive there are several players who never logs out currently. But just stays afk when not playing. So for now i’ll bet it takes luck to get in im afraid. Can’t wait πŸ˜€

  129. #203 by Mr_Perry on 2011.10.13 - 10:02 pm

    So should I uninstall the old client?
    will there ever be a use for it again?

  130. #204 by Makhennzi on 2011.10.13 - 10:01 pm

    That picture is truly fitting. Thanks from the bottom of our heart’s.

  131. #205 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.13 - 9:49 pm

    Wouldn’t have even realized There was up and running if not for subscribing to RSS here. Michael, you may need to expand that server a tiny bit. I mean, do you people never sleep??!! Been here for 3 hours and STILL can’t log on. Having all the fun without good ol’ me…. I see how it is!

    • #206 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.13 - 10:06 pm

      Can we, like, just, kick a few out of the world? Let some others in the experience true happiness? Please? Just for a few minutes. I just want to see my buggy again…. *begins to cry* The wait is just to hard!

    • #207 by stxdixiechick on 2011.10.13 - 10:09 pm

      yup.. me either. i’m getting quite frustrated, and I wouldn’t be quite as frustrated if I couldn’t log into ThereIM, but I can. ThereIM lets me log on just fine. Its quite odd. I would think they were on the same servers, because I can get summons from people who are actually in world… meh.. just frustrated at the moment. I’ll get over it. πŸ˜› Keep up the good work, and … see you in There … someday

      • #208 by stxdixiechick on 2011.10.14 - 1:06 am

        finally got in.. just had to have the right window of time to sneak past the crowds.

      • #209 by trenton1231t on 2011.10.14 - 7:17 am

        Eventually I’ll get back in

    • #210 by 3cMaldito on 2011.10.14 - 3:54 am

      First of all, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank YouThank You!!!!

      Now for a relevant question, When can we expect to begin paying for OUR Funzone, I am ready and able to do so at the moment. I have read from other threads that once the offical release date arrive’s all Pazs will be picked up with the exception of the chosen few. What will happen with FZs?

      Oh and Thank You once more.

  132. #211 by martin71a on 2011.10.13 - 9:45 pm

    il wait untill its fully open and working 100% as it keeps saying full

    • #212 by WizardK on 2011.10.14 - 1:52 am

      keep tryen it works keep tryen to log in

      • #213 by martin71a on 2011.10.14 - 6:26 am

        oooo i thought he was just letting some ppls in the world


  133. #214 by maverickfred on 2011.10.13 - 9:34 pm

    woooohooooooooo down loaded ok but there is full and its beer aclock time lol but well try later thanks mw a crew great job now looking forward to geting in .
    yeh yeh .

  134. #215 by Kontumnam on 2011.10.13 - 9:32 pm

    Sadly world Full, but update downloaded and since i changed my e-mail few weeks ago , verified my new e-mail – fantastic work πŸ™‚

  135. #216 by William Grass on 2011.10.13 - 9:01 pm

    okay, i got a good down load. but now the servers are full. any hope of fiximg this?

  136. #218 by mushh on 2011.10.13 - 9:00 pm

    when I go to I arrive at I’m sorry but I don’t feel it is save to type my password on an unencrypted connection. When I try to force https: it doesn’t work. Can you plz use secure connection for passwords? thanks

  137. #219 by Sarah Monroe on 2011.10.13 - 8:47 pm

    I made it but every time i would try to walk or run it would bounce my avatar back to where I started and I can’t take out anything from my inventory, I also can’t sit in places

    But It looks good so far was very happy that I was able to log on!

  138. #220 by That Guy on 2011.10.13 - 8:33 pm

    Awesome! My only question is are people getting automatically logged out if they are AFK or have just been on for an immense amount of time (AKA holding their spot) haha.

  139. #221 by Dollbaby07 on 2011.10.13 - 8:14 pm

    So glad i got in and seen some of my friends.Good job to everyone that made this night a wonderful night for me.Hope to see everyone soon

  140. #222 by Laura Smith on 2011.10.13 - 8:13 pm

    Servers are full, Great!!!!

  141. #223 by RRTT on 2011.10.13 - 8:08 pm

    It appears There’s servers have crashed, trying to long in to the website i’m getting “Service is not available” errors

    the new client says it couldn’t connect to the world to check my username.

    I successfully logged in, but had slight loading problems,, tried to re-log, and got these errors.

    • #224 by cardsharkray on 2011.10.13 - 8:58 pm

      update ya video card that what you get with a outdated video card driver

      • #225 by RRTT on 2011.10.14 - 5:11 am

        Not quite, it’s a two week old computer with a very powerful graphics card, and up to date drivers. I switched the rendering mode in the client’s settings menu from DX8 to DX9, and it did the trick. Now the world is performing perfectly, I’m excited by how well it ran. Nice work team pheonix!

  142. #226 by bignoize on 2011.10.13 - 8:00 pm

    actually made it in. the place looks great, my dog is fine i did have the dx8 problem, i sloved in there tweaker.

  143. #228 by AquaFresh on 2011.10.13 - 7:59 pm

    Awsome news!

    I just wanna say that even trying to log on There Central gives the message servers are full, just if that wassen’t intended.

    OMG i just saw this and have to go to work now 😦 LOL

    But on the bright side, this will be a fun weekend πŸ˜€


  144. #229 by debpitts on 2011.10.13 - 7:49 pm

    Got in and having a great time visiting old places, but I feel like a noob. Amazing how much you forget.

  145. #230 by coolnet on 2011.10.13 - 7:45 pm

    Great News!!! πŸ™‚ Will be logging on tomorrow and see There again. πŸ™‚

    Thank you Michael Wilson, Samsyn, Mackie, and GP3D team for working hard to get There working again. Each and everyone of you had an important role in making There a successful place.

    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  146. #231 by freecreed on 2011.10.13 - 7:33 pm

    sorry but the world is full .. I will try again later

  147. #232 by Sniperbait on 2011.10.13 - 7:25 pm

    AM THRILLED!!! i am a GP3d and can’t get in and am thrilled! Why you might ask? because we are that much closer to all of you being back in. I hope that all that got in tonight enjoy there first night and watch out for the little bugs that creep up on you by surprise lol. Welp I am going to bed i think.. most likely will be a a couple of days before the servers are unfull of those that rushed in lol. So taking a break, relaxing and looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Anything quickly gained is as quickly thrown away, but with patience it is cherished.

    • #233 by Christy Clendenen on 2011.10.14 - 6:13 am

      Hahahaha Sniper! I feel the same way I just tried to log in and said it was full and I just started SMILING!!!!! YAY!!!

  148. #234 by Bronnieb There on 2011.10.13 - 7:20 pm

    wooooo…….started singing “take me home country road” :)…now just to get in “sorry servers are full”….never mind I will wait for some of you to eventually log out and go to bed!!!

  149. #235 by 0ne1 on 2011.10.13 - 7:17 pm

    I found a bug, maybe they did it on purpose… The “remember names/password” checkbox on the client login screen doesn’t remember anything.

  150. #236 by Francis_7 on 2011.10.13 - 7:14 pm

    Woo hoooo!!

  151. #237 by 0ne1 on 2011.10.13 - 6:57 pm

    “Sorry, but servers are full.” LOL, ok…. guess I got to wait. I’m really curious what they meant about “Therebux being reclaimed”. The day before they announced There was closing, I had got one of my dev. designs approved, and some of my loyal fan’s actually bought a copy of said design days later knowing full well that There was closing. I sold them the design via trade, and not via auctions, and I think this caused me to be uneligible for There BuyBack, and I was denied cashing out more than half a million TB that is 100% profit from developing. So I hope it isn’t me that gets “Therebux reclaimed”, as I was not taking advantage of anything. So that worries me.

  152. #238 by Thumdar on 2011.10.13 - 6:56 pm

    I’m guessing those who got in will not be logging out for about 9 days! lol.

    • #239 by Henrik0303 on 2011.10.14 - 3:37 am

      I Wouldnt :L
      And i wont,,

    • #240 by softNdark on 2011.10.14 - 9:09 am


      I Logged in this morning and thought these numbers were insane…

      in total there are 5904 users Online :: 92 Members and 5812 Guests

      UNABLE…….. TO GET My Acct at to work even after getting “comformation”… I have sent EMAIL……….

      not sure if other are having a problem joining or Not…. and unable to respond or ask for help with in the Blog it’s self (already sent emails)

    • #241 by calliekitty on 2011.10.14 - 2:40 pm

      LOL, Thumdar I think you’re right. Oh and by the way congrats on becoming the new provider!!

  153. #242 by Cef on 2011.10.13 - 6:54 pm

    A big ‘tu. BTW, where was the pic taken?

  154. #243 by GaryBob on 2011.10.13 - 6:52 pm

    “Sorry, but servers are full.”

    Somehow I’m still really excited! πŸ˜€

    Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible ”’yay!

  155. #244 by Teresa Henry on 2011.10.13 - 6:52 pm


  156. #245 by oldbushie on 2011.10.13 - 6:46 pm

    HOLY CRAP! My place bookmarks work! And I still have all my old stuff! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    Man, going back to all those old place bookmarks brings back memories.

  157. #246 by Achenar on 2011.10.13 - 6:37 pm


    World is FULL!!!! No Problem – I’ll just wait for y’all to go to sleep – then I’ll log on. I mean you do sleep don’t you?? Until then – Enjoy!!

    • #247 by daniel on 2011.10.14 - 6:38 pm

      lol i had the same idea. see you there at 4am lol

  158. #248 by LeeLee on 2011.10.13 - 6:34 pm

    OMG I am so excited! But still it’s full… Thank you for amazing updates!!!

  159. #249 by Deleight on 2011.10.13 - 6:31 pm

    Awesome! Now to get past the screen that says “Sorry, the world is “full” at the moment and cannot accept more logins” πŸ™‚

  160. #250 by AlwaysAngie on 2011.10.13 - 6:25 pm

    ok, I downloaded the new client….. (didn’t have the old client on this laptop, so no worries) when I log in, I’m in for just a few seconds and crash. Is that because the world is not really open yet, or am I having that DX9 problem?

  161. #251 by Cyndi Yonkers on 2011.10.13 - 6:21 pm

    Wow talk about a huge influx of avies coming into world. Now I can’t get in haha im a Gp3d BUT that is okay glad to see everyone coming back. Talk about a surprise. The gate is flooded and we can’t get in. Lol reminds me of Jethro Tull Concert at Red Rocks in Colorado.
    GP3D sassydancer

  162. #252 by RunningHawk on 2011.10.13 - 6:17 pm

    Great Job:)

  163. #253 by Bevisman on 2011.10.13 - 6:16 pm

    Thanks so much everyone for all their hardwork to get to this point!!!!!!!

  164. #254 by PcMan Hoverboat Pilot on 2011.10.13 - 6:08 pm

    Wow, that’s some massive ammount of info and all great news! Awesome work Team Phoenix!

  165. #255 by Philip Thereian Key on 2011.10.13 - 6:00 pm

    BIG THANKS a TON of updates. Again we can’t thank you and your team enough!!!

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